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Light bdsm and bondage.

The camera was in place. The covers were turned down. The curtains closed. All was ready.

She hit the "record" button on her way past, pulling him eagerly behind her. She pushed him down onto the bed and practically jumped atop him, resuming their passionate kissing and humping. After several lingering kisses, she had to break away briefly to catch her breath and regain control of the situation.

She was ready to move things along, but at her pace. She kissed him on the forehead, then on the cheek. She breathed into his ear, and he shuddered. She then resumed kissing him on the mouth, this time more softly, teasing him. He tried to kiss her harder but she pulled back to deny him, then she bit his lip. He did not know pain could be so erotic. "Oh," she cooed, "did I hurt you? Sorry," she lied, "Let me make it better," and she kissed the bite mark lightly. She kissed the tip of his nose and his cheek again, then, brushing lightly over his lips with hers, she dropped down and kissed his chin then his neck. She bit his neck lightly, causing butterflies in his stomach which flew right down to the tip of his penis. Precum flowed out of it.

She paused briefly to pull his shirt off him and toss it to the floor. She ran her hands over his muscular chest and rippled abdomen. "Mmmm," she said, and bent down to kiss his mouth again, then she stuck her tongue into his ear, again causing him to shudder. He grabbed her ass in both hands and pulled their groins firmly together. He ground himself against her, attempting to take charge. "Easy, baby. You wanna fuck, don't ya?" she teased, even as she pushed back against his hands, easing the pressure between their groins. He moaned, but she reassured him. "Soon, baby. Real soon. We're gonna fuck all afternoon," she said with all the vixen she could put into her voice.

"All afternoon," she repeated, breathlessly, as she ran her tongue down across his cheek and on to his throat, then back up over his chin, and then she plunged it back into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue awhile, then plunged his own tongue into her mouth and she sucked his in turn, then she broke off the kiss and licked his chin again, trailing her tongue back down to his throat. Her vagina pressed and rubbed gently against his hard cock the whole while, teasing them both, delaying their satisfaction, allowing the sexual tension to build almost beyond their tolerance.

He was beginning to groan with lust and she rose up off him a bit and slowed her pace to keep him from losing control. She began to tease his chest with her lips and tongue, kissing his breasts and sucking gently on nipples for awhile. He responded with gasps and writhed on the bed under her ministrations.

Now it was time to go down on him. She made her way down his stomach, advancing slowly toward his manhood. She paused briefly to pull his shorts down out of her way. He hiked up his hips, and she pulled them down to his knees, then she began to tease him some more, slowly working her tongue across his lower abdomen, hovering just above the head of his hungry penis. He began to moan aloud, anticipating what she would do. She would not disappoint him. She took his cock in one hand and, her smoky eyes briefly fixing on the camera lens, closed her mouth around the tip of it and sucked hard, making lewd slurping sounds. She sucked for several seconds, then pulled her mouth off the end of his penis with a loud pop that made her giggle. But she was all business and went right back to work on him. She licked around the head of his penis several times, lapping up is oozing pre-cum, then licked the shaft down to his testicles. She licked his balls lightly, and gently sucked one, then the other, into her mouth, licking them languidly. He clutched the sheets vigorously, trying to maintain control.

She made her way slowly back up the shaft and then took him into her mouth again, this time as far as she could get him.

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