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Mom and Son.

"Talking about me I see." I stared at Tom. "You know, I am a reasonable human. You could just talk to me; I don't bite like our human counterparts."

Tom started to drive again and Eric went back to nibbling on his fingernails. Ryan was quiet as usual.

"When you get to the mall we can only give you a few hours-maybe less depending of the infestation-then we have to leave. If you aren't in the car then it's too bad for you. We can't stay in this city for too long. There are too many of the Changed."

"Okay, that's all you had to say Tom. I'm not going to risk Eric and Ryan just because I was too slow. And please, don't worry about me too much." I rolled my eyes. I rummaged through the back of the SUV and looked for my weapon of choice, a pipe wrench. Nice shade of red and long enough that I can get close to the motherfuckers but far enough I won't be eaten. It was my weapon and I was good with it.

"I'll be back as soon as I can. Don't worry about me," I huffed as I jumped out of the vehicle.

I didn't even get so much as a good luck as I left. I held my weapon tight in my right hand and started the jog to the mall's entrance. I could smell rotten flesh and I knew instantly that the Changed were here, and there was certainly more than one.

Once I got inside, I was surprised at how quiet it was. Usually if there were more than one Changed they would chat in a group, like a herd almost. I had to be careful because they were either hiding OR they weren't in the area.

I slinked from corner to corner, checking and double-checking areas before I entered them. I wanted to make sure that I was safe before I could move on.

It wasn't until I got to a set of stairs did I run into at least five of the Changed. They were all fat, so they obviously had a good meal before the saw me. I did my best to slink behind them, but one heard me. Or perhaps he smelled me.

"Hello, little skinny girl," He grinned maliciously. "I'm gunna eat you up, bitch."

He smelt like dead flesh, and his clothing wasn't in the best condition. He had vomit and blood all over, and even before he changed I was sure he was just as creepy looking.

"Fuck..."I whispered. I started to run up the stairs, but unlike some of the others I'm run into, this one was faster. He was at least five feet behind me. The thing about the Changed that most people didn't consider was, even though they're slow, they don't run out of energy. They just keep going, unlike us. Sure, we're faster, but after a while of being chased we slow down and that's when the Changed get us. They trap us like fucking wolves.

"I'm going to get you, you whore," the Changed growled. By the sounds of it he was a bastard of a human and even worse as part of the Changed. I got so close to the entrance of the store, but the bastard was right behind me. I was sure he was going to grab my ankle and pull me towards him. I was preparing to bash his head in.

A gust of wind pulled me into the store and yet at the same time pushed the Changed out. I looked around the store in search of the Magic User. There was a surprising amount of humans; I couldn't see a single Changed in the area, short of the bastard trapped outside.

I took advantage of what the Magic User gave me-time. I ran around the store, sliding and skidding looking for the food and supplies my group needed.

I was about to pull out a box of cereal when the first scream happened. Then soon after that more screams. People were scattering, like bugs trying to get away from the boot. I grabbed a man's elbow and shook him to get his attention.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked.

"Somehow one of the Changed got into the store."

I didn't need to be told twice. I grabbed my food and started for the second exit. I was close, until I heard his voice.

"You little fucking bitch! Get over here now so I can fucking eat you!" The fat Changed yelled at me from the end of one of the aisles.

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