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After a long week, I invite my fuck buddy Emily over.

A twinge of jealousy briefly runs through Barb.

"I hope you have a good story for me tonight. I would hate for you to start off on a bad note," says Omar. "You may begin," he commanded. Barb did not need any notes. She pretty much had the whole story in her head; it was just jumbled around at that moment. Her first few words got stuck in her throat. Barb grabs the glass of wine that sits on the table next to her chair and takes a drink. She then musters up the courage to begin.

"Joe had been planning for this Saturday evening all week. Karla was coming over to have a few drinks and visit he and his wife Kim. Karla's husband and daughter were out of town and Joe and Kim were trying to keep Karla from being lonely. It was actually Joe's idea that Karla come over. He has secretly lusted after Karla ever since Kim started watching Karla's daughter while she worked. Kim had been bored ever since Sherri, her eighteen year-old daughter from a previous marriage, had gone away to a nearby college. Kim met Karla through a mutual friend and came up with the idea to do daycare for Karla's little girl when Karla said she wanted to go back to work."

"Joe was attracted to Karla since their first meeting. How could he not be? Her silky blonde hair, her tight, trim body. Although Karla's breasts were small, much smaller than his full-figured wifes, they were firm and offered a nice contrast to what Joe was used to. He had watched Karla at holiday get-togethers and by the pool in the summer. Joe secretly snuck peaks at her stiff nipples when she wore her little black dress without a bra and when she emerged from the cold pool water in that tiny bikini she wears. She has been a vision running through his mind at times as he made love to Kim and when he was alone stroking his hard cock."

As Barb spoke Omar ejoyed the servant girls' attention. They took his robe off when Barb started speaking and began to stroke his smooth skin. Barb could tell they were using the same oil on him that they use for her massages because she caught a whiff of it as she continued to convey her tale. Barb tried to concentrate on her story but she found herself trying to watch what transpired before her simultaneously. Barb could just see enough in the dim light to know what was going on under the veil. It took all her concentration to keep the story going as she watched Omar slide his hand between one servant's legs while he brought another's face to his to kiss her lips. All the while the third servant appeared to be working on Omar's cock. Her body was blocking Barb's view but she could tell by the girl's motions that she was stroking his hard-on.

Barb continued, "When the evening arrived the three of them sat around and made small talk for a bit. Joe eagerly volunteered to make drinks for everyone. Unbeknownst to the girls, he added a little something extra to their drinks. He wanted to be sure they would both be out like a light for what he had planned. Joe had plotted it all out and was certain his scheme would work. He would drug his wife's drink to keep her knocked out while he had his way with an unconscious Karla. The three of them had a few drinks, listened to music, and chatted until the girls suddenly began to feel tired. Joe, claiming he didn't want Karla to drive drunk, insisted she stay the night. She could sleep in Sherri's old room. He claimed it would be the sefest thing for Karla to do."

It became more and more difficult for Barb to continue the story as she watched the servants work on Omar.

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