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Acceptance and... The Wrinkles!

..as it appeared, this was serious.

"Who is this Paul Rivers?" Adriano asked, throwing the packet of pictures on the ground while heaving deep breaths.

"I already told you that he is a schmuck, but I have great news that will cheer you up."

"What's that?"

"Paul and Brigitte Rivers are hosting a dinner party tomorrow night and guess who are invited?"

Caid smiled that crooked smile of his as he slapped his new brother's back. "I have the strongest urge to tell you that I love you. Would that be wrong?"

"Man, get the hell out of here," Dante said even though his arms opened wide for a hug. Adriano did more than hug him; he lifted him and swung him about before setting him back on his feet and planting kisses on either sides of his cheek. "Cut that out. Let's get out of here, Ilenia is waiting for you."

They stopped by the reception area to retrieve his certificate of release then arrived home just in time to see his ex-wife (remember, he's Adriano now) dropping off their daughter.

"Susan," Dante hissed, snatching his niece away from her before walking into the house.

"Hello to you too, you dumb fuck," Susan greeted with just as much venom. "I don't like him being around my daughter. He is a bad influence on her."

"The last time I checked, it did take two to make that child. So she's half mine," Adriano told her quietly. His eyes took in her evening attire. She looked as if she was about to go on a date. Her thick blonde hair was pulled up into a princess type bun with ringlets of curls framing her square face. Her little pink dress, that revealed too much of her thin long legs clad in strapless heels, wasn't really leaving much to the imagination of what would be happening after the date, but hey, to each his own.

"Always so calm and collected, how infuriating," she snipped, turning to get back into her car. "Do us both a favor and get that heart you've been searching for. Maybe I can take you to meet the wizard to get it done. It's a shame for all of those good looks to be wasted on an unfeeling, selfish, screw up."

Adriano chuckled and shook his head as she drove away. At first glance the woman was a knockout, but then she opened that tight-lipped mouth of hers and ruined it. "Cutting off your nose to spite your face," he said in regret as he walked into the house to spend time with his daughter and looking forward to tomorrow.


"I didn't know that you knew Brigitte," Adriano whispered to his sister who was now standing beside him and Dante at the dinner party.

"After you said that you wanted us to find her, I got to work. Did you think Dante did it all by himself? He's always trying to take all of the credit. Besides, how do you expect to get her alone if I don't distract her husband?"

Paul's boring speech ended receiving unwarranted rounds of applause. He stepped down from the podium (yeah, he actually had one in his house for such occasions) and snaked an arm about Brigitte's waist. She didn't seem any too happy about it; nevertheless, she smiled for their guests, thinking of a way to get away from him just when an excuse came in their direction.

"That was a lovely speech, Mr. Rivers. Most dinner parties are filled with useless banter, but you knew exactly how to bring yours to life and make your guests feel engaged."

Paul turned his head in the direction of the voice then plastered on a bright smile of appreciation to the woman wearing the sleek chiffon blue dress that hugged her curvaceous body. She looked sinfully delicious, and he almost had to wipe his mouth to stop himself from drooling. "It is nice to make your acquaintance, Mrs..."

"Ms. Comito. Ginevra Comito and these two are my brothers, Dante and Adriano Comito."

"It's nice to meet all of you. I'm Paul Rivers and this is my...beautiful wife, Brigitte Rivers." He had said the beautiful wife part as if she were actually a succubus dressed in a human costume and he was forced to accompany her or she would steal his soul.

"Hello," Brigitte greeted, shaki

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