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Penny, Ryan and Suzy all try anal.


"No," he gasped, "What the hell is going on here? I'm Jason Steele. I'm a lawyer. I can't be taking female hormones. This is a nightmare! No, it's a trick, right? Please say it's a trick. Please." He was almost in tears.

Joanie laid her hand on his chest and reassured him, "No, it's no trick. I know it's hard to understand, you know, the first time you're sold, but I paid a lot of money for you and I have plans for you. By the way, you're not a lawyer any more. In fact, you're officially missing. Soon, you'll be presumed dead. And that won't really matter, because that will be true, won't it? The hormones will change you; your body will change; your breasts will grow, and your hips will get larger. Your body hair will stop growing, and for the first few months you'll become very emotional, crying a lot, but that's normal."

"Normal?" Jason said, exasperated. "Nothing about this is normal!" He tried to squirm, but only lumps appeared in the sleep sack where his elbows or hands or knees pressured it. He stopped, out of breath because of the corset's constriction underneath it all.

He continued, "You know of course, that if what you're saying is true, this is way past any of my fantasies, and I have never, ever consented to this. It's against the law, and you'll go to jail for a very long time when I get out of here. And I WILL get out, you know. You can't keep me chained forever."

Joanie, clearly the dominant one of the two, smiled and said, "Well, actually I can. There are many ways. First off, you may not notice, but your chain is shortened at the moment because one of the links is locked to another d-ring outside your cell. Even if you were out of your sack right now, you'd be secured to your spot. When we leave you, we'll unlock that second lock so you can roam freely in your cell, still tethered within your cell. When we return, we'll secure that second lock so we can enter your cell safely and administer whatever we want to administer."

"That's just stupid," Jason said, "I wouldn't let you lock it up again." He smiled in his small victory.

Joanie shrugged and said, "No problem. Then you don't eat. Your choice. But, considering my investment in you, there will be consequences. See those guns on the wall over there? Tranquilizer guns. Wake up to severe bondage. You get my meaning?"

He glanced at the wall. There were indeed two rifles there. He looked back at Joanie in dismay. They would tranquilize him like an animal at a zoo?

While he contemplated that, Joanie nodded to Stephanie and said, "Okay, get him out of this sack."

The slow process of his release from the cocoon felt like he was being allowed to expand. Degree by degree, the tightness diminished until he laid there unzipped but needing help removing his sweaty arms from the internal sleeves. They felt strange, stiff, and useless. He was told to stand up while the corset and bra were removed. The steel collar was heavy at the base of his neck, and when the bra was removed, his breasts flopped down slightly, a weight transition to his chest.

He thought of escape, but the reality of such an attempt would only be that he had overcome the women or just one of them, but was still chained by the neck. What good would that do? And he felt so weakened at the moment. It reminded him of the movie "Finding Nemo" when the fish escaped the dentist's crazed daughter, only to find themselves bobbing in the sea inside sealed plastic bags, saying, "Now what?"

Joanie said, "Victoria told us the breasts can last a few days between reapplying them, so leave them alone. We'll have to endure the fake ones for a while until the hormones take effect and you get your breast implants to augment the small breasts you'll grow naturally. Jason, your enema equipment is in your bathroom. Please remove your anal plug, do your enema, re-insert the plug and have a shower. Shave your body too please. And do your makeup. In other words just resume your regular routines. Study your surroundings; this is your only view for a very, very long time. We'll be back later."


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