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He sees a shockingly different side of mom.

Embarrassed, I could feel spit starting to drip out as he held open my lips. "In her throat now, one at first."

Finally, you spoke. "Sarah, you're to take a very deep breath and try not to choke. Can you do that?" I nodded as much as I could with his fingers holding my mouth wide. He slipped in a finger and I took deep breaths in through my nose. She said, "another" and I could feel my throat resist as he pressed his long fingers in wider. Standing there, fully clothed in front of you and her, as this man splayed open my mouth and inserted his fingers into me, it was so incongruent, so abrupt and shocking, and I was so very wet the entire time.

"Turn her around, take off her dress and her bra and her panties." No hesitation from him and all of a sudden I was naked. I was painfully aware of my body, my tits fully exposed, my hands wrapped lightly around my torso, my legs clenched.

"Sarah, hands down and open your legs." You looked hard at me, I followed your command, almost desperate for you to give me some reprieve from the eyes on my body. But she didn't give you a chance, she ordered her boy to strip, and for the first time, I heard him speak, "Yes, mistress" was all. I shivered in reaction to his submissiveness, and was hit by a wave of shame that she felt control over me too. I was disoriented for a moment, unable to accept the thought, when I noticed the now naked body standing in front of me. I didn't notice the body, actually, just the cock. Dark, and full, it wasn't even a matter of inches, his cock was the size of my forearm. I knew there wasn't much I could do, my body was too small, it literally wouldn't fit.

As I was staring, she came over to him and started binding his hands behind his back, I could see him getting harder. She looped the very thin white rope over his chest, around his shoulder blades, and I could see the fiber digging into his skin. You called me to you and as she continued to entwine him and then attach him to the bars at the foot of the bed post sitting on the floor, you gave me permission to open your pants and take your cock in my mouth. I breathed in the scent of you and moaned at the first taste of precum in my mouth. Sucking on your thick cock makes me feel instantly calm. Until you tell me it's time to suck on his. You tell me to crawl, and I wince at the idea. You hold my head in your hand and say, "I told you to crawl. You're not going to object to anything I said, do you understand." As I slowly nod, you release my head and slap my face, hard enough to hurt. I dive deeper into release. I crawl, right past her and as I do, she kicks at my side and I fall over.

"Do not react." You almost shout at me from the chair. It's as if there's no air in the room and a million seconds pass. You're testing me. I don't react. "That's a good girl. Now you can suck some cock."

There's no point in even trying to swallow all of him, there would never be enough room.

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