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Mom & daughter share the same taste...for each other.

"Wyatt is something wrong? You seem like there's something on your mind."

"It's nothing, Bex. I'm fine, I'm all good."

"Wyatt, we haven't been together for very long, but I know you pretty well, so just tell me."

"Well Bex, it's just, I don't know, I'm all in my head questioning my sexuality now. You are a woman to me, and I'm not attracted to guys, but I do love your cock in my ass, and to see it bounce when I'm inside of you."

"Awww Wyatt I didn't know you were struggling like this, I knew this would be a big adjustment for you, but you seemed to be doing okay with it. And by the way I've seen the way you look at girls on campus, you're definitely not gay."

He pulled her close and smiled, "I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't looked at another girl since I laid eyes on you."

She smiled and her eyes twinkled. The moment was somewhat ruined when her door flew open. Bexley's roommate, Carly staggered in and flung herself onto her bed. She'd been in the library since early afternoon writing a paper, and now she was clearly exhausted.

"Finish your paper, roomie? Hope you don't mind that I invited Wyatt over."

"Bex, it is finally done and I couldn't be more relieved, and you know I'm always happy to see Wyatt, though I may not stick around, I need some stress relief so I may head down to the bars and try to find a man to ride."

Bexley looked at Wyatt and raised her right eyebrow, she flashed him a bright smile, and never broke eye contact with him as she floated an idea, "Why go find a guy at the bar when there's two fully functioning cocks in this very room Carls?"

Wyatt was shocked by the words coming from Bexley's mouth. It wasn't like he wasn't attracted to Carly. She was roughly 5'6'', with long black hair, and light brown African American skin. Her breasts were large, in the low D cups, but they were very perky. Her ass was phenomenal, it was large and round with the perfect amount of jiggle.

Carly turned and looked at Bex. Her roommate had told her she was transsexual when they'd received their rooming assignments. Carly was cool with it and had reassured Bexley that she wouldn't judge her. Wyatt was another story. She hadn't told her friend about the crush she had on him. She thought he was gorgeous, and after Bex had told her the details of their first sexual weekend together she had masturbated under the covers as soon as the lights went out. She wasn't sure if her roommate's offer was genuine, but if it was she felt compelled to take it.

"I'm game if you two are."

"Well I certainly am, experimenting with your roommate seems to be a normal college thing, are you okay with it stud?"

A huge smile broke out across Wyatt's face, "If this is a joke I will hate you both, but if this is for real I am so game!"

Bexley stood up and slowly walked over to her roommate, swinging her tight ass for her boyfriend's benefit. She leaned in and kissed the beautiful girl, her hands sliding down her back and cupping her large ass. The girls kissed and removed their clothing.

Fully naked and rock hard, Bexley turned to Wyatt. "Your turn, get naked right now."

She didn't have to tell him twice. Wyatt ripped off his clothes, the three stood there, all breathing heavy. Four breasts, two rock hard cocks, and one dripping wet pussy. The women lunged at him as if they were in heat. Bex pushed him back so he was laying on his back with his ass hanging over the edge, and his muscular legs supporting him. Carly swung her legs over him, and lowered herself down. She was a little disappointed that he was only six inches, but she was horny enough, and would be satisfied by anything at the moment.

As the beautiful goddess lowered herself onto his member any doubts Wyatt had about his sexuality melted away.

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