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They celebrate with a bang.

She didn't reach towards me, didn't say anything. No approval or dismissal. Nothing. But silence, I knew by now, could mean that nothing was up, that I was meeting expectations, if there were any.

I decided to keep taking initiative, and removed my foot from the couch, to then turn to the other woman. I turned, and carefully lowered myself onto her lap, very nervous about criticism at this point. But there was nothing. Her black, somewhat tough hand touched my side, my belly, and just stayed there. I started to move my hips a little bit, and I could feel my pussy lips scour against her jeans. I felt so naked compared to her.

The other woman then suddenly reached to me, to my face, and it felt even scarier as I saw her hand approaching. She took my chin in her hand, and turned my face towards hers.
"Some sugar," she simply said.

I didn't know what that meant. I just stared at her, nervously.

"Kiss her, bitch, what are you, stupid?" the woman on whose lap I was sitting scolded me.

With a humiliated, embarrassed feeling I then rushed to lean towards her a bit while I was still sitting on the other woman's lap, basically giving her a lapdance. It felt so awkward giving her a sensual kiss. Smelling her breath, her face so close by, while they basically forced me to kiss her. They didn't care. They just took, that much was clear. I didn't dare end the kiss, I just waited until she did.

In the meantime, I felt the woman's hand wander down my belly, and simply caressing my pussy. Something the bachelorette wasn't allowed to do, but here, there didn't seem to be any rules. No rules protecting me, anyway.

When the woman next to us ended the kiss, the other one in turn grabbed my chin, and forced me to look over my shoulder, into her eyes.

"Don't leave me hangin',"

She pressed her lips against mine, and while her hand was softly caressing my pussy, I was sensually kissing her. I was really trying, as I really didn't want to take the risk of being scolded for giving some kind of basic, prude kiss.

"You should have done that years ago anyway, stupid bitch," the other continued to sneer at me. "That's how a slut greets her superiors. With some sugar. Better remember that for next time."

I just nodded awkwardly.

"How about you come here on my lap and let me check out that sweet white pussy of yours, what do you say?" she continued.

I didn't dare to answer. And it turned out that once again, an answer wasn't expected. Obedience, was what was expected.

I slid off the other woman's lap, and then carefully went to squat down on her lap.

"Sideways," she said, and somewhat roughly pushed against my hip, as a sign to change direction.

With my face now turned to the first woman, I sat on her lap. I knew better than to keep my legs together when her hand then immediately reached for my crotch. I actually spread my feet wide apart. Wider than even necessary, trying hard to get into their good graces. To not give them a reason to criticize me.

She passed the cigarette to the other woman, and without any hesitation, her free hand touched between my legs, running her fingers over my soft lips. She didn't wait for too long before she started probing her finger in between my lips.

"Been a while since I tasted white pussy," she said, and then pushed inside of me. Lazily, as if it was as simple as smoking that cigarette.

She probed another few times, and I was embarrassed of how very wet I was. It was so easy to hear the sopping of her finger, god.

She then slid it out just as simply, and put her finger in her mouth, licking off my juices. This was so weird, so very objectifying.

"She taste good?" the other asked.

"She taste just fine."

Without any warning, the other then reached towards my widely opened legs, and it felt as if nothing was sacred about me anymore, I was becoming an accessory.

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