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A disabled man and his caregiver.

I stroked her forehead and ears a bit in admiration before she walked off to devour her quarry in privacy.

I continued my work in the fields, now thinking of my own growing appetite. I had made myself a bit more dirty than usual, so I had to wash myself before supper.

Bringing over two metal pails, I filled each one up, cranking our pitcher pump in the garden. I carried these heavy loads over to our metal tub, also in the garden, then plugged the drain before I poured them in. I carried about eight more pails over until I felt the water was at a good level.

It was much easier to have the bath in the garden, so that the remaining bathwater could be easily and wastelessly dumped here. We even had dug troughs that would irrigate the water over to our vegetable plot. Also, during the summer, the sun would heat up the water until it's lukewarm if you left it sitting. During the winter, we'd have to boil some of the water on our stoves.

For privacy's sake, it was located behind our house out of the sight of any windows. You could tell if someone was in the tub simply because their head and shoulders would stick out over the edge.

I folded my clothes and hung them on a fence-post near the tub. The chickens clucked and cooed in the safety of their coop. Some arctic birds were migrating from the North to find their summer breeding grounds. A couple of bees busily gathered nectar and pollen from my mother's sunflowers. Did you know that honeybees never visit two different species of flowers on the same trip?

There's much to learn about birds and bees from books, but I found that nothing beats firsthand experience.
I hopped into the cold water, letting my baked, bronzed skin simmer down.

I held my bar of tallow soap in my hand, ready to scrub myself. But then I decided to dip my head for a bit first before the water filled with suds and my filth.

Earlier this week, Smokey gave me shit for not being able to hold my breath for very long when we went swimming in Whitefish river, so I decided to take this opportunity to practice. I found that you can hold your breath a lot longer the second time, after you let your body acclimate during the first attempt.

Plunging myself under the water surface the second time, I practiced opening my eyes. The surface was a shimmering window to a clear, blue sky. It was so clear and featureless that as the water began to settle down, the surface was settling into a single, static image. A blue slice of color, without even the sun to break its monotony. Something about it was very soothing.

My mind returned to its favorite thought, this time introducing Jessica into the fantasy. Surely Magnus wouldn't mind what goes on in my own mind, right? What he doesn't know can't hurt him...

In my mind's eye, against the cool blue backdrop, was myself, standing erect in that same barn, sharing it with only Jessica and Rachel. Barley and wheat.

"Hmmm," Jessica said in her usual teasing voice as she held my erection in her hand, "well above average." She closed her eyes and was about to dig in when Rachel pushed her down to the ground.

"No!" Rachel yelled, jealously. She erased Jessica's name from the blackboard and wrote in her own. Jessica got back on her knees and sneered, but didn't intervene. Rachel took fantasy-me's penis in her hand. Both his and mine were stiff.

"Only I get to have this," Rachel said before closing her eyes and going "aahh..." with her mouth wide open.

Suddenly I saw a visage of Rachel too realistic for me to credit my imagination with, starkly contrasting with the blue pool above me. My lungs spontaneously expelled all their trapped air, shattering the picture with a million gas bubbles and ripples.

I spring back up out of the water, eyes burning as they adjust to air again. My hands instinctively tried to cover my genitals, but I couldn't hide them entirely.

"Aahh!" Rachel yells in horror, covering her eyes with her hands like a girl.

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