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A guy stuffs up big time and then hits the road.

As I was facing the bar, looking at her in the mirror, she approached me, and openly studied me from head to toe. She couldn't take her eyes off of me. She suddenly stopped next to me and ordered a screaming orgasm from the bartender. As she waited for her drink, she turned to me and asked, "Are you new here?"

I lowered my stare and timidly said "yes". The next thing I knew, I looked down at my watch and we had been talking for over fifteen minutes.

I was anxiously waiting for her to make the first move, since I was too nervous to try. From our conversation, I knew her name was Amanda, and that she was a nurse working in one of the area hospitals. That was really all I knew about this gorgeous woman, besides the fact that she was very interested in me. Still it wasn't enough, I wanted to know more. When she made her move, it was direct and to the point. All she said was "Let's go to my place." I was caught off guard by the idea but accepted her offer without hesitation.

As we left the bar and headed to our cars, she told me to follow her. I followed her yellow Mustang through the city streets, wondering if I should turn around, but I couldn't. The half dozen drinks had made tonight's rendezvous inevitable. Tonight I would find out what I needed to know about myself. We made it to her house after driving for about 25 minutes. It was in a nearby town and was the only house that I had seen in miles.

There was no going back now. We arrived at her house and she walked beside me to the front door. Tonight certainly wasn't what I had planned, in fact it seemed to have turned out so much better. I just hoped she wouldn't take too long to make her move once we got inside. We sat in her living room, just talking for about half an hour. I had been expecting something to happen by now. Then suddenly, I felt momentary panic as she left her chair and sat next to me on the couch. Then she leaned over and kissed me ever so gently on the lips. Her kiss was warm and moist and sent shivers of desire through my body. There was no more thinking after a kiss like that. I no longer felt apprehensive about my feelings towards Amanda.

I was ignited with desire for her body, and for her pussy and she must have sensed it because she peeled off every stitch of clothing she had on. I could smell her womanly scent and it made me hot. The sight of that tight little pussy glistening with wetness made me nervous again and I told her that this was my first time with a woman and to please be careful. Hearing this, she said nothing and carefully removed all my clothing. Here we both were now, standing naked. Abruptly she dropped to her knees and got in between my thighs. She began slowly and seductively licking the folds of my clit. They had never been licked like that before. The touch of a woman's tongue was so amazing. She brought me close to orgasm but didn't let me cum. Then she took my hand, walked me into her bedroom and told me to lie down. I happily obliged. Once there, she slowly slid her fingers into my wet, juicy, pussy then she pulled them out and licked them.

She then forced them back in again and began finger fucking me.

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