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Bethany goes shopping & meets friendly assistant manager.


I got there at seven-twenty and when she answered the door she was wearing a pair of high heels and not a stitch of anything else. I was stunned. She was my first fully naked woman and my heart nearly stopped. I'd seen naked women in Playboy, Penthouse and other magazines, but Dorothy was real and she was just standing there and all I had to do was reach out a hand and I could touch her. She saw my expression and an amused smile appeared on her face.

"You are a little early honey; a tad eager are we?"

I probably blushed and she laughed. "That's okay honey, I like that in a man" and she ran a hand down my front to my already iron bar like cock and giggled, "Yep, eager. Come on honey, let's not waste it" and she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

It is what I was hoping would happen, but I was a little unnerved by the 'cut and dried' aspect of it. So much so that I mumbled something inane:

"Weren't we going to move some furniture or something?" and Dorothy, or Dot as she asked me to call her, laughed and said, "If we do it right honey, the bed will move all over the place. If you want to move something move that phone over to where I can reach it from the bed."

I thought that curious, but I moved it and then Dot pushed me back on the bed and began pulling my pants off me. As soon as my cock was exposed she took it in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. After a minute or so she stopped long enough to tell me to take my shirt off and after I had she went back to sucking my cock. Her hands fondled my balls and one finger teased my asshole as her hot mouth was driving me crazy. I started bucking my hips up at her face and I could feel myself close to cumming. She had her hands on my balls and she must have felt something for I felt her lips clamp tight around my cock and she shoved her finger in my ass. I arched up off the bed and came so hard I was surprised that I didn't see cum squirt out her ears. She sucked every drop out of me and then she pulled her mouth off me and said:

"I always like to get the first one out of the way quickly; it makes the next couple last a lot longer. What can we do while we wait for you to get hard again? Do you eat pussy honey?"

The look on my face gave her the answer to that one and she said, "No matter honey, you will before I'm done with you. For now why don't you suck my tits and finger fuck me while my hands work on you."

She proceeded to show me how she liked her tits handled, what spot in her pussy I should rub to give her the most pleasure and the entire time I did that she was using her hands on me and talking:

"Yes" she hissed, "Bite the nipple baby, no need to be gentle with me; I'm a slut and you can treat me like one. I'm going to fuck your eyes out honey; I'm going to turn you into my fuck toy. Think you can stand it honey? Think you are up to being my very own personal fuck toy?"

My cock twitched and she giggled and said, "He seems to like the idea."

She slid down and took me in her mouth and started sucking me until I was hard. When it was stiff enough to suit her she swung herself over me and used a hand to guide me into her as she sat down on my dick. She leaned forward as she started to ride me and her tits dangled in my face.

"Lick my nipples honey, suck my tits" and when I did what she had asked she moaned and slammed her cunt down on me. She had already gotten me off once so I lasted for a while as she rode me and told me how she planned on fucking me to death.

"I'm going to jack you off honey, suck your cock and fuck you with my ass and pussy. I'm going to turn you into my love slave honey. I'm going to make sure that you never want to be more than a mile away from my pussy. Does that turn you on honey? Does it excite you to know that I'm going to make you my fuck toy?"

She was lying next to me, fondling my cock and balls and trying to get me up for another romp and she was making some progress.

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