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Wife is fucked in front of her husband in cab and club.

So, to get out of the house she put out.

Yes, sex was pleasurable, but if the next guy said he didn't want her to suck his cock, she wouldn't miss it. If the next guy said he didn't want to fuck her, she wouldn't miss it.

So, Margot did pull on Elena's nipples. The harder she pulled on them, the more passionate Elena's kisses

And gropes grew.

"Oh, yeah," Elena finally groaned when Margot was afraid she'd pull the woman's nipples off.

"Here, you bite them, yeah?" Elena begged, pulling her tee shirt off and flinging it to the floor.

Margot did bend and take one of Elena's nipples into her mouth. For a moment, she sucked and tongued the woman's rubbery flesh, then bit down lightly.

"Harder, please," Elena husked digging a hand into the front of her nylon shorts.

Margot bit down and pulled her head back slightly. Elena pushed her nylon shorts and cotton panties down to mid-thigh and rubbed her very hairy pussy.

"Uh, oh yeah," Elena cried out. "Other one, yeah?"

Again, Margot bit down hard and tugged at Elena's large light brown nipple as Elena rubbed her pussy.

"Oh yeah!" Elena crowed as she reached orgasm.

She then kissed Margot again.

"Here, I do you, yeah? Don't worry, I don't treat sugar cubes hard," Elena said, unbuttoning Margot's blouse.

She sucked and licked Margot's light pink nipples until Margo was squirming in her snug jeans. Most guys just grabbed and squeezed her breasts. Elena, however, was making love to her breasts.

"You virgin?" Elena asked as she unsnapped Margot's jeans.

"Not hardly," Margot snorted.

"Good, good, no cherry," Elena agreed as she stripped out of her nylon shorts and cotton panties.

She pulled Margot's jeans down and off, pushing Margot's flip-flops under the coffee table.

Oh, sweet, sugar cube," Elena praised Margot's shaved pussy.

She then leaned Margot back until Margot's shoulders were resting against the arm of the couch.

"Pussy smells so good," Elena praised, sniffing Margot's wet pussy.

Then she licked up and down the puffy slit. Again, Margot squirmed; the woman's mouth was driving her crazy.

Elena then used her thumbs to pry Margot's tight little slit open. Her tongue delved into Margot's pussy, tasting the girl's sweetness.

Margot cried out when Elena finally reached her clitoris and Elena drove two fingers into Margot, fucking her pussy while she sucked and licked Margot's juices.

She sucked and fingered Margot to three orgasms, then nibbled on Margot's pudgy belly, making Margot laugh.

A clock chimed and Elena said she needed to get ready and urged Margot to dress and leave. She didn't say what she needed to get ready for, just urged Margot to hurry.

The next day, Dwight, one of the boys she'd dated and fucked, swaggered up and asked Margot if she'd like to go out. She stared at his crotch for a long moment, then at his no longer smirking face and shook her head no.

"No thanks," Margot sneered and he slunk away.

Margot then left school and walked toward her home. The gay flowers in front of Elena's house beckoned to her and Margot walked up the walkway.

"Hi, sugar cube," Elena said happily when Margot knocked on her door.

"Hi," Margot smiled and Elena pulled her into the living room.

Again, Elena got one of her antihistamine tablets and a small fruit punch for Margot, and then they sat on the couch and kissed.

Then Elena got them each a can of beer and they drank, talked, and kissed.

"I am so dirty," Elena announced as Margot finished her beer.

"Huh? What you mean?" Margot asked.

"I kiss you and taste you like a sugar cube," Elena rubbed Margot's thigh.

"Uh huh," Margot agreed, giggling slightly, somewhat drunk.

"But me? Don't treat me like sugar cube. Bite me, pull on me," Elena said.

"Okay," Margot agreed.

Elena helped Margot out of her clothing as she stripped out of her own nylon shorts and billowing tee shirt. Then she licked and sucked Margot to orgasm.

"And now you," Elena demanded, leaning back against the opposite arm rest of the couch.

Margot remembered that Elena liked having her nipples treated quite roughly

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