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While on patrol, Spider-Man bumps into the Black Cat.

Eventually, after a particularly enjoyable slow waltz, Lucy leaned into my ear and said, "I could dance all night, and I'd like to do this again one day, but we have other things to do." I reached in my pocket and pressed Joseph's transmitter. Lucy took my arm and led me off the floor. I noticed that we were being watched by several men and wondered if Lucy's dress had lifted enough to reveal the fact that she was not wearing any underwear. I never found out, but it was an erotic thought that made me feel proud to be out with this lovely lady - a lady who was now directing me through a double door into a lobby. No-one was around - I think those who had come out here tonight were dancing, or eating, or perhaps drinking in the bar. Or perhaps they had gone home to escape from the cold.

Lucy suddenly turned and kissed me. Her hips recommenced their torturous massage. I just held her close and responded to her kisses. After a while she leaned forwards and whispered in my ear, "I need you. I need you so much that I had to leave. My need was dribbling down my thighs. And you don't have to tell me - I could feel all night how much you need me." I stood on tiptoe (Lucy was taller than me in those heels - how could she dance in them?) and kissed her nose and then led her out and down the marble stairs.

Joseph was standing at the bottom. Clearly he was going to drive now. He was beside the open rear door. I shook his hand and returned his transmitter, then helped Lucy in and followed her into the comfortable seat. Joseph closed the door behind us and we forgot about him for a long while as Lucy decided she wanted another kiss. I vaguely noticed the car moving, but it was a long while later that I realised the panel behind the front seats was closed, and we were alone. I occasionally caught sight of lights moving past, but my attention was on something much more interesting.

Before long Lucy had me wedged up against the bolster at the side of the seat, one hand behind my head and the other undoing my shirt. Now it was my thigh that was the recipient of a massage from her pelvis, and I didn't know which aspect of her attention to enjoy most. Strangely it was her right hand caressing my chest that finally took most of my attention.

Clearly, despite the semi-undressing that she had inflicted upon me, Lucy was in no hurry. She was enjoying herself and presumably she had a clear picture of what she had in mind for me. Apart from her wrap that was on the back shelf, she was still fully dressed, or at least as fully as she had been dressed all night.

Eventually she lay across the seat, half on top of me, and just lay there with her head nestled against my (now exposed) chest. I held her close and enjoyed her closeness as the car smoothly rolled on - to somewhere. I looked up to see what was showing on the GPS, but saw again that the divider was closed, and it was opaque. I took the hint and returned my thoughts to my partner.

As we drove along the open road in this wonderful car, the very slight movement in the back seat caused her hips to bounce just a little in my lap, awakening the dragon underneath. She must have felt the turgid swelling, but her only reaction was to press a button and ask Joseph to speed up a little and open the roof.

An enormous panel opened up in what I had thought of as the ceiling above me. I looked up and saw that it was snowing. However, the speed of the car kept the snow from falling into the car and the heater kept most of the cold at bay. Well, perhaps the heater had a little help from Lucy, who was very warm against my bare chest. The only sign of the cold, apart from the sight of the snow flurries moving over the car, was the occasional cool breeze as a change in the wind allowed a little outside air into the cabin.

Suddenly Lucy sat up next to me and removed her shoes.

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