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Physics nerd girl has to deal with the mean girls.


I knew a bit about statistics, so I understood what she was saying. "Right, you might end up with selection bias."

"Exactly. So, unless you are really adamant that you cannot participate in a study on sexual behavior, we need you."

I bit my lower lip, trying to digest what I had heard so far. "You haven't given me very many details about the study yet," I pointed out.

"No, that was intentional. We'd like you to agree to participate based only on what you have heard thus far," Rick explained. "We're going to let you sit here and think about it for a few minutes, then we'll be back to talk some more." The couple left the room, and handed me a bottle of cold water to drink as they left.

I unscrewed the cap and took a long drink. Whoa. RS204 was one of the sex studies? I hadn't really expected that, although of course I knew that there were a few sex studies being performed. I started to pace back and forth across the room.

This was more than a little bit outside my comfort zone. When I considered what the study might entail, I could feel my palms start to sweat again. Yes, this idea made me nervous, but I was also pretty curious. What did The Fifty need to know about sexual behaviors of the people living in 2005? What, specifically, would I be expected to do? And, last but not least, what if I really enjoyed it?


When the couple returned to the room, they asked for my verbal commitment to participate in RS204. I took a deep breath, then quickly said, "Yes, OK, I'll do it."

Rick stood up and brought me a two page questionnaire to complete. I skimmed it quickly, and could see that all of the questions pertained to my previous sexual experiences or my sexual preferences. "We're going to ask you to complete this right now, so that we can use the information to choose a partner for you for tomorrow. Please answer as completely and truthfully as you can."

I started to fill in the blanks. Age: 23. Gender: female. How old was I the first time I had sexual intercourse? 19. How many sexual partners had I been with in my lifetime? 3.

After that, I read "Please view video RS204-A before completing the next section." Sue was already loading a video into the VCR when I looked up.

Video RS204-A was footage of two women kissing. This was no peck on the cheek - the kiss was quite passionate, and the blonde woman was moaning softly. Encouraged by the sound, the brunette brought her hand down to lightly skim her fingertips across the blonde's left breast. The blonde apparently was not wearing a bra, and her now hard nipple pressed against the fabric of her tee shirt. The blonde's sharp intake of breath coincided with my own quick gasp. Yes, they did look like they were enjoying each other.

The video faded, and I blinked a few times. "Now you complete that section of the questionnaire," Rick reminded me.

Oh. Right. OK, have I ever participated in a sexual encounter similar to the one just seen? No. If no, then on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest rating, how interested would I be in participating in a sexual encounter similar to the one just seen?

I hesitated for a moment, then circled a 7.

"Please view video RS204-B before completing the next section."

This one was footage of a man joining the same two women. The new character entered the room quietly, and approached the blonde from behind, stopping just inches from her body. As the brunette continued to stimulate the blonde's left breast, the man reached around and began to touch her right breast, too. Now both of her nipples were clearly hardened and straining against her shirt.

The man began kissing the back of the blonde's neck, as the brunette continued to claim her mouth. His left hand slowly traveled from her shoulder, down her back, and then his fingers spread across her hip and gently cupped one side of her ass. As he squeezed, the blonde moaned more loudly.

"You have a beautiful ass," he whispered in the blonde's ear. "I'd like to take a closer look at it."

With this, the brunette final

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