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The magical acid of this dragon, one K'th'huuark'taeluna'strweryn'flaaretnyss by True name, commonly known as BlackShadow by the humanoid races, stripped most of the powers from the staff as it resisted corrosion in the dragon's stomach.

"It wasn't long thereafter that a large contingent of knights from Cadendale did battle with this very same beast, and were slaughtered to a man, but severely weakened it, so that the master thief Tuyundes was able to sneak into it's lair and finish the job with stealth, luck and a good bit of his most puissant poison. Tuyundes somehow managed to bring the dragon's body back to his secret hideout, where it was dissected and the parts sold far and wide for various uses. The staff was discovered in the dragon's stomach. It was washed, polished up, and sold for a ridiculously low sum to a man of little interest, who left it in an inn because he thought it was a normal staff and had no further use for it.

"From there, it was taken by an elf who took a fancy for it. That elf's name was Saeouthis, I believe, and he realized it was magical and was prompt to sell it to an elven wizard, who researched it's history and decided to enchant it to his own goals. Eleven years he worked to enchant it, and when it was finished, he gave it to the Queen of the elves at the time, Delrhynne.

"This is where the staff acquired it's current nomenclature, but it is not the end of the staff's history. Have I shown myself sufficiently knowledgeable to perhaps be who I say I am, or do you require further proof?"

After a moment of pause, the druid smiled. "What was the dragon's True Name, one more time?" he asked.

"K'th'huuark'taeluna'strweryn'flaaretnyss, of course." replied Yaaron, without the slightest hesitation or difficulty in pronouncing the monstrous name.

"Well met, then, Yaaron the Great, and-quite-the-story-teller-indeed, but I do not yet understand how it is that you come from the direction of the Destruction?"

"Ah, the Destruction. The Destruction was caused by the collapse of the magical forces binding the last Tower of Power together. Instead of exploding in a ball of energy, it seems to have been inverted somehow and simply absorbed the life forces of everything in a wide radius. We survived only because I possess this staff, and we had a moment's warning.

"However, if we are able to complete the task we have before us, that destruction will be undone, and your lands will once again know the True Life. You are familiar, I presume, with the so-called Oddysey of Kahlmunar? Or at least his Prophecies?"

"I have heard of the prophecies you speak of, but I have not read them. What importance are they to me?"

"They are of importance because this boy is the One who is come to fulfill them! And I am on my way to a place of safety where I can instruct him safely in what Art he needs to know for his journey ahead."

"This is the K'haal? HIM?!" said the druid with surprise.

"For someone who has not read the Prophecies, you seem to know a lot about them, don't you? Tell me, Grazebuell, how is that?" asked Yaaron, with more than a hint of suspicion in his voice.

"I know some lore of the topic." came Grazebuell's too-calm reply.

"More than some, I would say," came Yaaron's sarcastic reply. "The One is only called the 'Khaal' a single time through all seven hundred eighty three pages of the Prophecy, and yet you know and use this title, but expect me to believe that you have never read the pages? There are only two who would have reason to know the One by this name, and that would either make you one of them, or a minion of one of them. Which is it?"

"Hmmm, a good question, though one I do not see being answered anytime soon.

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