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Naughty girl gets punished.

In my hand, I have a bottle of cinnamon flavored oil. I crawl up onto the bed and kneel at your feet. I pour it over your tits, down your stomach and over your legs. The heat from the cinnamon drives you wild and the smell mixing with your scent drives me wild. I put the oil bottle back onto the table and I lay over you again. Some oil dribbled on my finger and as I lay back over you, I wipe it on your lips and your tongue comes out to taste your lip and my finger. I kiss you deeply tasting the cinnamon, my hands rubbing the oil into your body.

I work the oil into your skin. My hands lovingly caress your shoulders, down over your chest, between your breasts, and over your breasts, caressing and cupping them, massaging the oil into you. The heat from the cinnamon flavoring is intense, and you are groaning and moaning, pushing your body tighter to my hands. I move my hands over your stomach, gently, lovingly massaging your body with the oil. I move my hands over your hips, down your legs and over your calves, and then your feet. I lay your leg back down on the bed and I am now kneeling between your legs.

I look up at you and you are writhing and moaning all over the bed, compliments of my massaging. I lean up and cover your body with mine, I feel the heat of the oil against my own skin. Again, the intense smell of the oil mixes with your own natural scent, giving the room a very heady, musky smell, and it is too much for me. I look straight into your eyes, and without so much as taking my eyes off of yours, I lower myself down between your legs.

Stopping just at your pubic bone, I lay my hands on your hips, gently kneading them, and as I do, I lean down and kiss your mound. Just your mound. Your body is on fire from a mix of the massage and the oil -- my kiss only lights that flame even further. The light kiss pushes your body up to me, your mound tight on my mouth. I hold your legs and gently glide my mouth over the top of your thigh and down to your knee, all the time spreading your legs open. You lean back against the headboard and grab it over your head. I run my tongue along your thigh, stopping short of your pussy. Then, I do the same to your other leg, stopping again just short of your pussy. This frustrates you and you groan out my name, telling me please eat me, eat me. Oh, how I want to. The mix of the oil with the scent of your pussy is putting me into space. But, I want this to last forever. I want this to be the ultimate climax for you. I want you to cum as you have never cum before.

I continue to tease you, licking your legs, stopping just shy of your swollen lips. I kiss your mound and the crease of your leg where your thigh begins and your leg ends. I push up your leg so that it points straight up and kiss and lick the backs of your thighs. When I do that, I see your tight ass staring at me. I move you so that your are half sitting, half laying on your side, and I massage your cheeks and lick and kiss them, sending you just to the edge. When I spread your cheeks and tickle your tight little hole with my fingers and tongue, and you feel the heat from the oil and the softness of my tongue, that is what does it for us both.

I put you back on your back, and like you did for me, I push a pillow under your hips. I take your hands and place them over your head to hold the headboard. I spread your legs as wide as they would go, and laid down between them. I placed my hands on your hips, and leaned in and kissed your sweet, full, wet pussy. I was in Heaven! The scent from the oil and the scent that you produce naturally combined to make my head spin. Another kiss on your full lips, your juice and the oil covering my lips. Your hands grasped the headboard and your hips came to mine, a long slow moan out of your lips. Another kiss and you tightened your pussy to my mouth. I grabbed your hips and looked up at you, watching you enjoy what I was doing.

I looked at your slit, there was juice running out of you.

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