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Teacher becomes even more bold.

Ashley began stripping, taking off her pajama top and bottom, revealing her naked body underneath. She kept her bush trimmed in an interesting heart shaped and had a tattoo of her sorority's Greek emblem above her patch. She was a little taller and leaner than Megan, but Ashley was also more athletic and muscular. Ashley head a boob job done for her 21st birthday, so her breasts were large and eternally perky, but definitely fake to the touch. To make a crude comparison, Ashley was more like a porn star while Megan was the girl next door type.

Ashley then looked at her sister sympathetically and said, "well, I suppose you can have a little fun, but under one circumstance: if your fuck buddy agrees to it." Ashley turned her gaze to me and asked, "will you give Megan some pleasure, too?"

"What's the catch?" I asked, instinctively knowing that Ashley didn't do this for free.

"Haha, aren't you a paranoid one! You guessed right, there is a catch. Whatever pleasure I give to Megan must be equally given to you!" It sounded sincere and normal, but Ashley's mildly wicked tone warned me. Regardless, pleasure was pleasure, so it wasn't much of a threat.

"Ok, sure, what the hell. This is your game, Ashley. Do what you want," I said with a lazy tone. I really didn't care anymore, I just wanted to have sex. All this build up was starting to become a strain on my balls.

"Haha, great! You two will love this!" Ashley walked over to her dresser and pulled out a small bag. She reached in a pulled out two bright pink sex toys and some lube. Ashley was grinning the entire time. Megan continued to stare angrily and I just watched in curiosity.

"Now, as you both know, every sorority girl has plenty of these. Today they're going to be your best friends!" I did a double take as I looked at the toys. It finally dawned on me what Ashley was planning. Megan was going to get a vibrator to stimulate her, but that also meant I was getting a toy! I was about to object and say hell no, but Ashley beat me to the punch.

"Now, before you say no, let me remind you that Megan only gets this if you get it too. Don't be afraid of trying something different." I mentally slammed my forehead against a mental desk. I was cornered. If I backed down, it would only make this harder for Megan. If I accepted, I was willingly letting my asshole be fucked. I decided to try to the middle road and see if I could compromise my way out.

"Ashley, wait a second. You know I'm not gay. I don't want anything in the ass!" My compromise came out more as a demand, but Ashley understood my intentions.

"You're afraid this will make you like boys? Grow up! Straight guys like this, too. Come on, be a tough guy and don't wimp out. If you want your piece of ass to have fun," Ashley said as he looked at Megan, "then you'll need to take it in the ass, too."

"Argh, fine, what the hell!" I was frustrated and angry at myself that I got into this situation, but I wasn't too upset. Ashley's toys weren't too large, so it wasn't going to hurt too badly if she lubed them up. "Let's just get this over with!"

"That's the way to do it, stud!" Ashley said mockingly. She started to rub some lube on the toys. One of them was a large vibrator dildo and the other was a short but fat butt plug. Ashley walked over to Megan, forcefully spread her knees so her pussy was exposed, and slid the vibrator in. Ashley then pushed Megan's legs back together, hiding the long phallus inside of Megan's hole. The vibration noises were muffled by Megan's posture, but her facial expression gave its effectiveness. Megan's eyes had closed and she was biting her lower lip, a sign she was immediately enjoying the toy.

"Now it's your turn, big guy!" Ashley laughed happily as she walked behind me, pushed on my back to bend me, and parted my ass cheeks. "This might hurt a first, but you'll love it soon enough!"

A few seconds later I felt the tip of the plug reach my anus.

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