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Head Girl submits further to trailer park trash.

I gasp as Laurel takes her mouth away from my nipple and the cooler air hits it. As Ted begins massaging the soap on my back and shoulders Laurel begins soaping up my breasts and works her way down my stomach. I am holding my breath, knowing what is coming and closing my eyes in anticipation.

Ted is now running his hands around my ass cheeks and hips and Laurel sees where his hands are and moves hers down to my swollen mound. My knees shake as I have never felt this before. This incredible woman is expertly working her fingers around the soft folds of my pussy and Ted's hands are now up around my breasts. All three of us are now covered with soap and we press against each other, they are sandwiching me between them and we kiss. A kiss that can only happen this way, three sets of lips exchanging soft but ardent kisses. It is hard to tell whose lips are whose as they become lost in this beautiful moment. I feel Ted's cock grow hard as it nestles between my ass cheeks, the soap making the perfect lubrication. Laurel has never taken her hand away from my pussy and is wreaking erotic havoc on my clit. The moment is becoming very heated when Ted brings it to a stop.

"I think that should do it." He says with a shared grin with Laurel. I groan and try to hide my pout. "I think we should finish her off in that wonderful bed out there." Laurel just smiles and gently touches my face and kisses me. "You're in for it now." Laurel says in a devilish voice and helps me out of the shower.

I am really nervous as Laurel leads us out of the bathroom and back to the bed. She can see my nervousness and smiles. I then know that it will all be beyond my expectations and to let her take care of me. Laurel and I lie on the bed facing each other and embrace. Our legs and feet are intertwined as we kiss and hold each other. Ted stands for a minute at the foot of the bed, letting us new lovers enjoy each other alone for a bit. It doesn't take long and he moves up between us. Slowly he turns me over onto my back and gently spreads my legs. Laurel moves to my tits and uses her tongue and mouth on my nipples as only a woman can for another woman. Ted leaves a trail of kisses from my instep to my thighs and eventually reaches my very wet pussy. He starts with gentle kisses and flicks of his tongue against my clit. Each of these sending jolts of electric passion up my spine causes me to take quick short breaths. But I am unable to move much as I am pinned beneath Laurel's body as she suckles on my tits.

Ted is now intent on my pussy and is sucking on my clit and moving one of his fingers in and out of me. Laurel is gently running the fingernails of her left hand up and down my stomach, playfully scratching me. I move my hand up between Laurel's legs to her, now familiar, pussy. Laurel moans but slowly pulls my finger out and moves it to her mouth, sucking on it and cleaning it of her own juices. She pulls my finger out of her mouth but keeps it touching her lips. "Thanks for the thought but it's your turn now, hon." Laurel tells her.

Ted's continued assault on my pussy leaves me speechless as I look up into Laurel's face with the pained look of complete sexual satisfaction. Laurel moves down to my pussy and lifts Ted's face out of it and kisses him deeply, their tongues exchanging the taste of my pussy. "I want some of that to." She tells him. "You'll get your chance." He replies and goes back to what he was doing.

"Turn her over." Laurel tells him. "She's ready."

Ted guides me over so I can get up on all fours.

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