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She tries to convince her roomie to dump her boyfriend.


Layla lay in the darkness of her room and thought of Eric coming in the morning. He now lived in her mind and she found it difficult to focus on other matters. The way he worked to care for those drunks in the pub made her very proud. He was the real deal.

Her phone rang. She was thrilled when she saw who it was.

"Hey Eric."

"This is getting to be a habit I know. Were you asleep?

"No, laying here thinking."

"Just wanted to say that I did see you at the pub tonight."

"Oh, you did. You were so involved I didn't think you saw me."

"Yeah, one of the guys was bleeding heavily and the woman had a possible neck vertebra issue. Serious stuff. What were you doing hanging out is such a dangerous place?"

"Just having dinner and drinks with Susanna. Still on for tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can. Hopefully, won't have a call-out that delays me."

"I was impressed watching you and your team work. I know if I ever need help, I want you to be there."

"That's nice to hear. Is that the only time you'd want me?"

"Listen bubba, I'm snuggled in bed with a pillow between my young naked legs, pretending it's your warm body as I slowly rub my clit. My other hand is rolling my hard nipple and remembering your soft lips nursing me."

"Sounds like fun. You're making me hard."

"Can you stroke it for me? I can feel it from here if you do."

"Oh jeez, how does that feel?"

"Yummy. The skin is soft and warm. I love the way it moves with my hand up and down that lovely hard shaft. Can you feel my hand sliding the skin up and down?"

"Phone sex seems to be another of your talents. As much fun as this is, I need to get back to work."

"You're such a spoil sport. Okay, go save some lives."

"See you in the morning."

"I'll be waiting for you with coffee and breakfast and maybe a few other things."


Julia and Cliff walked toward her bedroom after cleaning the kitchen. She led the way up the stairs, and his eyes followed each move of her sexy bottom along the way. When he reached up and gently smacked it, she turned, grinned, and shook her finger at him. Cliff pulled her to him and snuggled his face into her trouser crotch.

"Cliff, settle down. We're on narrow steps."

He grinned, "I don't want to settle down. I'll not let you fall." He undid her belt and button as she stood on the steps, mesmerized by his actions. Cliff unzipped and pulled them down to reveal her lacy black thong. He pulled her crotch into his face and nuzzled her panties.

Julia was surprised. She wondered, "Why is he so aggressive tonight?" Never would she have bet on this. Her thoughts raced, "Oh my, he's going to lick my pussy. I better sit. This is going to get serious. Oh jeez, he's rubbing my butt. Ooohh."

Cliff was focused. The lovely scent of her skin and her crotch was like a flower garden. Without thinking, he pulled her panties to the side. He dipped his tongue into her honey pot and drew it up and over her clit.

Her knees began quivering and this forced her to sit on the step with Cliff directly in front of her. She started to pull her trousers down to remove them, but he stopped her. Cliff lowered them and her panties down to just below her knees. His next move surprised her. He lifted her legs and spread her knees to squeeze his head between her thighs and into her love box. This forced her to lie back against the steps shackled by the trousers around her calves and feet now over his head. He began licking.

Julia couldn't help but gasp and moan as that strong wet tongue caressed every nerve ending in her vulva. Each pass seemed to cause a flash of energy though her midsection. She could feel every touch to her labia and the slow passes he made over and slightly into her vagina. The tingles, the involuntary twitches and the licking sounds send waves of fiery pulses through her that caused her vagina and anus to clench and release. She felt like she needed to pee, which was how it felt before she squirted in David's face.

"Cliff, time-out sweetheart.

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