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A meeting of the household had been set for later in the afternoon where his engagement to Te__rlag would be announced. It was a small step, but might afford her some protection. The worst part of it was he would have to spend his nights with her to maintain the deception. The last thing he wanted was to share a bed with her. It would remind him of the times when he had and she'd thrilled him to do so. He would never hear her scream in pleasure again, unless it be some ruse to allow people to believe they were together. He would give anything to be done with Blackthorne, and done with Te__rlag as well.

"I'm sorry Thorburn isn't here to greet you, Lady Mackintosh," Stuart said. "He's so busy right now. We'll have a meeting this afternoon at two, where your engagement will be announced to the Keep. We'll have food and refreshments afterward to celebrate the happy announcement."

"It wouldn't be necessary, dear Stuart. I know your family is not all here right now. We could delay the announcement until a happier time when we're all together," Te__rlag replied. "I wouldn't mind waiting."

"Nonsense. Thorburn feels the sooner everyone knows about the wondrous news, the better for us all. He's concerned your spending your nights in his bedroom without this announcement would cast your reputation into serious disrepair. I'm sure it's for the best."

"Whatever you think is best, Stuart. I'm perfectly willing to go along with whatever you want. You know your people better than I do. My house is being closed up, but I had to bring my maid, my driver, and a couple others with me. I'm sorry I had to bring so many things, dresses and the like, but a woman of means must keep up appearances. You can have my wardrobe and night clothes brought up to Thorburn's room. Do you have a spare room where I can store the rest of my things?"

"I'm sure we can find someplace to put everything, Te__rlag. It's a large place."

"Lovely. My maid shall have to be fairly close so she can serve me, but my driver and the others can be given rooms with the rest of your servants."

"I appreciate your need to keep the maid close. We'll have somewhere fairly close to your room where the maid can sleep and a bell installed so you may call for her. Is there anything else?"

"I'm very tired. I've been so busy the last few days and done so much traveling. If you could have a tub filled with hot water, I should greatly enjoy a leisurely soak before the announcement this afternoon. Is Thorburn in his room or may I use it for my bath?"

"His room is vacant at the current time. I'll arrange for you to have your bath up in his rooms."

"Thank you, Stuart. You're most kind. Come Bonnie. You can help me with my bath and to dress for the festivities this afternoon. I think the green taffeta if it's not too dusty from the road."

"Yes, Mistress."

Bonnie found the aforementioned dress and followed her into the house. A couple of the Keep servants soon brought a brass tub up to Thorburn's room with plenty of water.

Te__rlag let Bonnie prepare the bath and help her out of her traveling clothes. When she was naked, Te__rlag sat in the tub and let Bonnie sponge her off.

"You do know if you're going to spy for Blackthorne," Te__rlag spoke softly, "you can never let any of the Cameron's know. They'll kill you if they find out."

"Yes, Mistress," Bonnie replied in the same tone of voice.

"If you sleep with any of their servants, you mustn't engage in pillow talk and give yourself away. If they tell you things, you should tell me first. Blackthorne will expect you to tell him also, which you should. Never withhold information from him. I don't know why he punished you before fucking you a few days ago, but he's capable of much worse if you keep things from him. What did you do to offend him?"

"I found something in Laird Cameron's desk and I tried to copy it.

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