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My sister's plan.


"And he would enjoy every moment," added Mandy making me blush. "Good evening," it smiled and closed the door. "Now let's go meet your new owners shall we?"

The inner door opened and I was met by Dianna. She looked tired and haggard but very happy to see me. This was the Mistress Dianna that nobody saw on TV, no make-up, no fabulous clothing, or lack of, but a white housecoat and slippers on her otherwise naked body.

"Bout time you showed up," as she stroked my cheek and then grabbed my ear. "I want one comfortable fuck before I go to sleep."

"Yes Mistress," I said looking about, "does Master Charles need me too?"

"Oh he's doing a little corner time," she pointed to Master Charles who was naked, hands tied behind his back facing an outside bay window with an impale dildo up his ass. "That's actually the dining room, whenever we have guest over. It's also a nice punishment area. Thanks to your Android I don't have to get up to release him. If he still wants you he can use you."

"You will find," she continued as she lead me across the living-room and into a very large bedroom, "that we get up very early in the morning. Charles is able to take a cat-nap at work. I'd be lucky if I can. You will have to learn to get around that, Ancients, hum, you will adapt." She pushed me down on the bed and very quickly used me. With the tension gone she rolled off and pulled on a pair of white panel panties.

"You have two beds," she told me. "One in your room, and a matt by the bathroom. If anybody needs to go to the bathroom you may have to assist them. As well as other purposes. My husband likes a little midnight fuck after he pees. Mandy will diaper you."

"Mistress please," I begged, "I was only curious about diaper bondage. You don't need to diaper me all the time. Can't I use the bathroom too?"

"No," she giggled, "Mandy gage him, shackle his hands so that he can't touch himself spank him till he cries, diaper him and tuck him on the matt. Then release my husband."

When; will I learn to keep my mouth shut, I asked myself as Mandy paddled me. I was only curious, sure I looked at the websites, but I never got on the forums, or well was into the infantile stuff. So I took the punishment and cried only when it naturally came. Lord know what sort of punishment I would get if I faked it.

A few moments later Charles needed to go to the bathroom. I got up to follow him, but he closed the door in my face. Just when I was falling back to sleep he was pulling the quilt off of me and pulling down my diaper. Mandy handed him a lube applicator which he cursed over before fucking me. He almost fell asleep on me and Mandy carried him to bed with Mistress Dianna. I had to wait with a well lubed sore ass in the air waiting for Mandy to re-diaper me. When it got to me, the Android then insisted on feeding me a bottle of water knowing full well I would eventually wet the diaper. Every try sleeping; while wearing a dry itchy diaper, a full bladder and need to pee? I was so well potty trained it took forever but I managed to pee and fall asleep.

"Wake up sunshine," Mistress Dianna called rolling me over to my back and feeling my crotch. "Did somebody wet their diaper?"

"Yes Mistress," I mumbled, "I'm sorry. I suppose I'll be punished now for not being potty trained."

"No," she laughed, "Diaper-boys get rewarded with a blow-job when they wet their diapers. Especially when I'm in charge. Right Charles?"

"Yes Mistress," he grumbled, his ass was starting to heal with bruises changing colours.

"Go clean him off and do it," she ordered. "And Diaper-boy," she smiled, "you poop your diapers and you get a free fuck." She laughed and stepped into the shower.

"Free fuck," I asked.

"I doubt if you can do much with that small package," he chuckled.

Mandy laid an adult size diaper changing pad on the bed and assisted Charles as he did one of the many task he loathed to do.

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