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Jack Wilson meets a trophy wife at a trade show.

I got out of my nightdress and put on the bra, making sure to tie the knots firmly around my neck and back. After putting on the pants, I slipped into a plain black skirt and a sleeveless white top. I examined myself in the mirror, checking for imperfections. My bright yellow bikini could easily be seen through the clear white blouse, but I, regretfully, didn't care. My black skirt displayed the majority of my thighs while still being fairly modest. Anyone with a good eye could've easily made out the rest of my thighs along with my bright panties covered by the slightly translucent black fabric. After brushing my blond hair neatly, so that it fell to the small of my back, I was happy. The only thing that bothered me, was the pressure on my breasts. I didn't have a very large chest, only 30B, and wasn't tall, standing at 5' 2", but the bra was still fairly tight.

Shortly after arriving at school, I hoped onto the bus along with everybody else. We had to ride a public bus instead of our school bus because it was being 'repaired'. The bus was cramp full with other passengers, so I had to remain standing. At one point during a sharp turn, I fell backwards into someone. It was Mr Rayner. My butt landed directly on his hand and I quickly recoiled back into my previous position in embarrassment. But his hand remained on my cheek. I tried to brush it off, but he remained firm. I turned around, looking at him closely. I never noticed how handsome he was. He had short black hair and was in his mid twenties. He had an exceptionally good build, not surprising considering he was a sports teacher. He just smiled at me, which probably meant that he would keep his hand on my butt for the rest of the ride.

However, he didn't remain in the same place. His hand slowly lifted the hem of my skirt and rested itself on my panties. Panicking, I attempted to protest but he just wouldn't move. Why hadn't anyone seen? I shifted uncomfortably trying to get him off me, but he was insistent. Slowly his hand crept to my perineum and I let out a little squirm. I could feel him smirk in approval behind me. His hand moved upwards, directly onto my vagina and began massaging me, up and down along my slit. I let out a quiet moan of pleasure, but also of distress, still, nobody noticed. My legs opened slightly and, for whatever reason, allowed him to continue groping my innocence despite me clearly not wanting him to. I had masturbated before, but this felt strangely different. Unlike my rough methods that brought me to orgasm fairly quickly, Mr Rayner was skillful with his strokes, teasing me with every movement of his delicate fingers. His rubbing continued for another five minutes, with me unintentionally moaning and sighing occasionally. I could feel my panties getting damp and I knew I wasn't the only one.

"Looks like you're enjoying this Chloe," he laughed quietly.

"Get off me!" I whispered back, trying to move away from him.

Instead of moving away from him, I shifted myself directly into his finger and gasped at the feeling.

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