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A relaxing afternoon alone takes a different turn.

The screams of his victims were like music to his ears and he had been far too long since his last conquest and all because of that bastard Samuels. The man had been the only survivor, Dormand's presence, his poison, his touch having been sufficient to end every life he had entered, all except for one, his. The scar was a constant reminder not only to the man who even now slept warmly in a bed while his prey stood in this dark, damp environment but also to the demon, a mistake he would not make a second time.

Moving his hand, a slight of hand if you will and the appearance of a snifter of brandy which he drank from, the warmth fueling his fire as he remembered the way you had talked to him. The chancellor would be found in the morning, dead of an apparent heart attack and Dormand shuddered, remembering how it had appalled him to take the shape of such a fool. It had however provided him with a much needed opportunity, the way perhaps to bring an end to this troublesome human's life while tasting the flesh of what he knew was a pure, untouched soul, yours. He could see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, you had garnered strong emotions with the appearance of the stranger and only a fool would not reciprocate. Samuels he knew, was no fool.

It was late, much later that the crow flew in through your open window. He perched on one of the four corners of the bed, staring intently at you for a moment as if in thought. From there he took flight, landing in your dressing area, his eyes finding the object of his attraction. Your brush lay there, the same brush which you had used for years prior to going to bed. With his beak, he pecked at the bristles, pulling out several strands of your hair which he clutched, his prize held firmly as he took you leave, swiftly returning to his lair and his earlier form.

It was daybreak when he finished, the spell having been written, the strands of hair the catalyst and as he spoke them aloud, the morning sun was blocked by angry clouds, their darkness consuming the kingdom. It was as if night had replaced day and with the final word spoken thunder began to rumble and lightening exploded through the sky, a foreshadowing of the darkness which was about to befall not only you but the man you had only met hours ago as well. His dark eyes piercing, he watched as the vision began to appear before him, each piece of the puzzle perfect in his duplicity until it was created. The figure stood there as she was born, naked and when her eyes took in his sight, she knelt in submission saying in a voice eerily familiar to you as your own, "I serve at the pleasure of my Master. How may I serve you my lord?" His smile was cruel, he knew to control her completely he must possess her in the ways of the flesh and with that he fell upon her.

That night as the two lay beside one another she listened as explained what he required of her. "I will handle the fair Brielle, you will make sure that I am never to look upon the visage of the man Samuel's face again. Take what you will from him, his pain or your pleasure but in the end destroy him and with your final words tell him who has brought about his downfall, the one he knows as Dormand. Is that clear my beauty?"

She smiled, nodding and saying, "It shall be as you decree my lord, he will suffer greatly for having dared stand against you, this I swear." He reached out, his hand pulling at her hair forcefully, bringing her to him and as she cried out in delicious pain he pictured you in her place.

Removing you from your home had been child's play for the demon.

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