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Noah wants to try something different tonight.

That is why I'm so jealous it is my fear of you leaving me for someone else. When we watched that movie last week and you got horny watching the older women I figured it out, the 1 woman I would have no fear of you leaving me for, that I trust totally, and that I know would turn you on since you are such a boob man. Please don't be mad."

And she was right, I am a boob man, and have been wanting to suck on Anne's 38DDD tits since I first met Trish when we were in high school.

I decided to play my own trick and sternly said, "uncuff me."

She did and I reached back and put my hand behind Trishes head, grabbed a handful of hair (she likes this rough play) and pulled her face down to mine.

I said, "This is the best gift you could ever give me."

Then I looked at Anne on her knees between my legs with my cum all over her face.

I told her, "Anne, for your first time that was one of the sexiest blowjobs I have ever gotten. I loved it."

Then I pulled Tish's face into mine and gave her a hot wet kiss.

After the kiss Tish looks over at Anne and says, "Why mum, you have cum all over your face. We need to clean you up."

Then my wife gets on her knees beside me, leans over, and starts licking my cum from her mothers face. I was floored and what happened next left me speechless.

After all the cum was licked up by Tish Anne says, "I saved some for you just as you asked." and stuck out her tongue.

She cupped her tongue at the end and there was a little puddle of my cum in it. Tish promptly leaned over and sucked her mothers tongue into her mouth, and they started kissing. I had a feeling my suprise just got a whole lot more interesting. That's when I look up at the tv screen and see my wifes face buried in Anne's pussy. Then the tape stops and I look over to see Anne fondling Trish's tits and pinching her nipples.

Trish is holding the VCR remote in her hand and says "We can watch more of that later, right now I want you to eat moms pussy since she gave you such a good blowjob."

I smile and look over at Anne and she is licking her lips.

I ask her, "What made you decide to go through with this?"

She smiles at me and says, "I have wanted to fuck you since the day Tish brought you home."

I told her, "But we didn't fuck. I want to know why after 54 years of never giving head you decide to suck your daughters husbands cock and swallow his cum?"

She grins and says, "I love it when you talk dirty. Actually, I always thought it would be nasty and had this fear a man would urinate in my mouth. But Tish convinced me if I watched her do it first I'd be ok, and I was."

I looked at her and said, "Are you ready to have your pussy eaten by me? I see my wife has already eaten her mothers pussy before, now it's my turn...lay down on the couch slut."

Anne smiles and saunters over to the couch. She is still wearing her street clothes which consist of sweats and whatever else is underneath, and I get an idea.

"Hold on a sec, I know just how I want to do this," I said.

I get up and go over and sit on the couch. I motion Anne to come over and sit on my lap facing me.

She does and Trish says, "no no Jim, you are to eat her pussy, not fuck her."

I reply that I understand and am just having a little fun first.

I never fully described Anne. She is 54, 5'8" with short curly grey/black hair. About 150 lbs with an ass almost identical to Trishes (like mother like daughter) and those fantastic 38DDD tits which I have yet to free from their confinement. One thing different is Anne has an excellent set of legs. She does a lot of yardwork and the constant squatting in her vegetable and flower gardens has kept her legs tone and fit, tanned and sexy.

With anne on my lap, my cock folded up between our bellies, I reached behind her and slid my hands under her sweatpants and panties to knead her ass.

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