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Will older woman's bondage reality be as good as her fantasy?


Nigel's eyes were as wide as saucers and before he could say anything I walked up to him and put my arms around his neck and pushed my achingly erect nipples into his wool sweater and said, "You are so lucky to have a wife like Caroline to give you a birthday present like me and, you know what?"

Nigel continued to stare at me in wide eyed astonishment as I started to unbuckle his belt and said nothing so I answered my own question and said, "and I am so lucky to have her as a friend because I am very very horny and she tells me that you are a very very good fuck" as Nigel's pants fell to the floor and I dropped to my knees in front of him.

When I pulled down his underwear and his growing erection sprang free I looked up into his eyes and smiled and said, "I think the cats got your tongue" as I licked away a glistening drop of precum. Nigel said nothing but his hands came up behind my head as he pulled me open willing mouth to his straining hips.

I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth and my intention was to bring him to a quick orgasm and then 'make the rubber band hard' but before I could he pulled his silky hard cock out of my mouth and said, "Is that all?"

"What do you mean is that all?" I answered.

"I don't just want your mouth," he said, "I want all of you."

"Well birthday boy Caroline gave me to you for your birthday and you to me for my birthday, I am already in my birthday suit and you are about half way into yours and since we have until eight o'clock I suggest that you get into your birthday suit too." I said as I stood up and walked to the bed.

In less than a minute Nigel was out of the remainder of his clothes and we were on the bed entwined in each others arms. Finally Nigel ended our kiss and began to kiss my neck then my breasts. First he would lick one nipple than the other and then, as I became more and more aroused he began to gently scrape them with his teeth. When that became unbearable because my nipples were becoming too sensitive he gradually worked his way lower.

I waited in anticipation for the feel of his tongue licking my lower lips and clitoris, but he only gently blew on me as he began a wet trail of kisses down my inner thighs to the top of my thigh highs. My fingers were clenching the back of his head and finally I pulled his mouth up to where I longed for it to be and groaned when I felt his tongue slide into me.

He did not stop until I was shuttering from my first orgasm and then in one quick motion he slid up and into me as his mouth wet with my juices closed over mine and I could taste myself on his tongue as it meant mine.

Nigel's rhythm was so fast and furious that I thought he must be close to cumming himself as I could feel my second orgasm rapidly approaching. When it hit me the force of it surprised me as my vagina clenched around the rock hard penis pounding into me and I gasped to catch my breath.

Nigel still did not lessen his pace and now my poor pussy was becoming overly sensitized and I wanted him to stop and I rested the flat palms of my hands against his chest as I tried to ease him off of me but Nigel gave me a pleading look and said, "Just let yourself open up to it.'

I wasn't sure what he meant but I could feel my overly sensitive pussy beginning to strain up into him and then when I felt the first hot jet of ejaculation coating my internal passages my hands went around his buttocks and my nails dug into his cheeks as I pulled him deeper and deeper into me.

When he finally finished ejaculating into me we were both in a wet sheen of sweat. I smiled at him and slid down to the bottom of the bed and began to lick our mixed juices off of his rapidly growing limp cock.

Nigel looked at me and said, "Please, I can't stand it I'm too sensitive right now" and I simply smiled at him and said, "Just let yourself open up to it" as I began to 'make the rubber band hard'.

It took almost an hour and even m

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