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High school soccer coach uses me to teach a student a lesson

He is being used like a piece of meat, literally.

A lady guest yells "I think I need practice!" The room erupts in giggles. Cynthia yells across the room to her friend, Maggie "Well, then go on up there. That is what the live model is for." Maggie briskly walks up to the front. She tries to be comical by grabbing Joe's penis and stroking it. Maggie looks at Amanda and says "you want the penis to be erect before putting on the ring, right?" All the ladies laugh as Amanda corrects her and shows her the correct method.

Joe looks into the audience for the first time that I noticed. He spots the beautiful young women sitting in the front row just staring at his nakedness. I wondered if it is more difficult to be on display in front of girls his own age? His head turns slightly and he makes eye contact with Victoria. She gives him a diabolical look and says "nice little cock, Joe." Joe looked away quickly and his eyes fixated on something in the back of the room. I wondered what caught Joe's eye so I turned and saw the female wait staff has come out from the kitchen. There were 4 or 5 ladies pretending to be cleaning up but were peering over the guests viewing Joe in all his glory. I can't imagine what Joe is going through right now. At Steve's party, Joe was naked but I was naked with him so he wasn't alone. And there was no touching before and now, he is a piece of meat with the women handling him as they please. He has uttered one word or even changed his expression. The only movement is his chest as he breathes heavily and his hands that shake.

Amanda next demonstrates a cock and ball ring. She shows how to put the testicles in first and then pull the penis through. Cynthia marches her way up to the front to be the next lady to "practice" on Joe. Standing right next to Joe, Cynthia takes a moment to get an up close view of Joe's nudity. She can't help but touch him. As I said before Cynthia doesn't have a filter, especially after 5 martinis.

"Look at his abs, ladies! When was the last time you saw abs like this?" Cynthia asks as her hands go from Joe's chest down his stomach to his pubes. "And look at his chest." As she places both hands on Joe's chest. "And let's have another look at that ass!" and in a swift motion, she manhandles Joe and spins him around so his ass is again visible to the audience. Cynthia gives his ass cheek a quick squeeze and the ladies burst in loud laughter. Cynthia decides to take it further and gets into position like she is spanking Joe. She bends Joe's torso forward causing his butt to stick out and then gives Joe 3 good hard slaps to his ass. The girls again cheer, loving the fact that Cynthia is having her way with the young naked boy. Poor Joe is so embarrassed but he is taking it. There is a red hand print on Joe's butt.

Cynthia turns him around and begins to fondle excessively with his balls and penis. Joe starts to slightly get aroused. "Oh no, I better get this on him quickly." Exclaims Cynthia as she slides the cock and ball ring on Joe. Cynthia continues to stroke and, with the cock ring in place, Joe becomes hard. His cock is pointing forward, with about a 45 degree angle up. Cynthia makes sure everyone sees it. "Look ladies. I can still get the men hard!" She gives a couple of tugs on Joe's hard shaft and the ladies are now out of control with their rowdiness and laughter at Joe's expense. He now stands in front of the party guests with a rock hard boner.

Amanda tries to restore order but it was unsuccessful.

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