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Jenna combines three of her favorite sexual activities.

Tears began to leak from my eyes. It was a combination of pain and fear. The tears from my right eye rolled across my left eye before dropping to the floor. Another slap reminded me to get my tongue in motion. I think that's what it was about.

I didn't have time to think about it. The cock stretching my pussy reached bottom, the mushroom head bouncing painfully off my cervix. He also grabbed my thighs for leverage and began pounding himself into me. I would have screamed but my mouth was full of cock and he was pounding my tonsils.

It must be punishment for something I'd done, but I couldn't think of what. That bitch Karen! Did she think I had stolen Ben? They had divorced two years before I met any of them. But she had to be in on it somehow.

I was distracted from solving the riddle as I felt the Punisher between my legs stop his thrusting to pump his cum into me. Even before he pulled out I could feel it squeezing around his cock to dribble down my ass. More mess on the floor. We would have to have the carpets done.

Another slap to the face caught my attention just as NotBen began filling my mouth with his second load. He left his cock in me mouth and suddenly pinched my nose closed. I swallowed. I had no choice.

I thought I knew what to expect next. I was half right. The Punisher came around and pushed that huge thing into my mouth, but what pushed into my pussy next was not NotBen.

This cock was long, as long as the Punisher, but it was skinny. He must be pissed to get the Punishers leftovers. I was so stretched I could barely feel him. The Punisher was using my mouth the same way he had used my pussy. Like I was a plastic doll with no feelings. I worked hard to fight my gag reflex as stroke after stroke he pushed into my throat. I could breathe every other stroke.

PencilDick was stroking in and out slowly, stirring the Punishers cum. More and more was dibbling out across my asshole. The tickling didn't bother me anymore. I couldn't imagine he was getting enough friction to enjoy it when he surprised me. He pulled out of my pussy and shoved himself into my ass.

I don't do anal, goddamit! I let one boyfriend try years ago. I didn't like it. End of story. Now I couldn't even say no. My mouth was full of cock. PencilDick was shoving himself deeper and deeper into my ass and I couldn't even tell him what an asshole he was. My tears were flowing as these two assholes shoved themselves into opposite ends of my digestive system.

I began to drift away from myself. There was nothing I could do after all. Where was Ben? Why did Karen set me up for this? The thought of payback was there but nothing solid yet. More like a spider web in the morning. The dew let you see it but touching it destroyed it.

My mind barely registered as PencilDick came in my ass. The Punisher used the nose pinch to make me swallow. I wasn't sure whether that was a coordinated move or instinctual. Is that what they teach guys during that special class when they took us aside to explain about our periods? I was a just a little thankful that it was his second load.

I was vaguely interested in how many cocks they had lined up to abuse my when the next shift stepped into place. I knew it was PencilDick inserting his cock in my mouth both from the size and the faint smell of my own ass. How sad is it that the cock raping your mouth only faintly smells of your ass?

The one pushing into my pussy was what surprised me. It was cool. Not cool as in I liked it, it was cooler than a human being.

I swirled my tongue around PencilDick and thought about how a cock could be cool to the touch and hard enough to penetrate me. Then I felt the straps. I felt them on the backs of my thighs as she penetrated to the fullest. It was a woman wearing a strap-on cock.

PencilDick slapped me and woke me from my epiphany. I started my tongue twirling around his skinny cock. It had to be that bitch Karen.

Then she began alternating from my pussy to my ass.

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