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Angela practices topping from the bottom.

Her body almost takes my breath away, muscular without being gross, perfectly formed small breasts with salmon areolas, her blonde pubic hair barely visible on her alabaster skin. She looks around as if expecting to see someone, but no one is here.

She lies onto the blanket facing the opening of the glade, and starts just enjoying the sunlight and the light breeze. She is just slightly chilled; I can see her nipples crinkling up from here. She begins to lightly trace around her breasts, her sides, her belly with her fingers, seemingly starting to fantasize as she touches herself.

As she touches, she sort of hums or moans gently to herself. Her fingers stray to her pubes, once, twice, very subtly, hardly touching there at all at first. She touches the insides of her thighs, her lips, her belly, her breasts, her neck. She seems completely lost in her reverie, as I was before she arrived.

I can't help myself; my fingers start to stroke my own nipples, my belly, my curly blond pubes, my thighs. I imagine what it would be like to touch her, to have her responding to my touches. To have her touch me as no woman ever has.

I am drawn to her. I have just my hair elastic and my silver waist chain on, but I feel as if she knows I am here, is inviting me silently to her soft blanket, to her touches. I approach her silently, naked as she is, and her eyes open slowly. She smiles as if she has expected me, known I would be here. She extends her hand to invite me, her fingertips glistening faintly from her touching. I sit alongside her, kiss her hand, catching the wonderful scent on her fingers (and mine). The touch is like an electrical charge, spreading from my fingers and lips to my whole body and then focusing on my clit.

Sitting beside her, I start letting my fingers roam over her face and soft curly hair. Her beautiful eyes smile at me and I lightly scratch her neck, her scalp, onto her breasts. I am rewarded with a little gasp as she arches her back so I will touch her nipples. They harden even more as I circle them, gently pinch them between finger and thumb. I lower my mouth to the far one, rubbing my face and my fingers against this one, reach up to touch her face as I lick and suck. I kiss my way up her chest, her neck, nibbling on her ear before coming to rest with my lips on hers. She tastes faintly of berries, and I see she has a few nearby she must have picked on the way in here. I take one and crush it between our lips and teeth, so we taste it and each other's tongues at the same time. My hand continues to stroke her breast, her side, her hip as I kiss her.

She lifts her hips to invite my fingers to her mound. I comb her soft pubes with my fingertips, enjoying the hairs rising as I do. She opens her legs and lift up so my fingers are between her lips, and kisses me deeper as my fingers become damp with her juices. She lightly strokes my shoulder and neck, guiding my face down between her breasts. I lie between her legs and move my mouth back and forth between her breasts, kissing and sucking each in turn. Her hips rise and fall as I do; she is trying to rub her mound against my belly and I am encouraged to lick downward along her belly, rub my face in her hairs, breathe her lovely scent.

I move lower between her legs and admire her labia, her mound, her smell. Her legs spread wider and I can just see the tip of her clit jutting out a bit, inviting me to touch her, to taste her. Although I have never done this before, my fantasies tell me what I must do, and I begin a long slow lick separating her lips with my tongue. Finally the middle of my tongue starts onto her clit, and she jumps like she has just gotten a jolt of electric charge in her center. I lick upward, slowly, slowly, using my whole tongue to taste her, to feel her vibrato as I lick her. I pull away slightly and blow cool air on her, listening to her sigh and hum again.

I take the base of her clit softly in my lips, and curl my tongue around the tip, licking softly, gently, sucking her into my mouth as I go.

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