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His lair offers new experiences.

I was thrilled by it but also in mortal fear. Perhaps it was the fear that fueled the unmatched passion of our coupling. She was such a foil to Mistress Laurine. Mistress Laurine was the epitome of control. Nothing about Mistress Laurine felt raw or untamed. Rather, she projected an air of complete confidence and omniscience. Her movements were elegant, restrained, and nuanced. I wanted to submit to her because of her command of her actions. She understood me. She understood herself.

Sasha had no understanding of herself. She came to me having realized that her lack of understanding of herself made her actions a cipher for others. She now shared my awe of Mistress Laurine and wanted desperately to share the same bond with me that I had and have with Mistress Laurine. She knelt before me with a sense of desperation that was the unspoken truth between us.

I took her into my personal Abyss. We shared that sweet confluence of pain and pleasure. We fell into that weightless space together. We emerged on the other side as one.

Chapter Six

Sasha was completely naked, kneeling before me, with her eyes looking up to me. In my work life and in Sasha's eyes I was Justine - - the partner, enforcer and hard assed bitch. But in Mistress Laurine's eyes I was submissive, willingly surrendering my sense of control to her. Now I was to exercise my domination over Sasha. My role model with Mistress Laurine.

I selected the clothes that suited my role as a Domme. A low cut form hugging black leather catsuit. The tops of my breasts spilling over the upper edge of the catsuit with a hint of my areola showing. Laces up the middle revealing my ample cleavage.. High cut sides to emphasize the long line of my legs. My blond hair in a French braid. Thigh high black leather boots with four inch stiletto heels.

I walked into the room where Sasha was waiting. She was in her submissive position, a child's pose position, but with her palms facing upwards. I told her to kneel. She kept her head bowed but her eyes betrayed her lust. I grabbed her by the hair and her eyes showed surprise as I flung her against the wall. She hit the wall and fell to her knees. I secured her arms to ropes hanging from the ceiling and pulled the other end of the ropes so Sasha was brought from her knees to her feet. I tightened the ropes so that Sasha's feet were barely touching the ground.

There was a pleading look in Sasha's eyes as I approached her. I grabbed her nipples and twisted. Her face contorted in agony. "Why?" her eyes said. I mouthed "because I can" as I pulled her mouth to mine for a passionate kiss.

I stood behind her and started her punishment with a deliberate open hand spanking. I delivered a blow to the cheeks of her ass and then waited for the glow to radiate outward before administering another. Although I didn't ask, Sasha volunteered the count and a request for more. I gladly accommodated her request, warming her bottom to a bright red and causing her pussy to respond in kind with a viscous fluid. I felt the satisfying "thud" as each blow rained down on her bottom.

I let Sasha hang there as I pondered my next move. She was fidgeting in her bonds as the warming sensation also caused anxiety that manifested itself with involuntary twitches of her arms and legs. I selected a hairbrush, knowing that the sting of the plastic head of the hairbrush would bring focused pain to her. I first targeted the area between her buttock and the back of her knee. The back of the mid-thigh area is particularly sensitive and has less fat to cushion the blow. I slapped the top of my thigh repeatedly with the back of the hairbrush so that Sasha could hear the sharp slapping sound. I also wanted to feel pain in sympathy with Sasha. After a half dozen practice blows on my thigh I let loose with a full swing, connecting with the back of Sasha's right thigh. Her knee buckled immediately and she yelled in pain. Her full weight was now borne by her left wrist as her right leg was unable to bear any of her weight.

"Oh shitttttt!!"

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