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Spunky Dyke likes to be in charge.

Hank got him in the front passenger seat and fastened the seat belt round him so that his arms were trapped at his sides. Everything changed now as Hank forced a ball gag into Colby's mouth buckling it tight. Colby's head fell forward as he lapsed into unconsciousness.

When he finally woke Colby found himself lying spread-eagled and naked over the trunk of a fallen oak tree. Cold metal cuffs fastened his wrists and ankles to the ground and his neck had a metal collar fastening him even more securely. He blinked as he stared at a pair of black shoes, squinting up he saw Hank standing there holding an uncoiled bull-whip. Hank trailed it over Colby's back Colby shivered then he screamed into the gag as Hank lashed it down hard leaving a bloody welt across his pale flesh. The beating went on as Colby struggled not quite believing what was happening to him, he felt something else his cock stiffened until he was unbelievably hard. After a while Hank stopped whipping him and removed the gag.

"Where am I? Why are you doing this?"

"You don't need to know where, boss's orders. You're here because the boss wants you here and the beatings you're going to get today and over the week will impress on you your change of status. You're no longer free, you're a slave you'll serve the boss in whatever capacity he wants." Hank forced the gag back into Colby's mouth and started beating him again. Colby screamed and struggled not quite believing what was happening to him. Again the beating stopped and Hank reached down to fondle Colby's fifteen-inch boner. It seems you're enjoying this," Colby screamed his indignation how the hell did Hank think he could possibly be enjoying himself. Finally Hank stopped whipping him, he leaned down and caressed Colby's cock, Colby moaned as it twitched precum oozing out, Hank smiled Colby was so close to cumming. "I'll be back this afternoon to give you another two hour flogging. Might even allow you to cum," Colby watched as Hank walked away his heart sank as he realized that his cock had enjoyed the beating, he moaned as his cock slowly shrank to it's normal flaccid state.

He was unaware of the passage of time but it must be afternoon as he woke screaming Hank was back and the flogging started again. There was one difference this time, Hank was naked too and sporting the largest cock Colby had ever seen apart from his own not inconsiderable tool. The flogging ended and Hank knelt behind Colby he pressed the head of his cock into Colby's anus, Colby screamed the pain was almost unbearable as Hank forced his cock into him right up to the hilt his balls resting against Colby's ass. "Boss wants you full of cum. God you're so tight like a virgin's cunt. I bet your dick's hard again," Hank reached under him and stroked his rigid boner. "Thought so, you slut," Hank now started to withdraw then slammed back into him as he pounded his cock in and out. Colby cried with the pain of the rape, Hank now removed the gag and Colby gave full voice to his screams. "Think my cock's big you should see the boss, mine is only fifteen inches his is sixteen, imagine that slamming in and out of your rear." Then Colby let out a final screech of anguish as Hank buried himself inside him his seed spewing hotly into him. Colby looked up as Hank knelt in front of him.

"Open that whore mouth you've got to clean your shit up," Colby clamped his mouth shut Hank pinched his nose closed forcing him to open his mouth.

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