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Wifey wins the bet and dresses hubby up.

Jennifer and Donald fed one another the strawberries, sipping their champagne or kissing each other in between bites, and both were feeling the effects of the alcohol.

"You know, my office is on this block, so I can stay parked here for hours and no one would be suspicious...and there's a really nice hotel just on the next street over. Since the rain seems to have let up, if you care to chance it, we could walk over and see if they might have a room available..." He finally made the suggestion they'd been working up to for the past hour.

"Let's take my mini-van...I'm sure I'm okay to drive," she countered. "I don't want to be stuck in the rain needing a cab to get to my car before I can meet Misty."

"Ah, yes...Misty...will I get to meet her, too?" Donald asked.

"I sure hope so," Jennifer said. "She's heard a lot about you, and she's a little nervous. I don't think she has decided for sure whether she wants to play around with us, or with you. Hopefully she's thinking about it... a lot! She knows just enough to make her a little horny, but she's never been in a threesome before."

Donald paid their bill and helped Jennifer into her coat. They ducked into dwindling sprinkle, and observed that the sun was trying to break through the cloud cover. It took a few minutes, but they found her car in the next-door parking garage, and Jennifer unlocked the slider door.

"What, do I have to sit in the back?" Donald asked.

"No...but we're not going to leave immediately. We'll both sit back here while we...warm up a little." Jennifer climbed in and Donald followed, sliding the door closed behind him. They sat close together on the narrow bench seat, and Donald took her in his arms even as he said:

"Ohhhh...you are making me absolutely crazy, wench. All I want to do is strip these clothes off you and lay you down in a comfortable bed and make passionate love to you seven ways from Sunday, and you want to make out in a car like a couple of fumbling teens?!"

"Well," Jennifer said, "Yes and no. I want that, too, but I also want to kiss and touch and fondle each other until we absolutely must get that room. I miss being held and rubbed and snuggled and kissed and licked...I miss the foreplay so much. I miss nibbling on your jaw and chin and nose, and I miss massaging your head and neck while I feast on your lips. And all of this only touches the iceberg of how I miss the taste and feel and stroke of your cock, everywhere." And with that she enveloped him in a warm hug as she pressed her lips, open-mouthed, to his. Her tongue teased and tantalized, and they made love with their hands and mouths. Over her clothes he felt her aroused nipples, and she caressed the hard bulge between his legs. Their ardor grew and became urgent. She skillfully paced his need, and teased and slowed in order to prolong this glorious foreplay. After twenty or thirty minutes, with the windows of the van totally steamed up, Jennifer asked, "Are you ready for that room, Donald?"

"Argh..." he moaned, "finally! Yes, yes, dear god yes I am so ready for that room..." He found the keys she'd left on the floor of the van and wrestled his way forward to the driver's seat. She followed suit, settling herself in the front passenger's seat, and buckling in. He maneuvered the van out of the parking stall and out of the parking garage, displaying the validated ticket as he exited. Just five minutes later he drove up near the hotel lobby and parked. Together they entered the building, she holding a small valise she had packed with a few necessities. After securing the room keycard, Donald and Jennifer rode up together in the elevator to the sixth floor.

"It's only about quarter to two," she observed, "I'll bet the floor is mostly deserted."

"That would be good," he whispered, "because you are going to cum so hard, your screams of ecstasy will ring out, and I'd hate to disturb the neighbors."

With that, he slid the keycard home,

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