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Ember shares another's punishment.

Finally the brie went, a soft lick, followed after a swallow, with a longer, more detailed journey along my prickhead. The tongue was gentle, wet, and playful, the lips felt very nice sliding along my cock, and my balls tightened.

The mouth stopped its exploration way too soon, and I felt, rather than heard them gathered around me. A pair of breasts were dangled into my face, which couldn't have been Kira's since they weren't large enough. So the clothes were off now, I concluded, or at least the shirts.

The boobs rubbed back and forth over my face, and in turn two nipples offered to me to suckle. It was soft, ample skin, so it had to be Millie. They were replaced after some time with the small hard nipples of Tess, who squashed her boobs along my face, insistently pushing each nipple into my mouth.

I had no sense of how long this went on. Tongues licked and tickled my exposed armpits, which felt much nicer than I might have thought. I was in a state of acute anticipation, never sure how or where I would next be touched. Fingers and fingernails went up and down my inner thighs, tracing patterns that made my cock bob.

My prick never got enough attention, never for long enough to enjoy, only just long enough to keep me hard. My balls were stroked and teased, at least once licked, although that would have been an awkward activity for someone to reach with me up against the tree, even with my legs spread the way they were.

I thought I heard various articles of clothing being shed and dropped to the ground. Once, on one of the delicious times when a mouth was actually devoting some attention to my penis, I felt a slippery finger slide slowly up my anus, stretching my rectum and rooting around with delectable sensations. My hips quivered.

I was aware of someone standing in front of me. I heard, and felt around my chin and cheeks, a dress rustling and being lifted (so Kira at least still had some clothes on, which explained why I had not felt her breasts on my face) and a warm, furry crotch was slowly pressed into my face.

No panties, no nothing, just a thicket of soft curls, and a damp notch over my mouth. Had she hiked up to the meadow without any knickers on? Or had she removed them once the little adventure had gotten underway?

I licked. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, which was damp and smelled lovely. She tilted her pelvis so I could slide my tongue up her channel, and I heard Millie gasp to my right.

"Nice," Millie's voice went. I felt some fingers, probably not Kira's, run lightly over my prick.

Kira oscillated her pelvis in and out, tilting for different angles, and I noted how her clitoris grew larger, when I lingered there, and engorged.

And then it must have been Millie's turn. Kira's dress dropped back into place, as she must have been holding it up, and she stepped away. I was aware of a very broad pelvis, with thick soft thighs and a cunt with a lot less hair, pressed into my face, and I licked again, this time with little sighs of pleasure that accompanied my actions. At one point Millie's ample hips had pushed my head fairly forcefully back into the tree, and I heard Tess say "Easy, girl."

There was another changing of the guard, "just like Buckingham palace," was the bizarre observation that registered in my head, and a new, different cunt was pressed into my face. Tess was already wet, from our earlier efforts, and she went gently at first, then with more energy.

Her labia were delightfully slick, and I traced a path up and down each side, tickling her clitoris with my tongue before running it up her channel. In a few minutes she had presented her clitoris again to me, and pressed it firmly into my face. Her thighs quivered and squeezed my head, while I licked and probed with my tongue, and she gave out a little cry, pushing rhythmically into me. I could feel her thighs tense and quiver and finally relax with a long exhalation from their owner.

After her climax, she c

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