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Roxie screws up.

"Oh look at his dear little cock, no wonder Kay has had to seek satisfaction elsewhere." Kay was now ready to enjoy a thoroughly humiliating moment for him, with all guests watching she led him over to her stud. She smiled softly at the man who would shortly fuck her.

"Drop your underwear darling, we're going to have a little comparison test. " The stud smiled as the tent in his underwear was revealed in the flesh, and the glory of his nine inch cock impressed the women; it stood boldly to attention, its girth twice that of Brad's, as well as being almost twice as long. Brad was humiliated as Kay held both cocks, pulling him close to show how the stud's generous member dwarfed his. As the women laughed, she sneered wickedly at her belittled husband.

"See how inadequate you are! I can' t wait to be fucked by this cock; you'll go down on your knees and beg him to fuck me. You will address him as 'Sir'." Her pussy buzzed as she basked in her control over him as he meekly fell to his knees, his cock stiff with excitement as he prepared to humiliate himself. The women grinned as he did just as he was told.

"Please Sir, please fuck my wife for me." He went bright red with shame as all in the room laughed contemptuously at him, his arsehole clenching and releasing on the plug as he looked up at the huge cock, knowing his wife would soon enjoy it; he would be cuckolded. Kay pointed to the stairs; she was anxious to have some real cock, and have him witness it.

They trooped up the stairs and Kay delighted in having Brad kneel a yard or so from the foot of the bed. He watched and swallowed hard as all the guests stripped naked, Kay lay on the bed and grinned at her husband as she toyed with her moist slit, and the two other women picked up canes and stood either side of the kneeling cuckold-to-be. The two guest's studs sat and watched eagerly awaiting their turns as Kay's chosen cock mounted the bed. Brad's anus tingled and his cock stood rigid as he heard the sounds of pleasure his wife made, so familiar, so taunting. His cock dribbled as he watched the stud lap at his wife's erect nipples, then he went down and tasted the sex which once belonged to him - no more. The two women teased his cock with their canes as the stud drew back his hips and readied his huge cock to penetrate Kay. Dorothy and Miriam savoured the moment as they watched the despair on Brad's face, Dorothy's pussy tingled as she yearned for cock herself, and her spite toward Brad would provide relief.

"Now you'll see your wife satisfied by a real man; she deserves a cock like that, you'll not fuck her ever again now." Brad sighed as she lifted his cock back with her cane as he watched the stud ease his huge bell-end into the tight inviting warmth of her tingling pussy. Kay lifted her legs high and focused on her kneeling husband, he saw her face and the immense pleasure she was receiving; he watched helpless and feeling so inadequate as the huge cock slipped in and out of his wife's excited and dribbling pussy. The redhead would now ensure he was teased thoroughly.

"See how your wife enjoys a real man with a real cock; he's going to shoot soon, and she'll enjoy his hot spunk; then you'll enjoy it too." Brad was now made fully aware of his lowly position as Kay began to moan with pleasure, smiling at him with stupefied eyes as the stud too, started to grunt and hump impatiently. Brad watched mesmerised as the shaft of the huge huge cock became streaked with milky white as it pumped in and out; his seed delivery into his wife had begun. Kay stiffened her legs and pointed her toes to the ceiling as she moaned in the delicious dual ecstasy of the wholesome fuck by a stud, with her pleasure magnified beyond all ecstasies by the triumph over her husband, humiliated at her pleasure, with the best still to come.

The stud roared as he unleashed the contents of his balls into Kay, and she sang out long and hard as her pleasured pussy accepted the thick white wads of semen, which he spunked out in a breathless fury.

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