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Dr. Lockhart and Kenzie have a rough start to the semester.


"I don't know," I hesitated, "I'm not sure that..."

My wife interrupted me, "Well if we go ahead with this, I'll owe you one." "You mean...?" I asked.

Alicia nodded as Jack returned from the bar. "Hi Jack," she said, "this is my husband."

Jack looked surprised for a moment, then shook my hand. "You have a lovely wife," he said.

I was thanking him when Alicia interrupted again, "I think we're going to call it a night, Jack," she said, "I've had a little too much to drink and now I need to get laid... want to come back to our place?"

"Seriously?" Jack asked. He and Alicia then turned to me.

"Umm...," I stammered for a minute as Alicia began running her hand up the inside of my thigh. "Well... I guess... sure, what the hell."

Alicia let out a little cheer and Jack stood there, looking as shocked as me. Not to be deterred, Alicia grabbed our hands and led us out of the restaurant and into the parking lot. She told Jack to follow us back to our house, which was only about five minutes away. On the ride home my wife couldn't keep her hands off of me or herself as she fingered her bare pussy and my hard dick through the front of my pants. Once we got home Alicia told us to pour her another drink and said she'd be right back. Jack and I each got drinks as well and sat down at either end of the couch. We made small talk for the next few minutes, waiting for my wife to come back downstairs. It turned out that Jack and his girlfriend had been fighting for the last couple weeks, and the poor guy hadn't been laid in at least a month. Like Alicia and me, he had never done anything like this before and seemed at least a little nervous. After about three minutes we heard my wife coming back downstairs and both looked up.

My wife had changed out of her dress and was now wearing some lingerie that I had brought her for her last birthday. It was a black corset with a matching thong and thigh-highs. Her hard nipples poked out through the thin fabric and her breasts jiggled as she stepped down the stairs. She looked stunning as she sauntered over to the two of us. Jack's mouth hung open as he took the sight of my half naked wife in. Alicia slid down on the couch between us and placed a hand on each of our thighs.

"Hi guys, did you miss me?" she asked.

"Wow..." Jack said.

Alicia giggled and leaned over to me. She began kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. A she reached down to unbuckle my belt she turned back to Jack, "My husband fucks me really well Jack, do you want to see?" she asked him.

"Yes," was his one-word response.

"Do you think you can help him take care of me," my wife asked, lifting her stocking-clad leg over to rest on his knee as she continued unfastening my pants. She was giving him a clear view of her moist pussy lips through the tiny strip of cloth that covered her crotch.

"Yeah, I can do that," Jack replied, his right hand stroking my wife's leg and his left rubbing his erection, which snaked down the left leg of his jeans.

Alicia and I made out for a few more minutes as Jack continued stroking his restrained hard on. She had her hands down my pants and was stroking my leaking dick. I had reached over to massage her soaking pussy through her thong.

"I think our guest is getting lonely," Alicia said to me, looking into my eyes for approval. This was it. I nodded and she released my throbbing meat, and then leaned over to Jack.

"Hi," she said as she turned his lips to hers and began kissing him. She threw her right leg over mine and I reached for her wet snatch, massaging her clit through her soaked panties. Alicia's hands unbuttoned Jack's shirt and then moved to loosen his jeans. She fumbled with the thick fabric for a moment, then ordered him to take them off. He complied, sliding them down to the floor. His engorged member was now clearly visible through his briefs. I watched as my wife's small hands moved down to tease the thick bulge as Jack groaned.

I then watched as Alicia pulled the waistband slowly down over Jack's broad shaft and tucked it beneath his heavy balls.

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