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Mrs. Clause plays naughty and nice with Donna and Bill.

When he did, the generator kicked into action and the pumps began the cycle of moving water through the vat.

Nothing happened at first. Kari was pre-empting the liquefaction and stood with her arms held out gingerly. She felt nervous and excited. Grant couldn't see from his position, but her nipples were very hard, and not just from the cold. The deep gurgling beneath the sand sounded very ominous. She could only imagine how this would've looked on camera.

Kari was expecting the slow evil-villain-pace descent. Instead, the sand suddenly gave way before her feet got wet. She plunged straight to her knees in the liquefying sand. "How is it?" Grant asked.

It was thick. Very thick. It felt smooth, cool at first, but her struggling and body temperature soon warmed the semi-solid sand to a comfortable level. The initial feeling was like porridge, but once her legs got deeper, it was more like cement. Grant said something about not having enough water pressure to liquefy the sand further, but Kari wasn't listening. She was fixated at the sight of her thighs slowly inching into the gurgling sand. She tried to lift her leg, only to be stopped by an incredible suction force. "This is way too strong," she said. "I'm going to pull a muscle if I keep going."

"Hold on," said Grant. "I'm going to increase the flow to loosen it up a bit."

The sand quivered. Then, with no warning, Kari's descent rapidly hastened. Her thighs were swallowed in seconds. "Woah, woah!" she yelled. She couldn't feel anything solid beneath her feet and she lost her balance. Grant closed off the valves, but the sand took a few moments to solidify. He watched as the wet sand crept up her inner thighs and approached her toned derriere. Kari gasped as her butt settled into the warm sand and slid between her legs. The first contact with her womanhood set a strong shiver through her body, feeling like a large wet tongue licking against her most sensitive part. She gritted her teeth to stop herself from moaning. Thankfully, the moisture seeped away, though she could still feel the damp sand packed around her now-buried legs.

"Are you okay?" Grant asked.

"Yeah," Kari gasped. She was covered in a light layer of sweat. The brief experience had shaken her up a bit. She couldn't believe she was naked and crotch-deep in Grant's quicksand vat. She tried twisting her hips, but she was well and truly trapped. Apart from a slight quiver, the sand was a solid encasement.

"Okay, now I'm going to open the valves again. I'll keep it at low flow to keep it at a thick consistency. See if you can work your legs free."

"Got it-...NNnnh!" Kari barely managed to stifle a moan the vibrations coursed through her intimate parts. It felt like an unrelenting mouth working at her wet womanhood. It was more intense than any sex toy she had ever come across. She gyrated her hips, trying to spread the sensation, but it was having the opposite effect.

"Kari, you're meant to be getting out, now squirming in," Grant reminded her.

"Ggnnh, it's harder than it looks!" she cried out with her teeth clenched. She was barely able to stay focused. She was just past her hips. While the sand had loosened enough for her to move a bit more freely, there was still no way for her to free her legs on her own. She might have used the edges of the vat to pull herself free, but the vat was slightly too large for her short arms. She decided to lean forward to reach for the edge anyway. Just as she did so, her body suddenly shivered. She let out a huge moan, and she sank past her waist. As a reflex, she pushed her arms forward to slow her descent, plunging her arms up to her elbows. "Fuck! Shit, shit! Grant!"

Grant had already shut the pump off. Kari settled in a little deeper. Her breasts were swaying just above the now-placid surface. "What's wrong? Was the suction too much?"

"Fuck, Grant, I just had an orgasm," she gasped.

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