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She gets her young lover for an afternoon.

The way his fingers ran over my clit left me in no doubt he wanted more than just a shower.

He kissed down my neck, down my breasts, sucking my nipples as he kept going down.

'Please lick my clit' I thought to myself as he went lower down my body.

'Oooohhahhh' I let out as his lounge start licking me. His fingers spreading my pussy lips apart as I felt his tongue playing with my clit, little lightning bolts going through my clit. His lounge move down to my pussy, dancing in little circles. I feel myself going a little weak at the knees, he knows just how to lick to get me nice and wet.

I'm so lost in what he's doing to me I don't care that we are in the change room anymore, just as long as he keeps that tongue working over my pussy.

I run my fingers though his hair, fuck, if he keeps this up I'm going to cum soon, he's really into this today!

My wet pussy starts to open as he slides a finger inside, mmmmmm, finger me please!, make me cum!

My pussy tingles as he massages inside me before... 'ahhhooo' there, that's the spot, keep going, rub me there. He's found my spot, sending a current of lightning pleasure through my pussy and down my things.

I'm so focussed on what he's doing between my legs I don't hear the footsteps behind me, all I feel are two hands grab my breasts from behind and a hard cock against my ass.

'Can anyone join in?' he whispers in my ear before kissing down my neck. I recognise the voice, it's his best mate!

Those bastards must have set this up!, that's why he waited in the change room and why he's so different eating me today.

'Sure' I answer him, my hand reaching behind me and squeezing his cock. I have never seen him naked before but his cock feels good in my hand, not as thick my boyfriends, but maybe a little longer.

I stroke his cock, the thought and feeling of two guys has me going, and my bf working on my pussy has my body about to cum, I feel the heat running from pussy down my thighs, tightening the muscles as the heat spreads throughout my body.

'Agghhhhooohhh' I moan as I cum, squeezing the cock in my hand tight as I do.

My bf stands up and kisses me 'I hope you're ok and not mad about this' he asks. 'It's ok with me' I answer, tasting my pussy on his lips. I kneel down in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth. I run my tongue around his cock, feeling the veins run over my tongue. I bob my head back and forward, I love feeling his cock fill my mouth, it's fun hearing him react as I flick my tongue over the head of his cock before sliding it down my throat. I don't have a gag reflex and take him all in, wondering what it feels like for him.

I see out of the corner of my eye his mates cock. I come off my bfs cock and take the other cock in my mouth. 'Mmmmm' I thought, tastes good too.

I run my tongue around his cock, I was right, not as thick but definitely longer, I can feel it further down my throat.

My bf grabs my ass, lifting it up.

Spreading my legs apart his cock runs up the inside of my thigh, heading towards my wet pussy. His cock rubs over my pussy, looking for the entrance. I use my hand to guide him in, fuuuccckk, it's like a million little electric buzzers going at once as my pussy takes him in. I feel so full right now, a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth!

My bf starts slowing fucking my pussy, long deep strokes, letting me feel every part of his cock sliding in my pussy.

He starts picking up speed, the rocking of my body sending my mouth back and forward over the other cock, fucking my mouth.

My bfs fingers beat mine to my clit, rubbing it, making me cum again.

My bf stops fucking me, pulling out leaving my pussy empty. But only for a moment as his mates cock quickly replaces it.

It feels different, it's not stretching me but 'whoooaa', it can reach where my bfs cant, rubbing different parts of my pussy.

He doesn't go with the long slow strokes, he just starts fucking me fast. Really pounding into me, making me breathe quickly trying to keep up.

My bf comes bac

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