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Women clamour to attend party where they must remain naked.

Five weeks later.

I was back in the area and wanted to drop in. I had been quite busy and although mom called once a week. She did not tell me she got on the internet and checked out a few websites for sexy stories.

Mom gave me a cozy hug at the door.

"John, so nice to see you. What a nice surprise!."

"Well mom, always nice to see you too."

"Come in the kitchen as I am baking, want some coffee?"

"Yes thanks, and what is this?"

"Surprise, I did it! I got on the internet and I love the literotica site. So nice to read a frigging hot wet story of a woman turned on by her own heels."

You could've knocked me over with her high heel, it was so funny to hear mom talk like this. I always thought mom a bit prudish. She seemed so straight laced to me. Never missed church.

If I was surprised then I had to be even more surprised as the afternoon and evening wore on.

"So John, thank you so much for telling me about literotica. Nice hot sexy stories. One was called "Caught" where a granny took her grandson as her lover. He was into music, piano as you are and he had a thing about his Granny's half-glasses and half-moons whatever the hell those are."

"Damn, I am saying, does she know I wrote that story?"

John, I did not know what half-moons were till I read "Knobs, tubes and half-moons." Where an electrician went to a woman's house with ancient wiring and she wore bifocals with the half-moons for reading and the electrician was so turned on by seeing her with that type of glasses he got a hard-on, and they ended up doing it in her parlor! That was such a fucking' hot story I had to get my dildo out!"

"So who wrote the story mom?"

"Some guy called, Shoe Slayer."

"Well I am glad you are liking the internet mom."

"John, liking is not the word. Can you see the dust bunnies on the floor? it means I have not done the floor in a week and a half. I sit here reading stories with my vibrator, fantasizing about meeting Shoe Slayer!"

And I am standing there with a knot in my pants the size of a grapefruit.

"Mom, that's not going to happen. He is some guy probably in England or as the Brits would say, "Across the pond."

"NO, Shoe Slayer is in this state." Mom said this in a low but serious tone of voice.

"I know he is in my parlor!"

Honestly I did not know what to think.

"John, I love your stories, I have missed your father for a while now and I felt I was drying up inside. Thanks to you telling me about LIT I can enjoy things again. And I checked your bio. You have cats and a pug, you have a thing for women's half-glasses and heels. I did not know you cross dressed but that's fine with me. Where did you learn how to write?"

"Well mom I always wanted to write stories about sex and having been married to a lovely woman for close to twenty years. I had a lot of interest in good old hot sex and decided to write about it."

"Yeah it took awhile as I forgot a lot about grammar and punctuation but the Killer Muffin was cool and she wrote a big article about it. Punctuate like a pro and with the writers resources, well I was on my way."

"I have a bit of a surprise for you, go into the parlor sit on the couch and close your eyes. Don't open till I say open."

I did so and with in five minutes things started to happen that would make our relationship a lot tighter.

I am sitting on the sofa and I hear mom coming over. I feel my belt being unbuckled and my pants being pulled down.

"Keep your eyes closed!"

I feel something cool, two things actually. Two cool things being dragged all over that ever growing cock of mine.

"Open your eyes Shoe Slayer!"

Here is my mom in patent black heels and a silky bra with a lot of lace wearing her half-glasses. She is on her knees and playing with my cock with her half-glasses as she looks at me through a pair with the beads hanging from them and damn she is HOT.

"Do you like this?" Mom asks me.

You might as well ask if a bear shits in the woods.

"Yes mom of course I like it."

"I hope you have no trouble with your mom wantin

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