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You take me deeper still into the sissy life.

Her hand worked along his length, wanking him with a delicacy born of practice. His muscular body trembled with pleasure, and his cock was standing straighter, harder, pointing its accusing eye directly at her.

She sighed in ecstasy while jerking him with one hand and tugging on his balls with the other. The head began to drip of a sleek whiteness, and she pushed her tongue forward in a gentle lick. "mmm...."

"Oh...suck it, bitch." He gave a thrust of his hips, pushing his cock against her face. "Suck it, you little whore!"

She hesitated, but then shivered as his cock rubbed along her mouth and chin. She took in a deep breath and parted her ruby lips. First she slid the meaty head into her mouth, suckling around it. Mandalore was trembling with pleasure, his hands reaching for her hair, pulling her closer to him, pulling her down along his thick meat.

Mira closed her eyes as she worked her mouth around his cock. She had to open her jaw all the way to accommodate the immense girth, and then Mandalore began to thrust into her waiting throat.

She started to gag but managed to relax and calm herself. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her nose was pressed against his pubic hairs, his balls slapping at her chin. She pushed herself even further, moving her tongue to lick at those deliciously salty balls.

"Oh...oh yes..." Mandalore looked down at this little bitch, a smile on his face behind the mask. His hands went to her shoulders, where he tugged at the fabric of her tunic. Soon the material began to fall, cascading around her waist to reveal her milky breasts. He reached down, cupping one tender globe in his hand and roughly kneading it. "You miss sucking Mandalorian cock, don't you? Say it, bitch. Tell me that you miss Mandalorian meat."

"Oh...I do," Mira murmured as she pulled her face back, allowing his thick cock to slip from her lips. "I miss Mandalorian meat..." Her eyes were glazed over as if she were in a daze, and she suddenly thrust her face forward, her lips suckling upon one of his cum-filled balls before moving to the other in turn.

With a fierce groan, Mandalore wrapped the fingers of his left hand around the base of his throbbing cock and slapped the heavy meat across the bitch's face. Slap! Slap! Slap! He smacked his meat over her forehead, along her cheeks, her nose, and then her lips. "Suck me, slut!"

She did as she was commanded and let his balls fall from her mouth. Staring up at him with her brilliant green eyes, she slid her lips around his cock head once more and began to push herself down his length.

He wouldn't be able to contain himself if this kept up, he knew. But he wanted more. He wanted that pussy. "Get up!" he barked. She instantly obeyed, standing in front of him, but with her hands still jerking at his cock, unable to resist touching him. Her shirt fell to the floor, leaving her in only her loose trousers. His hands went to her breasts, cupping them each, squeezing and fondling the erect nipples.

"Oh...by the Force," Mira groaned. "Fuck me...fuck me, please. My cunnie...so wet..."

"Your cunnie," Mandalore echoed with a savage grin on his hidden lips. He turned her around and, in a brisk motion, peeled the pants from her body. The sweet aroma of her arousal filled him with greater lust as he stared at the floss of her black thong panties separating her butt cheeks.

Mira was a lithe young woman, her breasts tender and small, and her ass was no exception. It was a small, round thing, but so damn pretty and cute that Mandalore wanted only to desecrate it. His hand came down in a heavy smack. Again and again, he slapped at her little ass, watching at the cheeks vibrated with each smack.

"Oh...oh...." Mira bent over and pushed one finger into her thong panties, penetrating the folds of her cunt.

"Come on, bitch. Time to take a ride no Republic man could ever give you." With that, Mandalore walked over to her bed and laid himself down on his back, his cock pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Mira followed him and, pushing the wet fabric of he

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