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Scenes from the life of Ian and Jess.

described them - I think you've suffered in your time away from me!"

I giggled, as I always did at his humor, and he proceeded to work with me on the turns, having me do each one for him in slow motion as he encouraged me to make small adjustments to my form. "Do you mind if I touch you, Kaitlin? I never go there with my high school athletes, but if you're OK with it now, I think it would really help?"

"Oh, sure, Alex, no worries."

Several more turns, his hands illustrating what he meant by a more compact body. One hand was on the small of my back, the other on my stomach, as he encouraged me to pull in tighter. It was immediately clear that this gave me more spring off the wall, and I was delighted with the development.

"This is great progress, Kaitlin! OK, just a few more, I want to make sure you remember how this feels. And let's have you go a little faster this time."

On the next turn, his hand brushed past my breast. I wasn't offended by his touch, which I'm sure was accidental anyway, but I was shocked by my reaction. I could feel myself blushing as I came up for air after the turn, wondering how it was possible to suddenly see this man in a completely new light. A few minutes earlier, he was my old coach, someone I respected and admired but had never even imagined in a sexual context. Now, suddenly, I was turned on by his touch, and very much aware that we were alone in the pool. Get a grip, Kaitlin!

I knew he had noticed my blushing cheeks, but I decided to play it cool, diving right back under the water to practice a few more turns. But it happened again. His hand brushed against my breast, this time lingering, deliberate. I made the slow-motion turn, but didn't push off the wall, instead remaining for a moment, under water, his hand still touching, then cupping my breast.

Slowly, my feet found the pool floor and I stood, my back to him, making no effort to shift away from his touch, hoping that he would realize I was giving him permission to continue. He froze for a moment, then continued his slow exploration, his other hand now finding my other breast. As he began kneading my tits with more intensity, I groaned and let my weight fall back against his chest.

He pressed into me, his body fully enveloping mine, and I felt the bulge in his trunks grow against my ass as he continued to feel me up. Tired of the constraints of the spandex, I reached up and peeled off first one, then the other strap of my suit, my round tits springing free of the tight wet fabric as I pulled it down to my waist.

He was kissing me now as he began pinching my nipples more firmly, exploring my earlobe and then my neck with his tongue. Instinctively, I pressed back into him and began making circular motions with my hips, massaging his cock. He responded by letting one hand fall from my tits to my crotch, where he began gently rubbing me through the fabric of my suit.

Until this moment, I had been completely lost in the heat of his touch, forgetting my surroundings completely. Suddenly, though, I came to my senses and realized several things - I was topless in the pool, the building was still open, one of Alex's current students could come in at any moment and find us, and last but not least, the pool water wasn't exactly my lubricant of choice.

I turned around, facing Alex for the first time since his touch had permanently changed our relationship, and stood on my tiptoes to whisper in his ear, "Is there somewhere else we can go?"

"How about the sauna?" he asked, looking down at me with a lusty fire in his eyes.

At the edge of the pool deck by the locker rooms, the sauna had been a recent addition, something Alex had insisted on for the benefit of his athletes, and had been awarded in the last budget because his team had been so successful. I only got to use it once before graduating, and certainly not in the way it was about to be used now.

We went through the door, closed and locked it behind us, and Alex set the temperature. "Kaitlin, do you remember what I used to tell you about the challenge of the IM?"

"Um, yeah

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