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She has a little shower fun.

Or, had Matt told him about the way that he had started controlling and dominating me, I wondered?

"Oh shit, forgot to get any fags," he suddenly announced after taking a gulp of the Scotch and water. "Be right back," he went on finishing the drink and adding as he walked to the door. "Same again please Mandy when I get back."

"What the hell's going on Matt?" I asked.


"What's he doing here?"

"He's a mate as well as my boss."

"So, why's he here?"

"He just pops in now and then?"

I stopped grilling him when he said.

"Look Mandy why don't you just leave it, we'll have a few drinks and that's it. Just relax, that'll make it better later."


"Yes when we put my plan into action." He said rather tightly.

Matt got hold of my hand and pressed it against the silky material of the dressing. He was hard.

"See it's making me hard just thinking about it. Like it?"

It was a nice feeling. Momentarily I forgot about Trev as Matt ran his fingertips over my nipples making them almost instantly stand up.

"Why didn't you tell him I was here?" I asked softly feeling tender towards him as he cupped my breast and I slid my hand inside the gown and took hold of his cock.

"I did, that's why he came, he wanted to meet you."

"Oh ok, fine," I replied not at all sure what that meant, but it was too late for he was back ringing the bell.

"Want one Matt?" He asked offering him the pack of Marlboro reds.

"No thanks Trev, later maybe."

Trev lit up, not offering me the packet or even asking if I minded, which incidentally I didn't, but custom nowadays usually dictates the courtesy.

"So mate, how are things?" He said to Trevor.

"Great and you?"

"Pretty nifty," he replied suddenly turning and looking at me. "Be even better if I had that fucking drink, Mandy."

Matt joined in. "He did ask before he went, why didn't you do it as I told you?"

I almost said because I was stroking your cock, but thought better of it. Instead, I didn't bother to reply, but picked up Trev's glass and walked to the kitchen.

Just as I got there, I heard Trev's voice.

"You let her get away with that Matt?"

"What?" Matt replied.

"Not asking if you want one?"

"Shit yes, what's the matter with you Mandy, where's your fucking manners?" Matt's heavy, stern voice asked me.

I turned and saw then standing close together staring at me. Matt's erection was quite evident under his gown. Trev must have noticed I thought.

"Sorry," I replied.

"So you should be, come and get my glass," Matt ordered, even though he was standing no more than eight feet or so from the kitchen.

I walked back to him and he handed me his glass. I went to pick mine up.

"Not yet young lady," Trev said. "Do ours first, then Matt may let you have some. Mayn't you officer?"

"Yes Sarge, I may."

"This was getting weird. There was a chill in the room. Matt was stern and fierce whereas Trev was mocking and teasing. They were both clearly enjoying themselves at my discomfort, but then in a perverse and totally incomprehensible way, so was I. I just didn't get it.

I had just got to the kitchen when I heard Trev say. "Must have a pee."

As he left the room, Matt said. "Forget the drinks for the moment, just come here."

I had poured them so I put the glasses down on the only work surface in the alcove that formed the kitchen and turned and went back to where he was standing.

"What do you think of Trev?" He asked.

"Nothing, why?"

"What do you mean nothing, you must think something."

"He's ok, why?"

"Just asking," Matt said taking me into his arms and pressing his erection against me. "Like that?"

"Mmmm," I murmured back squirming against it. "Nice."

"Want it?" He asked pulling me tightly to him

"Always," I said using one of our little personal jokes that had developed through the photography.

"Then you can have it right now can't you, you slut," I heard from Trev behind me.

I went to look over my shoulder, but Matt turned me so I was facing Trev. He was naked.

"What the hell's going on?" I said sharply as Matt wrapped his arms round me f

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