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Step dad and step daughter first time together.

Zeke pulled out his monster cock and jacked himself off as he watched his new slave orgasm. This was goin' jus' great!


Zeke didn't return till late that night. Patti was curled up in the corner of the cage, asleep with his thumb in his mouth again. Zeke figured that a night in the cage might be a good lesson, so he turned off the buzzer alarm. He opened the cage and threw an old blanket over the sleeping girly-boy and then locked the cage and went back upstairs to sleep.

Zeke freed Patti from his cage early the next morning and brought him back upstairs. Patti had to relieve himself, so Zeke walked him into the backyard again and watched as the boy pissed and shit. Then Zeke led him inside for breakfast. Patti sat at Zeke's feet again and ate his waffle with his hands off the tin plate. When they were finished, Zeke pushed back from the table and looked down at his slave.

"You been a good girl. Daddy's got some nice surprises fer you today. Let's go git you cleaned up." Zeke said and jerked on Patti's leash to coax him to his feet.

Zeke led Patti to the master bathroom where he removed the boy's hand and ankle cuffs and collar. Zeke stripped off his own clothes and started the shower. He led Patti in and soaped him up and thoroughly washed the boy. As he rinsed the boy off, Zeke lingered over the boy's balls and penis. He squeezed and fondled the little prick into hardness, pulling the foreskin back and massaging the head between thumb and forefinger. The little bitch moaned with delight and shuddered as Zeke concentrated on the sensitive glans of his little cock.

"Do you like that, baby?" Zeke whispered to the boy.

"Oh, yes, Daddy. You make me feel so good." Patti moaned.

"Who does yer little prick belong to, slut?"

"Oh, Daddy, it belongs to you, Daddy." Patti gasped.

"Who do you belong to, bitch?" Zeke sneered.

"I belong to you, Daddy. I'm all yours, Daddy. Oh, please, Daddy! Let me cum, Daddy! Please! Please! Please!" Patti begged.

"Yes, bitch! Cum fer Daddy! Cum now! Cum now!"

"Ahhhh!" Patti screamed as she shook violently and her prick shot streams of cum onto the shower floor.

When her orgasm was spent, Zeke turned her around and plunged his tongue into her yielding mouth. Patti almost collapsed as Zeke's tongue possessed her mouth and his hands kneaded and caressed her skinny little ass. Zeke broke the kiss and held Patti close. The boy shuddered against his body and hung on to him for dear life. Then he led her out of the shower stall and toweled her dry. Zeke reached into a bag that he had put on the vanity the night before and withdrew a long wand-type object.

"We got to get you lookin' like the little sissy you are, baby. This here's one a them laser hair removal tools. A slutty little girly-boy like you only needs hair on the top of her head. The rest a yer body got to be smooth. Hold yer right arm straight out, honey."

Patti did as instructed and Zeke ran the appliance from Patti's shoulder to his fingertips. The hair began to drop off as the laser did its work. Zeke took his time to make sure that all of Patti's body hair was removed; arm hair, leg hair, underarms, face, crotch and even ass-hairs. When Zeke was done, Patti's body was completely smooth except for the hair on his head. Zeke had him step back into the shower and rinse off. Then Zeke toweled him off again.

There was a full length mirror in the bathroom and Zeke stood Patti in front of it.

"See, baby. Now you look like a girly-boy. Yer nice and smooth and hairless. We gonna let the hair on yer head grow, though. Let it grow till it's down to yer ass. Look how nice yer little prick looks without all that nasty hair makin' a bush around it. It's so small and smooth that now it looks like a big clit instead of a little prick. Let's go into the livin' room. I got stuff fer ya there."

Zeke led him into the living room where a number of department store bags wer

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