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An old man employs a young busty cleaning lady.

Mistress Grace could see that she was quickly getting painted into a corner. She really did not know any of these people except for her daughter and Carol. And, she did not want to put Linda or Carol into such a contest, which could last a while. She figured that Marion's hubby gets spanked regularly, and he probably has a high pain tolerance level. And, she had no plans to be Marion's bitch tonight.

"Well, Joy," Grace replied, "Both of these girls are still recovering from a good strapping earlier this week. It would not be fair to them to submit to such a spanking."

"In that case, I volunteer to be your bottom," Joy replied. "I haven't had a good spanking for almost a week. And, I'll make you a side bet that you can't make me cry uncle. If I use my safe word, I will spend an hour in the pillory. If I win, you do. Fair enough?"

"Hey, wait a minute," Carol screamed. "I want to be in the pillory, too."

"Well, let's go then," Marion replied. "Let's put the little bitch in the pillory and the older two bitches on the spanking bench and see who the better spanker is. And, I can't wait to have you licking my pussy later tonight after I turn your ass bright red!"

"As much fun as that will be, can we wait until after midnight?" Joy asked. "First, I have reserved the pillory from 12 to 1 AM for Carol. I owe her a good spanking from earlier this week, and I want it to end with her eating my pussy. And after that, a little 'strange' probably will do her some good, too."

"Well how about the loser of our contest?" Marion asked.

"Why don't we go see if 1 AM to 2 AM is booked?" Ray suggested. "If so, the loser gets pilloried after Carol."

"Sounds good to me," Marion replied.

Mistress Grace knew that the die was cast. She could not back out now.

Chapter Three: The Private Punishment Room

"Carol, wanna go see if the pillory is free then?"

Carol knew that Linda was dying to get spanked, and she just wanted an excuse to roam the floor without her mother. But, Carol was still unsure about getting spanked too early, because she figured Joy would spank her hard at midnight.

"If you go alone, you may never be able to walk back," Debbie cautioned. "Don't forget: Any bottom walking the floor alone must submit to a spanking from any top or switch who also is alone. I would suggest that you take someone with you for protection until you meet more people. Most of those here are very trustworthy and just looking for some spanking fun. But, there are a couple that are a bit sadistic. Until you learn whom to avoid, I would suggest you not roam the floor alone."

"Why don't I go with them," Joy volunteered.

"Sounds good to me." Ray added. "And, if you pass a cocktail server, tell her we are thirsty."

Joy had another motive in mind, and knew that she could force the two young girls to keep a secret. When she registered, she noticed the blonde behind the registration table was wearing a switch badge on her big left tit. Maybe she could get the blonde to give her a spanking, or visa versa. Maybe even trade after midnight. Ray probably would be too drunk to play by then.

As they began walking towards the stage, suddenly the three girls noticed another trio walking towards them. Joy was in luck, for one of the three was the blonde she wanted to 'meet'. And, she was walking with two young guys who both had top badges stuck to their chests. This looked very promising.

"Boy, it's a shame that you're with these two lovely and very spankable asses," one of the boys mentioned to Joy as he stared at Linda and Carol. Joy also saw the blonde staring at her, and she figured she was bisexual as well as a spanking switch.

"Hi, I'm Liz, and these are my two sons, Seth and Shawn," the blonde responded.

"Well, hello," Joy responded.

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