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A stepdaughter falls prey to her stepdad.

Spreading thighs even further her fingertips pushed the thong to one side and commenced teasing the exposed moist interior. He needed to touch her now, and raising himself to a seated position reached forward hesitantly to explore. She stood up quickly and turned to face him.

"Not yet Jordan, not quite yet baby."

As she spoke she gently pushed him back down again and her hands gripped his thighs.

"I want to taste you first baby."

The words dribbled from her mouth like golden honey and Jordan shivered. Her hands moved to the waistband of his pants. The first two buttons that held the waist tab she popped quickly then looked into his eyes.

"I have been waiting for this for so long, I am going to savor every moment."

She reached up and unfastened the shirt buttons and spread the linen wide to expose his chest then leaning forward bit each nipple gently but firmly. Jordan groaned and with a smile she started to kiss and nibble down the center of his breast bone. Her lips reached the tufts of light hair that sprouted around his belly button and her hands moved to resume work on the button fly of his pants. Each fastening was popped tortuously slowly and her lips and tongue caressed each new portion of exposed skin. Jordan felt his member twitching in anticipation and as if an answer to a prayer her right hand snaked under the cotton material to grasp him firmly and expose his shaft to her gaze.

His penis was big. Not huge like the almost unreal monsters in some of the pornography she had watched but larger than any she had ever seen up close. The shaft was ridged with veins and the mushroom head swollen and looked the texture of velvet. Pulling the foreskin down to completely expose the tip she flicked out her tongue to take one long lick.

"Oh baby he is just so beautiful."

She kissed the tip, inhaled the scent of him and then slid the entire head into her mouth. She held him there, rolling her tongue around and around, savoring every centimeter. Releasing the head from her mouth she dipped to suck his testicles into her hot hungry depths lathering them with her saliva. Her hand gently gripped the shaft and moved his foreskin up and down over the gland, thrilling at each jerk and jump in her fingers.

Taking the tip back in her mouth she started to slide her lips up and down the shaft while reaching back to unclasp and remove her brassiere. Releasing him she dribbled some saliva into her cleavage and wrapping his shaft between her breasts began to tit fuck him. Jordan reached forward and rolled her rock hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She gasped, shook the hair back from whence it had fallen over her face and stared intently into his eyes. Diana was hungry, famished for pleasure, wanting undiluted control over this statuesquely proportioned body. Pants and shorts were easily slid from his feet and having casually tossed them aside she raised his legs, folded then back onto his chest to expose the tight sphincter of his as yet virgin asshole. She slowly dribbled a drip or two of spittle onto the crinkled target and watched excitedly as his orifice reacted by winking in confused pleasure.

Diana slid her right hand under the bed and easily found the rubber straps she had placed there earlier. The thigh bands came first, snugly fitting around his folded legs. The wrist straps came next and although he was already totally compliant they ensured that once attached to the thigh straps he was unable to resist. She stood and allowed him to again view her sensual curves, even pulling aside her thong to spread her labia wide, passing a fingertip through the moistness and licking the juices with an educated tongue. Jordans cock applauded savagely, twitching upwards then slapping down hard against his belly, the tip almost reaching up to his navel. A glistening drip of precum escaped from his meatus and reaching forward Diana collected the precious fluid with her lips before swallowing it down with a gourmets delight.


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