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After some time together, we take a weekend off.

Master climbed down from the cab and pulled his zipper down and pissed on his back tires. He called it "watering his tires". Mistress said if I was to be living on the road with them, I had to learn to make the best of my situation. She and I climbed down from the cab and went around the front of the truck to the other rear tires, pulled down our shorts and "watered" the other side, out of sight of the truckers parked next to us. They smiled at Master Mule and one said, "You are a lucky man," and they walked to the terminal restaurant.

Mistress offered me a piece of paper towel so I didn't have to "Drip dry". I hate to drip dry, but sometimes you gotta do just that. We wiped and carried the TP to the truck and placed them in the trash bag. Master Mule is a stickler for protecting the environment.

Master Mule told me to put on my special dress. Sir called it my "Traveling Dress" because when I wore it, He was taking me someplace to be played with, fingered or fucked. I squealed and climbed back into the cab, puled off my shorts and tee shirt, and dug my Traveling dress out of the bag. It is an off white dress with a bandeau top, no shoulder straps, the elastic around your chest holds it up. The dress was practically see through, and came to mid thigh on me. If I bend over with my legs straight, one can see most of my ass. It was all wrinkled, and I was so horrified that I would be wearing it anywhere in that condition. Master Mule told me to put on my little red thong panties too.

Mistress saw my disappointment and pulled her jeans on and a tee shirt and said to wait for her. I pulled the wrinkled dress over my head, pulled on my red thong, slipped my feet into some sandals, and climbed down from the cab, showing most of my ass to anyone standing behind me me. Master Mule whistled and just headed to the restaurant. Mistress climbed down from the cab and told me to follow her.

We went into the truck stop and turned to go into the laundry room...a fairly out of the way place in the truck stop. I asked what we were doing in the laundry. She opened a dryer door, threw in a wet wash cloth she had brought with her and told me to throw my dress into the dryer. She said drying the dress with the wash cloth would take the wrinkles out. I paused to look around the laundry room to see if anyone else was in there. The room was empty. I pulled my dress over my head and threw it into the dryer.

I was a little intimidated, standing in the laundry room of a truck stop with nothing on but a red thong! My nipples were standing proud...heck, I could have cut glass with them. This was one of my biggest fantasies. I'm an exhibitionist, if you hadn't figured that out already; though for some reason I was intimidated by the possibility of truckers walking in with their dirty laundry.

In my head, I played a little scenario where a couple of truckers enter the laundry room, Mistress has gone to check with Master on something, and I'm standing by my dryer in nothing but my red thong. The two truckers notice me and look around to see who else is there with me. Seeing no one else, they ask me why I am there with no clothes on and I answer that my dress was wrinkled and I needed to put it in the dryer to smooth out the wrinkles. They smile at each other and start walking toward me. I figured I was about to get fucked whether I wanted to or not.

In reality, my red thong was soaked, and I was very likely to have an orgasm if anybody came within touching distance of me. Just about that time, a trucker came around the corner holding an empty laundry bag. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me with an open mouth and deer-in-the-headlights eyes.

I looked around for Mistress.

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