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She did, he didn't.


A few hours later and Danica's eyelids were beginning to droop in the warm bask of the central heat. She had needed to use the bathroom earlier, and after she had forced Akimbo at gunpoint to turn his back, and then stripped, she had entered the cylindrical machine.

A bright blue light enveloped her entire body and a pulse of energy passed through her, then steam shot out through vents covering her in hot, moist droplets of water that cooled against her skin. When she came out of the machine, a hot dry heat blasted her as the doors open, the air felt hot and clean on her skin. She gestured to Akimbo who was smirking at her, and after he turned again with a shrug, she pulled on her under-armor.

Akimbo didn't bother putting on clothes, instead wrapping himself in one of the dark black cloaks and sitting close to the fire. Danica could see him, deep patches of shadow, and slivers of skin reflected in the golden light of the vents. He was staring into the fire, ignoring her, and contemplating something with furrowed brows and eyes that were pits of darkness.

Suddenly, he surprised her by speaking. "We will need to find a way out of here tomorrow. Somehow we will have to learn what this place wants from us. It be best if we got some sleep tonight."

"You expect me to sleep with you across from me. Don't make me laugh."

Akimbo pulled the dark pelt from his shoulders, his arms were broadly muscled, like a gorilla. "It serves me nothing to attack you now. To survive, we will need to work together."

"I fall asleep and I wake up to you raping me. I know what you Kesslerites are like. You treat your women like dogs."

"No," Growled Akimbo, "A dog has more sense and would be a better companion."

"You want some bullet holes in that blanket."

"You fire in this room and you miss, the bullet just as likely to bounce off the wall and hit you, foolish girl."

"I'll risk it."

Akimbo paused. "You know nothing of the Kesslerites. Though you could do with being put on a man's knees, I am forbidden to touch you."

"Is that so." She laughed.

Akimbo spoke into the fire: "My people were the first to leave the solar system of Sol; the first to brave the depths of space; the first to set foot on a new planet. The seven Keplars, our dream, before we even knew what they contained; we went in search of them, on a journey we could never return from. Twelve generations born and died on those early ships, before we eventually arrived, and constructed a wormhole for you who came afterward. Twelve generations, seven hundred years, we made those ancient ships our home."

"You skipped over the part where you devolved into savages."

"Our culture changed it was true. We shed the trappings and accessories of sophisticated Sol. Our women were highly valued, and seeing their own value, and the lengths we would go to protect them, we made a bargain with them. We domesticated them."

"You enslaved them."

"Is the idea so terrible. We protected them, and fed them, and cared for their needs, and in return, under our training and disciplined hand, they serviced us. If you were to watch the face of one of my female pet beneath me, you would not thank their lives painful. Well---" He corrected himself, "perhaps some pain, for instructive purposes, but no meaningless cruelty."

"One of them?"

On my eighteenth birthday," reminisced Akimbo, "my father gave me my first pet, a ginger-haired sweet creature with such wonderful cries. The same whether I whipped her or fucked her. The first one is given to us. The others we must earn through deeds. I earned three others through acts of service to the Great Council and took one legally from a man I killed in a duel. Five I had in total and all great beauties and servile animals, but I had to give them away as gifts when I joined the Sol Confederation navy as a yeoman. They are all some other men's pets now. "

"So you had a harem. And remind me again why I should fall asleep around you."

"After the building of

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