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What to give the man who has everything?


"Katie, are you serious? Do you want to do this??"

"Oh, Cher, more than you can imagine..."

"Look here come those guys..."

I looked up at them as they approached, "Hiya Tiger, it's nice to see you again..." I laughed.

Dave smiled and nodded "It is great to see you too Katie, I see you are drying out a bit - too bad I liked the wet look..."

I looked down and realized he was right - the yellow nylon my top was made of was drying out quickly. 'It's a good thing my legs are crossed, or he would notice my bottom isn't drying anywhere nearly as quickly.' I thought. 'Damn, I am absolutely soaked down there...'

"So, are you going to introduce me to your friend?" I asked Dave.

"Sure this is Chris, one of my roommates, we share the lower half of a small rented house not far from here - there are actually three of us, there is another guy who's back at the house still unpacking his shit... And who is your friend?"

"Oh, sorry I saw you talking back on the beach I thought perhaps she introduced herself then - This is my best friend and roommate Cheryl. We are sharing a dorm on campus. I did see you talking together earlier didn't I?" I asked and smiled playfully...

Dave grinned, and replied, "Oh yeah - we were talking earlier. She gave me few pointers about you and your top - and I damn glad she did too. I just was in such a hurry to find out if she was telling the truth I forgot to introduce myself... Quite rude of me in fact, particularly given how gorgeous Cheryl is..."

Cheryl, who had been sitting back listening and watching our flirting exchange, smiled at Dave's compliment, and responded, "Why thank you very much... I was beginning to wonder if you noticed. It's kind of amazing how the thought of a woman's bare, or nearly bare breasts can stop some men from thinking at all..."

Dave laughed, and then responded, "Oh, I didn't stop thinking, it was what I was thinking about that changed... And besides, if Katie here is good for her word, I'm hoping to start thinking about it more too... Well Katie, should we really be at Wreck next Saturday?"

I smiled back sweetly, and teasingly responded, "Well Dave, I can't say for sure - but maybe you should find out... You might get quite a surprise".

With that I stretched out my arms and legs, and parted my legs a little. I knew if anyone looked, the wetness between my legs would be visible. I saw Cheryl looking down, and both Dave's and Chris' eyes followed hers. I spread my legs a little further and then like a gymnast I tucked my feet behind me and stood up.

I moved toward Dave and we both engaged each other in a hug - In doing so, I make sure my hard little nipples pressed against his bare chest... 'Mmmm this really had some possibilities', I thought. 'But if I don't get out of here, I am going to wind up screwing these guys before the afternoon is over.' And while that thought turned me on enough to almost allow my fingers to go muff diving, I wasn't ready to go this far so fast... I was then that I noticed Chris staring hungrily at my body too. 'Oh, oh, this could really be trouble!' I thought - and then smiled an inner naughty smile...

I glanced down at Cheryl and noticed three things all at once:

One, she was beginning to get a bit red from the sun;

Two, her eyes had that glazed over look that I had noticed earlier when she started talking seriously about my exhibitionism and her voyeurism; and,

Three, her hand was resting on her mound, and her middle three fingers were pressing it gently.

As soon as she saw my eyes wander over her body she withdrew her hand, but not far - I could see the dampness at the bottom of the 'V' of her bikini bottom. I knew it was time to go...

"Dave and Chris, it was great to meet you, and we'd really love to stay, but Cher and I have dinner plans with my parents.

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