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Hot ex Cheerleader bares all on TV.

I figured that while she told me what was going on I could use my body to shield her from the street.

Dani rested her forehead on my right shoulder, her long hair hanging down. I thought that maybe she was ashamed, that she didn't know how to tell me why she was suddenly such a brazen hussy.

But she surprised me again. Dani reached down between my legs and caressed my rock hard dick through my pants. I was so damned shocked that I forgot all about protecting her naked body from the stares of strangers and I stepped away. Dani leaned forward and stuck her fingers in the waistband of my pants. She pulled me back close to her.

"Come on," she whispered. "You know you want to."

Feeling like I'd entered the Twilight Zone I tried to step away again, but Dani pulled me back by my pants and put her hand on my dick. I tell you, I didn't know what to do. If I stepped back then my little sister was naked in public and anyone walking by could see her. All of her. And Mom and Dad would kill both of us if they ever found out. Or I could stand close enough to shield her from sight. But then she was going to fondle my throbbing dick, which was about to go off without her help at all thank you very much.

"Come on, Paul. You know it's not lying to you." Dani pushed the heel of her hand down hard against my shaft, and I could feel the fluid leaking out of the end. I may not have known what to do, but she was right - it wasn't lying to me. It wanted her. Badly.

I closed my eyes against the sight of my suddenly very sexy sister, and my mind flashed to my fianc__e, who had never been this blatantly demanding. Joanne was more the type who would get undressed in the dark and lay there while I made love to her. Her curvaceous figure and her soft love pillows were very sexy, but there was no doubt that our lovemaking wasn't very exciting. I'd sort of hoped that after we got married that she'd loosen up a little.

And Joanne's soft body had certainly never turned me on in the ways that Dani's was now. In a daze I looked down at her breasts. They were the size of an apple, firm and pale white with a tiny erect nipple. They were just the right size for cupping in my hand. I don't know how it happened, because I certainly didn't tell it to, but my hand closed over her breast and I could feel her nipple pushing into my palm.

While I was dazed and confused with my sister's bare tit in my hand, Dani unzipped my pants and pushed them down far enough that I was free. The cool air on my shaft was almost as intoxicating as holding my naked sister. I looked down to see Dani stroking my flushed dick, smearing pre-cum all over me.

I began panting, and Dani's hair tousled and flew and tickled my lips with each gasp. Her gentle strokes were having their desired effect - I was close to shooting off. I reminded myself that this sexkitten was my little sister, and that I shouldn't screw her. My mind seized on the phrase. It became my mantra. I shouldn't screw my sister. I shouldn't screw my sister.

Then she said the words that were guaranteed to steal my cooperation.

"Do it for me?" she whispered in my ear, her hair tickling my nose and her knowing hand massaging my dripping want.

Damn! Those words ought to be prohibited. Men throughout the centuries have seldom been able to resist those words from a pretty girl. And when the girl is naked in your arms, the siren call of them is damn near irresistible. Factor in that it was Dani asking, my little sister whom I'd do anything for, and my misgivings were simply lost. Not gone, you understand - just somewhere that I couldn't put my hands on them.
Dani seemed to know that some part of me (other than the obvious one) had relented.

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