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Total submission to Master Zak.

I heard:


I opened the door, and saw the Ariel I was used to. She wore a yellow T-shirt with a butterfly logo and jeans. She had a short lock of stray hair hanging on the left side of her face, giving her a very sexy look.

"Hey, Will"

"Hi. Feeling better?"

"Yeah." Followed an awkward silence. "You know, about yesterday, I ..."

"It's okay, there's no need to apologize. That's what's friends are for."

She took a deep breath and said, "I want to thank you. For all you did. Or did not for that matters. Yesterday I was so drunk and angry I could have jumped your bones."

My groin responded at this statement and I had to readjust myself not to lose my composure.

She continued, "I was weak and you held me up. Besides, I don't know what awful stuff you made me drink, but my stomach feels okay." A smile started to appear on her face.

"Bicarbonate. Nothing better for the tummy when you get wasted." I smiled back, "Come, I've got bread rolls in the oven for breakfast. And no doubt a good cup of tea will help you start the day!"


Life got back the way it was, and we didn't discuss much the 'incident'. A few weeks later, I was sitting at my computer at work when my boss came in my office.

"Hey there Will."

"Good morning Mr. Hallbert."

"Like you know, we had a killer quarterly result, and the manager is throwing a dinner next week. You will be expected, you did a very good job with those analysis."

"Thank you Sir, I'll be honored."

"Good. I already booked two places for you and your girlfriend at Ermando's." He went out as quickly as he came.

Girlfriend? I was with Erin when I joined the company, but it didn't last long. I supposed that he thought I was still with her. Shit. Ermando's was one of the most expensive restaurants in town, and I was fairly sure Mr. Hallbert told the manager I was coming with an escort. How was I going to handle the situation? Then a silly idea came to my mind. A very silly one.


Ariel opened her door.

"Hey Will. Nice to see you."

"Hi Ariel."

I looked down, then took a deep breath. "I have a favor to ask you."

"Anything for you," she teased.

I looked at her nervously. "Come on, spit it out," she said.

I had planned this moment many times in my head, yet my words weren't those I prepared. "My manager is throwing a dinner at a fancy restaurant next week, and I'm expected to come accompanied. I wondered if you could be my escort."

"How is that you are to come with someone?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

I fumbled, "Well ... I was dating someone a few month ago when I got my job, but we're not together any more, but my boss extrapolated that I was still ..."

"It's okay. I'll come with you. Besides, I owe you one," she said in a cheery, reassuring tone. "When is that dinner taking place?"

I was taken aback by her quick response. "Uhh ... Next Friday at eight."

After that, we came back to our routine. Nevertheless, I pondered a long time whether she considered I had asked her a favor or on a date, but I couldn't come up with an answer. So I decided to wait and see what would happen on Friday night.


I heard Ariel's voice through the door, "I'm not ready yet, come back in five minutes!"

One thing I knew for sure about women is that they sometimes slip in an alternate universe where time is contracted relative to ours. I came back to my apartment and waited for about a quarter of an hour. I took the time to adjust my outfit in front of the mirror. I was wearing my old tuxedo from my college days, yet I filled it well. It has always been too wide for me, but now that I was doing some sports it looked almost custom-made. Cleanly shaved, tanned face, well-combed dark brown hair and contact lenses over my dark eyes ... 'Not bad for a geek,' I thought, thanking my part Latin origins.

I got down the stairs and this time Ariel's door opened before I could knock.

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