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The film is becoming a reality but...

One of them is the tattoo you see on my arm. Great black and white, some were that brownish - sepia tone - I think it is called. At any rate, they were hot. Two of them actually showed a couple, my guess they were in their 20s, around the 1940s. About to engage in some fun, oral sex and a good fuck session! Damn, vintage porn! Looking closer, the nudes made me stop and think. She looked familiar. It couldn't be, but, was it? If I squinted a little, it sure could have been the daughter of the old lady who I had found in my yard.

I put them back and went off to clean up. Later on I dug them out again. They had held up well in that box. I looked them over and took a picture of the one that inspired the tattoo with my phone. I went through them again, imagining the scene, the times.

Obviously the content seeped into my subconscious that night as I slept. If you are familiar with the concept of a 'succubus', I was definitely visited. You could also simplify things and just say I had a wet dream. A hell of a detailed wet dream.

As I was sleeping, I felt a hand on my thigh. In my dream, I woke up and standing next to my bed was that woman in the photos, her hand on my upper thigh and the other to her lips signalling "shhhh..." I watched as she pulled my shorts down releasing my stiffening cock. It grew with every beat of my heart which was starting to beat faster. I could see her looking at it and a smile crossed her face. It throbbed and was fully erect. I tried to move, but I was pinned to the bed. Not restrained, but I just couldn't move a muscle, well, no muscle but one.

As I watched she lowered her mouth to my belly. Kissing it softly and moving lower. She was naked and her breasts were a milky white in the moonlight. Hard nipples surrounded by soft pink circles. Her tight ass would be wonderful to touch, to rub, so close, but I couldn't reach it.

Her mouth went lower. I saw her pink tongue dart out and tease the tip of my cock. I was starting to leak a little pre cum, she took it in one swipe of her tongue, leaving a little wetness from her tongue. The feeling was exquisite. I couldn't move, but didn't feel like I wanted to. I could see everything before me. She looked at me and then took me full into her mouth, closing her lips around as she went down on my dick, taking it all into her mouth, sucking hard as she slowly let it come out covered in her wet saliva.

Her hands were on either side of my hips as her head bobbed up and down. Occasionally she would look up into my eyes and suck even harder. I started to feel the excitement of an orgasm start to swell up, but she stopped for a moment, lay my cock down with her hand until the feeling diminished some and then she began again. This dance of bringing me to the brink of cumming and pulling back went on for several turns, I guess it is like a tantric session, but then she went back to her fabulous sucking and tonguing of my rock hard dick. This time I felt the urge begin and she didn't stop, but continued even faster. I started to squirt, and her mouth covered my cock completely, taking it all in. I came like I had never cum before, wave after wave. I felt like I could pass out. If I had been awake.

She lifted her head, swallowed and stood up. Her naked body was gorgeous in the moonlight. Erect nipples, a taut torso and a full bush between her legs, I guess you might call it 'classic beauty' like you see in a marble statue. She turned and walked away, her fine ass wiggling as I watched.

I woke up a bit later, and as I remembered the dream, I expected to find that I needed to change my shorts. I sat up, but my shorts were lost there in the bed, and I was dry. No 'nocturnal emission' to be found as I usually had after a dream like that. Wow, what a dream. No fuss, no muss, no mess.

I had put the box away, and honestly forgot about it since I was busy for the next week or so.

Then one morning I saw movement out back again - yes, you guessed it, the old lady was back.

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