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Woman in the Ops Center "falls" for a guy.

A.A. or Saint Antonius Academy. To him, Ms. Madison Albright represented everything that he desired. A tall, beautiful and obviously educated Black woman who loved Black men. Something that was becoming increasingly rare across the continent of North America these days. Not for the first time Evan Blackstone wondered if his lack of success with Black women came from him being shy, him being biracial or him being raised in a mostly White environment. Maybe the young Black women he met around the City of Boston could sense that he wasn't like other young Black men. From what he knew of the Black community of the United States of America, they weren't exactly tolerant of those they considered different.

Growing up in lily-White South Boston, Evan Blackstone was surrounded by affluent Italians, Irish and Dutch folks. They were friendly and remarkably tolerant toward gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Evan's few Black acquaintances and friends at both Saint Antonius Academy and Harvard University had a staunch dislike of queers. Evan had nothing against gay people. Other African-Americans despised them with a passion. The more Evan Blackstone learned about his fellow African-Americans, the more he realized that many of them were just as bigoted and intolerant as they often accused White people of being. Evan Blackstone decided to stop hanging out with the African-American Student Association of Harvard University when its President, Sholonda O'Shea spoke out against President Barack Obama's decision to repeal the don't ask and don't tell policies of the United States Military and allow gays, lesbians and bisexuals to serve openly in the armed forces. To Evan, the President's decision only made sense. Although a staunch heterosexual, Evan had nothing against gays. Some of the best students he knew in both high school and university were queers. They had a lot to contribute to society at all levels. Evan Blackstone publicly spoke up against the Black Student Association's anti-gay policies, and earned the respect of Harvard University's GLBT students for his stance for equality.

The President of the GLBT Association of Harvard University approached Evan Blackstone to congratulate him. Terrence McLean, the GLBT President was a short and chubby, red-haired White guy with green eyes and freckles. And he walked with a six-foot-one, blonde-haired and green-eyed young woman who reminded Evan Blackstone of United States Women's Soccer Team Captain Hope Solo, the only White woman he ever lusted after. Evan Blackstone shook hands with McLean and told him that he believed in equality and tolerance instead of bigotry. He also told him that he was walking away from the African American Student Association of Harvard University because of their bigotry. Terrence smiled at Evan and told him he respected him for having a spine. Evan looked at the tall, silent blonde young woman who stood nearby. Hovering as if she was Terrence's bodyguard. Terrence followed Evan's gaze and smiled before introducing the blonde woman. Evan Blackstone smiled as he shook hands with Rachel Denton, Terrence's cousin. And the Captain of the Harvard University Women's Varsity Wrestling Club.

Evan Blackstone looked at Rachel Denton, and felt himself blush.

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