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No longer strangers!

Tom was struggling not to get an erection. Jan decided it was time to maneuver the conversation in a sexual direction - rather bluntly.

"I hope you don't mind my asking, but when did you two start sleeping together. James and I differ on what we think young people do these days. My bet is, while you were still in high school."

I was afraid she had gone too far, too fast.

Sandy blushed, but answered. The Long Islands were doing their job.

"Well, we've known each other since the seventh grade and started dating our junior year, but didn't do anything until our senior year and then only kissing and uh, light petting, you know, nothing under the clothing...at first. We made it through college with just heavy petting. We were holding out for marriage, but didn't quite make it."

She blushed and dropped her eyes for a moment, but continued.

"About two months before we got married, we slept together. We got carried away one night and couldn't stop."

Jan kept it going. To Sandy, "So, was it enjoyable? Well, I mean, did you orgasm?"

Sandy blushed even more. Tom hid behind a big slug of his drink.

I almost did a spit-take. "Honey, that's private. She doesn't want to answer that," then added, turning up the heat, myself, "You'll have to excuse Jan. She is very, how should I put it, very sexually oriented," I said with a chuckle.

Jan joined me laughing and playfully slapped my arm and made a face like she was embarrassed, but made it obvious she wasn't.

Sandy laughed lightly.

Tom swallowed his tongue.

I ordered another round of Long Islands. Hey, just being a good host.

Jan pressed, "Oh ignore him. But, I really am curious about how it was for you. I can tell you I didn't orgasm the first time I had sex or for quite a few times after that."

Sandy, obviously loosened up by the strong "iced teas" replied, "Well, um, not the first time. I mean, it was kinda painful, being my first time. Anyhow, after a few times, we started to go longer and I finally started to enjoy it more. But it wasn't until just the last couple times, right before we got married that I had an, um, an orgasm."

Sandy's blushing spread from her face down to her d__colletage. She dropped her eyes again. She was embarrassed, yes. But, with the all the sex talk, she was excited, too. Her big nipples looked like they were trying to chew holes through the thin material of her blouse.

Her cute breasts with their big nipples, her tight leggings and Jan's "ministrations" were all having their effect on my libido. "Big Jim" wanted to come out and play and he increasingly made his presence known. A week ago, I would have been mortified if somebody saw me getting an erection in public. But now...well, I didn't want everybody to see it, but a certain somebody...yes!

The sex talk was making Tommy uncomfortable, but he couldn't stop staring at Jan. For her part, she gave him no reason to stop. Of course, he didn't see that his wife was practically gawking at my increasing erection.

To make him feel better, Jan added, "You know it's that way for a while, Tom. Typically, the woman takes longer to start having orgasms with intercourse."

Tom was tongue-tied, "Uh, Uh-huh."

I remarked, "I think it's really special you saved yourselves for each other. And I'm amazed how long you did go before having sex. I wasn't sure if young people still tried to wait. And don't worry, in time you guys will learn all the things a couple needs to know to have great sex. There is a lot more to it than many young people realize."

They were paying close attention.

I continued, "Neither Jan nor I were virgins when we married, and although I had slept with, well, more than a few women, I didn't really know how to truly please a woman. It took a while to work things out and get our sex lives on the right track. Initially, we didn't have anybody to show us the ropes."

Jan took my cue and quickly followed up, "Oh that's so right.

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