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Her head was down. It shook from side to side. Wracked by pain and weakened by the thrashing from side to side of her body, she was no longer able to reach up to the grips. She hung there, helpless.

"Do you submit?."

I could hear her sobbing, but her head shook slowly from side to side.

"Very well, if you cannot resume your stance we shall find a position you can adopt," I said, amazed at the transformation that had come over me.

I unbuckled the restraint that held her ankle. She fell onto the carpet at my feet.

"On your back," I said roughly, "and spread your legs."

She lay beneath me, tears streaming from her eyes. Obediently, her thighs parted and she spread those long, slender legs apart, exposing her massively swollen pussy. I stood over her surveying that golden body as it glistened in the flickering light from the candles. I showed her the whip, brushed the tip of the thong along her pursed lips, caressed her breasts and teased her nipples.

Then I turned my back on her, took up a firm stance and began.


The thong cut deeply into her tortured flesh, her body leapt up from the carpet on every blow then fell back,


The thong descended with cruel regularity, never missing. Twenty, thirty blows ... each one accompanied by screams that seemed to be weakening. After thirty, her legs came together.

"Present!" I commanded, imperiously.

After a brief pause, she managed to control her limbs. Her thighs opened.


Twenty, thirty, forty..... the cuts rained down on that mangled mass of flesh that once was so delicately arranged in petals, cunt and clit were one ....


This time her legs opened more slowly. Her thighs quivered. I waited until she was fully spread, then began again, systematically,


Ten, twenty....


Forty.... Fifty...

She could no longer prevent her thighs from closing, denying access to the flailing thong of the whip.


She tried. But her limbs refused the call of her will.

Roughly, oblivious to her whimpering. I dragged her across the carpet to the cross, buckled the ankle restraint in place and clipped it to the foot of the cross. I prized her legs apart, and attached a second ankle restraint to the other arm of the cross. Then I resumed my stance and let the thong of the whip dangle between her legs, caressing the mangled flesh, cruel anticipation.


Instinctively, her knees buckled inwards, but could not entirely close the gap. My aim was unerring


Ten, then twenty..


I had resolved not to stop, not to look at her. She existed only as a cunt, to be whipped into submission..


I lost count of the blows I rained down on that helpless, hapless pussy before, finally, I heard the magic word, faint, but unmistakable.


I stopped and turned slowly around, facing her.

"What did you say?"

"Stop," she whimpered.

"Say it louder,"


"Damn," I replied, throwing the whip aside. "Just as it was getting to be fun."

"Bastard!" I thought I heard her say. Then, when the heaving of her chest had subsided,

"Carry me."

Our eyes met and in that instant I knew I was bound to her for as long as she wanted me.

I knelt down and stroked her body, wiped away her tears, then raised her up and carried her away in my arms, away from that room of pain and pleasure and into a different world.

A golden star against the satin sheet, she came the instant I entered her. And she came again and again as my cock slid in and out of her liquid cunt. Her body jerked and spasmed beneath me as the waves of a continuous orgasm washed over her, and continued even as I lay on her with my full weight, crushing her into the bed. My own desire had been stilled, but now awoke and soon the world was reduced again to cock and cunt, moving in perfect unison.

My cock slid in and out effortlessly with a gentle, regular motion, making love to her cunt, which loved it in return, its walls contracting, releasing, trembling, co

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