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Larissa gets cowed and milked.

That is, except for the single man who was about my age and most charming and attentive. I decided quickly that he would be a good partner for the night.

The villa was luxurious and even had a swimming pool, a rarity on the water-scarce Greek islands. About midnight, I was sitting beside the pool talking to my presumptive lover, sipping my fifth drink of the evening when two of the married couples took off their clothes, whooped and hollered, and leaped into the pool. As they splashed and played it become apparent that a spouse swap was underway. One of the women was entwined about her partner's waist; the other seemed dedicated to giving her man an underwater blow job.

I was a bit reluctant, not being overly enthusiastic with the company, but my single man persuaded me to join the others in the water. I slipped my dress off over my head and took my panties off. He pulled off his shorts and we jumped into the water.

Soon, seven of us -- four men and three women --all naked, joined arms, circled together in shallow water, and made bawdy jokes. The person missing from the pool was the other married women. She was lying drunk and semi-conscious on a chaise lounge beside the pool. As we reveled in the water, her husband shouted, "Somebody fuck my wife! Come on! Fuck her!" he exhorted the other men. He was drunk and obnoxious. With more men than women in the pool, he wanted to divert one of the men to his wife to increase his odds of pairing with one of us.

His strategy didn't work with me. He approached me in the water, put one arm around me, felt my tits, tried to kiss me, and thrust a finger up my vagina. I pulled away, pretending to laugh and quickly found myself in the arms of my single man. I stayed there for safety.

The drunk continued to shout, "Fuck my wife" and not finding a partner for her or for himself, he proceeded to get out and do it himself on the chaise lounge, the wife motionless beneath his humping body. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," he announced to the uncaring world. And then he passed out beside his comatose wife.

The two other couples had completed their swap negotiations and foreplay and headed for bedrooms. Alone with my man, chest deep in the water, we indulged in a long, naked kiss that put me in the mood. He had a slow hand and a gentle touch and, my clitoris feeling the size of an orange, I wrapped myself around his waist and maneuvered his penis inside my vagina.

In the center of the swimming pool was a fountain with a wide circular base and that was where we fucked. I laid on my back on the concrete base, water running over and under me, my legs straight up in the air resting on his shoulders. He stood hip deep in the water, thrusting into me. It was a most excellent climax. I nearly drown as I relaxed and the water from the fountain filled my nose and mouth.

My partner knew how to treat a woman after sex. We got out of the pool, laid down on adjacent chaise lounges, and he got me a drink. I drank it and then he got me another one and then he fucked me again. And then I finished my drink and passed out.

I awoke later that night, cold and naked, confused, my head throbbing, and still lying on the chaise lounge. My lover was missing. He was a few feet away. He was fucking the woman who had passed out earlier. And on top of me was her obnoxious husband, thrusting his penis into my dry vagina.

I laid there for a moment, unsure what to do, the pain from his penis radiating all through me, and then I was thoroughly disgusted, mostly with myself. I raised my legs and pushed my would-be lover away from me. It was too late. He was climaxing and he writhed over me, spurting cum over my stomach and thighs. I pushed him harder with my foot and he tumbled over backwards into the pool.

"What the hell," he said.

"Get away from me, you asshole," I shouted. "I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last man in the world."

"You already have," he said with a smirk, standing in the water and looking at me.

I kicked at him and he laughed and swam away

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