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Roxie screws up.

By the time I'd queued to drop off the films, time was getting on, so I thought I'd just go for a coffee and wait the hour for them to be developed. The caf__ was heaving, as lots of people were coming in for their "elevensies". After getting my double espresso from a very rude guy serving behind the counter, I made my way to a quiet armchair to reminisce over what had taken place 24 hours previously. During my daydream, I became aware of a stillness all around me. I looked at my watch 11:11 and eleven seconds. It had happened again. People all around me we mid-sip or mid-muffin. I started to think quickly - if it was the same as yesterday then I had about an hour. Should I take the opportunity to get some cash or to have some fantastic kinky sex. At once, the best of both worlds presented itself - the cashier in the coffee house was an absolute babe and had the overflowing till wide open!

Wasting no time, I went around to the other side of the counter and immediately stuffed my pockets with the notes from the till and closed the drawer. The oriental-looking girl must have been just about eighteen, with pert young breasts, making small mounds under her tight white blouse. Beneath the skin-tight leggings, I could see the most gorgeous backside I had ever seen. I rolled the leggings down to her ankles, revealing a small black thong, nestled between her creamy-coloured globes. I instructed her to bend over and pull her cheeks apart - the view was out of this world! The sweetest-looking ringpiece set on top of a pair of totally shaven puffy lips. I just had to tuck in. I started to lick at her asshole, which tasted a little salty from her hot work behind the coffee counter - it was gorgeous. I was lapping harder at her arsehole and sticking my tongue further and further into her tight hole.

Understandably, my cock was rock solid, waiting for some attention. So, whilst still sucking and licking at this heavenly place, I undid my trousers and started to play with it, just tickling the end lightly at this stage so as not to get too excited. After a couple of minutes, I needed to be more comfortable than kneeling on the floor, so I instructed the cashier to stand on a nearby table, so I could stand more comfortably and lick her arsehole to my heart's content. I felt that more lubrication would be needed for what I had in mind, so I told the woman who had been sitting at the table to start gently sucking on my cock. She was clearly a mum who had just popped in for a quick coffee after dropping the kids somewhere. In her late thirties, she was reasonable looking and perfectly serviceable as a lubricator, but I didn't have to look at her, as long as she did her job, that was all that mattered - boy was she a good cocksucker - I'd never had deepthroat until then, but I nearly blew my fuse as she opened her throat for my rock hard cock!

Before going back for another lick at the honeypot, I noticed the rude serving guy out the corner of my eye. "Come here and lick my arsehole," I told him. He instantly got on his knees and started to lick. I ordered Mumsy to pull my cheeks apart so he could get a better purchase on my brown hairy ring. "That'll teach you to be a rude bastard," I told him, letting rip with a powerful fart in his mouth.

"Time for a change around," I told myself as I extricated myself from the licking and sucking pair - "take that fat guy's trousers down and suck his cock," I told the tosser as he stopped rimming my arse.

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