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A teen is frightened about her Grandpa's upcoming visit.

She knew how much Isobel loved men in uniforms.

"Well just slightly, but he could be my sugar-daddy," suggested Isobel, while grinning.

"Alright, I think this is my cue to leave and bring something for us to eat. Is there something you want Angel," asked Cullen.

"Soup! This crap that they brought up to me is all watery. If they have any creamy soups, please bring me back a bowl or two," said Angel.

Smiling, "Sure, anything you want. I will be back soon." As Cullen stepped out of the room, he called Gavin right away. "Gavin, any news?"

"No Alpha. We are at the scene right now, and there is nothing out of the ordinary. We can't seem to find anything that would have caused the accident," responded Gavin.

"There must be something! Keep searching," replied Cullen, as he continued. "But maybe send someone out to take a look at Angel's car."

"Already done sir. I have two members already out by her car and checking it out. They should let me know soon enough."

"Good. Keep searching, because Angel wouldn't have just crashed for any reason. Call me back as soon as you find something out." Cullen hung up the phone and then headed to the cafeteria.


Cullen eventually came back to the room with a tray full of different types of food. He placed it down on the table that was near the bed. "Come on Angel. Let me help you up," Cullen said while he helped her to sit up and propped a pillow behind her back.

Angel smiled at Cullen, and when she just happened to take a look at the tray, she was utterly shocked. "Cullen what did you get? I asked for just a bowl of soup, and it seems like you just bought out the entire cafeteria," replied Angel.

"I'm not complaining," said Isobel, as she started to choose from the selection. "Wait, you didn't bring up any chocolates? Sheesh, I need to teach you a few things here wolf boy."

Cullen just grinned at Isobel, as he grabbed a bowl of creamy chicken soup for Angel. He was about to start feeding Angel, but she stopped him right away.

"Cullen, I can manage to feed myself. I'm not handicapped," stated Angel, as she grabbed the bowl from him and began to feed herself slowly. She made sure to take small bites and tried not to move too much since the ribs caused her pain. "Go on and eat that meat there. I smell that burger that you brought up."

Cullen sat on the bed next to Angel, "If I didn't know any better, I would have thought your sense of smell just got better," snickered Cullen.

Smiling, Angel replied, "Nope, I was just able to smell it right away as soon as you entered the room. When you are practically starving for some good food, you notice the distinct smells that food gives off."

"Well while you're enjoying your soup, I am still without any chocolate here. I will be right back," mentioned Isobel, as she got up from the chair and headed towards the cafeteria.

Both Angel and Cullen just laughed slightly. "You will need to get used to her Cullen," said Angel as she continued, "while she isn't as bad as I am with my inner-monologue, she still is very outspoken."


Later that night Gavin came to the room to pay a visit. As he walked in, he handed Angel a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a little stuffed wolf animal. As soon as Angel saw that stuffed animal, she just busted out laughing, but soon cringed at the pain that it caused her.

"Ouch Gavin... that really hurt," announced Angel. Cullen was right away by her side, helping her as much as possible.

"I'm sorry Angel, I just thought it was a nice touch," grinned Gavin, while he continued, "How are you feeling today?"

"I am doing much better I think. But I am slowly realizing that I really need to take it easy with how I turn or even laugh. It will take a while to get used to the ribs," stated Angel, while she handed the flowers to Isobel, so that she would be able to put it in a vase. "Thank you Gavin for the flowers. They really are beautiful."

Everyone was able to hear Cullen growling slightly.

"Easy wolf boy.

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