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An Incest story.

" Officer Angel couldn't think, for the life of her, what she'd have to actually arrest Bandit FOR, but, well, she'd find something. After all, she had a quota to fill, and besides, what was this girl doing underneath the damn boat - with a knife? (Angel didn't recognise Bandit from the video - what the video had in erotic content, it sort of lacked in coherence)

Angel hopped up onto the boat, her hands reluctantly leaving her breasts and crotch. "Come up here."

Bandit swam to the ladder, and had one hand up, ready to climb aboard (she was sure she could explain the whole thing) when she just froze...that damn vibrator was starting it's cycle again...oh, no, not NOW.

"No.." whispered Bandit, to the vibrator, but Officer Angel though she was talking to her. Feeling VERY embarrassed, and mightily put out at cumming in front of a strange wetsuited girl, Angel strode purposefully back to the rear of the boat, took out her handcuffs, and quickly handcuffed her wrist to Bandit's outstretched arm. Snap, click. And there was a small splash.

"Oh, NO, the key!!" Officer Angel watched the small silver-coloured key drop into the water...Bandit was beyond caring, but having herself handcuffed had always been an erotic dream of hers - and so she used her other hand to squeeze her breast and she cummed. Angel looked incredulous - none of the training had prepared her for THIS.

Angel watched as the girl she'd just arrested and hand cuffed to herself, well, she masturbated her wetsuited body to a full orgasm.

"Uh, when you're ready, can you come up here?" Angel's pretence of the gruff Police Officer had vanished. Her own vaginal orifice ached and spasmed - she wanted this girl more than anything. Bandit felt weak-kneed and shaky in her post-orgasmed wetsuited body - and here was a wetsuited dream cum true handcuffed to her, ordering her aboard. She nodded and tried to climb up. But sort of half tripped half-fell into the back of the boat, and fell clean on top of Angel. Angel's startled face was only a few inches away from Bandit's face, and Angel's thigh was driving that %$#%^$# dildo deeper into her vagina.

She just leaned forward and kissed the girl as hard as she could, grabbing the hair on the back of Angel's head with her free hand and grinding her lips into Angel's face, sucking Angel's tongue into her mouth, sucking and gently biting, and now driving her body down on top of Angel's wetsuited body, grinding thrusting, heaving twisting writhing.

Bandit cummed first, and that bodily tension forced an utterly surprised Angel over the edge - she'd just been raped by another girl, and was loving every minute of it. Angel cummed and cummed again.

They gasped to a halt, energy levels drained.

"Oh, god", gasped Angel, when she could say anything. "Where...how...what's driving you, girl?"

Bandit whispered "Inside my vagina is a dildo, and it's about to start expanding again, and vibrating and" Bandit suddenly clenched her teeth.

"Uh, is it, um, doing that again?" asked Angel, her eyes widening. She could feel Bandit's body starting to react again, and it would soon spill over to raping her again. Not that Angel minded.

Bandit nodded through clenched teeth. "I can't stop it" she said, between whimpers in her throat, "until the timer stops."

Angel just nodded, her eyes widening slightly. "I've lost the keys for the hand-cuffs..." she trailed off lamely. "Um, can we go down below to see if there's a saw or something?"

Bandit was beyond speaking; the vibrator was forcing her body towards another orgasm, but she struggled to her weakened knees and the two wobbly girls staggered down the stairs, their wetsuited sweat-soaked cum drenched wetsuited bodies rubbing off each other in a most orgasmic fashion. Bandit kept running her free hand all over Angel's body, and Angel tried very hard not to do likewise. But the saw they found was only for wood cutting, not metal, so they soon found themselves sitting on the sofa / bed that was in the main living quarters, as Bandit screamed through another orgasm.


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