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Ch. 21 - Epilogue

I didn't even hesitate. I touched his face, and he smiled at me. I slid my hands around the back of his neck and beginning kissing all over his adorable face. I ran my tongue over his ear and began to bite softly on his earlobe. Lawrence moaned.

"Let me taste your mouth," he said.

And with his hands in my silky hair, he pulled my lips against his. I felt an instant tingle down in my pussy when his mouth touched mine, and I felt his tongue trace my lower lip, trying to get inside.

"Open..." he pleaded against my lips.

Teasing him, I kept my mouth tightly closed as I rubbed my lower body against the erection I could feel through his pants.

"What's that?" I asked him with a little smile. Lawrence blushed. I couldn't wait any longer. My lips parted and my mouth was instantly invaded by his hot tongue. He stroked the inside of my mouth with his tongue the way I imagined he would stroke my body with his cock. I could feel him getting even harder, as I ground myself against his body, trying to get my swollen pussy closer to what it wanted.

I pulled him down onto my couch on top of me, our mouths still locked together. I wrapped my legs around his body, and pushed up against him with a little whimper. Lawrence looked into my eyes.

"Do you really want me?" he asked. The surprise and uncertainty oh his face only made me want him more. I didn't answer him, but instead slid my hands into his shirt so I could feel his warm soft skin. I slipped one hand down the back of his boxers and pushed on his ass so his cock rubbed even harder against my skirt.

I think he was getting the idea. Lawrence stopped kissing me for a second and pulled off first his shirt, and then mine. When he laid back down on me, the feel of his skin against mine was too much. I moaned again, bucked up against his cock. We began to dry-fuck roughly, and I could feel my pussy juices begin to soak through my panties. In the next minute, my bra was on the floor and Lawrence stopped, staring at my tits. He took them gently in his hands and began to rub and gently pinch my little pink nipples until I was almost crying from the pleasure.

"Harder baby," I pleaded. "I want you to be rough with them."

Lawrence looked into my blue eyes again, and seeing the desire there he instantly changed. He began to pinch and twist my nipples hard, and he licked his hot tongue all around my perky tits.

"Is that it, girl? Do you like that?" he asked, before he took first my left nipple into his mouth and began sucking like a baby - my hands behind his head holding him against me. After a good sucking, Lawrence switched to my right tit, and scraped his teeth against my now rosy red, abused nipple. He bit hard, and I whimpered loudly. He kept biting, and rubbing his lower body against me. I could feel the roughness of his jeans and his throbbing erection scraping against my hard clit, through the thin soft material of my skirt. With his teeth and tongue all over my swollen breasts, it was just too much.

"I'm cumm....ing...!" I choked out, as the rush of hot pleasure overtook my body. I was shaking, and I could feel Lawrence's arms come around me as his hands stroked the back of my hair. He wasn't going to let me relax though. He slid down my body, and took my skirt with him, pulling it off in one quick motion. I could feel his fingers tracing the line of my panties, and he buried his face between my legs.

"My god, you smell so good.

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