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Kim and Tom try anal.

Each man made similar mistakes and soon the game was almost even.

"Shall we tell her the plan?" Mr. Nico smiled at George.

"Chelsea my dear. Mr. Nico and I need to have a meeting. We would like you to entertain the young men. I'm sure you can figure out how to best keep them happy."

Chelsea's eyes went wide. She had never been asked to have sex with anyone else. She had to think of the best way to answer. She was very attracted to all three of the men. They were all tall and muscular and very sexy with their dark eyes and hair. She also did not want to sound too excited since she did enjoy the one on one time she had with George.

"Of course. Anything for you."

"Good girl." George kissed Chelsea on the top of the head and stood up, letting Mr. Nico lead him towards one of his offices. A few seconds after the businessmen left the room the three players stopped their game.

"Your Chelsea right? You are so fucking sexy in those heels. Get over here." Chelsea stood up and walked towards the pool table. She swayed her hips a bit and gasped when one of the men picked her up by the hips and places her on the table. In one motion, he pushed her onto her back and lifted her dress.

"We get to keep you busy while our boss talks business with his lawyer. I'm sure you won't mind."

"I'll do anything." Chelsea gasped again as one of the men pushed her panties to the side and began licking her clit. She arched her back and opened her mouth to moan. She had her eyes closed and when she felt a smooth hard object in her mouth, she knew it was one of their cocks.

"How does she taste Tony? I bet she tastes sweet and young. I wonder if she's even eighteen."

Chelsea turned her head to the side. "I turned twenty last week." She then eagerly began sucking on the cock again. She did not even know his name, but did not care.

"Fuck she sucks cock so good. Joe, take off her dress. I want to see those breasts." Chelsea felt Joe remove her dress. Guiseppe's cock slide out of her mouth just long enough for her black dress to be pulled over her head and thrown on the ground. She was not wearing a bra so she was lying in only her black lace panties and high heels.

Chelsea was in pure heaven. She squirmed around, feeling two sets of hands and two tongues all over her body. Guiseppe was playing with her blonde hair, tugging on it to make her suck harder.

"Oh fuck she just gushed!" Tony growled as he tried to catch the droplets that were dripping from her pussy. Chelsea had had a quiet orgasm and had gushed slightly. He thrusted three fingers inside her and pushed up on her g-spot.

"Can I fuck her first?" Joe was tugging on her nipples. It was the exact amount of pressure to cause her to squirm. Even after the breast augmentation, her nipples were sensitive. She was eagerly slurping on Guiseppe's cock.

"Yeah sure." Chelsea felt Tony's hot mouth move from her pussy and then felt a hard cock enter her. She kept sucking on the cock in her mouth, wondering when he was going to cum. Almost as if they had timed it, Joe slammed deep into her pussy while Guiseppe came into her mouth. It was not a lot of cum and Chelsea eagerly swallowed all of it. He pulled his cock out of her mouth

"Good girl. Now sit up and let us fuck you." Chelsea sat up. Her legs were spread wide and her butt was hanging off the edge of the pool table a bit. Her high heels were against the edge, creating a sexy image. Joe was thrusting hard and fast.

Chelsea saw Guiseppe and Tony behind Joe. They were waiting their turns, cock in hand, stroking hard. All three of them were still dressed in their suits and ties. The only change was that the zippers of their pants were undone, exposing their cocks. She could not see what Joe's cock looked like, but she figured it was long and not so thick. She wasn't feeling stretched, but he was so deep inside her it almost hurt.

"Oh!" Chelsea cried out and came again. She did not know if she was allowed to cum, but the three men just grinned. They were turned on by how orgasmic she was.

"I'm going to flood your pussy wit

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