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He rendezvous with lover in a strange town.

Brian grinned in delight, and got down behind the woman, who was already bobbing her head up and down his dad's fat shaft. He finished pushing the skirt above her well rounded hips, and then he was slotting his fat, still hard cock into her swollen, pouting pussy lips.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Modeno, I just wanna see how soft your cunt lips are!" Brian crowed as she took her mouth off his fathers jerking cock and looked at him over her shoulder. John guided her head back around, and Cathy ovalled her lips as the man began guiding her slack, drooling mouth once again up and down his fat, rock hard shaft.

Brian was rubbing his bulbous, velvety cock head all over her pussy lips -- her pussy was itching uncontrollably! He guided it down, and began rubbing her still inflamed clit with his leaking cock crown; Cathy moaned and began slurping a bit harder at John's now leaking cock - she raised one hand up and began jacking it in time to the movements of her mouth. When she felt Brian's dick back at her pussy lips she could not stop the small naughty urge to lean back slightly so that she felt his dick began nudging into her tight, juicy clam.

The head finally parted her tight pussy lips - tight but juicy, Brian was discovering. His hands were on her rounded hips, but for the moment he let the woman do her thing - she was rocking backwards slightly as she sucked his old man off, and he knew that she was aware that she was impaling herself slightly more with each rocking motion.

He began swaying just slightly - soon three inches of his dick was sliding into the woman's tight, gripping pussy, and she was now starting to moan around his dad's dick. His hands tightened on her hips, and he began helping her move, began swaying deeper, and deeper till his entire rod was slipping in and out of her tight, juicy, clasping pussy with each thrust, till his lean loins were slapping against her round, plush ass.

Cathy squealed as Brian began fucking his monster dick into her tight shaft with even more force, and when John's cock bumped into the back of her throat the next time she swallowed his rod, deepthroating him.

Then she was being pulled back and forth between the two men; at some point John shot off once, and then again, and Cathy took perverse pride in knowing that she swallowed every drop of his cum.

She had lost track of how many orgasms she had had, but was able to achieve one more as Brian rolled her onto her back, pinned her legs back by her shoulders and fucked her violently until they came simultaneously. He also shot his load into her spasming pussy, and she found herself wishing that he had gotten up and sprayed his load over her tits and face.

Cathy hurriedly cleaned herself up, paying special attention to make sure her still swollen pussy was as clean as it had been that morning. Then she put on her bra and buttoned up her jacket. Her panties were ruined, but at least she thought that her bra was still good - it really was a bit to small, she thought to herself, but she would be going straight home now - nothing else would happen.

So she finished her paperwork with trembling hands, and after ten minutes or so she went upstairs on shaking legs. She had thought the jacket would do something to prevent this sort of thing, despite the sexy dress under it, and it had for most of the day - she had received some looks, searching - but then the father and son came in - and all had been lost in moments, as soon as she sat down on the couch, she realized - that had been her mistake. She found herself wishing they had taken more time abusing her flush, taut body

Pat Carver, the buildings head maintenance man, was in his office with what looked like his whole staff, four rough looking men, two of them black, one white and one Hispanic.

Cathy waved at him, and Pat called out to her, "Come on in, Mrs.

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