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With his wife’s help, a man becomes a sissy for black cock.

..He walks over to her and using his foot, taps the inner surface of her ankles until they are about two feet apart)

"Now here's what's going to happen Rhian. I am going to leave the room and walk around the building. While I am gone you are to completely disrobe..."

"Oh! N-no Sir! P-please don't make me..."

"Quiet!!! From this point on Rhian, every time you interrupt me you are adding to your punishment..."

"P-punishment? You're going to punish me? How? Oh god! P-please don't..."

"I said 'Quiet!!!'"

(She ceases her talking and stares at the floor, a tear running over her cheek)

"As I was saying, while I am out you will strip nude, then reassume the position you are in now. I will return shortly."

(As he turns to leave she breaks from her position and grasps his hand in both of hers)

"Oh Sir, please don't make me do this! I promise I'll be good! P-please don't make me..."

(Slowly pulling her hands from his wrist, he stares into her tear filled eyes)

"You just added to your punishment little girl...Step back into position NOW!!!"

(She scurries back into position and he opens the door...He hears her gasp as the door closes. He takes about three minutes to walk around the building and when he returns to the room Rhian is standing in the same spot, in the prescribed position, but is now nude.)

"Good girl! Now, that wasn't so difficult was it?"

"Y-yes Sir...It was....(Small sob)..."

"Well, that will pale in comparison to the next few minutes..."


"Nothing Rhian..."

(Using his hands to correct her posture, he fondles her ass, runs his hands between her legs to further spread her feet, and adjusts her arms so that her breasts stand out even more...Every touch is punctuated by her gasps and sobs of humiliation as he handles her as if she were a fine show animal.)

"You are going to receive a spanking..."

"Oh, no, please don't spank me! Oh no! I promise I'll be good!..."

"Hush Rhian!"

(She stops begging, but tears pool in her eyes)

"As I was saying, you will receive a spanking. It will consist of eighteen strokes..."

"Oh my god!" (Whispered)

"Hush!! It will consist of eighteen strokes, twelve for the initial tardiness and six additional for the disobedience, followed by corner time...Then we will talk...Do you understand?"

"Y-yes...But can't you just..."


"Yes Sir..."

"Do you agree that you need this spanking?"

"It's just t-that..."

"Rhian! Do-you-a-gree-that-you-need-this-spank-ing?"

"Y-yes Sir....(Small shudder and a choked off sob)

(He makes a show of rolling up his shirt sleeves, as if there is strenuous work to be done. Then, he pulls the straight-backed desk chair out into the center of the room and sits down on it.)

"Okay, come here..."

(She drops her hands and bends toward him as if beseeching him not to spank her)

"Oh no! Oh please Sir! I promise I'll be good! Please don't spank me!"

"It's time Rhian...Just come here."

(She haltingly takes the four steps that are required to cross the room. He takes her left hand and moves her so she is standing to his right, then pulls her down onto his lap.)

"Oh no! Oh god!"

(He takes a long time positioning her, touching her in different, sometimes intimate places until she is finally draped over his legs in an inverted "V" with her upturned ass centered in his lap, her toes barely touching the floor, and her hands touching the floor. He reaches around her body and pulls right arm up behind her waist so as to hold her in position. She sobs quietly, her body twitching at each touch. He gives her one final lecture...)

"You know why you're getting this spanking?"

"Y-yes Sir!"


"B-because I was late...."


"B-being late is disrespectful"


"I disobeyed you..."

"Correct! Are you ready?"

"Oh, no Sir! Please don't..."

"Rhian! Are you ready?"

"Y-yes sir" (Whispered)

"Count the strokes Rhian"

"Oh! Y-yes sir!"

(He pauses and her backside shimmies as she flexes and relaxes her the muscles in her hips in anticipation of the impending punishment.

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