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Some old folks find magic again.

Most of it will be sensual and or sexual." He rose and moved around the desk motioning her to one of the chairs in front of the desk. Then he took the chair next to her. "Sometimes it will be bondage or pressure or electricity but mostly it will be you satisfying me by following the written directions in the red folder. The scenes are numbered so I will give you a number when you arrive and lock the door behind you. If you think you want to earn five hundred dollars an hour I will collar you and we can continue the discussion."

"Then sometimes you are going to hurt me?" His tongue flickered across his lower lip moistening it as he nodded. Together those motions frightened her and she felt a wave of uneasiness slither down her gut. "How much pain?" she exhaled.

"You will moan sometimes but I will gag you if I think you might scream," he said licking his lip again.

She wondered how different it would be to really be naked in front of Scott. Numerous times in the past she knew she was being mentally undressed in his mind. He did the same with Peggy, bringing a little tension of completion between the two women. "Is it okay for me to take a quick look at the descriptions in the red folder?" He nodded and she rose and went to the desk. Returning, she repositioned her chair, reseated herself and crossed her legs pointing her thighs more directly at him. Normally she would have adjusted the hem of her dress. Instead she left several inches of thigh showing. After ten minutes of skimming through the five pages in the folder she glanced up at him and knew in his mind he had her down to nothing but her hose and heels. She swallowed hard, not totally sure if what was happening was real. Uncrossing her legs she spread her thighs and leaned forward with her hands on her knees. She was playing him and they both knew it. Still he found himself staring down the front of her dress where the fancy bra was easily visible. "What's the collar thing about?"

"It's symbolic of your submission to me. Every Tuesday you will put it on as soon as you lock the door. Shall I get it?" She looked away into space for several breaths wondering how difficult it would be to strip in front of him and play out the sex scenes she had just read. And there was the unanswered question about the pain. The thought made her cringe and she turned slightly away from him. "Maybe you would rather think it over for a few days," he added.

The money was too good to pass up she had told herself. "Let's try it for a couple of weeks and I'll want to have veto power over some of the really kinky scenes. Oh and if you are going to fuck me you must wear a condom. Get the collar."

After locking the door he returned with the collar and installed it snuggly around her neck. Glancing at his watch he said, "We have a little more than an hour...suck me and fuck me."

"Do you want me to undress?"

Sure. Go slow, make it a production."

Lynn silently reminded herself not to get emotionally involved with this man. She knew he would never leave his wife and the two adorable little boys he had sired. If she had to she would blackmail him into hurting her, torturing her, for a two full hours until she was afraid of him or despised him or both and that would end the arrangement.

She had some training in ballet as a teen.

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