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The harrowing march to Beshenna begins.

Minutes later he stirred from his sleep to feel his arms being raised. Quickly orientating himself he was aware that one wrist was tied securely to the chunky bedhead and that Fee was in the process of securing the other wrist with a fine silk scarf.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sweetheart," she whispered, "I want you to just watch and feel"

In the candlelit bedroom she stood before him, the light flickering over her soft skin as she let the thin straps of the flimsy gown fall from her smooth shoulders revealing her taut, full breasts. The nipples were a dusky pink and stood proud and erect as her nightdress ceased its downward journey and rested seductively on the swell of her rounded hips.

God! The very sight of those wonderful breasts made him hard for her again. Her hands cupped them tenderly then slid to her hips and nudged the garment from its resting place leaving it puddle in a silken pool at her feet.

Her pussy lips were clearly visible between her tanned legs; she loved to keep herself smooth and completely shaven. She knew he loved it.

Climbing onto the bed beside him, her breasts swayed enticingly as she leaned over to kiss his lips. He longed to wrap his arms around her as she kissed him passionately, her tongue snaking its way into his mouth.

Gary's hard dick was throbbing as her hands stroked his face and neck. She kissed his chin and chest with tiny butterfly kisses, breathing heavily as she explored his body with her fingers and her lips. Fee paused and flicked her tongue over his sensitive nipples, taking one between her lips and sucking softly on it sending ripples of excitement through his captive body. He could smell her wonderful woman scent and it was driving him crazy. Her small fingers were circling his stomach, agonisingly avoiding his stiff eager cock. Stroking the outside of his thighs she let her hair trail across his belly and groin, bathing his engorged dick with its softness.

She began to lick his taut stomach leaving shiny, wet trails as her fingers caressed the soft skin of his inner thighs.

"Christ Fee!" he breathed heavily "Untie me please Angel, I need to touch you"

Fee put her fingers to his lips and whispered "Shhh, Gary, just feel"

His whole body was tingling with lust, every nerve ending was alive and active as she stroked and caressed him tenderly. The bulging head of his swollen dick was slick with precum oozing from him and it glistened in the flickering light.

Her hand began to stroke and massage his heavy, tight balls and he groaned out loud. Fee lifted her head from his tummy and asked, "Would you like me to suck you Sweetheart?"

"Oh God, yes!" he exclaimed, his legs stretching out and his toes curling, "I would love you to suck it Angel" he whispered urgently.

Her wet, pink tongue flicked across the head of his throbbing dick, licking away the precum that was leaking from him. Her free hand grasped his solid shaft and started to wank him slowly.

As her wet lips enveloped him he could feel the warmth of her sweet mouth, his hips straining as he attempted to push deeper into her mouth. She sucked him with passion, massaging his aching balls, her lips sliding up and down his stiff rod engulfing as much as she could.

Gary was ready to explode when she stopped and backed away, leaving him highly aroused and helpless.

She knelt by his side and let her hand roam across her smooth, rounded breasts, pulling gently on her stiff nipples. Her other hand travelled downwards and stroked her flat belly, her eyes dancing. She opened her tanned legs a little giving him a perfect view of her bare pussy, the outer lips swollen with desire slightly parted to reveal the inner pink folds, wet with her passion. God he wanted her!

Her fingers began to slowly rub and stroke her soaking cunt, circling her stiff clitty and slipping between her velvety smooth lips. He could see her wetness coating her fingers as she caressed herself, her eyes closed and her head to one side as she softly moaned.

His rigid dick stood upright and he tried to wriggle free from

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