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A stranger uses my wife in the sauna.

It was at least nine inches long, covered in veins and with a fat cone shaped head.

"You ready for this?" he asked, waving his giant cock at me.

"Fuck, I should be paying you for the chance to ride that monster." I said.

He laughed and walked around to my exposed ass where he pulled his pants down to his knees so that his long ball sack swung free beneath his towering dick.

"I'll try not to hurt you." he said, positioning his big cock head against my puckered hole.

"Don't worry about me; I just want to feel that sweet cock all the way up my ass shooting your ball juice in me." I replied.
He pressed his cock into me and I felt my hole open around his fat cock head. When it had popped through my ass ring he kept up the pressure and I felt his steely cock opening the second ring of my ass before too long and soon I felt his wiry pubes rubbing against my ass.

"You took it all on the first try." he said. "Not many guys can do that."

"That shows how much I want it." I said. "Now fuck my ass like you own it."

He started slow, sliding his big meat in and out of my hole, grabbing the metal handles at my sides to gain my traction. Every time he thrust in, I felt my hole expand inside and let out a gasp of pleasure. The cock cage that I was locked into prevented my cock from getting hard so all of my sensation was concentrated in my ass.

He leaned forward so that his chest was resting on my back and started long dicking my hole.

"Red says that you're not even a pro, you're just doing this to help out your friends." he whispered in my ear as his cock pounded my ass chute.

"Well, I'm a whore tonight so I'm going to give you your moneys worth. You said you like a tight hole."

I started to tighten my ass muscles, clamping down on his long piece of meat. I heard him let out a gasp and his fuck tempo sped up, his giant balls slapping against my own. I knew he couldn't hold out long.

"Goddamn!" he cried out.

I felt his huge meat swell up even bigger inside my ass and then his hot juice blasted into my guts, soothing the heated ass walls. He kept the full length buried in me until his cock head had finished spurting.

Red came over while the giant fuck stick was still buried in my ass and placed a red plastic bucket on the floor under my ass.

"It's hard enough keeping the floor clean." he said. "This should take care of the run off."

"Make sure this fucker gets one of my cards." I said to Red. "I need more of his cock when I've got time to enjoy it."

"You're going to get more of it tonight." the big fucker whispered in my ear. "I'm signed up for the suckathon, too. I want my cock in both of your holes."

"Now there's something for me to be looking forward to." I replied. "I hope your balls are refilled by then so you can feed me a big load."

I felt him ease his softening cock out of my hole, only to immediately be replaced by more hard cock meat shoving into it.

The next couple of guys were nothing to write home about, in out, in out, dump your load.

Number four was special, though. He was an older guy, probably late 50's with long gray hair and a wild beard. He came up and stood watching as Number three plowed my hole, playing with his cock. When he'd gotten fully hard I was amazed. He had a fat cock head that look like a beefsteak tomato on top of a long shaft that started out super thick under the head and then tapered down to a thin diameter at the base. It looked like an ass fuck dream and I could only imagine how it was going to feel when my ass hole was spreading and puckering each time he fucked it.

"That's a unique fuck stick." I said as Number three was blowing his load in my ass.

"You're just about to find out, hope you enjoy it." he said, taking his place at my spread hole.

At first, I honestly didn't think he's be able to force the massive head inside of me but thanks to all of the lube and the cum loads already in my hole, it popped through my ring without too much teeth gritting.

Because of the shape of his shaft, the rest of his cock just sort of slid in.

"That feels fantastic an

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