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Adorning, exposing & using the boss's secretary.

I make too much getting it trimmed 'professionally'. "

Gales of laughter this time.

"When do I start?"


My 'appointment' was for the next Wednesday. The day before, I met with the producer, Gale (fake last name) and talked over the schedule for the next day. She called in the woman from the desk outside and had me reveal what we'd be clipping the next day. It was suitably furry, I guess, cause they both nodded and smiled and I put my panties back on.

I hadn't done any filming of any kind but Gale said, "Just avoid looking at the camera and act natural, like you would if your boyfriend was giving you the same intimate service. Amateur actually sells better so if you're a bit awkward, that's fine." She said the guy would be there in the morning to meet me just before the shoot. "He's actually kind of shy until he gets started. Then he's just natural. He'll enjoy it and do a quick, efficient job. He's very careful and hasn't nicked anyone so far."

"Does he get aroused on camera?"

"Well, yes, he'll have a visible erection under his shorts and we'll get some shots of that, it's just part of the gig. If it plays okay we'll get some footage of you looking at it like you're interested or aroused or something, or if it doesn't seem applicable, we'll skip it. The title will be 'Sensual Shave' or some such. We have things to help you relax or forget or whatever, if you like. Sometimes just a toke or two is helpful for the first time?"

"I'll come dead straight and if I get nervous, I'll tell you. I'd like to try it vanilla if I come across on film okay."

She grinned and nodded. "I bet you'll be fine."

I signed the contract. At seventy-three pages, I didn't read it all but she described it much like my friend.


We rode together and laughed nervously together all the way. At the studio, my friend hugged Gale and the camera woman, Roni, an Indian girl in her twenties who seemed like most techs that I've known, sort of technical and focused on her equipment. I just got a nod. They had me shower and put on a robe and wait in the studio. I got my hair brushed and some makeup done while I waited. They even had a new pair of slippers they said I could keep.

A new guy walked in, kind of young forties looking, all fit and tan like a tennis player or swimmer. He was quiet and just nodded when Gale introduced us. His hair was longish and wavy, his face clean shaven, and I took it he would be wearing his golf shirt and long shorts during the shoot, until someone called 'Five Minutes' and the guy undressed, having a brief swimsuit underneath. His body was muscular and slightly hairy and his cock was already evident under the stretchy swimsuit. His name was Ronnie.

He smiled at me and thanked me for being there. He said he'd be careful and 'take care of me'. Gale came over, helped me pull the robe off, kick off the slippers, and then had me sit next to a sunken tub where she arranged my legs. It felt kind of awkward, being nude among all the strangers under the hot lighting but I settled into my new career.

They got the cameras rolling and everything continued informally anyway.

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