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Izzy finds the courage to finally fuck Amy.

He calms her down and turns her over, begging her to keep her top off but face downward so he can't get at her tits. She does it. So he starts all nice again, massaging her back and her ass and her legs and stuff for ages, leaving her bottoms in place but keeping her top naked. Up above them is relentless sex, and now this guy is being all sweet and sensual and not pushing her boundaries anymore, so my girl actually starts getting wet.

When that guy comes up to start kissing the back of her neck she actually starts to get light-headed. He's kissing all over her back, which is ticklish and erotic, so she starts hoping he'd do the same on her front. Instead he keeps kissing her neck and her back and her shoulders and she got caught up in all the sounds and smells so much that when he starts kissing her lower back pushing against the elastic of her long pants she can't help but to lift her hips just a little. He takes the inch a mile and starts pulling her pants down, bringing her panties down with it. Of course once he knows she's not stopping him, he moves pretty quickly before she changes her mind. She looks down over her shoulder at her own bare body and he's pulling her pants and her panties off her ankles and she shakes her head at how pathetic she is. He mixes them in with the clothes and blankets on the floor with that couple above who are still doing the best they can to break the bed.

My girl turns back to look again and that guy is taking his own clothes off as fast as he can. She buries her face in the pillow and chastises herself, its going to be hard to avoid being fucked now, right? Then she feels this naked guy's body lay on her and kissing all over the back of her neck again, and she loses it again. This guy's dick is hard and running up the crack of her ass and she pushes up against it, trying to send a signal. It'd been a long time since she's been fucked by her previous boyfriend and she told me straight if he'd had the sense to lift her ass in the air she'd have let him slide it straight into her cunt, by this time all she wanted was for him to fuck her. But he's still thinking he has to go slow, so instead he flips her over and starts kissing her front. He's sucking her neck and her ears and her tits and her crotch and her thighs when all her body wants is a cock in it. Then just as he comes back up and starts poking his cock at her vagina and she has her heels in his backside pushing him to get in there, her phone under her pillow rings.

Its the fucking boyfriend, he's tried a few times but the phone's been out of range. She manages to say she's sleeping so will call him back in the morning but meanwhile her brain's back in front in the battle with her cunt. She's come to her senses. She doesn't let strangers into her pants and she has a boyfriend. She was angry at herself for losing her clothes, for letting a naked guy into her bed and letting him do things to her. Her clothes were too hard to find and there's no way to kick that boy out anyway, but she shuts her legs to his cock. Of course he keeps trying his best, but she kisses without any passion, she's just going through the motions. He feels her up and fingers her but she has gone way cold on his dick. The closest he got to pulling back on track after that was to turn around and put his cock at her face and wiggle his own face between her thighs. He managed to lick her pretty well so she gave a blowjob, her first 69 ever she said. But just when she's possibly maybe thinking again she would let him fuck her he really blows it this time, he blows his load without saying anything and she's got sperm all in her mouth and over her face and on the bed and stuff.

She's not on any pill so even though he stayed hard no way would she put a cock with sperm on it in her.

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