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Zack and Ansley catch up over a mid-afternoon storm.

, sir?"

Jack nodded and shuffled forward again up to Anna's arse. He stroked over the material and over her soft, pert arse cheeks. Whilst he continued to gently stroke across the material and over her arse, Jack used his other hand to undo his belt and trouser buttons.

Anna smiled when she saw his trousers slide down. Jack then placed both hands on Anna's hips and rested his erect cock (still inside his tight briefs) against the soft, mesh panties that covered her arse. He thrust his cock against her arse again. He felt the skin of his cock pull back and the head of his cock pulsed. He repeated the thrust a second time and then a third. Each time Jack thrust he felt Anna pushing back with her arse to meet each thrust. It was creating a tight, closed gap around his cock and he felt his balls start to tingle. He thrust forward one final time and, reluctantly, Jack stopped.

He stepped back and looked at Anna bent over in front of him again. She looked back at him over her shoulder again. "Sorry sir, have I done something wrong?" she teased.

Jack shook his head, "Turn around. Get on your knees and get my cock out."

Anna quickly turned around and dropped to her knees in front of Jack. Her eyes were level with his aching cock. She looked up from her position, "yes sir, of course."

Jack looked down into her big brown eyes and his cock started to ache at the sight. He could see the tops of her breasts: full and spilling over her bra.

Anna reached her hands up and started to gently ease down Jack's briefs. She moved in closer to lift the back of his briefs over his arse. She eased them down and her mouth almost brushed the tip of his fully erect cock. Jack could feel her hot breath against the head of his cock. Anna exhaled deeply as she saw it.

"Open your mouth wide for me," Jack instructed.

Anna looked up at him and, for a fraction of a second, Jack thought he had gone too far. "Yes sir," she agreed and she opened her mouth.

Jack could see her tongue laying flat on the bottom of her mouth and her big eyes were wide, expecting. He grasped his cock in his hand and slowly stroked his hand down his shaft and then back up. The action caused him to buck his hips a little. It brought the skin over the head of his cock and down his shaft. His balled up fist stopped below the ridge of the cock and then moved back up and over his cock's head.

Anna flashed a glance down at the action and then back up at Jack. He repeated the action. She looked intently into his eyes, "shall I suck it sir? I could place it in my mouth and my tongue could circle the head."

Jack groaned.

"I could suck it really tightly. It would be warm and wet like my tight, wet pussy."

Jack started to feel his orgasm building. He stopped stroking and just gripped his cock.

"Tell me what you want sir." Anna kept her mouth open and stared at Jack's cock. "Tell me..."

"Stick your tongue out," Jack instructed.

Anna instantly completed the request and Jack eased the head of his cock down near to her tongue. The pre-cum on his cock had started to build at the tip. He lowered his cock onto her tongue. It felt warm and wet. He just left it on there and never moved. She deftly curled her tongue to create a soft pad that enveloped the head of his cock.

Jack stroked slowly one more time and groaned out loud. Pre-cum spilled onto her tongue. She never closed her mouth around the head of Jack's cock. She just had her mouth wide open and her tongue half sticking out. Jack stroked back and forth twice more and the head of his cock bulged.

Suddenly he stopped. He felt his orgasm building and had to stop.

"Why did you stop sir?" Anna queried. "Were you going to cum in my mouth? Were you going to milk your cock in my sweet mouth? You could, you know? Just tell me, sir." Her eyes were big and her cheeks were flushed. Jack knew she was aroused.

"Are you wet?" He questioned her.

She bit her lip, looked up at him and nodded in a silent, pleading way.

"Do you want to touch yourself?" Now it was Jack's turn to tease her. "Stand up, show me," he commanded.

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