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A lonely, bitter Musher discovers a ring.

Elizabeth was quiet, contemplative. "Suppose I could make it possible for you to have Mondays off. I would need something in return."

"What's that?" I asked, thinking we were close to coming to terms.

"I'll need Melinda to stay out of my panty drawer," Elizabeth said, looking at me.

"I don't know. Let's ask her. Missy, will you be willing to...wait a minute, how do you know she goes through your panty drawer?" I asked Elizabeth.

"I just know," Elizabeth said, and then to Missy, "You wear my panties when I'm not here, don't you, Melinda?"

Missy nodded, but wouldn't speak. She jiggled the ice in her glass. I handed my drink to her, and she accepted it, looking grateful.

"Tell Mrs. Tucker that you won't even open her panty drawer in future, Missy," I said, and was met with a violent shake of her head.

"She says no, Elizabeth," I said, stating the obvious.

"Then I say no also," Elizabeth said, and that was the end of our discussion. We were at an impasse. I'd been so close to having my Monday's off, only to be foiled by two obstinate females.

Missy was a bundle of nerves. It took me an hour to settle her down. She let me undress her, and she let me kiss her, but she wouldn't kiss me back. We got on the bed and I pulled the sheet up over us.

"Tell me why wearing her panties is so important to you,' I said, almost pleading with her. I'd been so close to cutting a deal with Elizabeth, only to have it blow up in my face.

Missy's only answer was to reach for my hand and place it at the junction between her legs. I took my time, tickling the small amount of pubic hair that remained above her opening, teasing her slit with my middle finger, and tapping her clit with my thumb. She pulled on my cock, wanting to insert it into her pussy and it only took one more pull for me to succumb to her wishes.

We fucked for thirty minutes, slowly, expending little effort, wanting to make it last as long as we could. At one point I buried my cock, and let her contract and release the inner walls of her pussy. She had tremendous control, and I was afraid she would squeeze the cum right out of my balls. When she felt that I was close to cumming, Missy gave me a toothy grin, placed her hands on my ass, and urged me to speed up. I pushed into her as deep and fast as I could, and she pushed back with the same urgency.

Missy was a strong girl, and when I collapsed, gasping to regain my breathing, she easily rolled me onto my back, and hovered above me. Her breasts were dangling an inch from my chest. I followed her eyes to see what was occupying her attention. Between her breasts, past her stomach, and down to her pussy, I saw that she was watching a glob of my cum, which was poised to fall at any moment.

Missy looked up at me, grinned, and lowered her head again. We were spellbound, waiting for the glue-like substance to dislodge itself from the cavern that had been its haven a minute before. I saw movement, and realized that she was pushing more cum out of her pussy, making the glob bigger. When it finally fell, she lowered her tits to my chest and giggled, uncontrollably. I ran my hands over her back, down to her ass, and back up.

"Are you protected?" I asked.

For the second time that evening, I felt Missy's body stiffen. She rolled off me and lay on her back. "You got nothing to worry about," she said.

Realizing I'd hit a sore spot, I apologized. "I'm sorry, Missy. I didn't mean to upset you."

She didn't acknowledge my apology. "Missy, I trusted you with my secret. You can trust me. Let it out; you'll feel better. I'm a good listener. Remember, you know my real identity. If I ever, ever, ever, divulge your secret, you could bury me. That's the kind of trust I'm talking about."

We lay on our backs, and listened to each other breath. There was nothing more I could add. Either she would see the logic in what I'd told her, or she wasn't as smart as I gave her credit for being. I heard her sigh, and wondered if she'd decided to get up and leave.

And then I felt her cheek next to mine.

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