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Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Depa Billaba negotiate.

So she got in my car, and I drove us to a three star restaurant that I had found on the internet. Unusually good for a small town, it survived by catering to the needs of the wealthy tourists coming up from Chicago for vacations.

The valet opened Marie's door for her, and she made sure he heard her say "This restaurant looks just wonderful, Daddy." And that set the tone for the whole delicious dinner. Getting our table, ordering a fine bottle of cabernet sauvignon, getting the appetizers, the lobster main course, and the dessert, she kept talking to me as her daddy, where the hostess, waitress and nearby couples could overhear. As I was talking to my lovely daughter who had just finished college. The hardest part for me was hiding my continual erection for my daughter, and she didn't make any easier for me: rubbing her legs up against mine, running her hand along my inner thigh, leaning over so I could see her cleavage. My cock throbbed with excitement the whole dinner, at her touch, at the naughty game we were playing, and at the thought of how I would soon be pumping long streams of my seed into her fertile and ready young womb.

"Thank you the delicious meal, Daddy," Marie said as I finished. "I don't know when I've ever had better."

I leaned into her as we walked out the door and whispered into her ear "Oh, don't worry, you'll be paying me back the rest of the night, with your legs spread. And frequent helpings of a nice warm cream sauce for your special dessert." She giggled in reply and took my hand.

When we left the parking lot, I turned out of town, back towards the resort. Marie asked "I thought we were going dancing now, Daddy, wasn't that the plan?"

My cock was throbbing in my pants, already a bit wet at the tip, and I replied: "Our plans have changed, you were very bad in the restaurant little girl, the way you were rubbing up against me, and practically begging for sex. And you know what happens to very bad little girls who act like sluts, don't you?"

"Why don't you tell me, Daddy," Marie replied in a low voice, as she reached over and started rubbing my rigid cock through my pants.

"Bad little girls get fucked hard over and over again. Bad little girls don't get to use condoms, they get filled with cum over and over again. Bad little girls get pregnant."

"Mmmmm, I am definitely a very bad little girl, Daddy," Marie purred as she rubbed me.

"Are you talking back to me, young lady? Because I'm warning you, every time you talk back to me, that's another time you're going to get fucked and pumped full of sperm."

"Oooooh, you're such a big talker, Daddy" Marie replied as she fondled my manhood. "I can take everything you can dish out."

"That's twice now, that you're going to get stuffed full and squirted full, you little slut" was my mock stern reply.

"Oh yeah, I'm your little slut, and I can't wait to feel that big, hard Daddy cock of yours up in me, spurting inside me."

"Three times now, and I'm going to be filling your little cunt with my cum until you're overflowing."

"Mmmmm, yeah, I like that, because I've a little egg inside me right now ready and waiting for your seed, Daddy."

"Four times now, and you're going to get bred for sure now tonight, you bad little girl."

"Oh god, yeah, I want your baby, breed your bad little girl, Daddy." Marie was moaning with desire as she gripped my cock.

We were up to 15 impregnation attempts for talking back, bad and disrespectful behavior by the time we finished the short drive to the cabin, with her rubbing my cock and my playing with her crotch and breasts. We both hurried to the door, and went inside. I turned on the lights, and Marie sighed happily. "The cabin is just beautiful." It was that, all wood inside, nicely decorated, with a big stone fireplace, and a king size bed. The entryway was raised above the rest of the room, with a wood railing around it. The curtains were open to the dark lake, and anyone walking the shore beneath would be able to see right in - but there wasn't time to close them.

I've been making love for over two d

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