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Izzy finds the courage to finally fuck Amy.

She stopped, bent over the couch and turned to look at me.

"No foreplay tonight, just come fuck me like the slut I am, just fuck me hard and long baby."

No sooner had she finished speaking then I was pushing her back facing the couch and ramming my cock into her red-hot pussy.

"Oh yes baby, that's it fuck me like a slut, fuck me hard and fill my slut pussy with your hot cum, fuck me baby," she moaned.

I was pounding her so hard I was lifting her off the floor every time I rammed into the hilt and she was begging for more. To the world she was this prim and proper businesswoman, but in our own world she was the slut she was deep inside. Damn I love her.

Patty was playing with her clit while I continued to fuck her bent over the couch.

"Fuck my ass baby, cum in my ass," she pleaded.

I pulled out and put my hand down to her pussy to get some of her own lubricant and spread some of her juices around her tight her bun hole and slowly started to sink my slick cock into her tight ass. She loved it in the ass, but not often since she was so small and my cock was so thick. But we both knew I wouldn't last long after the fucking we had been doing. And I didn't. She started to shake and scream as I fucked her ass deep and hard and that was all it took for me to start pouring cum into her as she convulsed with her own orgasms. We collapsed on the couch, my cock making a popping noise as it slid out of her little ass and we tried to catch our breath.

We didn't talk for a long time.

Finally she said, "I think I will join you with Jackie tomorrow."

I smiled and kissed her. I knew this was coming.

Neither of us had any trouble sleeping that night. I knew Patty well enough that she intended on having Jackie tomorrow herself. After all, Jackie had said she had one brief fling with a girl friend. Now she was going to get the full fledge treatment. My dreams pictured the two of them together as the darkness engulfed me after a wonderfully tiring day.

I woke with a start and was surprised to see it was 7:30. Normally Patty had me up before then as our son left for school about that time, but for some reason she had let me sleep in. I slipped on some sweats and stumbled down the stairs half asleep. I could hear Patty humming in the kitchen. She met me with a smoldering kiss and handed me a cup of coffee. After a couple of sips of coffee I became alive enough to realize that she had already had her shower and was dressed, or undressed as it may be, for the day. She had on a pair of exercise pants that fit her perfectly, highlighting her perfect ass, a matching half zippered top that was unzipped as far as it would go and the jiggling underneath as she bounced around the kitchen told me she had no bra. I doubted she had any panties and looking more closely, if she did, it was thongs. I smiled and returned to my coffee.

"You're awful quiet this morning," she chirped.

"Just looking at how hot you look sweetie," I replied.

She did a little model pose and said, "You like? Sexy enough for you without being too obvious?"

"Depends on what you have planned for the day I guess," I smiled back teasingly.

She frowned and then started to giggle. "I hope you are ready for today big boy, you're going to have enough hot pussy for 10 men today."

I kissed her and headed for the shower. She was right. I hoped I was ready for today. After the workout Jackie and her had given my cock yesterday I was hoping it didn't want to take a day off.

A quick shower and shave and I was back down stairs in my normal jeans and sweatshirt "office" clothes. I grabbed another cup of coffee and headed out for the "office". It was a little after 8.

I had both fireplaces going and coffee brewing when Patty came walking in a little before 8:30 announcing she was going to go upstairs to "freshen things up a little". She came back down holding the two outfits Jackie had worn (albeit briefly) the day before.

"She has good taste in slut outfits too," Patty smiled softly.

I looked up from the computer waiting for her next move.

"I think I

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