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Karl Urban, 2 girls, & a beach.

There is only a girl before me, who is very obviously bored and impatient. The shaman grunts behind his clay mask and grabs a bundle of sticks. He grabs the girl by the hair, makes her turn around and whips her ass. I don't understand what happens... then the girl starts to laugh. He sends her to sit down by the bonfire, and she giggles while biting her bottom lip and digs her nails on her thighs, looking at his loincloth.

I step forward and hand him the basket, fighting the urge to look at his loincloth. He doesn't take my basket and looks at me. He growls and points at his chair -which he hasn't used at all. I place my basket before the chair, bending over, thinking of how soon I'll be mating, finally. I feel a drop sliding out of my loin. He's right behind me now, breathing deeply. I turn around to face him and feel his eyes on my body. Instinctively, I hold my hands up, feeling my hair caressing the side of my breasts. He grabs my wrists and walks forward, guiding me. I try to look at his feet and mine to avoid tripping but my eyes land on his loincloth. There is something lifting it up and it's pointing at me. He guides me effortlessly to the ceremonial altar. I feel the cold stone pressing against the back side of my legs and his warm skin against the front of my thighs. He grunts through his breathing and grabs me by the waist, laying me on the altar. His loincloth can no longer cover his manhood. I've never seen one this close before, and certainly not one this big. I lay on my back with my legs spread, receiving. He yanks my loincloth away and feels my womanhood. His hand makes me realize how wet I've grown since he started touching me. I'm facing the other girls, and he's got his back turned to them. Only I can see his face now as he removes his mask and licks my lips, my cheek, my neck... I feel the inside of my womanhood responding. he licks my breast and my belly urgently and then my womanhood.; I've never seen this before, I didn't know it could be done. A yelp escapes my lips, surprising me. I see him knelt down, working to make me grow wetter and wetter, my limbs trembling.

Soon, he stands up and yanks his loincloth away. I see an impressive pillar emerging from a could of curled hair throbbing in his hand. He looks into my eyes, I look at him back. His hips approach mine, he curls up atop me, his warm breath on my lips. He licks my cheek and softly nibbles my bottom lip as he pushes his manhood inside my novice slit. it stretches me open as it enters more and more. I let out a few happy whimpers. The other girls gasp and some try to take a closer look, but dare not abandon their positions. I feel my soft insides tensing around his flesh. I've never felt anything this thick, or long, or stiff, or hard; I never knew I could fit something like this inside me and I feel so full. I can feel the eyes of the other girls on me and I shiver. His hips begin to thrust and the world around us starts to melt away. I'm finally mating... I'm getting fucked hard by a huge man with a huge manhood and every maiden in the village is watching. I can't keep quiet. I moan louder as he grows faster. My arms instinctively wrap around his neck as his reach down to my hips.

His speed increases and I feel waves of pleasure reaching all of my body.

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