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You are self-conscious, so she sheds your inhibitions.

As the visions of himself and Erica played thru his mind, he shot his load across the room onto a pile of dirty laundry nearly ten feet away.

With the pressure mercifully released, he put on a fresh pair of boxers and shorts and began reliving the events of the past few hours, knowing that he had most likely lost his one and only chance of busting his cherry!

"So what's going on between you and my brother?" Jen asked her friend.

"Nothing really, just a little bit of good old fashioned flirting." Erica said with a smile. "I think he has the hot's for me Jen."

"Oh I know he does!" Jen said. "Every time he looks at you he's practically drooling and he gets a hard on the size of a baseball bat! My god, I never knew his dick was that big!"

"Yeah, you should have felt it when we were going to eat! I thought he was going to burst right thru his jeans and straight up my pussy."

"Oh, I'm sure you would have loved that!" Jen said playfully.

"Maybe I would!" Erica said.

They both laughed and continued to talk for a few more hours until it was time to cook some dinner. They went in the house and changed into some fresh clothes and began cooking dinner. Jen went to check on Jim and see if he was going to eat with them.

"Hey Jimmy, are you okay? Are you getting hungry?" she called thru the door after finding it locked. Jim opened the door.

"Come to take a few more shots at me sis?" he asked as he leaned on the door.

"Hey Jimmy look" she began. "I was just messin with you. I think it's great that you find Erica attractive. God knows every other guy does! Besides, I think she finds you kinda hot too!"

Jim looked at her a little surprised. He thought Jen was just pulling his chain, but then he realized she was serious. He had thought that Erica was just messin with him too, that she had no real interest in him at all. Perhaps this changed things!

"Look Jimmy, if you and Erica want to hook up, that's cool. I think you two look good together, even if she is a little older then you."

Jim nodded his head as she talked.

"Ya know kiddo, I'm even a little envious of Erica." Jen said as she looked him up and down. "If I'd known what a stud you were going to become, I'd have kept you for myself!" Jen said with a wink. Then she gave him a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips and left the room, calling back that dinner would be ready in about twenty minutes.

Dinner was uneventful as they kept the subjects of conversation to safe topics. When they had finished, the three of them cleaned the kitchen and put the food away and they moved into the living room and watched some television. Jim spent most of the time watching Erica out of the side of his eyes. Luck for him they had turned off the lights to watch TV. He was sitting in the recliner, the farthest seat from the television while Jen and Erica sat on the sofa to the left of were Jim was. Erica was sitting closest to Jim so he had an unintruded view of her.

In the light of the TV, he could see her face perfectly. He noticed that her nose turned up just a touch and her lips were full and luscious. She reminded him of Megan Fox.

As he sat there watching her, she turned toward him and when she saw him watching her, she gave him the sexiest smile he had every seen and winked at him. His cock jumped to life for the hundredth time that day. He was totally in love with this Erica girl!

About 11:30, Jim said he was tired and going to go to bed. In truth, he just wanted to go and jerk off, having spent the day with a hard on over Erica.

"Only eighteen and already acting like an old man." Jen teased. He got up and gave his sister a hug and then to his surprise, Erica got up off the sofa and gave him a warm, firm, full body hug. Then he went off to his room.

As was the norm for him, he striped off his clothes, since he always slept in the buff, and crawled beneath the sheets.

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