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Their introduction to a Swinging Lifestyle.

Now my nipples are very sensitive, as my son and lover well knew, but sometimes a mauling of my whole breast is what I wanted. This was one such time, almost as if he could read me. He switched to my right breast and gave that the same treatment before he laid himself atop my body and took my left nipple into his mouth, all the time squeezing my right breast and slipping his tool excitingly in and out of my passage.

He kept this slow, tantalising rhythm, occasionally swapping breasts, for a heavenly age then almost imperceptibly, his speed increased, as did the treatment of my breasts. My hips matched his rhythm as I pushed myself up to meet his incoming plunges and as he quickened, I realised he was close to coming so I thrust back at him even harder. I was getting close, too.

Suddenly he left my breast unattended as his hand pushed between us and his thumb and forefinger clamped down on my clitoris and my rockets fired again with a throbbing I was aware of, even from my orbit, as being Rob's sperm pulsing deep into my womb. All I could do was cling to him, trapping his hand, still rotating my nub, between us. I felt him collapse and all movement ceased. I was happy to bear his weight; it helped me come down from the heights so I just hugged him softly until he regained strength. His tool slowly softened and left me feeling bereft as it finally plopped out, followed by our combined juices which I felt oozing across my anus and pooling beneath me.

In due course I felt him stir and soon he heaved himself off my body. Lying on his side facing me, his hand stroked my body from face to knees and back in a circular fashion. "I love you, Mum," he said quietly.

"I love you too, son," I replied. I stroked his cheek then leant in to kiss him tenderly.

We stayed next to each other cherishing and being cherished with gentle caresses for, oh I don't know, maybe an hour. Then I gave him a hug and said, "That food should be ready. Let's go and refuel." But even I was reluctant to leave that warm nest.

We were both sticky and messy so we called in the bathroom to clean up a little. I sat on the toilet and emptied my bladder while he was sponging his groin right next to me. I had never 'gone to the bathroom' in his presence before but it just seemed so natural. He told me not to waste a flush when I was finished and his stream splashed into the bowl while I washed up. I do admit checking his equipment out; I just can't see too much of the tool I worship, even flaccid as it was. Beautiful.

Our meal, when we returned to the kitchen, was a slow, loving affair. We had not bothered with clothes. We fed each other, casually fondling and touching as we caught up on our gossip. I asked if he had a girlfriend yet, although with just a tinge of jealousy. But when he left, almost a year ago, I knew he was a randy 18 year-old and it wouldn't be fair to ask him to be a monk while he was living far from home.

He told me he had had a couple of girls back for a night or two but nothing serious either way.

"Then Jenny and I got together one evening while we were watching TV."

Rob lived in a shared house within easy reach of the Academy. His house-friends were Jenny, a fellow student, and Penny and Pat. They were both students at different colleges. The four of them had got together within a month of that first term. Jenny, Pat and Rob were all 18 but Penny had a year off caring for her dying father before starting uni so was 19.

"Penny and Patrick had started sleeping together a couple of weeks prior to that evening.

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