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The morning after for this 'couple'.

Secondly Tim and he worked with several of my former colleagues who would be quite shocked to hear that I was fast becoming a slut for young cock.

Anyway, I put such thoughts to the back of my mind and when we went to the Beehive, I had a couple of G&Ts and decided to enjoy the evening. Tim arrived first and said I looked absolutely stunning and he said he could see why Carl had fallen big time for me. The other two younger guys arrived about 5 minutes later. Both were smaller slimmer versions of Carl and were much more casually dressed.

James & Will seemed a little unsure of themselves but pecked me on the cheek in greeting and I noticed their eyes went to my boobs as I stood up to meet them and my thighs when I sat down. Both were up in Edinburgh on secondment for a month and said as they knew no one Carl had been very good in helping them get settled in.

After quite a few drinks the atmosphere had become quite relaxed and we talked about a range of subjects until I got up to go to the loo and as I walked away I heard Carl say to the guys "Well, what do you think of Babs, isn't she simply stunning?" I heard the usual ribald comments about my boobs and ass from the guys.

When I came back he said "The guys think you have an absolutely superb figure and that I'm a very lucky man. I've told them you would like them to come back to our place for a drink." He suggested we have one more drink and head back. When he brought mine, I realised it was a very large one as he obviously wanted me to be relaxed.

I was surprised that Tim cried off but said he hoped to see Carl and me the following week and also surprised that in the cab Carl sat in the front while I was sandwiched between the two guys in the back. I realised this had been arranged to 'break the ice' when James reached over and kissed me. As we kissed and James groped my boobs, I felt Will's hand go up my skirt to claim my mound. I resisted a little but he was insistent and I resigned to opening my thighs to give him better access and soon I was quite enjoying James tongue in my mouth and Will's fingers in my pussy.

I felt the taxi pull up but the guys were quite reluctant to release me until Carl said "Hi guys we're here. There's plenty of time for that." With my short skirt rucked up over my stocking tops and my string pushed aside I am sure the taxi driver must have got a flash of my exposed pussy before I straightened my skirt.

The night was much like my night with the other guys, me stripped down to stockings and suspenders and three fit young studs all with good cocks wanting to experience all that my mature body had to offer. Neither of the other two cocks matched Carl's but they were even more eager to enjoy having me in various combinations with Carl. They kept me topped up with G&Ts while they made full use of me orally, my boobs, pussy and ass. James in particular couldn't seem to get enough of my rear and he sodomised me twice more after the other guys were totally sated and had called it a night. They left about 5.00 and I tumbled into bed with Carl quite drunk and almost totally spent. I remember him kissing my cum covered face and saying I had been awesome before I blacked out.

When I woke at about 10.30 aching all over I was surprised to see him gone having left a note 'Gone for brunch see you later'.

I was annoyed and got even more annoyed when I went into the bathroom to see what a mess the guys had made of me especially my rear, which was bleeding and still gaping from the pounding it had taken.

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