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My Initiation to Orgies.

When she reaches him Eric grabs her by the hair and pulls her over his lap. His hand stays in her hair, as the other pulls down her yoga pants and her black thong panties down around her thighs.

Cass blushes as his hand rubs her exposed naked ass. She shudders from the humiliation of being over his lap. He pushes her head down, raising her ass higher. He brings his thick hand down on both cheeks of her ass.


Her behind is hot from the stinging blows. She gasps but doesn't have time to think about it when his hand rains down more.


"Ouch. That hurts." Cass whimpers.

"It's supposed to. It wouldn't be punishment if it didn't." His hand rubs her quickly reddening behind, before his fingers softly caress her naked folds.

Cassandra felt his calloused fingers on her sex. She knew how wet she was. How embarrassed she was. The humiliation of it all, strangely made her all that much more aroused. As his fingers gently teased her pussy lips, a shudder went through her. She could feel her labia start to flower open with his touch. She hadn't had someone touch her in so long. Cass could feel the beginnings of an orgasm start to well up, deep in her belly.


"Cassandra, tell me why you were punished."

She hesitated for a moment, thinking of her answer. "F for lying to you."

"My name is Mr. French or Sir. Now give me your answer again, correctly."

"For lying to you Mr. French."

"Better. Now stand and remove your clothes. You still owe me ten more."

She stands, her yoga pants and thong still down around her thighs. Cass started to object but remembered he'd added more when she mouthed off to him. She kicked off her fuzzy cat slippers, and slipped her thumbs in the waistband of her yoga pants and panties, sliding them down, and stepping out of them. Eric watches, as her breasts sway under the t-shirt. She has a lovely body and he means to put it to good use.

"Your t-shirt too. Until you pay me what you owe me, your body is mine and I want to see it all." He said gruffly.

Cass crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her Mark's old t-shirt. She lifts it over her head. Now she was standing in front of him naked. Her clit was humming with excitement. She'd never done anything like this before. The handsome stranger stood. He started to unbuckle his belt. Cass could see the outline of his cock in his jeans. He's certainly got more than Mr. Wiley's 5". Cass thought, as she licked her lips.

"On your knees here on the chair." His deep voice startled her out of her trance.

"Yes Mr. French." Cassie said as she did as she's told.

Eric watched as the young girl moved into position. Her ass still red from her earlier spanking. He could feel the twitch in his pants as his cock responded to her obedience.

"Good, now Miss Mumford. Tell me what you're being punished for."

"F for not doing what I was told. Sir." She added late.

"Very good. Now these are going to hurt more than my hand but they will help you remember to follow my instructions. I want you to count them and enunciate your words. When I hear you utter the number correctly and clearly, I'll know that you're ready for the next one. Am I clear Miss Mumford?"

The naked girl steadied herself. Her thighs were together, but she could feel the cool air on her swollen pussy. She felt so exposed. She knew he could see the wetness forming on her nether lips, but there was nothing she could do about it. He was clearly in control and she had no other options.


Fire bloomed from her behind. Cass took a deep breath. "One."

"What is my name Cassandra?"

"M Mr. French or Ssssir."

"That's right. Now we will begin again and respond correctly this time."


"One Sir."


"Two Sir."


"T three Sir."


"Four Sir." Cass squeaked, trying to cry. Her ass was on fire. She could feel the welts begin to raise on her upturned behind.


"Five Sir. "


"Six Sir."


"Seven...eight Sir." Cass didn't dare mention the fact that he had added one before she could count it.



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