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Bro catches sis in compromising position.

f I do find it too much, can I just stay in the cabin and not 'see' anyone?"

"Sure you can," I said, "But hey listen, if you are truly uncomfortable when we are there, at any time, you just say so and we will pack up and go home, OK?"

"Are you serious?" she asked. "Oh, I don't want to ruin your holiday."

"Don't worry about a thing." I said, "I am a nudist, but I know that it is not for everyone. If it doesn't feel right for you, we can leave. OK?"

Karen ruffled my hair, "You're sweet Little Brother. Thanks"

By now, we had arrived at the main car park. Tucked in the valley by the river, with forty or so cabins spaced about in the bush, the reception and office was beyond the main pool area, and as it and the pool were up higher than the car park, we could see no one from where we sat, although the sounds of laughter and splashing drifted down to us.

In the rear view mirror I saw a middle aged couple walk from their cabin up the steps toward the pool. Karen, looking back to see what I was looking at just saw their naked butts as they turned the corner.

"Well" she said, "I've seen more first nudies. And survived!"

"As the song goes; you ain't seen nothing yet " I said " I got to go and sign in, coming?"

"Mmm, I'll just wait here if that's OK" she said.

I ran up to the office to sign in and get the key. There were maybe around a dozen people lounging by the pool, a pretty normal crowd for the time of day, but I saw no one I knew and didn't hang around to meet anyone.

Back in the car and I decided to take a slow drive through the camp to acquaint my sister with the layout. With the help of the small map I had got at the office I showed her where the shower blocks and BBQ areas were and what the campgrounds down by the river looked like. Here and there we saw nude people or couples, but all at a distance and nothing too 'in your face'. Karen looked around at everything as we drove through, even waving to a naked old dude who was sitting by his camper on the side of the road as we headed back up. He was only yards from us, and legs wide open he was fully on display to my sister as we drove past slowly.

"Everything OK?" I asked her.

"Y..ess. So far" she replied. "Its not what I imagined."

"Oh? In what way?"

She laughed, "I guess I was picturing lots of Porn star or supermodel types here, but as you told me, they are all just normal people."

"Disappointed?" I teased.

"Nope, relieved if anything" she answered. "Now I feel a lot less pressure if I decide to.."

She left the sentence hanging and I didn't push her. Instead I drove in and parked out our cabin.

"Here we are!"

The cabin was only a hundred yards from the pool area. Self contained with a nice little porch and a view of the river. Sis located it on her little map and nodded appreciatively


I was already out of the car and lugging stuff onto the porch. I threw her the door key and asked her to check that the fridge was running. "Priorities" I called. "Gotta get the beer cold."

Karen ran onto the porch and disappeared into the little wooden cabin while I continued to unload the car. I was just shouldering a case of beer and heading for the door when she came out.

"Tim" she said, looking doubtful. "There is only one bedroom!"

Most of the cabins are like that, a living cum dining room, and a bedroom. I never even considered that there might be two bedroom cabins.

"Hey no problem" I said, "The sofa is a fold out bed. You'll be comfy on that" I grinned.

Again she looked doubtful.

"I'm kidding!" I said. "You take the bedroom, I'll take the sofa. No big deal."

We spent twenty minutes putting away groceries and getting organized, and by the end I was all for grabbing a cold beer and chilling on the porch -- pre lunch.

Karen looked across from the small kitchen to me.

"Well, I think I'll go into my room and change and I guess you'll...."

"Ah" I said, "the moment of truth. Yes Karen, I am gonna get my gear off and relax. This is sort of where we find out if you can handle it or not I guess."

She was staring at me, as if she expected some

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