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Sam's tongue got between Erin's lips. She started darting her tongue back and forth between Erin's lips like a cock moving in and out of a pussy. Erin sucked on the tongue every time it came between her lips. Both of their hard nipples dragged into their breast skin. Sam's nipples were larger then Erin's, but Erin's giant tits were, of course, bigger then Samantha's. Erin's breasts completely smothered Samantha's breasts.

Sam pushed her arms to her sides and ballooned out her huge titties. Erin started sliding her own huge titties up and down Samantha's. Erin started slapping her jumbo jugs at Samantha's tits, leaving red marks on them. Then the two cupped their own breasts and started rubbing their hard nipples together. Samantha's nipples dominated the nipple rubbing, pushing Erin's hard nipples into the areolas. Both girls were moaning hard and heavy as they continued to smash their tits and nipples against each other.

Sam then started kissing down Erin's neck and her chest. Her lips traced the outlines of Erin's mammoth orbs, kissing them on the outside and then moving inward to Erin's nipples. Sam started lashing her tongue out at Erin's nipples, licking them in turns. She then used her teeth to trap Erin's nipples while her tongue licked at them. Sam then turned her mouth into a vacuum and started sucking up as much of Erin's huge tits as possible.

Sam spent a good five minutes feasting on Erin's delicious soft melons before continuing her kissing down Erin's body. She kissed under Erin's breasts and traveled down her stomach and ribcages. Sam's chin brushed against Erin's trimmed pubic hairs before her lips finally came level with Erin's enlarged lips.

The warm water continued to flow down both their bodies as Erin was moaning and moving her upper body up and down the wall while Sam devoured her cunt. Sam lifted one of Erin's legs over her shoulders and rested her cheek against Erin's thick thigh. She lapped up Erin's pre-juices and kissed her tender clitoris. Sam then started sucking on Erin's clitoris, sending chills through Erin's body.

Erin would jump every time Samantha hit a good spot in her pussy. Her enormous tits would jump and bob with her movements. While her tongue was darting Erin's pussy, Samantha would look up at Erin's face but she couldn't see her face in pleasure because her monstrous titties were in the way. The sight of them bouncing made Samantha's tongue go deeper inside Erin's cunt. Samantha grounded her face into Erin's moist cunt and just devoured her crotch.

After eating Erin's pussy for a few minutes, Samantha stood up and kissed Erin, letting Erin taste her own juices. Erin's hands were wrapped around Samantha's large cock and started stroking it. Erin started kissing her way down Samantha's body, making an important stop at Samantha's large breasts, kissing and sucking all around Samantha's breasts just like she loves it when guys do that to her breasts. She captured the nipples in her mouth in turns, sucking and pulling them from her soft breast tissue. Samantha thought her cock was going to explode in Erin's hands. She loved the attention her breasts were getting.

Erin kissed below Samantha's breasts and down her stomach. Erin still held on to Samantha's oversized dong and started kissing the huge mushroom head. Erin's tongue licked around the edges of the head before engulfing it between her lips.

Samantha ran her hands through Erin's wet hair as Erin took a good amount of Samantha's cock into her mouth. Samantha was amazed at Erin's expertise on sucking cock.

Erin cupped Samantha's shemale balls and started fondling them, squeezing and kneading them in the palms of her hands. Erin was amazed at how Samantha's cock and balls felt like a real man's genitals. Erin just let Samantha's cock invade the back of her throat. Her huge cockhead was brushing the back of Erin's throat as her tongue run up and down the pulsing shaft.

Samantha lifted Erin up by her mountainous breasts and stepped out of the shower.

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