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I told him I would be home and asked him when he thought he would be there. He said in an hour or so. Plenty of time for me to change back in to my regular clothes.

"See ya then, "I said. And he hung up the phone.

So I went back to my dishes just enjoying the feeling of panties on my ass. Finishing the dishes, I needed a clean towel to dry them

I headed toward to the bathroom, which was next to the sliding glass door. As I was walking by I noticed someone was in my back yard. Imagine my surprise that it was my friend Dave.

I was in shock! We both had the classic deer in the headlights look. Our mouths dropped as he continued to look at me. Here I was standing in my panties and camisole as Dave stared at me.

Finally, I ran toward to bedroom and grabbed a robe to cover myself.

I went to the door and let him in.

"I wanted to see if you had any parts for my lamp, but this is far out, man!"

Then Dave said, "Does Karen know you dress like that?"

I hung my head and said yes.

'Wow, I would have never guessed you dressed like that!"

I told him I have been wearing for quite a while. He came in the house and shut the door. I watched as he closed the curtains, uncertain what was going to happen next.

He came over to me and gently pulled the robe off my shoulders. It fell to the floor. Now I was standing there, in my lingerie being examined by one of my closest friends.

He whistled. "Looking Good!" He twirled me around and gently touched my panty covered ass massaging it slowly.

"You know, I haven't had sex with anyone other than Rosie Palmer. Have you ever had sex with another guy?"

I told him a lie and said no I had not. Karen and I did have a threesome with her friend from work but we hadn't had him back over. I felt bad lying to him, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth.

Dave said, "Well would you like to try?" I looked up at him and shook my head yes.

He gently grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the floor, so I was on my knees. He undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. I was staring at the microfiber bikinis he had on. They were purple and held his dick tight.

"You know I like purple, what do you think of my bikinis?"

I smiled and said," Perfect color for you."

He stepped out of his pants and said, "Let's get more comfortable in your living room, okay?"

Then he said, "Stay on your knees and follow me in, dudet."

I got on all fours and walked like a dog in heat behind him. I watched his ass covered in those purple bikinis and got hard as we entered the living room. He sat down in the lounge chair and motioned for me to come over to him. I crawled over, still on my hands and knees.

Dave said, "You are quite a fox in that get up."

"I haven't been turned on like this for a long time!"

I looked up at him and said," What do you want me to do?"

He said," You are going to eat my woodie." And with that, he started to rub his cock through his purple bikinis. I looked up again at him and licked my lips.

I know I had sucked cock before, but this was one of my friends. How would our relationship be after I became his personal cocksucker? At that point I thought I don't care. I just wanted cock. I was craving it.

Dave looked at me and said, "Well are you going to do me?"

I crawled closer to his lap. My hand took ahold of his cock and I started to rub it.

"Groovy baby! Did you ever think you would do an old hippie like me?"

I shook my hand no and continued to rub him. His cock got harder, but was still confined to his bikini.

"Come on babe, funk it out!! Go down on me. "

I slowly pulled his purple bikini down the rest of the way. His cock was totally exposed now. Here I was again. I was still undecided whether I should go ahead and do this.

"Come on babe, do me!" I started to stroke his cock. It continued to get harder.

"Oh man, you are going to make me cum you panty wearing faggot." And with that I started to lick up and down his cock. Slurping and wetting his cock getting it harder and harder.

"Funkadelic! You are

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