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Steve and the girls get frisky by the pool.

Watching Jack and his date had giving me a hard on by the time we got to the sauna, and I was having a hard time concealing the fact. So, since it was just the three of us I slipped off my shorts and began stroking my stiff cock right there in front of Jack and his date.

I came like a volcano, firing my hot cream all over the hot sauna rocks and the floor. I licked the cum off my hands and then slipped my shorts back on as if nothing had happened.

Not one word was said about what had just transpired.

Over the period of a week or two I began to jerk off more and more especially times when Jack would pop by. I'd go to the washroom and jerk off, loud enough for him to hear me and come to see what the noise was about. I'd leave the door open and have a porn flick playing and lay there in waiting. The moment I heard him close by I began jerking off. Jack would just watch me intently, he never did a thing.

Having a man, instead of a woman, watching my shaft get hard and waiting and wanting to see my hot cum pouring out was a super turn-on for me, but I must've been frustrating Jack.

Then one night dropped by. He opened the door, which I had left unlocked for him as usual, walked in and came into my bedroom. He pushed me back onto my bed. He tore off my shirt and tore open my pants in a powerful frenzy. I pretended to put up a fight, hoping that my fantasy would play out. With the same urgency in which he had me naked he took off his own clothes while holding me done at the same time. As soon as I saw the perpenDICKular prize he was packing my resistance was no more.

I remembered his hard smooth body, how smooth and tight his ass was, and even his cock from when we lived together. But I'd never seen his 7 1/2" cut cock this close before. It was beautiful.

Once naked he tore what was left of my underwear off me, surprised that I was rock hard already. He quickly grabbed the base of my cock, leaned forward and began to lick my peehole and then sucked on my throbbing head.

I felt feelings and sensations I never knew existed. Then he took my balls into his mouth and sucked on them rolling them back and forth in his hot mouth. He slowly licked down from my balls and started circling my quivering ass. He kneaded the cheeks of my ass and spread then open wide. He teased my puckered hole, poking and probing my ass until finally shoving his tongue in deep. It felt so good, so hot and so nasty. I moaned out loud, calling his name.

He moved his hand and began stroking my cock, jerking me off and then started fingering my ass. I grabbed two handfuls of him and drew him onto the bed and closer to me. By this time we were both on fire and our passionate moans and groans filled the room. Jack pulled on my cock harder and faster, and shoved a few more fingers inside my aching ass while I eagerly parted my thighs for him. I was in heaven, feeling his sexy masculine body and his hard throbbing cock next to me was mind-blowing. I squeezed his firm globular buttocks and reveled in their hard softness.

With my ass nice and loose now I was ready for what came next.

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