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Two lovers reunite.

"Mmmmm," she moaned in delight. "Baby," she said, playing with the cum in her mouth, "that was great!" In the afterglow of his orgasm Jeremy mumbled something to the effect that he had saved it up just for her.

Erin smiled at him coyly and climbed up on top of his stomach leaned down and kissed him, saying," thanks baby." She then began to pull his shirt off. This made Jeremy a little self-conscious. He knew that he was by no means in great physical shape, but still felt that his body was at least adequate for what it needed to do. He was slightly over-weight and had a gut that he felt was too large, a set of "male-tits" to match. But it rarely bothered him, until now. What if she thinks I'm fat? I am fat. So how can I expect her to think differently? What if she doesn't like my body? But she already sucked my dick (and gave me the best Damn blowjob I've ever had, but then again that doesn't mean much). His thoughts were again racing through his head, but Erin soon laid his fears to rest as she bent down and sucked one of his nipples into her mouth and gently sucked on it for a moment or two and then moved to the other and did the same.

"Okay," she said after she had finished playing with his male-tits, "My pussy needs some attention." Jeremy's face turned a little ashen, he had only been with one girl before and she didn't seem too overly impressed at his oral skills - not that she didn't get off - but she gave him the sense that she had had better.

"What's a-matter Hun?" Erin asked, concern in her voice. Jeremy explained the situation to her. To his surprise, Erin gave a relaxed, almost gleeful, sigh, "Is that all baby? Don't worry about it."

"But first . . ." she stood and pulled Jeremy to her chest. Jeremy buried his head into her amble cleavage as he unhooked her bra from the back. He greedily removed the garment and tossed it aside as he once again buried his face between her38D tits. As he licked, kissed, sucked and fondled every inch of her tit flesh his lips found one of her erect nipples. He began by circling her areola with his tongue, making concentric circles, each drawing closer and closer to her distended nipple. When he finally reached it, he swirled his tongue around it and drew it into his mouth and sucked with all of his might, trying to create a vacuum around it.

Jeremy then took Erin's nipple between his teeth and, biting down gently, pulled on it. Erin Shuddered at the sensation and moaned deeply. Jeremy moved to the other nipple and repeated the process. He then switched between biting and sucking on the nipples as he moved from one to the other.

Finally Erin had had enough and said, between gasps for air, "Okay. Now its my pussy's turn." Erin shoved Jeremy back on to the bed, quickly dropped her jean skirt to the floor and climbed on top of him. She slowly dragged her steamy cunt up his body, making sure to rub herself all along the length of his cock several times before continuing on up. When she reached his neck she paused and said, "Alright babe, I'm easy to please orally. All you have to do is stick your tongue straight up and let me do the rest." With a wink, she added, "I LOVE to ride!"

And ride she did.

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