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The Hunt begins.

She spread them as he removed his shirt. They sat down together and she found herself a bit nervous. She wasn't really watching but noticed she was not giving her partner a blowjob. But that didn't matter as her partner began sucking on a nipple.

"It's been a few weeks since I was kissed. May I please kiss your husband?" The answer was not immediate. She wasn't sure if the woman needed to think about it or if her mouth was full.

"This time only! And only because you asked permission nicely!"

She smiled. This was different from her dating days. Guys always kissed her. Guys didn't go immediately to second base. She bent over and kissed her partner. It was nice enough but didn't have the passion of the make out session that had always preceded sex. This was very different. They broke the kiss and he resumed enjoying her tits. "Thank you!" she called. No answer. "Could I see your... you know."

"No. Nobody ever gets to see my 'you know'." He paused. "You are talking about my pancreas?"

She blushed. Guys have always been so eager to show her their dicks. "I would like to see your dick."

"Certainly! You want to do it?"

"I'm not really the shy type but I'm actually feeling a little overwhelmed. Could you?"

In the bedroom, the couple had completed undressing. She wanted to watch. The first time she had watched her husband fuck another woman, she had been in a totally different mindset. She had watched them fuck again. But watching another woman take her husband for the first time had an appeal. Her lover was ready to fuck. So she lay down on her tummy. She usually raised her ass in the air when doing it doggy but she was focused on watching. It did fell pleasant as the man behind her slid his cock into her very wet pussy and slowly fucked her. He was actually as focused on watching as she. The both watched as the woman lay back and her husband positioned himself. They had not been able to hear them before but they could definitely hear her as he penetrated her opening. "Neighbors!" she called out as a warning because she was starting to get loud. She grabbed at the sheet trying to stuff it in her mouth to muffle the noises that kept escaping from her as the man between her legs was stuffing her with his massive cock. They really didn't have a very good view of him penetrating her.

"Pull out."

"What? But..."

"You want a better view! Don't you?"

He did. So he pulled out of her, then he climbed off her and the bed. She was right behind him, pausing to grab the pillow. She dropped the pillow case on the woman; she immediately grabbed it and stuffed as much of it in her mouth as she could before screaming at the top of her lungs. She smiled as she pushed her lover into a chair with a perfect view of her husband's cock imbedding itself in his woman's cunt. Her man's cock just slide right into her as she sat on his lap while the other woman struggled. She understood; it was why she so enjoyed fucking other men. Sex with her husband was wonderful. But it was a lot of work every time. The new location was not great. The view was perfect but she had to do the work. She blamed herself for poor planning. No, the problem was that the best sex did not go as planned. This was never the plan for the evening.


It had been exciting watching her get fucked by her husband. But she was actually starting to tire of being fucked. Her husband was just lying there watching her while his recent conquest recovered. But her fuck just wasn't happening. "I'm sorry but I'm tired. Are you good?"

"I actually was hoping to finish."

"I'll lie down and you can finish up."

"I'll take him!"

They were surprised. It seemed but a few seconds since her husband had removed his condom. She was clearly exhausted. But she was offering her pussy to the second man.

"Do you mind?"

"Relieved actually!"

The woman on the floor smiled as the other woman stood so her man could move from the couch to the floor.

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