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Very old story of Mine.

Elise's thighs closed in on his hand and her cunt walls contracted around his thick fingers. He started moving his fingers in her cunt, curling them in order to find her g-spot. He pressed his fingers against her front pussy wall and started making slow circles until he heard her gasp and let out a loud moan. He continued stimulating her g-spot and rubbing her clit until she was on the verge of orgasming. With her back turned to the rest of the showers, Elise didn't see them approaching. James withdrew his fingers from her pussy and let go of her breasts, and Elise felt strong hands around her waist, pulling her away from James. Still dazed from the pleasure she just received, she didn't struggle, but leaned back against whoever was holding her. "So you like black cock..don't you bitch?" a deep voice whispered in her ear. "Well..your pussy ain't seen nothin' yet.."

At this, Elise turned her head and saw that she was being carried towards the other end of the showers by a huge black man..bigger than James..with an evil face. His head was clean-shaven and he had a huge scar running along his cheek. His eyebrows were arched at an angle that made him seem evil, and his grin bared two gold canine teeth. He was wearing his orange prison uniform, but she could make out bulging muscles on his arms. Elise struggled, but to no avail. His grip around her waist tightened and she knew she wasn't getting away.

The inmate dropped her on the floor and she looked up to see that there was another black inmate w/ him. Although smaller than the man that carried her, the way in which he was looking at her made her very uncomfortable. James was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly Elise became aware of the fact that she was naked. She tried to cover up her still-swollen breasts and pussy. The men laughed. "No need to be coverin' all that up girl..soon you'll be barin' more than you think.." said the bigger one. The other inmate laughed. She sat on the wet floor and watched them undress. She knew escape would be futile. She watched the bigger inmate unbutton his shirt and paid attention to the name on his tag..."Brown" it said. The other one was "Jones."

She gasped when she saw Brown's cock. The monster must've been over 11" long! It was covered with thick bulging veins and the tip was pink. It was already hard and Elise felt a chill go up her spine. Jones' cock was about the same size, but less thick."Get up girl..let's take a good look at ya" Brown said. Elise reluctantly stood up while the two men ogled her body. "Nice big titties..mmm..little pussy hair too..and look at that sweet ass..I'm gonna love pounding into that thing.." He walked up to her, grabbed her by her dripping hair, and pulled her wet body close to his. His hard cock poked her in the stomach painfully. She looked so small against the nearly 7 foot tall inmate. Her face was level with his muscular chest and she could feel the heat coming from his body. He pulled her hair back and stuck his tongue in her mouth. She tried to resist, but he pulled her hair back even more until she cried out. Elise was scared, but seeing as how things could get violent if she didn't comply, she decided to get out of this unscathed. Elise kissed him back, probing his mouth with her tongue, and felt him ease the hold on her hair. She rubbed her wet body against his and he responded by letting go of her mouth and moving down to her breasts. "This bitch really wants it man.." he said to Jones, and engulfed her breast with his mouth. Jones was standing a couple feet away watching the action and stroking his cock.


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