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A hike turns into something more.

"Uh, it is your house and all Ben, but why don't you take a powder. You know, go take a drive or something. Get out of the house for a bit and let us girls talk. OK?"

"Hey, why doesn't Sarah talk to me instead of you. After all I am her husband and this is, or should be, between us only. NO offense."

"None taken. You are right she is your wife and this should be just between you two. She called me though and I came as a friend. She wants to talk to me about all of this since I have been there before."

"Well, I just don't want this to end up in divorce court ok? I love Sarah and I don't think that I could live without her. I just want my wife back. That's all, just my wife back home with me every night and on weekends."

"Ok, I'll tell her that. You just take your walk or drive and come back in a couple of hours ok?"

"Yeah. Fine."

I hoped that Sarah had heard my pleas. I really wanted her to quit her job and be home for me. Not because of some male dominant bullshit thing either. I wanted to be with my partner in life as much as possible. I wanted to see her more than once a week for a couple of hours. Her job was driving us apart rapidly; I felt that she didn't see it for whatever reason.

I drove around for a while then headed home. June was still there and as I walked in she came up to me and told me to sit down in the kitchen. We were all going to have a talk.

"WE are going to talk? Why not just Sarah and I? I don't feel right about you being here. You might gang up on me simply because you are Sarah's friend."

"Ben, please, let June stay, we won't gang up on you. I promise. It's just that I have some things to bring out that you probably will not like to hear."

"All right. FINE. Lets talk now shall we?"

"OK Ben, you love Sarah quite a bit don't you?"

"Yes, I do June. More than you could possibly imagine. She is my life, what I live for."

"Good. She loves you too, at least as much as you love her. Probably more than you will ever know."

"Yeah, well now you know that we love each other a lot."

"Yes, I have always known that Ben. YOU have never let me forget how much you love your wife. I have hit on you and you have ignored me, or flat turned me down because you are in love with your wife, Sarah."

"What the hell are you talking about? You have never hit on me, nor have I ever had to turn you down because you have never made an offer. What the hell is going on here?"

"Ben, I have hit on you and you did ignore me. Numerous times. I also made a move on you last New Years Eve. You turned away from me and went looking for Sarah. Remember?"

"We were drunk, and all you wanted was a kiss under that mistletoe. Of course I turned away. I wanted to kiss my wife."

"Is that true Ben? You have ignored her hitting on you?"

"Ok, all right, yes she hit on me but since she was one of your friends I said nothing to you and I did ignore her. I love you Sarah. You are all I could want in a woman."

"Oh GOD. I have been so wrong all this time."

"Sarah, what in the hell are you talking about now?"

I was getting very confused now. This was not at all what I had been expecting to be talking about and I was at a loss as to what the hell was going on for sure now.

June had a look of sorrow and a certain something else that I couldn't identify. I had seen that look before and it had made me nervous at the time back then. Now, that look combined with our conversation, I was getting deeply afraid of how the rest of this talk was going to go.

"I...thought that...well...I thought that you were having an affair. I am so sorry Ben. I never knew any of this before. June told me but I didn't believe her at the time, now I am sure that she and you were and are telling the truth."

"You thought I was cheating on you? When and most of all, why? Why would I have wanted to cheat on you Sarah? You have been sexually doing things that I have dreamed about for years.

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