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Belly dancer seduces an old friend.


"You kiss too good, George, that's the problem... Let's get ready and go down." She got up off the bed walked to the bathroom and was ready to go forty minutes later. They went down and had a light breakfast. It was late in the morning so the dining area was pretty much just them.

"It's not like anything would have happened, Stephen..." He choked a little on his melon.

"It's better that we don't venture near the borderline of 'anything', G.G."

"You're a little bit of a prude, Stephen. We love each other, we can do whatever we want. I can kiss my brother if I want...with tongue!" Stephen frowned.

"You didn't like kissing me, Stevie?"

"I think we already went over this. Georgianna kisses too good to share her kisses with her brother."

"No one knows us, we can do whatever we want. I'm not talking about anything serious. I just like pretending that we're boyfriend and girlfriend a little. It's safe and fun."

"It's not safe, that's the problem, G. I really wish you'd direct these other-than-sisterly feelings toward a guy that's not your brother." That hurt her, she was being honest and he didn't even want to talk to her about it.

"I can't help that I love you a little special." She poked him, but he wasn't having any of it.

"We can't keep joking about this. For all I know I could get thrown in jail just for having this conversation with you." She stood up, arms folded and stared him down.

"I thought we were good friends, that we could talk about real stuff. Now you just seem pretty phony..." She marched off. He got up and caught her, grabbed her arm and pulled her behind a door.

"Look at me. I care about you more than anyone else on this planet. So, we're not going to talk about this anymore. Let's go get changed and lay out in the sun." She didn't respond, just went up to her room and changed into her bikini and shorts.

When he came back from his room she was already headed down to the beach. He jogged to catch up with her but she wouldn't turn her head and recognize his existence. He already knew what her reaction would be when he told her to stop talking to him about how she felt.

"Okay, cool, we'll just chill here, G." She set her chair down and turned toward him.

"Stephen, I don't really want to hang out with you today." He was surprised, she was being exceptionally cold toward him. He backed away, gave her space.

"Okay, I'll put my stuff way over here. Please, Georgia, just relax today, you're on vacation and this place is gorgeous." He turned and walked away, sat out of earshot from her, applied his own lotion and watched her as she read her favorite book.

Stephen knew a gorgeous, bikini-clad female sitting alone on a beach wouldn't go unnoticed for long. He watched the first few guys jog and walk past, some greeted her, some stopped and lingered for a few seconds before her majesty. The first to gather enough courage to stop and converse was probably in his late thirties, obviously vacationing alone. He didn't look that bad, but he was balding. Stephen knew George hated that ring of hair around a balding guy's head. It was either a full head of hair or bald, nothing in between.

"...Maybe later." He caught the tail end of her blow-off. He figured it would be a day of Georgia deflecting guy after guy, which would be entertaining in itself. Stephen sat content to lightly sleep in the sun and watch a few females, he spoke to a few who were tanning nearby. He noticed one guy he'd seen jog by and linger earlier was now talking to Georgia. He wanted to hear how she'd respond but couldn't quite make out the conversation. He was surprised when she got up and went to the bar with him.

There were a lot of umbrellas and people in the way, but he could make her out sitting with the guy at the bar. He gave it some time, figured she'd be back in twenty minutes at the most, but time passed and he was getting bored. He decided to go over and get a good look at the guy, maybe irritate George enough so she'd talk to him and then they could go get lunch.

He sat at the end of the bar, she saw him come

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