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Girl losers her car and her clothes.


"She," Regina added doubtfully; "thinks it is because we have lost our empathy."

"You don't?" The male Andy Dumas asked.

"No, I am a successful Dom. I have men worshipping me. Including a permanent 24/7 slave."

"You have some men worshipping you," he countered. "But I would never do it."

"We know that," Helena responded. "We want you to put us through a weekend slave session."

He carefully put the glass down. "This is unexpected. Why me? I am not a pro, nor do I have desire to be."

"Exactly," Regina responded.

"I believe," the blond started. "That a male dom who does not live the life, would have a better understanding of the nuances."

"And I won't let a competitor have this over me." Regina added.

"If I agree, would there be any restrictions?"

Helena took out a list.

"No branding, no permanent injuries and no hots and videos."

"But I do get to fuck you, have you submit and obey me?"

Regina nodded reluctantly.



"Then I agree, we will use your dungeon. You will bring both your slaves who will also be under my control."

Regina looked at him curiously, "I thought you were het."

"I am."

Andrew drove up to Helena's contemporary mansion. Next to him was his lover, playmate and sub, Kitty. The tiny red head was quivering with excitement.

He laughed, "Patience."

"Sorry Master, it is just."


"She was so arrogant last Christmas. Thank you Master for allowing me to be part of this."

"You are welcome, but when we enter there. You become Assistant Mistress Cat."

They walked up the steps and Andrew rang the doorbell.

A large bald-headed mail dress in a slave harness answered. "Welcome Master Andrew "he lowered his eyes.

"Charles," he responded. "This is Mistress Kat."

"You did not tell us, you were bringing anyone Andrew." Regina demanded.

"You will address me as Master, Reggie." He responded.

"Yes Master." She bit out.

"I am sorry for the disrespect Master Andy." Helena added.

"You should, this is your Mistress Kat."

"But she is no Mistress."

"Silence slut," Kitty responded. "Today I am your Mistress."

"We had an agreement," Andy pointed out. "You can abide by it or we will leave."

Regina sighed, "Very well Master."

"Tell your slaves."

Regina looked at her massive African American slave and Charles." Josh, we and Mistress Helena and Charles are his," she hesitated and "Mistress Kat's."

"Better, "he looked at the men." Kneel at Mistress Cat's feet. You two, looking at the Amazons. "Strip for me slowly, Slaves should be naked in my presence."

Regina started removing her clothes.

"Slower, Reggie put on a show for us."

The two women sinuously removed their outfits.

"Now you four crawl to the dungeon, it is time for the fun. Well our fun to begin."

As they entered the lower level, Kat looked around and licked her lips. "Very nice."

Andrew looked around and saw hanging chains and manacles. "Josh and Charles there. Slut hand and knee in front of the men."

"Kat, why don't you climb us and secure our male toys."

The diminutive red head stood on Regina's back as she locked and secured her male captives. Andrew grabbed Helena by her hair and took her five feet away. "Legs spread and arm extended up and front".

Kat kicked Regina in the bootup cunt "Face your friend."

"Lock arms," Andrew instructed as he tied them together. "Kat grab a couple of whips."

Kat teased the whips over the male cocks as she brought them over.

"Kiss the whips. You take Helena."

Looking at the blond Amazon, "You will thank me with each hit." As she struck.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"That a good slut."

Andrew put a ball gag in Regina's mouth. "The less talk from you the better" He began using a figure 8 motion.

Cat felt Helena's pussy," You are wet slut are you enjoying this."

"I am not Mistress, "Helena honestly responded.

"An honest slave," Andrew noted. Pulling out the ball gag. "What about you Reggie?"

"You have proven nothing," She said defiantly.

"You are wet as well," he rubbed the whip coating it

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