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Cross-dresser's girlfriend teaches him a lesson.

God it was so hard sticking out at me. It's all I could see or think of as it was sticking out at me.

Did I tell you my brother's cock was sticking out at me and it was so big and hard?

He said he would wash the top and I should just wash him cock. It made sense he had been in the water a long time washing me. Actually most of the water had ran over him the entire time he was knelling.

So I knelt right in front of his big cock. He smiled down at me as I took it in my hand and began to wash it. I stroked it, I pulled on it, I lifted it, and I bent it, I washed it over and over again as I played with it watching it move all around and it actually grew even larger.

It was the first real cock I had ever seen close up. It was so big now. And, seeing and feeling it grewing in my hand made me even more wet between my pussy lips. I felt like I was going to cum again without anyone or thing touching me. I squeezed my thighs together and just kept loving my brother's cock with my hand.

As girl, I was amazed at it, just like I'm sure guys are amazed at seeing a girl's pussy close up the first time. I was amazed and loved how big it grew from when it was completely deflated to now when it was super hard. So I enjoyed washing it and playing with it very lovingly.

Once I was sure it was clean and soapy I pulled back any folds of skin around the head and washed it too. Bobby's cock was as big and long as I had ever seen it. He was as hard as he could get I was sure. With the thing right in front of my face, it looked gigantic!

Then I began to wash his balls which I had to pull on a little because they were tight in their sack. I caressed his balls, and rolled them around in the soapy water using my hands to gently wash them. My brother was very excited. So was I! I also washed his ass and under his legs as he stood there with them open.

Finally he took my hand and stopped me saying: "Mary I'm going to cum if you don't stop right now."

So what's a sister to do? My poor brother needed to cum and I was right there in front of him, kneeling, so I helped him. I rinsed him off completely and began to masturbate him. Jerking his cock off as I played with his big balls I kept hearing him moan. It was a moan of pleasure I was sure.

Bobby only tried to stop me once more but I batted his hands away as I use used the shower head on pulse and my own hands to make my dear brother cum. And boy did he cum! He came like hell!

He groaned and thrust his hips as my hand was a blur pumping his big hard cock shaft. And, Bobby didn't disappoint me. He let go a huge shot of cum that flew over my head and landed on my hair and the wall behind me. The second shot hit the top of my head and ran down my nose, and I had to close my left eye. The next shot hit my mouth which was open in amazement of the amount of cum and how hard he was pumping it out.

Some of the cum flew in my mouth and I swallowed it. The rest of his cum hit my chin my shoulders and my tits. He bathed me in it.

Afterwards I had to wash again. And this time I did it myself and did it fast because the water was getting cool and soon it would be cold. My nipples were hard enough!

Then we both got out of the tub to dry off. His cock was still semi-hard and sort of hung down between his thighs. I took a big bath towel and wrapped it around my body. I began to dry Bobby off. I rubbed his back and ass and pinched it. He jumped this time and we both laughed.

Then I dried his front and slowly wrapped his cock in the towel with my hand and gently jerked him off a little. He was amazing, his cock began to grow again.

As I played with his cock drying it and rubbing his balls and inner thighs, Bobby opened my towel and took my tits in his hands and began to play with them. His mouth went to the nipple and we stood there me drying and masturbating his cock with the towel as he sucked on my tits.

After a few minutes I held him and then took his face in my hands and kissed him before telling him: "Let's move to the bed."

We both rest

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