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Sally gets her superpower and starts to explore it.


"I would like to try face fucking you sometime. Unfortunately, with this massive man cock I wouldn't be able to do it the way most men can. So I thought of having you on your back either on your bed or couch with your head hanging backwards over the side. This position would have your mouth and throat perfectly lined up and ready to accommodate my big cock. I would fuck your mouth and throat like I would your asshole when you are doggie style."

"Another position for me to face fuck you would be for you to also be on your back with me in a sort of push-up position above you with my cock right above your mouth. This should also let me properly fuck your mouth and throat. I know that both of these positions might not work, but it sounds like fun. And we both know that you have always been able to take the full length of my cock in every way we have tried."

I could barely speak, as I thought of being face fucked like he had described. I could only nod my head as I answered, "I'd try that, Sir."

I felt my cock twitch and my asshole tingle again, as Ben smirked at my answer. I could tell he saw the effect that his suggestions had on me. I was still amazed at how hot and horny I got from his descriptions of him fucking my boy hole in all of those different positions, his preferred positions for me to rim his man hole, the way he liked me to suck his cock, and the new things he wanted us to try. I thought back to my earlier fantasies as I asked, "How would you have me dressed when you had me riding bitch on your bike, Sir?"

Ben smirked down at me, and gave the leash another pull. I felt my body tense, as the collar once again pulled tightly on my boy cock and balls. He answered, "Mmmm...well, I would probably have you in some kind of tight pants, maybe leather. I think your cute bubbly ass would look very fuckable wrapped tightly in black leather or maybe latex. I'd have to get you a leather jacket and a helmet. And you would, of course, have on your collar and no underwear."

He answered as he smirked at me, giving the leash another swift pull. I nodded silently, then asked as nonchalantly as I could, "Is there anything else that you want to try: different positions or maybe role playing, Sir?"

Ben smirked at my question, as he continued to look down at me slowing stroking his massive cock. He then answered, "I like the positions we have already done more than enough. But role playing? What do you have in mind, boy?"

I bit my lip, a little embarrassed as I answered "I'm not sure, Sir. But I think going back to how we first met could be hot. I would stop by the bar for a beer, you would try to hit on me and I would blow you off or say I wasn't interested. Then I would leave. As I walked home, you could corner me and have your way with me. Or maybe make me get on the back of your bike and bring me home, then taking me by force. That could be really hot. But I also liked it when you fucked me doggie style this morning, nice and slow. Next time we might both be covered in oil. It was very erotic the way I could feel your body sliding over mine, as you fucked my boy hole."

Ben smiled approvingly, as I answered. He then gave my leash a harsh tug, as he said "That does sound hot. Now climb on up here, boy. I want to take you for a ride."

I smiled, as I released his massive cock then crawled up onto the couch and onto his lap. I positioned my legs on either side of his thighs. I felt his long hard cock rubbing against my lower back. I placed my feet up on the couch and raised my hips up. I reached back and grabbed a hold of his massive cock. I guided his cock head to my boy hole and then slowly lowered my hips down. I felt his bulbous cock head pressing into my asshole, as I continued to force my ass downwards. I sighed when I felt his giant cock head enter my ass. I continued to lower myself all the way down, until my ass cheeks settled against his thighs and his long hard cock was all the way inside me.

I then repositioned my legs, placing my shins on the couch next to hi

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