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Sally gets her superpower and starts to explore it.

I stand up and take your hand and lead you over to the side of the bed.

You sit on the side of the bed facing me. With a small nod from you I take my cue. I take a step back from you and ease my robe from my shoulders letting it fall into a puddle at my feet. I stand before you totally nude ready for inspection. In a well choreographed dance I move to display myself to you. I stand with my feet apart and place my hands behind my head, elbows out. In this position I am totally exposed to your eyes. I feel them traveling over every inch of my body. You leave me standing there for what feels like forever yet in reality is only a few moments. Although I should feel anxious at being so exposed to you I do not. I feel a sense of pride--Pride for knowing that I am pleasing my Master, my lover and friend. You do not even have to speak, I sense your wish and turn and bend over slightly displaying myself intimately to you for inspection. We have danced this dance many times and I know just what I must do to please my Master.

You are suddenly behind me, grasping my waist and slowly trailing your hands down the small of my back, over the swell of my buttocks squeezing it slightly and down the back of my thighs. My urge is to push my body back into you, craving the contact of your touch, but I know that if we are to continue, I must not move until you give the signal. Just at that moment I feel you tug at my waist motioning for me to stand. Placing your arm around my waist, you guide me over to the bed.

You lower both of us to the bed and place a gentle yet demanding kiss. Your tongue slips through my slightly parted lips and you begin to explore and caress my mouth. I surrender myself to your kiss moaning softly as my arms fall around your shoulders and I pull you tightly to me. You break the kiss and start trailing little kisses and licks down my jaw line to my neck where you suck firmly at my sweet spot just below my ear. You then continue down my shoulders to my chest. Grasping my breasts in your hand you squeeze them firmly kneading them.

You take my right nipple in your mouth and begin sucking it. I moan in response. I arch my back trying to force more of my breast into your mouth. You lick and suck my nipple and thin move to the left nipple and begin giving it the same treatment, biting my nipple firmly. I am unable to do anything but moan in pleasure. After licking and sucking my nipples a few moments, you once again begin kissing a trail down my body, stopping briefly to dip your tongue in my belly button before continuing.

I feel your breath on my pussy. I look down my body and see you examining my wet folds and I instinctively open myself wider to your inspection. You lower your head and nuzzle the patch of red hair on my mound, burying your face in it, rubbing it back and forth. I arch into you wanting more. You then begin to softly lick my pussy lips, lightly running your tongue along my slit. My juices begin flowing harder now at the thought of the pleasure in store for me. My hips begin rocking in search for pleasure. You continue your exploration of my warm, wet folds, your tongue going deeper, licking harder. Your tongue grazes my clit making me jump and moan. I am breathing hard. The sound mingles in my ears in time with the falling rain an intense mixture of sounds and feelings. I feel insulated inside my own world with you protected by the rain outside.

You focus in on my swollen clit, flicking it back and forth with your tongue. A steady cadence causing little sparks to jolt throughout my body, building and building in intensity. A sudden explosion and I scream out in orgasm. I reach down to you pressing your head hard to my mound as my orgasm reaches a fever pitch. Suddenly a second even more intense waive washes over me and I violently arch up off of the bed. A moan of pleasure explodes from deep within my throat, my body reacts from an ancient primal level, my actions are not my own.

Before I am able to recover from my orgasm, you climb back up the bed and enter me hard and fast.

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