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I catch my roommate and his friend in a compromising act.

I grabbed for it with my mouth once again and slid up on as much of it as I could. My lips were stretched thin and tight, and my tongue was pressed down against the bottom of my mouth by the tremendous oversized girth of the man. I sat on the bed of my popper immersion tank amazed and thrilled that this huge monster of a cock could fit inside my mouth...or, anywhere else for that matter.

On and off I sucked, lapping my tongue across the amazing bulk of the hulking head and cumbersome shaft when possible...soaring in the salty sweet precum that would spit across my tongue whenever that big animal cock would flex and jerk inside my mouth. I reached up to grab, stoke, and pet those big furry balls in their long slack sack, weighing their ponderous size in my shaking popper-crazed hands.

The huge cock began flexing faster, spitting more and more precum into my waiting mouth. Cum blasted into and flooded every corner of my mouth. I felt his legs and body begin to shake as rapid fire ropes of thick hot cum jetted into and filled my mouth faster than I could swallow I gulped and lapped at his huge heavy cock with wild abandon, desperate for every drop that incredible slab of meat and its massive hairy balls would give me. Still, the excess spilled from the corners of my mouth to stream down my chin, jaw, and neck.

I was disappointed when the heavy, salty, sweet eruptions began to lessen and slow. I to savor every bit of the wonderful thick load dumped into my mouth, bathing my own tongue and the big strange cock in the warm salty milkshake spewing up from deep within his balls.

The cock pulled back from my nursing mouth and huge hands pushed me back onto the bad. My legs were lifted from my position on my back. Thick rough fingers plunged into my ass. I flinched and tightened protectively against the wide prodding fingers. They left and I felt his thick calloused digits return to my hole with cool wet lubrication.

The stranger moved up against me, my legs slid across his muscular hairy stomach and chest until they eased to the side and down into the crook of his elbows on either side of his strong broad torso. The thick blunt cock-head nudged into the small opening of my body. I inhaled sharply at the contact and anticipation of what was to come next. He let the tension ease from my body and my rapid breathing slow before that broad cock-head was back and stuffing its broad bulk inside. The massive head was now inside me and my tight hole clamped down in a steel grip on the huge meaty shaft behind it.

I attempted to look out from my immersion tank. I could not tell if this stranger was real or part of my popper haze. I wondered if I had left my basement door open and someone had wondered in. I didn't care. All I cared about was his cock in my ass. A picture formed inside my head of what that mammoth cock must look like forcing its way into my body...my tiny asshole stretched impossibly wide and tight around the almost beer-can thickness of the man's humongous bull meat...the even broader cumbersome head shoving my insides open for the heavy vein-rippled shaft behind...its slow prolonged progression up into me as it shoved past my hips, waist, bellybutton, and then deep into my stomach. I felt like a small vulnerable animal thrust on a huge spit of hard male flesh and roasting in a fire that came from inside rather than outside of my sexually intoxicated body.

My groans, cries, and gasps strained into one long combined wailing sob of piercing pleasure instantly as my body reacted by jerking, twisting, and heaving on the huge behemoth cock forcing its possessive way back up into me.

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