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A new years eve, party for two.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I am going to fuck you my love... I will fuck you like a whore... just like you want me to. Tell me you want me to fuck you Teri."

But she knew her part in the play as well. "No!" she said, so convincingly, she actually made Steve pause, and then smile.

He pulled off her shirt and her skimpy lace bra, leaving her totally naked and vulnerable. She moaned even louder as his hands caressed her firm tits and pulled at her hard nipples. He licked at her neck, and even bit her a few times, and she rocked her hips and slid faster along his turgid cock. He smiled.

"I know you want it baby... just say it and you can have it... just beg me to fuck you", he teased her. Even as her mind clouded with lust, and her body revealed her true desires, she refused to relent.

"No Steve, I don't want it."

Steve backed away from her, even as her hips tried to follow him, as his cock slid back through her legs. She was completely unprepared for him to drop to his knees and begin softly licking at her dripping pussy. Teri arched her back and thrust back at him, moaning even louder than before. Between his licks, and soft caresses with his fingers, Steve continued his erotic taunting.

"Just say it baby... you know you want it soooo bad... just say it."

They both knew his words were having their desired effect when she could only moan more in response. But despite her inability to speak coherently Teri shook her head wildly... repeatedly... even as Steve continued to lick her.

But Steve knew her mind, and knew her body's hot buttons too well for Teri to hold out much longer. Even as she told herself she wouldn't give in, she reveled in the feel of Steve's 2 fingers as they invaded the tight recesses of her pussy. She felt her resistance slipping away as he slid those fingers in and out of his drooling pussy, licking at her exposed clit as he did.

" Mmmmm... ohhhhh... uuuugh" were the only sounds coming from Teri's wide-open mouth, even as she tried to answer him.

Steve knew his wife well enough to recognize that it was time to complete her submission. He stood again behind and slid his throbbing cock between he legs, and along her cum-slickened lips. Again, his strong hands mauled her firm tits and pulled at her hardened nipples. He pulled her upright by the hair - God she LOVED it when he pulled her hair during sex! Without withdrawing from between her legs, he turned her completely around so she was facing the tiny sink and the mirror. She looked at their reflections over her shoulder, taking in the raw sexuality of the scene. Steve's eyes met hers, and she watched him in the mirror as he continued to ravage her body.

As he slid his cock back and forth along her lips, he whispered to her, "Tell me you want me to fuck you Teri... beg for my cock... beg me to fuck you..." His eyes never left hers.

With each stroke of his cock, she felt him along the entire length of her pussy, and the head of his cock grazed her exposed clit. Each time she jumped like she was being shocked with electricity. She heard the voice as if it was coming from someone else, but she could see herself speaking.

"Please Steve... please fuck me now!"

The first thrust of his cock into her forced about half of his thick shaft inside her tight pussy, stretching her as he went. Teri worked hard to keep her pussy tight, and did plenty of the muscle tightening exercises her doctor recommended. She also picked up tips from articles in magazines, and from her friends. The result was a pussy that was as tight as it was when she was a virgin, and the first thrust always caused her to cry out both in pleasure and pain. It usually caused Steve to go slow at first, but not today.

As his eyes drank her in, he slid his cock almost all the way out, and rammed the entire length deep inside of her.

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