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Alenka discovers her soulmate.

Will came in last as he shot his come down his little sister's throat.

They lay on the floor for a while. Jenny in between Will and Jeff. Both boys gently played with her big, beautiful breasts, pinching and squeezing the nipples. Jenny thought she must be the luckiest girl in the world to have two wonderfully big cocks all to herself, she knew she needed more. She reached over and began rubbing their cocks, hardening them. She climbed on top of Will and ran his hard dick against her wet pussy lips, and pushed her hips down onto his cock. She patted on her ass for Jeff to come around behind her, motioning for him to fuck her up the ass. She needed it so bad. A nice big cock pumping in and out of her tiny little rump. Jeff came around and rubbed the massive head against the puckered hole, it looked so huge he thought he'd never get it inside. He began pushing inside her, inch by inch. She moaned as she felt her ass stretching to fit the huge thickness of his cock. The feeling was unbelievable. Soon Jeff began pumping, and Will began pumping. Jenny screamed. It was too much and she buried her head into Will's shoulder, a sweet orgasm spreading through her. Will held her close to him and whispered that it was all right and that he loved her. Jeff laid on her back and kissed her shoulders and neck lightly, slowly fucking her tight butt hole. Jenny looked into Will's eyes, and then slowly began kissing him, gently licking at his tongue. His little sister's pussy felt so good to him, she made him want to shoot his load deep inside of her. But he wouldn't let it end for her. He rubbed her nipples and kissed the pointed peaks gently, sucking and biting gently. Jeff began to slam her ass hole harder now. Jenny cried out as his huge cock jammed deep up inside her tight bum. Oh it felt so good. She bobbed up and down on Will cock as Jeff pumped her butt. Jeff slammed her warm butt hole harder, and soon he shot his warm jism up into her twitching back side. Will came with Jenny as she rode his wonderfully big cock, shooting his come into her tight little pussy.

All three of them walked up the stairs, exhausted by they're play. They went into Jenny's room and laid down in her bed. Soon afterward they're parents called saying they wouldn't be home that night because they were incapable of driving and would stay in a hotel till the morning. It was 6:30pm and they had the whole night to themselves, it was going to be great. Soon all three of them were fast asleep on Jenny's bed.

Around 7:30 Jenny woke up and put on a lavender, silk night gown. It had tiny straps and was very short, it barely covered her lovely ass. She brushed her hair out and put it in a loose bun, which showed off her neck and shoulders wonderfully. All of a sudden she felt hands on her shoulders. She turned around the find Jeff, she must have woken him. He caressed her shoulders lightly, sending shivers up her spine. He began kissing her lightly, with soft, sexy kisses. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and he wrapped his around her waist, pulling her tightly to him. He massaged her ass warmly, gently spreading her cheeks apart and rubbing her puckered hole. He ran his hands back up to her back, massaging and teasing. She said, "let's go to Will's bedroom so we won't wake him.

They entered Will's bedroom. Jeff picked Jenny up and carried her over to the bed, setting her down and kissing her gently. She laid back and pulled him on top of her, between her legs. She felt his huge hard on pressing through the thin fabric of his boxers, begging to escape. Jeff laid down next to her, gently caressing her tits. He squeezed her nipples gently, rubbing and caressing. He bent his head and bit one of her nipples through the silky fabric.

She moaned softly and cradled his head against her big breasts.

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