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"I'll give it to someone special..."

Your mind started to wonder, thinking about last night ... and you felt two hands caressing your lower legs. You quickly looked around the room again and everyone was still staring at the screen. You stole a quick glance below the table, and there was no one there.

Then you heard my voice again "Hi sweetie, thinking about last night are we? So it works! I missed you so much this morning after you have left for work, so when I started testing the new project, I thought I should try it with you. No one else in this room but you can hear me, and you mind will pick up anything that I want you to feel and think."

Unmistakenly, you can feel the two hands moving higher, using a very familiar stroke. "That feels nice doesn't it? It sure feels nice to me here." The combined effect of the boring meeting, with my "phantom" hands caressing you, is starting to get to you. Your mind is definitely not there, and you can feel the familiar warmth rising. "This can't happen?" ... "Oh it can, do you want me to stop?"

The two "phantom hands" are now caressing your thighs. They are so real that you cannot help but to spread your legs for better access. With the old wooden table, no one can see what happens underneath. The "hands" move further up, and they are now circling your lovely round bottom.

To make it worse, you felt someone kissing your ear and you realised that not many people would know to kiss you like this. "Ahh" you let out a very quiet moan, and started shifting a little in the chair. The phantom hands kept wondering around, knowing every move that they make would make you feel good, and the kiss is now on your neck, touching area that is the most sensitive and secretive.

You can feel one of the phantom hands touching you between your legs, while the other one traveled up, and you see my famous evil grin formed in your mind. "Tell me, and I will stop now." ... "Hmmm, you will pay for this" ... " I take that you want me to continue then?"

The phantom kiss is now over your left breast, and your nipples are so hard that they hurt. Luckily you are wearing a bra with thick pad, covered by a blouse and a stylish business suit, so no one can see your nipples pushing out like bullets. The right breast felt a bit lonely for only a millisecond, and then you feel the phantom hand over it, pinching your nipple. It is only so lightly that it hurts a little, but quickly became pleasurable.

Most importantly, the caressing between your legs continues. And you can feel two fingers pushing in almost so easily. because of the moisture. You are in complete ecstasy and had to close your eyes to concentrate on the feeling, while trying not to make any noticeable noise.

The phantom kiss is now centered on top of your breast and you could definitely feel a tongue poking out and lightly touching the nipple, like the way a snake pokes out its tongue.

You know that it is a losing battle to try to hide the wonderful feeling away from your otherwise business expression.

The phantom hand between your legs changed place with the phantom lips. With two hands caressing your breasts, you felt the lips kissing you and the tongue poking you in the most wonderful place.

You are dying to let out another moan, "mmmm ..." and this time it was not unnoticed. "Are you feeling alright Louise?" you heard someone asked, but you could not be sure who said that.

"Oh I am alright, guess I did not sleep well last night"! For a brief moment, you remembered just exactly how little sleep we had last night, and the words "wicked girl" appeared in your mind.

The caressing on your breasts continues, and the phantom kiss between your legs is just too nice. You know that it is close, and you have no idea how to NOT let anyone around you to notice, so you faked fainting onto the desk when it exploded "ahhhh". You can hear people around you calling for help, and you heard my voice again "You like? I hope it was as good for you as it was for me"

"Waking up" slowly, you

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