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Her hours of practice are evident as she shakes and pops her body to the beat. Ha! I wonder how mad Layne would be if he saw me now! The thought brought a smile to her lips. Any consideration of him had been drowned with her last shot.

Morgan is surprised when she feels her ass grind on a hard body behind her. She turns on her heels to see a tanned, high-cheek boned face, belonging to a classmate, Chris. She had met Chris at a football game earlier in the year, and they hit it off. Morgan was too preoccupied with Layne and school to find time to get to know him.

"Hey there, gorgeous," he says with a grin. He has stubble on his defined jaw and cheeks, and grey eyes that always made Morgan shudder. "May I have this dance?"

Without a word, Morgan turns to Chris and straddles his leg. He seems a bit taken aback, but puts his hands on her hips, guiding her up and down his leg. Morgan's thoughts start to run wild as she realizes she is drunk. It's just dancing, she tells herself. I'm not fucking him or anything and besides, Layne obviously is too busy to even care if I did. Morgan started feeling a rush build in her pelvis and rise up her body as she pressed close to Chris's body. Her inner thigh rubbed up against something hard and radiating heat, and she knew she was turning him on. Ignoring all instincts to resist, she took his hands and put them on her ass. She leaned in and kissed his neck, whispering softly in his ear.

What am I doing? Morgan thought as her bra fell undone on the floor. I had no idea he was a brother at Sigma! Chris's tongue filled her mouth and immediately took interest in the small metal stud that Morgan had pierced three weeks earlier. They had made their way back to his room on the third floor. It was larger than her room and kitchen combined. The floor was covered in used clothes and beer cans, but is still cleaner than any room in Layne's condo. There are pictures of his family and posters of the school on his walls, and has king size bed, the nicest Morgan had ever seen.

Chris catches her off guard, sweeping her up by the back of her thighs. He carries her to the bed and climbs on top of her, breathing heavy and kissing her chest. His tongue swirled and rolled in constant motion with hers, as he began to fondle his fingers along the see through white underwear, now the only thing keeping her clothed. Morgan speaks up when she feels a hard poke through her panties.

"Do you have a condom?" She asks subconsciously.

"No Morg, I don't, but I promise I'll be careful..."

Morgan pushes him off from sucking on her neck. "No I can't, pleass... Immnot on thuh pill yet," she says with in slurred string.

Chris persists, but Morgan has regained enough composure to stop him. She flips over on top of him and looks into his dark, gray eyes. He falls silent, as she looks him over thoroughly for the first time. Chris has no hair on his body at all. She rubs her exposed body close to his and feels that he has a defined six-pack! Layne has always been hairy and kind of chubby, which only made her kiss his muscular body more passionately. Chills run down her spine as she rises up and Chris grabs both of her breasts. They fill up his powerful hands easily, boobs big enough where he can give a rough squeeze. Groping gently with his fingertips, Morgan bites John's ear and whispers:

"I won't fuck you tonight, but maybe I can make up for it."

Chris kisses her neck deeply; rough sucks accompany his fingers caressing her hard nipples.

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