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They took turns waking each other up.

Our other two babies should be given their chance at life, you know my feelings on that and depending on you they will be, why that will depend on you is as follows. Please my love, keep on reading even though it may hurt. Believe me the hurt will ease and it will be no worse than the hurt I feel as I write things that I wish I were there to say.

You may have had, or you will get a card for the fertility clinic and that card will be from Lorelei. Even if Jim were willing there is no way that Sandy could handle being a surrogate again. Our twins will always be a part of her too, that is why she is always so willing to help with them. Why Lorelei? The woman you believe spurned you for the embrace of a university professor. Please bear with me while I explain.

Once we decided to marry, I knew that I had to meet Lorelei if only to understand what had happened between the two of you, because you just couldn't handle discussing her in any way. When we met your family, I had already asked your mother to take me to meet her so on that girl's afternoon out when we went to look at the church we got together. I expected someone who was maybe a bit of an airhead, I figured anyone who would cheat on you was not in their right mind. Imagine my surprise when I met a very smart capable lawyer who had no qualms about telling me what happened.

Lorelei told me she didn't date, had no boyfriends, said she didn't have a lot of time. She had already had Professor King lose his job on charges of sexual harassment charges regarding her and two other women and was trying to get him disbarred. She told me she resented that you never gave her a chance to explain, what happened, how she felt but she doesn't feel that you should have stayed with her. She described herself as a slut and a whore who deserved what she got. She still uses her married name though. She represents a lot of women who have ended up getting raw deals from employers, teachers and the like but she doesn't touch divorce.

We kept in touch over the years since you and I married, mostly by phone. I didn't want to keep it a secret from you, but I was scared of your reaction, you were so against her. Bit by bit she told me the whole story, about King offering to give her the ride to Dallas, then taking her to dinner at the hotel, then going back to his room and even though she found it against everything she wanted and believed in, having sex with him even though she loathed it.

She told me that she was just about to light into him in front of the crowd and tell him that she was going to have him investigated for sexual harassment and assault,then she saw you arrive, all the fight went out of her and all she could talk was nonsense. Then of course King grabbed her, took her out on the dance floor, and while you were leaving threatened her with what would happen if she talked. After she had partially recovered, she went up to his room and hammered on his door, accusing him of ruining her life. To get rid of her the slimeball had her taken to a mental hospital by the police

You would be absolutely right to ask me why I would end up befriending the woman who you felt ruined your life.

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