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She knew just what to do when neither of them could sleep.

I hesitated, of course I would. Was I really prepared to go to god knows wherever with a vampire, after tonight? My memory drifted back to the other night. That vile creature and Samuel were not the same. They were not; they couldn't be surely. If I wanted to know the truth, then I had to go with him. My lips narrowed into a tight line I nodded. Samuel gave a single bow of his head, how sad he looked, then started the car.

Samuel lounged on the bed whilst I perched primly on the one chair in this sparse basement bedsit. The windows had been blacked out and the single bare bulb cast a weak light, barely reaching us. His relaxed posture contradicted his worn expression. Dark shadows sharpened his features which were more raptor like than I remembered.

He is a vampire, a hunter. What did you expect, cuddly kittens and Disney movies?

But he was more than the hunter, I knew that. The boy I'd met was fun and relaxed; the human side to his vampire side perhaps? Samuel eyed me; a wry smile playing at the side of is pale, dry lips. What did it take to make his pale, cool skin into the grey and clammy flesh of that thing?

"You promised me answers," I said.

"Yes I did," he replied. Sadness clouded his eyes and I wondered what could make vampire sad.

"Who... WHAT was that?"

"He is named Lotane. I have tried to avoid him for a very long time, and I've been successful," he glanced quickly away, "until now."

"Why would he find you now?"

"I came back. Otherwise he never would have."

"You left? For good?" Disappointment welled in me. "Then why did you come back; did you forget something?"

"You could say that."

So the hunter was hunted and he had left something behind, something precious enough that he should risk his life to return for it. I was intrigued. Leaning forward I wanted to hear more. Samuel snatched is head back, backing up to until he was pressed against the bare wall. Jaw clenched and eyes shut tight, he looked like he was in pain.

"Samuel, are you alright? Were you injured?" I asked. It took him the longest moment to answer.

"I have healed."

"Then why...?" My arm waved at him cradling himself, as if he were protecting himself. From me, though that can't be right, surely? What threat was I to him?

"I am hungry, you need to stay away."

"Oh." I straightened on my chair, but I did not back away. "You need blood."

It was not a question, I knew what he was, it did made sense. Looking at him it was clear to anyone who knew what he was. Skin cooler, almost clammy; I shuddered. Eyes darker, a less vibrant shade of green; almost vulture like as they skittered around the room, looking at everything except me.

"How often do you drink?" Morbid curiosity stomped head first on my better judgement, which screamed at me to avoid the topic of blood with a hungry vampire.

"It should be every night."

"When did you last feed?"

His eyes slinked to mine. "When I was with you." He held my stare.

As I remembered his neatly pointed canines pressing to break the skin, a flush crept over me. "Why so long?" I asked.

"I couldn't get the taste of you out of my mouth. No other would compare. I was managing, but my battle with Lotane weakened me further." His head lolled forward onto his folded arms.

"Why haven't you just taken some from me?" I was sure chivalry was not what vampires were known for.

"Oh I want to, believe me. Nothing, would give me the greatest pleasure. But, Helen, I don't want to just use you."

I released a sigh, this was pointless. A weak vampire was not going to be able to keep himself alive for long, never mind a hanger-on such as me. I was most likely going to get killed through friendly fire if this went on any longer. Although I would have been lying if I didn't admit I wasn't the teensiest bit flattered by this.

The chair creaked as I got up.

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