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As I got her blouse completely unbuttoned, I slipped it softly off her shoulders, and let it slip to the floor around her feet. She just stood there in front of me, enjoying my intensity and enjoyment of the task before me. I reached my hands behind her, and after hugging her tightly to me, I slipped my hands down to unclasp her bra, and let this too slip to the floor around her feet. As her breasts became unencumbered by their support, they hung with that wonderful round, slopping effect that makes her little but strong nipples point right at me, calling me. I answered my calling, and enclosed her right nipple with my lips, and ran my tongue in a slow circular motion around the hardening tip of her bright nipple. Being a learned multi tasker, my hands had been busy undoing the button, hook, and zipper of her skirt, which was now resting comfortably around her feet with the rest of her clothes. After giving her left nipple the same treatment, my mouth slowly slid down her tummy, making sure to flick the wonderfully round and extremely soft part of her round breasts, on their underside, just as the breast meets the chest.

My mouth continued on its pleasant journey, relearning the taste and texture of my lover. Her moans began to echo off the tiled ceiling and walls of the bathroom, arousing me even more. As my mouth reached the waistband of her pantyhose, my teeth grabbed the band between them and pulled, as my hands slipped around behind her to her wonderful ass, and pulled the band down from that point as well. I was able to bring them all the way down to about her knees in this sexy, yet clumsy way. At this point my mouth gave way to the better dexterity of my hands, and I moved my mouth up the insides of her silken inner thighs. Her pussy had already started to flow, and I loved her fragrance as I ran my mouth and tongue ever closer. By this time my hands had gotten her pantyhose down to her feet, and she helped me by raising one leg at a time, so I could remove each foot as she rested her hand on my shoulder. As her legs split to do so, I could smell her musk even more, which whetted my now already exorbitant appetite for my upcoming meal. Once she was completely free of her pantyhose, she pushed me against the side of the tub, lifted one of her legs on to the top of the side, put her hands behind my head, and pushed me roughly to her now openly flowing pussy. I feasted my hungry mouth, celebrating her taste, her texture, playing with rounded twirls of her clitoris, and then running the full length between the folds. All of these things giving us both pleasure as we began her ascent. The hot water was running in the shower, we were beginning to be in a fog, and that just increased the moment. As I reached around to slide my hands to hold her ass, to push her tighter against my mouth, I slipped a finger into her now also moistened ass. Her glee at this was quite evident, and the anal stimulation compounded with my oral manipulations had her hips doing that primitive, primordial dance of love, and I knew she was not far off. Increasing the intensity and speed of my tongue and keeping its caresses only to her now hardened clit. Her moans of delight were my opera, and my inspiration to continue to bring her and us both to her crescendo. Holding the last "note" strongly with my tongue, I waited out the convulsions of her dance, and slowly rose as I felt her relax, so I could hold her, and bring her with me into the water.

I held her so the hot water could cascade down her hair, her face, her back, and her breasts, as the spray started at the middle of the top of her head and spread from there. Her eyes closed in pleasure, and she left herself in my care, moving her head slowly in the warmth of the shower's spray, and her body against the warmth of me.

Slipping around behind my love, I circled her body with my arms, and lathered hands.

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