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Leda enjoys Mercury's tongue, Archimedes is shaved for cage.

"Katie," I said, "c'mon, what's Dean gonna think?" I pushed her slowly off my lap but she fell on to her hands and knees, like she was getting into the doggy position. Her ass was in the air and I could see her pussy was glistening. Man, the bitch is wet! I thought. Fucking bitch loves it. She turned her head towards me and I could see her eyes were almost pleading me to fuck her.

Bobby stood up, still smiling, and started unbuttoning his fly. "I'm gonna get me my cock sucked," he announced. "Patric, you can have the bitch's ass or her pussy. Choice is yours."

Katie let out an involuntary moan but it was soon cut short when Bobby took his long cock and slid it into her mouth. "You like that you fucking little slut don't you?" he laughed and began fucking her head as her lip-glossed red lips formed a tight suction round his shaft. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," he gasped as he pumped her wet mouth. "What you waiting for Pat? Fuck the bitch!"

Her tits were jiggling as he made her suck his cock and her beautiful white ass was quivering with anticipation. "Man, I'm not into fucking in front of a bunch of guys I said."

"C'mon," said Dean, pulling Katie's hair and making the slut deep-throat him. "She ain't never had a black guy before."

So that was what it was all about. That was why they'd invited me. "You assholes," I shouted. "You get turned on by the idea of your white bitch wife being fucked by a nigger? Is that it?"

"Patric. . ." said Dean. But he was too far gone in fucking his wife's dirty slut mouth to try and placate me.

"Man, if you don't want a go then I sure as hell am," said Dean's friend, Bill. "He walked slowly round Katie's naked body, admiring her big tits as they bounced. They were almost hitting the floor as Dean made his wife arch her back. When Bill got behind her he slapped her ass twice, once on either cheek, leaving pink handprints and making her gasp even through Dean's big cock. Then he undid his fly and in one easy motion he rammed his cock into that fantastic, shaved pink pussy and started banging her hard. The two guys were spit-roasting her between them. One cock in her pussy, one in her mouth. Her pink body was glistening with sweat and she was making muffled gasping noises, her knees sliding backwards and forwards over the carpet as they fucked her. "Do her! Fuck the bitch!" The other guys there were shouting and one by one they took their cocks out and began stroking them, preparing to shoot their cum over her gorgeous white body. I couldn't believe how they were degrading her. None of the black girls I knew would let themselves be humiliated like that.

"I'm not staying to watch this," I said, but I knew it was turning me on. She was turning me on. Just as I was about to leave the room she caught my eye, her mouth was full of cock and she was being banged hard but I could tell that she was most humiliated by the fact that I'd turned her down. Then, that instant, Bobby came, making her swallow some of his cum before pulling out and spraying her face. She shut her eyes but it splattered her chin, her cheeks and her hair. Bill grabbed her by the hips and started banging her harder and, without the cock in her mouth, the bitch was squealing. "Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Oh God! Oh God! Fuck my mouth now Patric, please. I want your cock too!"

The other guys all came, sending pearls of jism all over her back, her shoulders and her ass. Bill made her lay flat on the floor, her tits and belly squashed into the carpet and he spread her legs wide, as wide as they'd go so she was spread-eagled before, finally, he came too, making her squeal even louder. I wandered slowly out, up the stairs to the bathroom and I knew she was watching me leave. She'd been totally degraded. And I kinda wished I'd fucked her too.


I was just splashing some water in my face when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Patric," I heard a little voice say. "I need to take a shower."

"I'm taking a piss," I said but I'd forg

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