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Father and daughter improve their relationship.

Made any enemies there? They will just eat this up!"

He sneered and looked over at me. "Pretty wife you got here." His eyes caressed my body boldly. "Makes me sorry I missed the speech, I could have stopped her for speeding or something and gotten to know her much better even sooner."

The words "even sooner" triggered something in my brain. I gulped. I could see where they were taking this.

"Shame about her career, though," he continued, his eyes swinging from my face to Jason's. "But I guess someone as good looking as that should be able to find something else pretty easily. I hear that Double D's is looking for dancers. I could put in a good word for you," he snickered. Double D's was a local strip bar that featured dancers with huge boobs and a notorious back room for very private parties where you get anything you wanted, for a price.

It was obvious they thought they had my price, that I would do anything to keep my name out of the paper. Maybe they were right. Or not. The situation was really quite funny. I had been caught having sex with my own husband, and in order to keep that alarming fact out of the newspaper, I had to fuck these two cops, these two protectors of all that was lawful and right.

I looked over at Jason with a sideways glance. I could see in his eyes that he knew what was going on here, too. He let me know with a nod that whatever I did about it - to go along or refuse - was up to me.

The really funny part was that Jason and I had seriously talked about going out and finding other men to fuck me many, many times; we just hadn't actually done it yet. I had assumed that we would plan it all out first, that we would go to a bar way out of town to make sure no one knew us, and I would choose someone suitable with Jason right there to make sure nothing got out of hand.
It looked like the choice was still mine. The night was silent as we all stood completely still to let me mull it over. It was true that I wouldn't want my name in the paper in this situation. I had to bit my lip to keep from grinning. What they didn't realize was that I was eager to "do anything" and now was as good a time as any!

The crickets began bleating again and the wind suddenly rustled through the oak tree behind us. I took a deep breath.

"Please," I whispered, my eyes downcast. "Please don't turn us in. Please let us go."

"Now why would we let you go?" the dark one looked genuinely surprised.

I looked up at him under long dark eyelashes. "Please don't turn us in. I am sure we can make other arrangements." I took another deep breath and obviously drew my shoulders back even farther so as to accentuate my naked breasts. "I will do anything you ask."

"Really?" The drill Sergeant leaned in very close to me. "Anything?" His hand brushed my nipple very lightly. I gasped as an electric shock raced through my body at his touch. My nipple instantly crinkled.

"Yes," I said breathlessly, raising my chin and looking into his steel gray eyes. "Anything."

The cops looked at each other and nodded. The dark one took a pair of handcuffs off his belt and dragged Jason over to the side of the truck. "I hope you enjoy the show, Mr. Majors."

He winked and handcuffed Jason to the side mirror of our truck with a smooth practiced motion.

Jason's pants were still around his ankles and I couldn't help but notice that his cock, which had softened when the cops first shined their searchlight into our eyes, had begun to harden again. His eyes shone with barely suppressed excitement. I recognized that look. He looked like that whenever we talked about going out and finding other men for me. He was excited. He was ready for whatever happened next.

The drill Sergeant turned off the searchlight, plunging the park into darkness. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust. Slowly the soft moonlight lit the scene. The whole thing seemed eerily unreal. The police car was pulled parallel to the truck several yards away. Whatever happened, Jason was going to have a ringside seat.

Drill Sergeant grabbed my arm and pulled me o

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