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Damon rediscovers his manhood.

"George!" she ordered the young man, who already had the unknown flower in his hand, frowning. "You take the daisy, it's enough for you. Give me the other one." Joanna disregarded the slightly hurt look of George as she took the strange flower out of his hand.

"I've seen one of those in a book..." George's voice trailed away, his expression concentrated. "Aren't they believed to be extinct? 'The Trojan's Gift' it is called, as far as I remember... Didn't the missionary Frederico Bagnalo describe it to Linn__ before he settled down amidst the Sioux, starting a family? If I could only..."

"That's enough, George," Joanna's stern voice interrupted the useless botanic lecture. It was time for business here, not some dusty stuff out of old books. She turned towards the patient smoker again, presenting him a prepared check. "I'll give you this for your lands. It will be more than enough for this worthless piece of rock," Joanna showed him a check with a ridiculously low number of zeroes on it. She would make a fortune out of this loinclothed idiot.

"You have to eat the flower," the Indian answered her offer, yet again unmoving except for his tense muscles rippling beneath his weathered skin. "You also," he nodded towards George. "The whole flower in your case. Of her flower, one petal will be enough," he added. "Then I'll accept what you're going to offer. Not before." The Indian took another deep drag of his pipe. The smoke hung in the air lazily, as if waiting for something.

George eyed his boss for her decision.

"Let's get this nonsense over with, and soon," Joanna ordered. The wild man accepted the offer, and without even haggling! That was worth eating some flower!

She watched George munching the daisy reluctantly and grinned. Then she plugged a petal out of her own flower and was about to swallow it when she suddenly hesitated.

"Wait!" she ordered herself. "That's a trap! You want to poison me, I've heard about redskins talking with a forked tongue!"

George flinched again hearing Joann's harsh words and her twisting of the history, but the chieftain simply reached out his hand for her petal. She gave it to him, and he swallowed it without hesitation. But Joanna wasn't content yet.

"You have taken an antidote! That's your plan! You won't see me being that dumb!" she cried triumphantly. "George!" she summoned her assistant. "You take the next one. Then we'll see if it's poisoned. Don't hesitate, you worthless idiot. Do what I say or I'll fire you! And don't look to that redskin for allowance, how dare you, George Mason!"

The Indian watched her stoically throughout her outburst, but she thought he may have nodded at George, barely noticeable. Be that as it may, George did indeed swallow the petal. Everyone watched him expectantly, but for long moments nothing happened. A bit disappointed Joanna finally broke the silence, addressing him. "And? How do you feel?"

"It's okay I think..." George said, insecurely. "I feel nothing unusual..."

"Ah, okay. Let's get this over with, finally!" Joanna said exasperatedly, plucking the last petal and swallowing it.

"Now on to business," she continued at once. "Here's the check. You'll leave the mountain within 48 hours, with all your people. Go where you want, but not on my land. If I'll see you here again, I'll..."

Neither George nor the Indian ever heard what Joanna would do in such a case, for she suddenly stopped.

"It's so ... strange..." she said dreamingly. "Why is that so? I..."

George started toward her, worried about his boss in spite her constant abuse of him. But again a sign from the Indian stopped him in his tracks. This, and the behavior of his boss, who was just shedding her expensive fur coat and letting it fall on the ground.

"So many colors.

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