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He punishes the teacher who sent him away.

And Derek was a partner, there was no one that could argue and win over a jury like he could. He could sell ice water in hell. I just sat there, watching him, his eyebrow furrowing over something on the screen before him. Just as his scotch would get low, the stewardess would refill it automatically so that he never ran out. She could recall several nights where she'd found him passed out on the loveseat in his office, empty glass in his hand, the smell of scotch clear across the room.

The three of us had gone to the same high school, Derek and I had even lived in the same trailer park, we'd known each other since we were little and our parents had been friends. Growing up in the same park, going to the same schools we'd been close. But high school changed everything. while I'd once been happy to just sit around and get fucked up with Derek and a few others the year before. High school kind of hit me with a dose of reality. I didn't have many years left before I'd be an adult and forced to fend for myself. I'd been taking care of myself for years, but if I wanted to ever break the cycle and become more than a drunk passed out on the couch like my own mother, I needed to strive for something better.

It began the second week of high school, I was in the library, actually doing homework while I waited for Derek to get out of detention. Steven had sat down at the same table, the only one with room left. He broke the ice by asking to borrow a pencil, and realized we shared the same math class. I asked him about problem 23 and we became instant friends. He actually met Derek and despite how opposite they were, we were like the 3 amigos. Steven was the son of a lawyer, lived high class, you'd expect him to be a snob, but Steven just wasn't that type of guy. When I went out of state for college Derek had gone berserk, ending our relationship. I went to an art institute and both Derek and Steven became lawyers and eventually inheriting Steven's firm. They were like brothers.

I sat up slowly, watching and waiting for Derek to acknowledge I was awake. sometimes he'd play

games and pretend I wasn't there for hours. He'd changed so much from the boy I'd befriended by the frog pond. His black hair was medium length and gelled back neatly. Everything about Derek screamed time and care. He held himself with poise and purpose and just his presence demanded attention. If he didn't acknowledge me, I didn't exist so therefore I wasn't allowed to talk, or move really until he acknowledged me. I just stared at him, patiently. After a few minutes a smile curved his lips and he looked over with a smile.

"Wash up, we're landing soon and we have a lunch we have to get to. Everything is where it's always been." he announced. I nodded and made my way into the back of the plane where he had a suite built. I made myself a hot shower and scrubbed myself clean. once dried I shuffled through the closet of expensive clothes and picked out my little black strapless dress. After makeup, jewelry and my hair just the way he liked it I made myself comfortable in the seat beside him. His hand rested on my leg while the other scrolled down the pages of his memo. I rested my head on his shoulder and stared blankly at the wall.

"I noticed while you were sleeping that your ring is missing..." he announced. i didn't respond or move, frozen in anticipation. He patted my knee reassuringly.

"See, that's how I found you. You and he left a pretty messy trail, and I picked it up at the pawnshop." I felt the cold metal slip around my finger and my heart sank. He turned his head and kissed me. I kissed him back until he pulled away and took another sip of scotch. Declaring himself tired he closed his laptop and pulled me close until I lay on my side facing him.

"These past few weeks without you have been very lonely," he announced.

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