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A story I dug out of my gf about sex she had before we met.

"Not yet, anyway."

"So how did your meeting go?" asked Cindy.

"It was the IG and his puppy dog lawyer." I said. "About the use of a helicopter to lay down fire in order to rescue our wounded Officers." I recounted the details. Cindy looked somewhere between shocked and nauseated.

"Good grief." she said. "Are they trying to get a handle on it now, before Harlow starts attacking you over it? Or trying to help her out?"

"Depends." I said. "IG Wellman may be getting ahead of it, and so might the Chief. But Mullen may be out for my blood."

"What's with that guy?" Cindy asked. "Why doesn't he just get the facts, instead of going on these witch hunts?"

"May be his politics." I said. "Or maybe ambition. If Jenna wins the D.A. race, for example, Harold Bennett will need a State Attorney for this region. Or if the Democrats win the Governorship in the next cycle, he might be eyeing the Attorney General slot or some other high State position... and trying to bring down the Iron Crowbar would make him very popular with the Haters."

My phone buzzed, and Helena said that Myron Milton wanted to see me. I had him come in, and he sat down next to Cindy.

"How's fatherhood?" I asked.

"It's awesome, sir!" Myron said, his eyes lighting up. "Everything she does is so cute. Even the 2:00am feedings are awesome, just looking at her as I feed her. Oh, and thank you for the diaper advice."

I grinned. "Yes, being a father is an amazing thing. Congratulations to you both." I saw Cindy looking at me strangely. "Myron, explain the 'diaper advice' to Captain Ross."

Myron said "Commander Troy advised us that whenever Mary or I change Louise's diaper, and we lay her down on her back, we should put a diaper over her belly area, if you get my drift. Sure enough, if we hadn't she might've hit the ceiling with a fountain of pee."

"Oh my goodness!" Cindy said, laughing.

"And I got that tip from my mom when Carole was born." I said. "Seems she learned the hard way from my bad, bad sister Elizabeth." Cindy laughed some more.

"So, Myron, diaper safety aside," I said, "what do you have for me?"

"Just some information on our murder victim." said Myron. "The phone number in his hat belongs to a cell phone number belonging to a 'James Cialis'. Lives at 234 Pine Street. He's married, has no children. Age 31 years old. Local pharmacist; currently works at the Kroger Pharmacy near the Mall, and has been there since late July of last year. Has two credit cards, one Visa, one Mastercard, pays them off every month. His wife's name is May, they've been married ten years. And that's all I have so far. It was... surprisingly difficult to get this much information."

"Why?" I asked.

"Just... nothing really there, sir." said Myron. "I have his State Pharmacy License record, but I can't find the University he graduated from, at least not from my first glance search. Tax records show he's at Kroger, but I couldn't find anything going further back. I can press with the IRS and State Tax Authority for more records, and will likely get something back, but it may be a couple of days."

"Well, we have a name and address." I said. "I understand that his prints didn't come back?"

"That is correct, sir." said Cindy. "The FBI didn't have them on record, nor did the State or County. Not necessarily unusual, but do you think he might be in Witness Protection or something?"

"Could be." I said. "But there should be fingerprints... that's a requirement when someone is applying for a Pharmacy license." After a moment of thought, I said "Myron, go share what you have with Jerome Davis, and all of MCD for that matter. And hold off pressing the IRS or State Tax Authority for the moment."

Myron excused himself and left the office. When the door closed, I said "Yeah, another 'strangeness'. They're beginning to pile up around this case. Okay, let's go see if the wife is at home."

"Before we go," Cindy said, looking at her Police iPhone, "I have an email from your wife. She wants us to check out a Florida car tag."

"Send it to Lainie.

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