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Husband and Wife game goes even further.

I unscrewed the lid, and brought the bottle to my lips. Scanning the room, I tilted it back and took a small sample swallow into my mouth. It was still relatively warm, and certainly had a bitter, pungent taste to it. I didn't find it upsetting or gross, and was actually surprised how easily I managed to swallow it down. I figured the reason for it was that I in some way realized that it was from Sage so it didn't put me off, and I knew that by drinking it I was pleasing her even though she was present to witness it. With my understanding of the situation, I happily took another larger sip before setting the bottle down on my desk. For the rest of the period, I took a sip from the bottle every five minutes or so, and with each one I became more accustomed to the taste of it, and began to swallow larger mouthfuls.

By the end of the period, I actually realized I would have to slow down a bit if I was to save some for when Sage arrived. Thankfully, my next classes went as smoothly as my first, and I managed to slow myself down when it came to drinking from the bottle so that I still had about three ounces left when Sage's class started. As has become her habit, Sage waited until further into the class to text me.

"How does my piss taste slut? Do you love it?"

"It actually tastes okay Mistress, and because it is yours I of course love it."

"I knew you would slut. Would you have ever thought that you would become a piss slut?"

"I never would have imagined I could become a piss slut Mistress, but you have a way of bringing out my true self."

"I'm glad you understand that slut. Do you still have some piss left in the bottle?"

"Yes Mistress. I have about 3 ounces left."

"That's great slut. I want to watch you take a drink from the bottle. Not all of it, just a little."

"Yes Mistress."

Following her order, I grabbed the bottle and twisted off the cap. Bringing it to my lips just as I had all morning, I took a small sip and swallow it down before returning the bottle to my desk. Almost immediately my phone lit up with a message from Sage.

"Very nice slut, now I want you to take another swig, but this time as you tilt it to your mouth you will deliberately spill whatever remains onto your shirt. I mean a good little piss slut always should have some piss on her."

Sage was definitely pushing the envelope with what I could get away with in class. It was one thing to secretly drink her piss in class, but it was a whole different thing to have it spill onto my only piece of clothing. It scared me more because, I was curious as to how my other students would react to seeing that my shirt got wet, and also I wondered if they would be able to smell that it was piss and not water. However, I knew that none of this mattered, because I had to do it for Sage. She would not be pleased if I balked at her instructions, and I would feel horrible if I upset her.

My decision was made, and I swiftly grabbed the bottle. In my effort to complete Sage's request, I fumbled the grip on the bottle, and actually managed to spill the rest of the piss onto my shirt. Even though I was going to do it anyway, the mere fact of accidentally spilling liquid on myself startled me and caused me to shriek. This of course grabbed the attention of my class who all looked up to see what had happened. I quickly relieved their curiosities by indicating I had just spilt my water on my shirt, and it was nothing to be alarmed about. They somewhat giggled and laughed before I managed to get them focused back on their work. When I looked down, I had a message from Sage.

"Very skillfully done slut. Now don't you feel even more like a real piss slut?"

"Thank you Mistress. Yes I do feel like a piss slut; especially sense I can smell it on me."

"Don't worry slut, I have you take the shirt off soon that is of course unless you want to take it off now?"

"Oh no Mistress, I can wait."

"That's what I figured slut, but you should count on a bit more piss play as well. Does that sound fun slut?"

"Anything wit

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