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Brother & Sister. Final Fantasy 6 References. Passionate.

Looked like quite an indentation in the carpet where I had laid down, but nothing could be done about that now. I just had to pray that whoever it was didn't come straight up the stairs. I backed quickly out the door and closed it as silently as I could, stealing across the hallway into my own room just as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

It was Denise.

"Thom, you up here?"

I poked my head out the door.

"Yeah, I'm just getting dressed."

"About time. Jeez."

"You're back early," I said.

She was standing in the hall in her sparkling white tennis outfit, talking to me without looking into my room.

"Yeah, my teacher had to go pick up his kids. Sucks, too, because I think this is my last lesson with him."

I pulled on a pair of jeans. "He's good?"

"Yeah, well, he's an okay teacher, but he's also gorgeous."

"Ah, so that's why you're so interested in tennis these days."

A twinge of jealousy there. What's he got that I ain't got. I mean, other than not being directly related to you and all that? I kept that part to myself.

"You got it, kiddo," she replied. "I'm gonna take a quick shower before everyone gets back."

With that she went straight into the bathroom.

Good, I thought. That'll give me a chance to make sure I didn't leave any incriminating evidence in her bedroom. After I heard the water come on, I slid back into her room and smoothed out the carpet. I was tempted to leave it as it was, as there was sort of an allure to having her wander around in a room with the indentation of my cock staring right at her without her having a clue. Too risky, though.

As I stepped out of her room and closed the door once again, I realized that the bathroom door was not closed. It came within about 6 inches of being closed, and it brought up all sorts of interesting questions. Did she leave it open like that on purpose? She knows I'm the only other one here, knows I'm a horny bastard, why wouldn't she be more careful about a thing like that?

This was a dilemma. Most likely there was no conscious intention there, but on the off chance that there was, did I not have an obligation to take advantage of the invitation? Crazy thoughts, but then again, raging hormones will send the mind on some pretty weird trips.

I could hear the water splashing around, and I knew Denise was in there.


Rubbing soap all over her body.

And the door was open.

I crept slowly toward the bathroom and peered into the narrow window that I had without touching the door. The way the bathroom was laid out, I didn't have a direct view of the shower, as it was off to the right and around a corner. What I did have was a direct angle view of the bath sink mirror, which gave me an indirect view of the shower. The exhaust fan was on, and with the added air from the open door there was very little steam, and the mirror was crystal clear.

The shower was one of those bathtub shower combos with a sliding glass door, which was not clear glass but a bit smoky. Behind it, there was Denise in all her glory, though from my view she was more in silhouette. I could make out all of her tanned curves, but very little detail. Once in a while a part of her body would brush the door and I would get a clear glimpse of naked skin: a thigh here, an ass cheek there. Her straight, dark hair cascaded down her back, and I could see the outline of her gorgeous tits in profile.

This was all heavenly, and the best part was that she really had little chance of seeing me. Risking a bit of movement, I pushed the door open a bit wider. I could now squeeze through it if I wanted to.

I toyed with the idea of just walking in and going for it, since there was a chance that's what she intended anyway. My hands were shaking. Hell, my whole body was shaking. No, I thought finally, if I was wrong it could get ugly, and I was probably wrong.

It had been a good several minutes since my last orgasm, and of course I was ready to go again, and insistently so

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