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Inga takes control.

I loved this song and Ronstadt knew how to be sexy singing it but this girl was undulating to the music and I was already erect down my leg. I knew she could feel it. I just knew. "Mmmm." She moaned into my ear.

I swept my hand across her back and pulled her torso into me and she cooed again as I placed it just above her ass in the small of her back, my middle finger filling the crease at the top of her rear end.

"Mmmm," she moaned again as she ground herself into me. I swear I thought I felt her shudder and pulled apart a bit to look in her eyes. She was completely in a fog, her eyes out of focus and her upper teeth biting down on her lower lip. Oh my God. She just had an orgasm. Oh my God...she just came against my leg. I know it!!

She placed her head up against me and breathed deeply, I could feel her breath against my neck, replaced a moment later by her lips and she kissed me. Whatever resolve I had just disappeared and I made up my mind that dancing in public was okay, no matter how hot it was, I could do this and it wasn't cheating so long as it did not escalate to anything else.

We danced and danced without ever taking a break. At 3AM the lights went on and the place started to empty. The bar called for last rounds and I had another beer and then drank hers as well. I was completely dehydrated. We stepped out into the night. There was a long line at the exit and Disney personnel were questioning each guest as they left. They asked me where I was staying. "The Polynesian," I answered. They asked a few more questions and then said, "I'm sorry sir but you must leave your rental car here and let us take you back to your hotel. You are in no condition to drive."

Debbie smiled a breathtaking smile and said to the young people, "I'll get him back safely. I'm staying at the Swan tonight and know the way."

"Is that okay with you sir?" They asked. I acquiesced and followed her to her car...not a rental, but a Mercedes 350SL. She drove and we chatted about inane things. The music had trumped our limited conversation and I really knew little, if anything, about her. We arrived at my hotel. I turned to her and said my thanks...a little too quickly but I was making my getaway, opened the door and fell on my face in the driveway. I laughed and laughed as I was lifted to my feet by the bellman, thinking that I'd never been so drunk and still conscious. Debbie told the bellman that she would help me back to my room and to just park her car off to the side and she would return in ten minutes. As we started our way she looked at me and said "Hold on a moment Bill," and she ran back ten steps to the valet and had a word. He drove the car into the lot and not just to the side as she'd requested before.

We made our way to my bungalow, lost in a sea of similar dwellings and I was glad she had me in tow and could see where she was going. Having arrived, I struggled to put the key in the door and then turned to her and she launched herself into me for a big hug. I said goodnight.

"Goodnight?" she looked puzzled. "Goodnight?"

"Yes," I said. "We both agreed that with significant others at home, this would end with the dancing, didn't we?"

"Look sweetie. I've invested my whole evening in you and I'm not letting you off the hook until your nice big cock has spent its piece a couple times in me. I am going to eat you alive and then you are going to learn the meaning of the word tight."

What the fuck!! "Hey...ain't gonna happen. We discussed this."

She raised her voice and I was straightening up from my drunken haze. "You are letting me in your room handsome. You know what I want...what I crave." And she slid her hand over my crotch.

"Shhh...keep it down. Look, I'm here on a junket with my parent company. In that room is Ron White, president of Apex International, and in that room is Stan Goetz, CEO of BDI. I can't have you waking them up." I said this while pointing at the two adjoining rooms, right and left.

"Well fuck Ron and fuck Stan. You're mine tonight honey and I'll not take no for an answer."


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