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The end...the beginning...coming full circle.

After poking it a few times, she proceeds to stick her outie in his innie. To both of their amazements, it's a perfect fit.

Inee was a quick learner, and at this stage, she didn't need anymore guidance. She puts her hands in the water and reaches for Brad's belt buckle. She pulls the strap, undoes the latch, and pulls the rest of the strap until his belt is hanging open. She garbs the belt and gives it a few good tugs, until it is completely free. She throws it onto the rocks next to his shirt.

At this point Brad had a raging hard on, and his shorts are coming off next. He wonders if Inee knows what a penis is, and how one is supposed to work. He is about to find out.

Inee once again submerges her hands in the water. This time, her fingertips reach inside Brad's shorts. After slowly sliding her knuckles against his wet waste, she removes her hands and proceeds to undo the button. She slowly pulls down the zipper until his fly is completely open. She tugs on his shorts, until they slip around his ankles. Careful not to lose his balance, he slowly lifts them out of the water with his foot, until he is able to grab them and throw them with the rest of his pile. He is now standing in waist deep water, in nothing but his boxers, in front of a nude indigenous girl. This was it. Inee was about to be introduced to Mr. Johnson.
She once again gets close and this time nearly touches his body with her bare breasts. She wraps her arms around him and gently runs her fingers down his back, until she finally reaches the waste band of his boxers. At this point his boner is horizontal and stiff as a pole. He knows one wrong tug and the thing will snap. Not wanting to lose his manhood, he takes Inee's hands and gently redirects them to the front of his boxers. He puts her fingers in the wasteland, then tugs out and downward, releasing his 6.5 inch boner. Inee pulls his boxers all the way down until he is able to step out of them. She then throws his last piece of clothing onto the rocks.

At this point, he doesn't know if he can handle it anymore. He thought the slightest touch from Inee would make his penis burst, and he was certain the girl had never seen a man climax before. Just as he prepares for the inevitable, Inee gestures at him to stay put. She takes a deep breath and dives to the bottom of the pool.

Inee has been underwater for well over a minute, and at this point Brad wonders if he should go down and rescue her. Then suddenly, she emerges on a rock just beneath the waterfall and gestures fot him to swim over. He knows that once he emerges on that other side, his massive hard on will be out in the open for her to see. Hesitant, he dives into the water and makes his way to Inee.

Using one hand to pull himself up onto the rocks, he attempts to cover his massive hard on with the other. However, Inee isn't having it. She immediately yanks Brad's arm from off his crotch, and his hard heavy cock falls like a tree in an empty field. He tries to cover himself back up, but there is no point. His manhood is out there for her to see.

Inee motions for him to step closer, and turn his back towards her. He is afraid of what crazy trick she might have up her sleeve, but he trusts her. At this point he is standing directly beneath the chilly waterfall, getting a free shower. Suddenly, he feels a hard slimy object on his back.

Inee had found the smoothest rock in the pool, and was proceeding to give him a scrub down. She rubs the stone all over his back, and eventually makes her way down to his hairy ass. After scrubbing both cheeks, she begins to slowly crouch as she scrubs one leg, and then the other, all the way to the tips of his toes.

She presses her breasts against his back, and wraps her arms around his chest, which makes the head of his dick get larger. He feels like it's about rip through his foreskin, and he wonders how it is still managing to fully cover his throbbing head.

Inee points at his penis, as she sees it twitch.

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