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Cousin Jeff makes a visit.

She wanted to try to get better.

"Do you consent?"

She bit her lip and studied him. He was far different from the man she knew two days ago. And she wanted to know him and learn everything about his new side. She wanted to call him Master and serve him. At least, she wanted a taste of her new life as a submissive, to see if the kinkiness would calm her repressed needs.

"I consent."

He gave her a mischievous grin. "Let's get started." She tried to keep her eagerness from showing, but her fiery eyes and trembling hands betrayed her. "Undress. Everything off."

Her hands kept shaking as she lingered peeling the clothing off of her. The small and subtle striptease was enough for him to silently and firmly will his cock to stay soft. With her thumbs locked into her panties, she slid them down her hips slowly, then kicked them away. Feeling that it was the right thing to do, she bowed her head to prove her respect for her new master.

"Kneel." Just as slowly as she undressed, she took her time sinking down to her knees. He walked away briefly then squatted in front of her. She felt the leather slip around her neck. "Look at me when I put your collar on. I want to see my girl's beautiful eyes."

He buckled the collar and tested its tightness. With a finger hooked into the metal ring, he tugged and prompted her to stand with him. Her hand went straight to the collar. Feeling the leather capture her neck evoked unfamiliar emotions. Mostly fear of her lack of freedom, but also wanting to be used for his sexual needs. She was in strange territory, yet she was ready to play the part. Seeing that his fianc__e was still quaking and breathing shallow, he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her passionately to calm her nerves. He broke away to grab the paper.

"I want you in position. On your knees and spread them. I wanna see your cunt. Head down and hands resting on your knees." She winced while she fixed herself the awkward position. The muscles in her legs felt strained immediately. She couldn't imagine any amount of time in that position would make it more comfortable. He placed the paper on the floor in front of her. "Read this out loud, please."

"Lena's rules. Number one: don't question my master. Two, don't put myself down. Three, don't give up. Four, do exactly as my doctors tell me to do. Five, no lying. Six, don't be disrespectful. Seven, don't do anything that would put myself in danger. Eight, submit to punishment. Nine, follow my routine. Ten..." She paused and continued weakly. "Work on my screenplays every day." Her passion for screenwriting was strong, but her laziness had gotten in the way of her achieving anything from it. "Eleven, respond with 'Master' or 'Sir.'"

She cleared her throat and cringed at what she read. "Failure to comply with these rules will result in being collared and punished. Punishments include: spankings with hand, hairbrush, belt, crop, or use of the whip. Soap for lying and cussing. Corner time. Being tied up for a period of time with or without the use of toys. Loss of privileges such as walking or having an orgasm."

Her voice choked as she read the last paragraph. "My master promises to respond to the safe word. He also promises never to humiliate me in front of family or friends. He promises to love me forever and forgive me when I fail." Fear faded and was replaced with tears.

He tilted her head up. "Sweet Lena, I love you. I don't want to call you slave, because I don't want one. I don't want to call you bitch or slut, because I have more respect for you than that. I'll simply call you 'girl.' You act immature at times, and by the time of our wedding, you'll grow out of that childish name." His finger stroked her face; she smiled from his gentle words. "You're in training now. And we will both make mistakes. Understand, girl?"

She nodded.

"Excuse me, but what is rule number eleven?"

She looked down at the paper. "Respond with 'Master' or 'Sir.'"

"And did you break that rule?" His tenderness was fading quickly.

"Yes," she mumbled.

"You're no

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