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Father and daughter forced to conceive to stay undercover.


"I would love to," replied Peggy and then two women snuggled up together and gradually fell asleep.

Sunday morning Peggy and Janine made love again and took turns fucking each other with the strap-on cock. Then they showered together and washed each other's bodies. Peggy borrowed one of the robes from Janine's room, bundled up her clothes and returned to her room. Peggy changed into her jogging clothes and then headed for the beach. Peggy stopped at Janine's room to return the robe.

"How could you possibly have enough energy to jog the beach today?" Janine sighed.

"Just a short run to get the body functions moving," Peggy replied and then they said good bye.

Peggy headed for the beach and there were other people out jogging and walking. As Peggy moved gracefully, people watched her as she jogged by. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail and sticking out the back of a ball cap. Her shorts were short and tight and she wore a halter top that showed off her flat tummy. Peggy jogged along the water's edge and every guy she passed turned to check her out. Peggy loved being on display and she loved the attention that her 46 year old body still got.

After her jog she stopped at the coffee shop outside the hotel and had a light breakfast. Peggy enjoyed people watching as she ate and sipped her latte. She would fantasize what certain people would be like in bed. It was almost 11:00 AM and she had to check out by noon so she hustled back to her room. Peggy changed into her traveling clothes, packed her overnight bag and checked out of the hotel. As she waited for the valet to bring her car around she knew that the other valets and bellmen were checking her out. Peggy purposely shifted her weight from one leg to the other emphasizing her shapely buttock. She also faked a yawn and a stretch so that her breasts stuck out. Peggy was an exhibitionist in a way and she loved the looks she received from both men and women.


The valet arrived with her car and she was on her way back home. On the drive home Peggy reflected on her weekend. It had been a success; first with the group sex and then with a lesbian lover. Peggy then thought back to her first lesbian experience. It had been when she first started to model and they were doing a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. Peggy was being fitted for one of the outfits. Monique an attractive French woman was handling all of the fittings.

Peggy was standing on a small platform wearing just her thong panty under one of the dresses. Monique picked up a measuring tape and beckoned Peggy to face the mirror. Monique placed the tape around Peggy's shoulders then she had Peggy lift her arms to measure her bust. The back of Monique's hands brushed against Peggy's tits as she measured her bust seeming to take longer then necessary. Peggy could hear Monique's rapid breathing. Monique then moved the tape to Peggy's waist and next to her hips.

"I think to get an accurate measurement I should measure under your skirt Peggy," Monique suggested excitedly.

"Do you really have to do that," Peggy asked nervously.

"Oh yes, it's the best way," Monique replied in a raspy voice.

Monique squatted down and her own short skirt rode up her thighs to display the tops of her thigh high hose. She moved her hands under Peggy's skirt and wrapped the tape measure around Peggy's hips. Monique caressed the firm cheeks of Peggy's ass as she pulled the tape together right in front of Peggy's pussy.

"It is hard to read the tape, could you hold up your skirt so that I can see it better," Monique said her voice cracking in the excitement of the moment.

A confused Peggy lifted her skirt and Monique looked right into her glistening pussy.

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