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The film is becoming a reality but...

The hands on his cock continued to stroke him slowly, and he felt a tongue invading his mouth once again and kissed them back, softly at first, then passionately. His mind was reeling from the touches all over his body, stroking their fingers lightly over him and touching him. Then he opened his eyes, and almost came from the sight that greeted him.

Around him, his colleagues and co-workers were all, in one way or another, sucking or licking or fucking each other senseless. Tongue on tongue, clit on clit, cock or ass, all of them were helpless to their sexual energy. In front of him, David watched as Geri wrapped her legs around Sandy's head, pulling her into her pussy as she lapped at her clit and pushed a finger into her now open pussy, causing Geri to throw her head back and moan in delight.

David looked around some more, and saw Michelle sat over Paul's face, his tongue right inside her pussy as she shared his cock with Chris. Chris had the head of Paul's large cock in his mouth, and was sucking furiously, milking his cock as Michelle leant over and licked the underside of his cock and down to his balls, taking each in turn into her mouth and sucking lightly. Chris stopped his sucking for a moment, allowing Michelle to take it between her bright red lips and suck it all into her mouth, deepthroating him in one go and surprising both Paul and Chris.

By now David realised that the hands on his cock had been replaced by a mouth wrapped around his hard cock. He looked down, and saw the beautiful face of Samantha with her mouth around his manhood, sucking lightly and looking up into his eyes as she did. David smiled as his biggest dream was coming true. He felt her hands on his ass, pulling him closer to her as she took all of him into her mouth, spreading his ass cheeks as she did.

She almost jumped to the ceiling when he felt the third hand on his ass, and the cold sensation of the lubricant touching the puckered skin around his ass hole, relaxing it gently. He looked behind him, and saw the beaming face of Steven looking up at him as his finger massaged his ass, then he eased the finger in slowly, right up to knuckle, then slowly but firmly started to finger fuck his ass.

The sensations were sending David wild, the finger - and then two - in his ass and Samantha's expert tongue swirling around his engorged cock. He had to steady himself to make sure he didn't fall, his legs buckling slightly under him, and then he half regained his composure.

"Now its time for your initiation into the company, David," Steven whispered into his ear, "are you ready for it?"

David nodded his response, unable to form any words as his two work colleagues continued their sensual assault. As he nodded, Steven took his fingers out of David's ass, and nodded to Samantha, who took his cock out of her mouth, giving it a final lick before she left him alone. But it was only a momentary break in the fun for David, as he watched Samantha remove her bra and panties slowly, enticing him with every move, her hands running over her pert nipples and down, between her legs and running over her smoothly shaved pussy. David gasped as Samantha led on the mattress and cushions behind her, spreading her legs as she did and running a finger down the length of her pussy, dipping it into herself slightly then raising it to her mouth, tasting her juices.

Samantha beckoned to David, and he led down on top of her, feeling her breasts on his chest as they kissed passionately, the sweet taste of her juices on her tongue as they probed each other's mouths.

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