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She sets up a sweet seduction for her prince.

My mind played out many fantasies as I drove over to their house.

When I got there, I got out of my car and walked around back. I expected Nancy to already be in the pool; but she was on her knees weeding the flower bed. She was dressed in shorts and a halter top and was covered in sweat. In other words she looked hot and sexy. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice to just go over and fuck her right now! I had never had any indications that Nancy was a "roving" wife, so I quickly erased that picture from my mind.

Nancy rose and said "Well, you made it. I was just finishing up some weeding while I waited on you. The pool is going to feel great."

I said, "I can't wait." All the time I was thinking about the vision of Nancy and Lynn in bikinis etched in my mind.

Nancy said, "Well, let's jump in."

I said, "Where can I change into my swimsuit?"

"We usually just skinny dip!" Nancy said.

This was my first indication that maybe today was not going to be just another ordinary, boring day in my life. Nancy quickly undid her halter top and exposed her tits. "You like?" she asked. I think the visible hardon in my shorts answered that question before I formed the words in my mouth.

"I think they'll make a tasty mouthful." I said. I just stood there with a dumbfounded look on my face as Nancy slowly removed her shorts. I quickly discovered that she didn't have any panties on. As she turned to face me, my eyes took in her lovely shaved cunt. She had her clit hood pierced with a gold ring. Now I really had a raging hardon! I was thinking to myself-oh, man I can't wait to eat that cunt!

Nancy turned and dove into the pool. As she bobbed to the surface, she said "come on in, the water is great." I quickly removed my shirt and shorts-not an easy task with my 9 inch boner in the way. As I finally got ready to dive into the water, Nancy said "That looks like a tasty mouthful to me, also." I dove into the water and quickly swam over to Nancy. I wrapped my arms around her and drew her tight against my chest. My cock slipped between her legs and I rubbed it against her cunt lips. I whispered in her ear "I want to eat your cunt until you scream for mercy! I want you to suck the cum out of my cock. I want to fuck your cunt and your ass." Nancy leaned back and said "you are ambitious aren't you."

We swam over to the edge of the pool and got out. Lucky for me there was a lounge chair close by. Nancy laid down on her back and spread her legs for me. As I inched closer to her cunt I could smell the cunt juice that was visible on her cunt lips. I couldn't wait to taste her. I quickly ran my tongue from the bottom of her cunt to her clit. Her juices covered my tongue and lips. I flicked the ring piercing her hood and she let out a barely audible groan. I slowly sucked her clit into my mouth and started to nibble on it. Nancy whimpered "Agh! Suck it, yeah, suck it good!" As I sucked on her clit, I slowly worked two fingers into her pussy. Boy, was she hot and wet. I quickly got another two fingers into her and started finger fucking her with gusto. She immediately started humping her hips against my mouth. I knew she wasn't going to last much longer. Her juices were flooding my mouth.

Nancy was letting out little whimpering gasps as I worked my fingers in and out of her cunt. I took my fingers out and started to tongue fuck her. Her humping became more frenzied and I worked one of my fingers into her ass. That was all it took.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Nancy moaned and grabbed my head and held it against her cunt.

It took a few minutes for both of us to catch our breath. Nancy had this satisfied look on her face and a twinkle in her eye. "Now, it's your turn" she said.

I rolled over onto my back.

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