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Annaliese gets her very first girl on girl experience

After pulling off his jeans and boxers she climbed back between his thighs. Jack sat up on the edge of the bed again only for Louisa to pull him as close to the edge as he could. His cock stood upright and pointed almost directly towards her. She rubbed her hands against his thighs to stimulate him yet further. One of her hands worked towards his cock and he could feel her hand stroking up every inch of his thigh.

When she gently grasped it she couldn't believe how hot it was. Her grip on his member was so gentle that Louisa could feel the pulsing of all the veins that interlaced around the skin of his cock. She tightened her grip on it a little and gave a couple of deep strokes that made Jack's body tense up.

Keeping a firm grip on him, Louisa arched her body up and little and pressed up against him. With her other hand she lifted the strap of her bra and slipped his cock up between her breasts.

Jack hadn't been expecting it and his head bolted upright to look at her. The pair maintained eye contact as Louisa settled into position.

She then spoke softly. "This is one last chance for us," she began. "One last chance to be wild."

Jack propped himself up on his elbows. He swallowed deeply.

"Let this moment take over both of us," she said to him. "Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to regret."

With his neck almost rigid he nodded as best he could.

Although what she was doing was in no way something to be frightened of; it was clearly a new experience. Both of them had their fantasies... but like most people some of those fantasies were realistic while others would be things that they never believed they could do for real.

Louisa settled her breast down onto his cock until the bra met the stem and could go no further. She then raised herself up and swallowed his cock deep between her cleavage while trying not to let it slip out. Doing this a few times she could gauge how far she could go while still keeping it where it should be.

She had still kept one of her hands on the bottom of her bra to keep control of it but found she could now ease it away. Louisa continued to rhythmically stroke his cock between her breasts till the strap stopped at it's base. At first she placed her hands on his belly and her nails scratched gently against his skin. But then she wanted to squeeze him tighter so she placed her hands on either side of her breasts and pushed them together.

Louisa's voluptuous breasts swallowed him entirely. His bulbous head no longer poked out the top when she was at the depth of her stroke. As Jack began to get used to the sensation he reached out to her. He stroke his hands against her face before moving them down to her breasts.

Jack gently eased his hands underneath hers to push them out of the way. Louisa resisted him for a few moments before letting him take over. His fingers became tangled in the straps of her bra for a few moments until he worked them clear.

Louisa kept working her body up and down while Jack put on as much or as little pressure as he wanted. The touch of his hands helped them establish a rhythm that felt comfortable for both of them. Louisa reached up to his body with her hands but instead of scratching gently with her nails she just massaged with her soft hands.

By now she had perfected the rhythm for Jack. She almost counted inside her head as she went as if she were giving him first aid. One...two...three...four...five. And then after the fifth downwards stroke she pulled slowly upward with his cock deep between her tits. She pulled up as slowly as she could before beginning again. Louisa made sure that on the upwards stroke she kept a firm grasp at the base of his cock so that she kept his foreskin taut and his head exposed. The skin between her breasts pulled against the crown of his helmet and sent hot surges all the way up his body.

The soft warmth of her breasts was both smothering and comforting.

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