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A little Christmas story with a twist.

He decided to go through the woods.

Then his thoughts turned to happier things as he thought turned to his current girlfriend, Alexandra. She was a quiet girl, who was in college grade with him ,and also 19 like him. She enjoyed drawing, golf, and baseball as he did. She was average height, with a great body. He also thought is was funny how similar there names were. Just the thought of her made his cock swell up.

Suddenly he was tackled in the side. He went flying sideways and landed on his stomach, near the edge of the path. Then he felt someone, or something, large sit on his legs and hold his arms to the ground. Then whoever it was took something sharp and cut his shirt off. Then they cut his pants and boxers off, so that Alex was completely exposed. Suddenly his attacker flipped him over. To his embarrassment Alex's cock was hard.

Then Alex looked at his assaulter. His eyes widened. The first thing he noticed was it's rock hard penis. It's cock had to be at least 12 inches long and 3 inches wide, and it was fleshy and pink. The creature was the size of a large man and was covered with dark brown fur. And it had a long snout. Suddenly Alex realized what it was. A werewolf.

The thing then picked Alex up and put him over it shoulder and stood up. Alex squirmed but the werewolf held on tight. The it took off and sprint in some direction. When they stopped they were in a clearing. Alex didn't recognize this place. The were wolf set Alex on his stomach and bound his hands with some rope nearby. Then it flipped Alex over on his back.

The werewolf kneeled over on the ground in front of Alex and sniffed his crotch. Alex's cock was still hard. It then leaned over farther and licked Alex's balls. "Whoa!" Alex let out a gasp. He didn't expect that.

Alex had always been a little curious about gay sex but had always stuck with girls. Until now. Alex was also a virgin.

It continued licking Alex's cock and balls. Alex moaned. It felt so good, the tongue going up and down his cock and teasing the head and circling his balls. Just when Alex was about to cum it stopped.

"Why'd you stop?" Alex asked. Forgetting for a second that it was a werewolf. It held up a claw on it's human like paw.

Alex was then flipped over onto his stomach. The werewolf then untied Alex's hands and pulled him onto his knees. It then stuck it's huge cock in Alex's face.

Well Alex understood what it wanted him to do but he didn't know if he wanted to do it. This completely violated his sexual beliefs. But he then thought that he couldn't escape. This creature was very powerful and very fast.

Alex took a deep breath, exhaled, and kissed the large head of the werewolf's cock. He then proceeded to clumsily tease the head. He licked the length of the cock and sucked on the werewolf's balls. Then he opened his mouth and took the head in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around on it. Alex bobbed his head and took in more of the cock. He gagged, but soon he was swallowing about half the length of it's cock.

Suddenly the werewolf pushed Alex's head off his cock and let out a soft howl. A stream of cum spurted out and hit Alex on the chest. This is so fucking wrong Alex thought. More streams burst out and hit Alex on the face, and chest. Alex then thought fuck it and clamped his mouth on the werewolf's cock. When the first stream came in his mouth he almost gagged but quickly swallowed it. To his surprise, he liked the taste. He swallowed the rest. He found himself really horny, when the werewolf bent over and licked his own cum off Alex. To his surprise, Alex found that really hot.

Then the werewolf pulled Alex to his feet, and kneeled over. It then continued off from were it started earlier, but Alex was too excited and came instantly in it's mouth, and all over it tongue and snout.

Still feeling horny, and a little confused, Alex bent over on his knees, and kissed the werewolf, licking the cum off his snout.

The werewolf then moved behind Alex and pushed him on his hands and knees.

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