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JC & Nikki learn to never assume.

She circled the base with her lips and held the toy firmly embedded. The extraction was as slow and easy as the entrance. She righted her stature and contemplated the dildo in her hand. She looked at the men and slowly shook her head 'No' as her lips mouthed the silent word.

She put the man-rod in the toolbox and took up another, larger plastic cock. This one was at least eight-inches long and greater in circumference. Posing with her head back, she repeated the sword swallower routine, more slowly this time and apparently with some discomfort.

Slowly removing it, she waggled it in her hand and smiled brightly, nodding, silently expressing that this was the one she wanted. Stooping, she mounted it in the center of the pedestal, assembling the Symbian as the stage prop for her act. A flip of the switch set the dildo rotating and waggling, moving the cock tip several inches out of plumb.

It was time for the main part of the show.

The men fidgeted in their seats from their growing arousal. Ever attentive to her visiting judges, Caroline strode to the rescue behind them. She leaned over each man in turn, and pressing her soft boobs to the back of his neck and shoulders, helped him unzip and loosen his crotch, allowing more room for comfort.

By now, the petite performer had balanced in a squat over the revolving rod, using a hand to steady its waggle down to a struggling tickler. She placed her pussy lips against the tip, pushed just enough to capture it and removed her hand. The fat plastic cock vibrated fiercely on her labia, but was tamed as she worked her hips lower and inserted the probe deeper. She was already moaning out her pleasure with only the wide corona flicking the visible edge of her pussy lips. She lowered herself deeper while her fingers flicked and pulled on the tightly clamped nipple nubs.
Caroline had stayed to watch and assist her men if more was needed. She was duty bound to remain objective during the weekend and not sway the judges' decisions. But this was too good to pass up. She leaned in behind them, whispering suggestive notions in their ears.

"Wouldn't that tight juicy cunt feel good sliding around on your cock?" and "I wonder if she likes the real thing as much?"

The stage performer had worked the shuddering probe completely inside her womb and the rod was torqueing her vaginal membranes to a tingling tenderness. She gripped her hair in handfuls as she looked skyward and gulped mouthfuls of air. Still in back arched upright pose, her fingers moved down and twisted and flicked alligator clips pinching her tits. She careened out her emotions; the vocals singing higher and higher in her pleading little girl voice.

"yes... Yes... YES... Oh GOD... Now, oh YES... please, NOW..."

And then her lips and throat were moving but no sound emerged. Her body stiffened and her breath puffed and huffed as her whole body surrendered its being to the wonderful sensations, cumming hard as she fiddled with her nipples.

It took some time for her protracted orgasm to work through the convulsions. The young woman finally doubled over to capture her breath, supported on hands, knees and her pinioned pussy. The mechanism continued audibly buzzing her core until she faintly recovered, sat upright and carefully eased off the machine. The slickened rod fluttered freely, as it had before the performance, now casting off beads of pussy juice. It ceased wobbling when she cut the power.

She was solaced by the loud applause after she bowed to her three man audience and waddled off the stage. The end of the show was near. The next to last performer was due.

A brunette with her long hair piled high, fastened in a bunch with fashionable silver clips, sashayed out from stage right.

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