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She resents the sitter's attitude.

Once my ex's buddy was properly hard and lubed, he proceeded to fuck Kayla while we knelt nearby and watched.

After a good twenty minute pounding, he thrust deep inside of her and grunted long and hard while he filled her pussy with his seed.

He pulled out and although I tried I could not match my daughter's deep throat skills so I deferred to her to finish the clean up of the bull.

I had to start cleaning his cum out of my ex's dripping creampie pussy but soon gave Cassie "the look" and she took over, cleaning her mother's pussy of her lovers' spunk.

"Keep going" I commanded "You need to make your mother come too.

She did as told and after quite awhile Kayla came, probably faked it as it was clear that Cassie was not nearly as skilled at eating pussy as she was sucking cock.

I offered the bull my daughters tight ass and he gladly accepted. The ex knew better than to object and could only watch as the fuck buddy took her daughter's ass with his massive still hard cock.

Cassie whimpered as he pounded her ass relentlessly. Tears ran down her face as he barebacked her without so much as lube to ease the pain. He pulled out, not able to orgasm again and asked who was going to clean off his cock?

Kayla was not willing to fork over total control so she motioned for me to open wide and clean the sticky mess off of the bull's cock. I did so, gagging on the juices of Cassie's well fucked ass.

Kayla's bull had had enough fun for the night and grabbed his stuff and left. Probably had a nice laugh wondering how fucked up one family could be.

The three of us were left in this awkward situation to deal with it as it was.

I directed Cassie to take her position in wait as I explained our situation to her mother.

Kayla looked bewildered at the new status of our relationship but knew not to challenge me or she might possibly become secondary sub to her already submissive daughter.

Lucky for Kayla she knew that her ex hubby loved cum too much to make that happen, at least not at this time.

The front door opened and our 22 year old son, Billy had just gotten home from work. I called him into his mother's room and he came in and said that he wasn't interested in having his sick perverted father sucking his cock. He knew of our debauchery and just tried to stay away so he wasn't around while it was taking place.

Billy had broken up with his girlfriend almost a month ago so I knew he must have some blue balls that needed to be drained.

I told him that not I but his sister would suck him off if he so desired. He looked over and saw his younger sister kneeling, naked and staring at the floor waiting for further instruction. He thought about it for a minute and then said, "What the hell?"

I motioned for Cassie to assume the position and she crawled over and unbuttoned his jeans and took out his quickly growing cock. My son was hung like a horse and Cassie began to perform fellatio on her brother, a first, but not to be the last time.

She masterfully swallowed all 8 thick inches of his raging hard on and buried her lips into his pubes. He was warming up to the idea and suddenly grabber his sister by the ears and proceeded to fuck her mouth. You could see his cock slide in and out of her throat as he mouth banged his little sister.

Their mother watched in disbelief as her two oldest babies were joined at the groin and mouth.

Shortly there after, Billy unloaded his pent up load down his sisters throat choking her as she struggled for air as his sperm spurted down her throat. He thanked his little sis for the best head he'd ever had.

I told them that until Billy had secured another girlfriend that Cassie would service her brother at his will.

She looked horrified but knew better than to contest lest I would add his friends to her list.

Billy gave me a high five and thanked me, saying I wasn't such a dick after all. He left the room as he had to work early and needed some sleep.

My dick was hard from watching my daughter suck off her b

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