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Izzy finds the courage to finally fuck Amy.

Taking your cock from my mouth, it lays against your stomach and I begin to rub my lips and tongue against your cock ... up and down the length of it ... pressing firmly with my mouth. Faster and faster ... harder and harder, till you grab my hair and pull me away, "You fucking slut!" Forcefully, with my hair in your hand, you pull me down on the bed as you kneel down next to my head. "Are you a slut?" and I whimper a sighful, "Yes."

"Tell me whose slut you are!" My reply is simple, "I'm your slut."

"Then suck my cock you bitch!" and you forcefully thrust your cock into my mouth to fuck me again. This time it's even more intense. With each thrust, you get deeper. You want to feel the head of your cock hitting the back of my throat. And even if I begin to choke, you keep thrusting your cock in further and further. And then you stop. "Get the rope, candles and vibrator. I'm tying your fucking ass up."

With rope and candles in hand, I stand before you completely naked. We've done this before and I love it! The thought of being completely under your control does things to me that you can't even fully imagine. My body responds in every sort of way. You start by tying my tits up tightly making my nipples more sensitive to your touch. And after you've finished, you reach up and give my nipples a hard pinch. "Hey, that hurts!" and you respond, "Shut up bitch! I'll do what I want to you." I close my eyes and imagine how good this is going to feel. With another piece of rope, you tie my hands together in front of me. "Now kneel down in front of me." Naturally, I do as I'm told.

Once in front of you, your rub your cock against my lips and slap it against my cheek. Opening my mouth, you once again slide your cock into my mouth. With your hands wrapped in my hair, you start to thrust your cock in and out of my mouth. "Do you know how sexy it looks when you let me fuck your mouth?" I can't reply. You press my head against your body and start to fuck me harder. But shortly afterwards, you once again pull away from me. "Get up on the bed and lay down on your back." Once in position, you reach for the candle and light it. The wax begins to run down and then you hold it over my tied tits. Letting the wax drip onto them as you're playing with my nipples. "You like this, don't you?" and I reply, "Yes, I do."

"And do you like this?" as you hold the candle closer to my skin, it begins to burn. "Yes." But I can't stand it for too long because the pain starts to set in and my body begins to pull away. Reaching your hand between my legs, you find my hardened clit. "Do you like it here?"

"Yes. I want to feel that wax dripping onto my pussy." Spreading my pussy lips, you let a few droplets of wax drip onto my clit and then you begin to rub it in with your fingers. My body is screaming! I can't hold it back any longer and I begin to cum. Instinctively, my legs begin to close but you hold them back, "Open your legs bitch and take it!" The feeling is so intense; I don't want it to stop. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. You're not through with me yet. Blowing the candle out, you reach down to untie my hands. As I stand up, there is wax all over my body and the bed. You take both nipples in your hands and begin to play with them as you give me a long, deep kiss. One that leaves me almost breathless.

"Now, get up on the bed on your hands and knees.

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