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Leann Wants More.

It was an amazing feeling.

After coming down a little from my high I reached down and pulled the handle out of my pussy, bringing it to my lips, and for the first time in my life I tasted myself on the wooden cock. I nearly came again just from that naughty act.

Over the next few months my affair with my hairbrush blossomed, as on several occasions a week --- especially after dates where making out was a key ingredient --- my hairbrush had its way with me. It started innocently enough, but soon I became a slut for that wooden handle.

Over time I learned that the hairbrush handle had a number of fine attributes. It was always there for me, sitting in my purse or on my nightstand. If I needed it, it was close by...and always ready. I didn't have to excite it, as it was always excited by me. I mean, I love to get a guy hot, and over the years have gotten good at it, but my hairbrush needed no incentive to do me.

All we needed was a little privacy and a few minutes, although I preferred the lengthy satisfying meetings we'd have late at night in my bedroom.

It was a secret affair, because even on sleepovers with my friends, when we'd reveal intimate thoughts or deeds, I couldn't get myself to admit to sleeping with my hairbrush. Not even when Rachel Ann revealed she had obtained a hand me down jelly vibrator from her older sister...and that she actually used it!

It was like a government secret was being revealed. Turns out several of us regularly masturbated, but using a vibrator? It was shocking, so much so that because of the brouhaha about using a foreign object in our pussy, especially something as nasty as a used vibrator, made be totally keep my affair with my hairbrush quiet.

We were all grossed out by Rachel's actions of putting something so nasty in her pussy. But Rachel pointed out the cleaning liquid she used to spiffy it up, that it was totally clean, and that, well it felt fantastic inside her. It was like screwing a guy, without the guy. And since we were all (or claimed to be, I didn't know if Kelly Ann had or had not put out for her boyfriend Rich) chaste virgins having sex without a guy kept our "purity" intact.

Rachel's vibrator was quiet the object of our affection. Oh, we'd talk about school, hobbies and movies, but when we were totally alone in someone's basement --- just us girls that is --- the talk would invariably turn to boys and ultimately Rachel's vibrator.

It was as if we were made of metal and attracted by a big magnet. Like our mouths were attracted to chocolate. Like cheating in gym class when Mean Mrs. Jean told us to do 25 sit-ups.

Yes, the vibrator had us all attracted to it. We would talk about it, pass it around and feel it, ask Rachel how it felt inside her, and, several times, played a card game where the loser had to hold it between her legs while the cylinder was vibrating on full blast for a minute.

That was quite embarrassing, but soon we realized it was the winner who should get to play with the vibrator for a while rather than the loser. Oh, it was so hot between our legs.

On one evening we couldn't help ourselves. None of us had been able to figure out a way to get a vibrator of our own, so on a dark and rainy night in Rachel's basement on a sleepover we did the unthinkable. That was the night we all took turns slipping into the basement bathroom and (allegedly, because who knew if each of us really used the cylinder on out private part) brought ourselves off using the fake cock. Yes, a teenage gangbang. Oh that poor vibrator, it got a workout that required us to chip in to buy new batteries the next day.

That night was the first time I really cheated on my hairbrush. I told myself I wouldn't, that I couldn't, that my secret hairbrush lover would be my one and only, but the temptation of visiting the bathroom with the vibrator was too attractive. Yes, I told myself I wouldn't cheat on my hairbrush, but the slut I guess I was made me do it.

I couldn't help myself.

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