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Sexually confused, she consoles with her friend...


"Are you freaking kidding me with this?" Kate said angrily. "Alec cheated on me Hannah, and then he told me he never loved me and that I was useless as a wife and in bed." Kate was furious. "He broke my spirit and my heart and your mother wants me to pretend we are a happy couple, no!"

"Kate please." Hannah begged. "He's asking for you and we don't want to upset him anymore then he already is."

"NO!" Katie said. "Absolutely not!"

"Katie what if this makes him not want to get better." Hannah cried. "I want my brother back please Katie you have to do this."

OH, this girl was good. "I will think about it okay." Kate told Hannah. "I can't promise you anything."

"I understand." Hannah told her.

" I have to go." Kate told her and with that she hung up and sat in the dark thinking about what she was going to do.

The next day Kate sat with her two best friends Angie Monicola and Victoria VonSchnider-Billingsworth at their favorite coffee shop.

"What are you going to do?" Tori asked.

"She's going to go and show the jerk what he is missing and why." Angie told them.

"I really don't want to see him." Kate told the girls. "The last time I saw him he was so mean and it hurts. What if I am just to bitter and I can't pull this off."

"I'll come with you." Angie told her.


"I don't have anything better to do." Angie laughed. "Why not? You need moral support and I need a vacation."

"Are you serious?" Kate said hopeful.

"When do we leave?" Angie asked.

Chapter 2

"Mom?" Alec asked in a whisper to the room.

Gloria Tatem walked to her sons bedside.

"What is it sweet heart?" she asked him.

"Where is Katie?" he asked. "I wanna talk to my wife."

"She'll be here soon." Gloria told him. "She talked to your sister last night and she said she would be here by supper time."

"Wake me when she gets here will ya?" Alec asked sleepily.

"I will." Gloria told him and went and sat back beside the window.

When Alec woke again it was dark and he was slightly disoriented. "Mom?" he asked again to the room.

"She's gone home for the night Alec." a recognizable voice said to him.

"Katie?" he questioned.

"It's me Alec." she said quietly.

"Come to where I can see you baby." he whispered.

Kate moved slowly to the bedside and sat beside it so he could see her. "God I missed you." he said and tried to grab her hand but she pulled it from him and scooted slightly away.

"You cut your hair." he stated. "I like it."

"Thanks." she said and stared at the floor.

Alec stared at this person who was supposed to be his beautiful bubbly wife who was never at a loss of words, this was someone else. This person had cut her long beautiful hair all off to an uneven bob, this person didn't smile at him, and she wouldn't look him in the eye or touch him or really even talk. Something wasn't right.

"What's going on Katie?" Alec asked.

Kate looked at him. She pasted a fake smile on her face and tried to grab his hand but this time he pulled back. "Nothing is wrong." she lied.

"Then why are you barely speaking to me?" he asked. "Why haven't you kissed me sense we haven't kissed in three years, or touched me or at the very least yelled at me for being so careless and stupid!"

"I'm just tired and worried about you Alec." she continued to lie.

"Bullshit!" he yelled. "What the fuck is going on Katie?"

"Will you calm down." she shushed him. "Nothing is wrong damn it!"

"You don't curse Katie." he said angrily. "Tell me what's going on now or I will yell this whole fucking hospital down!"

"I said nothing is wrong!" she said angrily. "Will you calm down."

"Oh yeah, nothings wrong? Then where have you been Katie?" he asked.

"What?" she asked stalling.

"You heard me." he said. "Where have you been for the last 3 weeks sense I woke up?"

Katie was quiet. She looked at her feet. Damn, he thought, this is bad.

"A wife is usually at her husbands side when she finds out that he woke up after three fucking years Katie.

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