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The shorter man had short cropped dark brown hair, and though he was a bit thicker, rather than lean, he was also quite strikingly handsome to Lokan.

Still riding in the tall vampire's strong arms, Lokan spotted a woman coming into the main hall with a curious, yet wicked, look upon her face. Her olive skin appeared flawless and her features all seemed extraordinary. Lokan could actually feel himself begin to lust after the woman.

Striding confidently, the tall man made his way through several rooms before halting in a luxurious, yet very impersonal, bedroom. The bed was covered in red and purple silk covers and had like-colored goose-feather pillows resting at the head. Silk drapes fell around the bed and were also hanging along the walls. The silk sort of gave Lokan a cheesy feeling, but it was actually quite comfortable and homey as well.

The man placed Lokan gently on the bed and then stepped back, appearing to look him over. Lokan looked back as well, examining his abductor in full, finally. His deep blue eyes ran over the man's entirety, and he noticed that the fellow now had gorgeous light green eyes which seemed very calming to him. His jaw was strong and there was a dimple in his chin. He had a strong, perfect nose, as if his entire face had been chiseled to perfection.

"Welcome to my home," the tall man said, and Lokan could now pick up a slight accent in his voice, hinting that he was probably from the North Eastern lands of Caval. He offered Lokan a polite smile, though it seemed a bit cold. "You will be living here now, I hope that you like it. Dernal will see to it that you are comfortable," he gestured behind his left shoulder where the shorter man had just entered. "I'll be taking my leave for the time being." He turned to leave and then looked back, almost like an afterthought, "I am Xhaine Vortu, by the way. I'll learn more about you soon enough." And with that he was gone.

The shorter fellow moved forward as Lokan shifted his weight on the bed, still feeling weak from the earlier ordeal. His mind was still a bit numb, not totally comprehending all of the events unfolding; perhaps passing them off as just a dream. He looked up at the stout and muscular vampire now, and with half-lidded eyes he admired his manly appearance. Strong brown eyes, short kept coarse brown hair, and a five o' clock shadow on his cheeks.

The fellow spoke then with a small accent as well, but it sounded more like a Catharcian accent, meaning he probably came from the large trade capital of Catharcia in the south of the continent. "You need anything there? Any questions you'd like to ask?" As he stood there looking upon Lokan with slight interest the woman from early made her way into the room behind him, slinking casually and glancing at Lokan inquisitively. Soon her fingers were snaking their way through Dernal's brown hair seductively as he awaited Lokan's answer.

Lokan's first question was slightly stupid, but it was to be expected, "You... you're vampires aren't you?" He shifted again, and noticed that his asshole didn't hurt at all anymore.

Dernal nodded with a slight grin, reaching back to cup one of the raven-haired woman's ass cheeks unceremoniously. "Yep, we're definitely vampires. You are too now. I mean, i guess you kind of guessed that much right?" He leaned forward and patted Lokan on the chest, "No heart beat anymore right?"

Lokan nodded, moving his hand to his own chest as if to check for himself, though he already knew that his heart no longer pumped blood. Then the voluptuous woman chuckle merrily and moved forward, "The new ones are always so darling to watch, aren't they Dern, dear? With that pathetic, dazed and confused look on their face." She took a seat on the edge of the bed and leaned in a bit to get a closer look. "This one is rather handsome though. Quite beautiful, isn't he Dernal? What's his name?"

Dernal shrugged heavily, "Haven't asked him yet.

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