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Again taken from his home forced to do Her bidding.

"Yes," she said stiffly.

"So why wouldn't Mike be the same person with a big cock?" Frank asked.

Jen hesitated, then said "I think it would take away from who he is."

Frank grinned. He'd reached the same conclusion. "So, if Mike had a big dick he might not be a cuckold?"

Jen didn't say anything but it was clear from her silence her answer was yes.

"And if Mike wasn't a cuck, you might not get to fuck other men," Frank said.

Jen turned so now she and Mike were in the missionary position. She looked into his face. "I didn't say that baby," she told him. "I love you the way you are. That's the reason. I don't want you to be different."

"But it's true, right?" Mike said looking into Jen's eyes. "This way you get to fuck other guys."

Jen hesitated, then said "Yeah, I guess."

Mike lurched and came. After cumming he continued looking in Jen's eyes, panting to catch his breath. Then he began pulling out.

"Jenny," Frank said sternly.

Jen looked at Frank and understood. "Be careful baby," Jen said to her husband, her hand darting down to Mike's softening penis. She held onto the condom so it wouldn't fall off while he was pulling out. Frank didn't like sloppy seconds. And Jen desperately wanted Frank inside her. She wanted a hard fucking. She wanted to cum.

Frank got on the bed and flipped Jen around, treating her like a rag doll. With Jen on her elbows and knees, he pushed into Jen's pussy.

"You missed my cock Jen honey?" he hissed as he fucked her hard and fast.

"Oh god!" Jen groaned. "God Frank you fuck me so good!"

"Is this what you want babe?" Frank growled as he fucked her practically through the mattress.

"Oh god yes! I want this so much! I want your cock! Fuck me Frank!"

Mike got off the bed and collapsed back in the chair. Jen's reactions with Frank compared to him were completely different. It was like she was a completely different person.

Mike realized the condom was still half on his soft cock. Jen hadn't even bothered to take it off him (as she usually did). She was too anxious to get Frank back inside her. Mike got a tissue and threw the condom in the trash.

Jen cried and shuddered as she came on Frank's cock. "That's how you do it Mike," he said to Mike with an evil grin. Then he flipped Jen onto her back. They were missionary now. Frank kissed Jen as she recovered from her orgasm. He fucked her slow and tender, stroking her short brown hair.

Mike wished Frank would just keep fucking Jen like a slut, because now he was making love to his wife. And Jen was making love back, looking into his eyes, caressing his cheeks and neck, running her fingers through his hair.

"I'm cumming," Frank told her a few minutes later.

"Yeah baby cum," Jen urged Frank, looking into his eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She wrapped her legs around his thighs too. Frank came and ejaculated inside Jen as she kissed him through his orgasm.


The next week they received the results from the doctor. Both Jen and Mike were clean. Jen called Frank. He was clean too. Not taking the test seriously anyway (thinking it was just another one of Frank's power games), Jen laughed and flirted with Frank.

As Jen spoke with Frank, Mike stepped into the next room. He called the doctor. "Did you run the other test?" Mike asked.

The doctor nodded over the phone. "I'm sorry Mr. Andrews, but you have a low sperm count," the doctor said. "You can father children, but likely not naturally. Artificial insemination might work, but I can't guarantee results. I suggest you and your wife look into adoption."

Mike hung up the phone, feeling numb.

Cheating and Rivals - Part 23

Mike's costume was typical Harry Potter. Baggy pants, wrinkled button down shirt, striped tie, jacket, robe and lace up shoes. Mike wasn't the tallest guy (just a couple inches taller than Jen when barefoot). He had dark hair and wore glasses (when he wasn't wearing contacts). All in all, Mike made a pretty good Harry Potter.

Jen made a beautiful Hermione Granger.

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