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Steven hears her lustful experience at club.

Oh Shit!! She thought, I'm busted. On second glance, the reflection was female she was sure. It could only be Heather, back from college two days now.

The figure wore a transparent shift; somewhat like a baby doll nightie, but open down the front and tied at the waist in a bow with a belt of the same material.

Looking closer, Marisa noted the reflection had boobs and she could just make out the slit of her vagina, void of all hair. The reflection had all the curves of a luscious female. She made Marci's mouth water and her nipples turn to pebbles.

Marisa smiled to herself. "Ellie is here." she thought. Slowly she swiveled around in her chair bringing her eyes right to the height of her neighbor's shaved landing strip.

She leaned forward and could smell the sweet aroma of her sex. She half stood and allowed her tongue to lightly flick Ellie's clit. Ellie let out an almost inaudible moan of pleasure.

She continued to rise, and kissed her navel as she continued her upward journey. As the exploration, Marci sucked each nipple into her mouth in turn after having given each a quick kiss before. Marci got the reaction she wanted as Ellie threw her head back and sucked in a lung full of air through tightly clenched teeth.

Ellie whimpered oh so quietly at her Marci's tender ministrations. Marci finally reached Ellie's lips and lay her lips against Heather's. The kiss was light, a butterfly kiss, but deepened as time passed and passions began to build. Their tongues were locked in a duel of feminine passions.

Ellie's hand moved softly and gently to Marci's hips. She pulled her friend to her in somewhat urgent passion. Ellie's fingers slipped around Marci's ass and slowly made the trip to ever so lightly caressing Marci's out labia. Marci shivered at her touch. She felt her juices begin to flow now. She was hot for her neighbor and her neighbor for her.

Their lips now pressed together and tongues flashed between the women. They bit and sucked one another's lips and tongues. The temperature rose between them. Finally, Marci broke the embrace, looking Ellie in the eyes with lust as deep as lust can go, she said, "Let's go get more comfortable". With that, Marci took Ellie's hand and led her to the master bedroom.

As soon as they entered the quit stillness of her bedroom, their lips met in the heat of pent-up passions. Ellie wanted Marci and Marci felt the same about Ellie. Clothing flew as the each reached to caress the other. They were locked in a lovers embrace as each ran her hands over the others body eliciting soft mews and coos from the other.

Marci knew she had to taste her neighbor's cum and began a journeyed back down the woman's body. She slowly kissed her way south, boobs, navel, mound, and finally arrived at Ellie's sweet slit. She stopped to smell the aroma of woman in heat. With that she jutted her tongue out to the tip of Ellie's outer labia already red and swollen with her womanly nectar. Marci's tongue danced on those gorgeous lips and down into the smaller ones that guarded the entrance to paradise.

Breathing deeply again she flicker her tongue across Ellie's clit eliciting a sharp yelp from her lover. Marci then lowered her chin to and nuzzled Ellie's pussy savoring the smell and taste of the sweet nectar. She thought to herself, "I do love this. I love pussy." With that she began to lick Ellie in earnest, Heather moaned and thrust her hips up into the action with each pass of Marci's tongue she got closer and closer to heaven.

As Marci looked up and over Ellie's boobs one time she thought she saw some movement at the door. "Damn" she thought, "I know I saw a massive cock sticking through the door crack with a hand slowly stroking up and down its length."

She looked up again, Ellie's husband Ted was at the doorway now and was slowly stroking his huge cock.

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