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Sometimes persuasion is needed for sex.

It was held up by thin little straps. Her lacy panty's followed the outline of her leg perfectly. The top of the panties rode low on the hips and allowed for a peak at her neatly trimmed pubic hair. The model turned around to show me her ass. I studied the way that the material clung to the butt checks and gracefully slipped up into her crack.

I sat back and took in the whole sight of this woman. She looked exactly my wife. I stared into her eyes and she stared back into mine. I was no longer embarrassed of my desire or my erection. I begin to lean forward towards this sexy lady in front of me but I was stopped as I felt Lisa's hand on my shoulder.

"We are not yet done Paul." she whispered in my ear and eased me back down into my seat.

Over and over I lusted over copies of my wife as they exhibited their bodies dressed in the sexiest clothes Lisa had to offer.

One would come out in a lacey bra and panty. The next would model a camisole or teddy. There were garter belts and stockings, corsets and bustiers.

I have had erotic dreams about my wife before but nothing like this. I was at a lingerie fashion show and my wife was the only model.

All the while Lisa was narrating the fantasy. I felt like I was being tortured. My wife was being paraded in front of me in incredibly sexy outfits and all I could do was sit there.

My pants were wet from precum and my hands were shaking from the adrenaline that was surging through my body.

I was staring at the curtain waiting for the next model, grasping the arms of the chair and breathing heavy.

Lisa, standing behind me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and whispered in my ear.

"Paul, Karen wants you to love her with passion." she said. "Do you have passion for your wife Paul?" She asked. "Yes I do." I said with a testosterone charged tone. "Paul, Karen wants you to love her with intensity." she said. "Do you have an intense love for your wife Paul?" "Yes!" I repeated sharply. "Very well." Lisa sighed.

Her arms slipped from around me. She was walking towards the curtain as the next model stepped out. They looked at each other; then Lisa looked back at me and smiled as she stepped behind the curtain.

I had not seen this model before. She still looked like my wife but I had seen the other model's several times. She was dressed in a simple form fitting black evening dress. The neck line was low and her breasts heaved out of the top. The smooth material flowed down into the curve of her waist. She had womanly hips and the dressed followed their outline perfectly. Just below the hem of the dress I could see the lacey tops of her black stockings. She had well shaped muscular legs and black open toed high heel shoes.

All the other models strutted into the room like they were on a runway in Paris but not this woman. She strolled into the room, slow and flirty. As she reached the edge of the stage she spun around backwards and flipped her long, dark, shiny hair over her shoulder.

She leaned over pushing her ass out towards me. Her hands reached behind her as she slowly unzipped the dress. As the zipper lowered she exposed parts of her sensuous body.

First her muscular but still feminine back. The skin was smooth and tight. I could see freckles on her shoulders.

The zipper lowered a little more I could see the clasps of her delicate black bra.

A little lower. I could see the milky white skin and the curve of her waist.

Now the zipper was all the way down. I could see her black lacy bikini cut panties. She slipped the dress off her shoulders and let fall to the floor.

The dress gathered around her high heeled shoes. With one graceful step and a flick of her toe she flung the dress at me. The dress landed in my lap. The dress carried the fragrance of my wife's favorite perfume. Lisa had thought of everything.

The model started to dance in front of me.

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