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A sordid tale of vengeance.

He had one of the largest adult themed companies in the world.

When he got his business to where he wanted it to be, he took a backseat in the running of the company, relying on his trusted staff to take care of things for him. He rarely went into the office anymore. The main thing he did now in regards for his business was designing new toys to distribute. Tim now ran the operating part of the business and Jake kept in contact with him once a week to make sure there were no snags in the business. It was ironic how Tim had to humble himself for a job, after the big dot com crash. Lucky for Tim, that Jake didn't hold a grudge.

With his wealth, Jake bought his parents a ten-acre estate in Florida, mainly to keep his mother out of his hair. He saw them only on holidays. Thank goodness. He bought himself a house where there wasn't a neighbor for miles away. He had the house, the cars and the women, but yet, he wasn't happy.

He was getting older and increasingly discontent with how easy these women fell in his lap. He met different women through parties or through his business, and usually they were women who shared the same sexual fetishes that he did. They enjoyed his domination and he enjoyed controlling them, but soon that wasn't enough. He tried to have a steady woman in his life, but he would soon lose interest. He tried women of all different shapes, and ethnicities, but they all ended up the same.

One day on his way to his attorney to discuss a business matter, he saw a girl pushing a mail cart and stopped in his tracks. Jake didn't know what it was about this particular girl, since he had been with women who were far more beautiful. She was still attractive nonetheless. She stopped to talk to the receptionist long enough to drop off the mail. She flashed the receptionist a shy smile showing off the most adorable dimples he had ever seen.

His stomach fluttered all of a sudden like a kid in the middle of his first crush. As if the mystery girl knew she was being watched, she looked in his direction but he turned away quickly before she could get a good look at him. Later that night as he was breaking in a new sub, a saucy brunette, he thought about the mystery girl. What was her name? He sent the brunette home later that night, unable to concentrate fully on what he was doing, which was not a usual occurrence for him. After that night he didn't contact her again.

All he could think about was his mystery girl. He tried to divert his distraction by working on a new product for work, when that didn't work he looked for new partners, but still, she remained on his mind. He exclusively tried black women thinking that perhaps he had become partial to them, but like the others, they all fell by the way side. In the end, he admitted to himself that he had to find out more about his mystery girl.

He made an appointment with his attorney on the pretext if business when all he really wanted was to find out about his mystery girl. He hoped that he would catch a glimpse of her, making sure that his appointment was around the exact time, he thought she would be making the mail rounds. Unfortunately, he didn't see her but he did decide to pump the receptionist for the information he needed.

He approached the receptionist after his appointment giving her his most winning smile. She smiled back with an awful buck toothed grin. "Hello, Stephanie." He said reading her nameplate.

"Good afternoon Mr. Daniels, is there something that I can help you with?"

"There's a young lady who works in the mailroom, I believe. She looks really familiar. Do you know her name by any chance?"

Stephanie frowned. "Well, there are a few women in the mailroom sir, but if you could give me a description, I can try to help you."

"Black girl, youngish, around medium height."

"Oh, that's Narissa Lewis. You think you know her?" The receptionist asked incredulously.

Jake gave her such a cold stare that Stephanie blushed in embarrassment realizing her faux pas.

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