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Hannah has fun finding things.

She started to talk about something, but I was concentrating on how hard I was. I wondered If I should just casually press it into her. I wondered if she would pull away. Before I could think anymore, she dipped her head back into the water forcing herself against me. My dick pressed fully between her legs. I felt her stop for a moment, but she seemed to disregard it. She pulled back up and looked me in the eye. I almost apologized, but she just went on talking. The current of the water gently swayed her hips up and down my hard-on. I could feel the warmness of her sex through her suit. I moved my hands to the small of her back. I bravely began to move them down the curve of her ass. She continued on talking as my hands rounded her hips to the top of her suit bottom. The more she went on, the more my hands sneaked their way across her firm ass. I was soon holding a cheek in each hand. She then began to talk about her boyfriend. I took this as a means of saying keep away. I let go of her ass and she swam over to the ladder. She rose out of the water, with the suit now revealing more than it did before.

She sat in the chair and dabbed herself dry. I couldn't get out of the pool, as my hard-on was ragging. She ran the towel up and down her arms and legs. I noticed that the guy who was monitoring the other girl was now fixated on my ex who was now fluffing her breasts with the towel. I would normally be jealous, but she wasn't my girlfriend anymore. I was just another admirer. She laid back against the chair and let the sun take care of drying the rest of her body.

I finally was able to control myself enough to make it over to my chair. I positioned my chair in the up position, so I could have a better view of her body. We sat for awhile just shooting the breeze. She shifted around to different positions to get better sun coverage. At one point she spread her legs rather wide and pulled up the sides of her suit. The guy across the way had a perfect view of her pussy, and I think she knew it. The nubs under her bra started to pop again. I couldn't believe it - she was turned on by all this attention. She took some lotion and spread it up and down her inner thigh. She causally kept talking as her hands caressed the inside of her legs. I followed her hands as they dangerously dipped down near her crotch.

I could imagine that hairless pussy underneath the stretched fabric of her suit. If only that guy knew what I did. She lined the lotion up and down the sides of her suit. I swear her fingers were about to run right under the seams. I knew the guy across the way was just as fixated as I was. Her knees spread further apart and she squirmed in her seat. She raced fingers down both sides of her suit and pulled it down out of the crack. For a couple seconds I could completely see the split of her pussy. My dick was doing backflips. She laid the fabric back down over her crotch and rolled over in the chair. She asked me to rub lotion on her back. I didn't hesitate. I squirted some lotion into my hands and started to run my hands across her back and shoulders.

She started to murmur, letting me know how good my hands felt.

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