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The mob can be more brutal than you want to know.

Messandra squirmed delightedly at her touch, and the elf took the opportunity to ruck the blouse up further, until it caught beneath the swelling mounds of the human's chest. Messandra pulled it up eagerly, raising her arms over her head, and shaking her soft brown curls free. She threw it away with a rapid, almost contemptuous motion, and their lips met again, hungrily, tongues savouring each other, the human's bare breasts now pressed against the thin lace of Calleslyn's underwear.

They pulled apart, gasping for air as the elf caressed those delightful mounds, soft curves against her hands. Messandra wriggled lower, reaching for the top of Calleslyn's dress, still pooled around her waist. Obligingly, the elf leaned back so that she could raise her hips, allowing the brunette to slowly pull the silken garment over her long legs.

Messandra sat back on her haunches then, taking her time to carefully fold the dress up, quite unlike the way she had just treated her own discarded clothing. She leaned forward, across the bed, heavy breasts hanging down, as she gently dropped the folded garment onto the carpet. Reaching across, Calleslyn stroked the small of her lover's back, and then deftly undid the tie on her girdle. With a musical grunt of frustration, Messandra helped her pull off the short and simple skirt, kicking it out of the way.

The human woman leaned back, sitting on the bed, eyes wandering over the elf's body. "So beautiful," she whispered, half to herself.

"As are you," Calleslyn replied, drinking in the affection in her lover's dark eyes, and admiring the way her hair spilled down over her bare shoulders.

Messandra reached for one of the elf's slender legs, gently raising it up, sliding off the dainty embroidered shoes to press her lips against the naked toes. She delivered small, nibbling kisses along the arch of the foot, and up to Calleslyn's ankles, and the blonde let out a light giggle of contentment. Teasing the human, she wriggled her foot free of her grasp, pressing it against Messandra's shoulder, catching a strand of hair between two of her toes, then gently kneading the flesh.

She slipped the foot lower, stroking it down to Messandra's cleavage, soft skin against her own. But the human caught it again, leaning forward to rain kisses down Calleslyn's shin, and round to first the front, and then the back, of her knees.

They shifted slightly on the bed, Messandra moving to a more prone position and Calleslyn propping herself up against the pillows as the human's questing lips moved up her thighs. She darted from one to the other, kissing, as she had promised, every available inch of skin.

The elven woman gasped with pleasure as Messandra reached the soft skin of her inner thighs, face now brushing against the hem of the tiny skirt of her underwear. She stopped there, pulling herself up for another passionate mouth-to-mouth kiss. Their tongues entwined, Callesyn's hands running through her lover's hair as she held her close, savouring the rounded shape of her ears and the pleasing curves of her neck.

"Oh, Calleslyn..." breathed the brunette when they at last broke free. They were sitting facing each other now, breasts rising and falling less than an inch apart.

The human's eyes lowered instinctively to her partner's cleavage, smooth pale skin rising above the lace. The garment did up at the front with a small pink bow, then a series of three tiny clasps below that, in a row running to just above the hips.

Gently, she undid the bow, then popped each of the clasps in turn, before, oh so slowly, edging the lace down, exposing the elf's body inch by careful inch. She grinned, a flash of white teeth against pink lips, and motioned for Calleslyn to turn over.

The elf happily obliged, rolling over onto her front, and pressing the pillow against her cheek.

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