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A sexy vision of the Post-Apocalypse.

Had it all been a misunderstanding or was Mrs. Larson just a closet sadist? He debated it until he remembered that she had been wearing the belt she used on him all along. Was that a coincidence? He didn't think so.

Later that week when Lisa came home from school, Robert had to tell her about seeing Mrs. Larson again. He had no plans to tell her about the spanking part until they started talking.

"Guess who came by earlier this week?" he announced.

"Oh, that old, evil Mrs. Larson! Mom told me."

"Yeah, and you'll never believe this! She bragged about spanking me when we stayed with her ten years ago!"

"What a witch!"

"And mom thought it was funny!"

"She doesn't know her!"

"I know."

Lisa paused and thought for a moment.

"What else did Mrs. Larson say?"

"Well, she asked me to fix a wall in her bathroom."

"Oh really. Anything about me?"

Robert knew what Lisa was thinking about. She was wondering if Mrs. Larson had blabbed about putting her in diapers. She had managed to keep it a secret all these years, that is, except from him. But she didn't want her mom to know.

"No, she just asked how you were doing."

"And what about this wall repair? Did she pay you?"

"No, I didn't do it."

"Why not?"

"I told her I couldn't give her an exact estimate."

"Oh? Then what happened?"

Robert paused and expelled a long breath.

"Ah, she got a little weird on me."

"Like how?"

"You know, she has this authoritarian streak..."

"Yeah! And?"

Robert looked around and realized they needed to take this conversation to a more private location.

"Let's go to your room." he told her.

After they were safe behind a closed door, Robert continued.

"Well... she started calling me a thief and a liar!"


"Yeah! Because I didn't know what it would take to fix it."

"Oh dude! What did she do?!"

"Well... she..."


"She ordered me into The Room!"

Lisa's eyes became saucers.

"The room?"

"Yeah, do you remember? The time we stayed there?"

Lisa was lost in thought now. She pushed a strand of her long, blonde hair behind her ear.

"A little." she said.

Robert didn't believe this answer, but he continued.

"Do you remember the room she put you in? She calls it The Punishing Room?"

Lisa's face filled with a mix of confusion and wonder.

"Oh my god! Maybe."

"Well, she ordered me into this room. And then she... spanked me."

"What!" Lisa exclaimed as she covered her mouth, "You let her spank you!"

"No! She just did it. Don't you remember how she was?"

"But why didn't you just tell her to fuck off?"

"I don't know. It's just the way she commands you..."

This was when Robert realized something else about his motivations in going there. After all, Lisa was right. Why would he put himself in that situation knowing this lady the way he did?

"Okay so tell me what she did?"

"Uh, she made me take my pants off and lay down on the bed."

When Robert told her this her eyes glazed over. She traveled back in time to those days he and she had spent there, to that one particular day when Mrs. Larson had pulled her into that room after finding her bed peed in.

"Yes, and then?" she said in a far away voice.

"She took off her belt and smacked me with it!"

"Oh my god!" she replied, gazing off into space again.

Now Lisa was back in that room ten years earlier. She saw herself kicking and crying as the diaper was fitted around her, and how Mrs. Larson's face shone with glee, and how she held her there afterwards until she cried herself to sleep. Her next memory was of waking up with the diaper wet around her and Mrs. Larson carrying her through the house in it. She had even made tea with her on her hip the whole while.

"Lisa? Are you listening?" Robert's voice broke in.

"Yes!" she said flinching as she sprang back to the present.

"And the weirdest part about it was... I cried!"

"You cried!"

"Yes! I couldn't help it! Do you remember that room now?"

Lisa drifted away again and felt a deep surge of excitement well up in her. She finally understood a long repressed part of her sexuality.


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