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His balls released a huge amount of cum and it felt like his cock head was exploding when the cum shot out of it and into his mother pussy. Shot after shot after shot pumped into Jane's body! She held him with her arms and let him finish. There was nothing she could do but hold on he was completely in charged. This was something new for her.

Bobby was making her his woman, taking what he wanted, what he needed. He only wanted to cum!! She had never seen him like this before. He was totally in control and out of control too. All she could do was hold on as she felt his cock get thicker and even harder and it actually felt hotter inside her hole as she felt his cum fill her womb and totally explode into her sex cave.

She loved how he took control and made her his woman. Now he had done to her what she knew she needed done, HARD LONG FUCKING. God she loved how it felt with him fucking her like no man had ever dared to try. And Jane loved it. She loved all of it.

No man had ever made her squirt before, No man had fucked her raw and without any concern for her pleasure. Bobby had just taken his mother to a new sexual high and he had then taken from her what he needed to feel the same thing.

As his cum finally finished slamming into her hole, Jane smiled as she felt him collapse on top of her. It was a good fucking for both of them. She was very happy they were together and she was more happy she was on the pill because if she wasn't Bobby would have a brother or sister or a son or daughter she was sure of it.

Jane held her son and let him lay on top of her for a long time. Finally she gently rolled him over and saw that he was asleep. His cock covered with their combined juices. She slid her arm over and around his stomach and placed her head on his shoulder as she cuddled with him.

Her son was now her man and she was whatever he wanted her to be. She felt his cum slowly oozing out of her cunt and she put her hand between her thighs and touched her sore pussy hole with her fingers. Then she lifted her fingers and tasted their cum mixed together. She smiled as she knew she would have trouble walking later on but she also knew Bobby would lick her sore pussy and bath it with his tongue. She held her son and they slept.

When Bobby woke he watched his mom sleep. She lay there so beautiful he just watched her body as her chest rose and fell. Her nipples were hard and he saw the suck marks all around the left nipple. He worried how she would react when she woke and remembered how he had taken her so hard. Finally he got out of bed and stripped off his clothes. He smiled thinking he didn't even take the time to undress before fucking her this time.

Bobby marveled at how she always made him so horny, so hot for her. He went into the kitchen and made them both ice teas. Then he came back and took an ice cube in his fingers. He slowly ran it around the nipple as she woke up. She smiled at her son and lifted up to kiss him. Then she felt the cold on her nipple and watched as Bobby played with the cube and her hard red nipple.

When she couldn't stand the cold any longer she pushed his hand away and Bobby covered her nipple with his lips. Se held his head and said: "That's much better baby! Suck my nipples don't freeze them."

Bobby smiled and Jane sat up, her pussy was sore. She told him that she needed a shower and they both went into the bathroom. Bobby walked behind her, he love to see her round ass swaying back and forth as she walked. He held her hips and walked pushing against her ass with his cock. She slapped his hip trying to get him away.

Once in the shower they washed each other and Bobby was especially careful to take care of washing her sore pussy. He knelt and lapped at it with the water almost drowning him.

She let him lick her and wash her and then when they came out and dried off she sat straddling the toilet and with her pussy on the edge of the seat as Bobby lapped her outer lips some more.

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