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She misses you.

"Yes, Miss."

"Good." I gently slap her butt and she jumps up with a little shriek. Her face, still damp from tears and flushed, she regains a certain degree of liveliness thinking that the worst must now be over. Suddenly, her expression turns pensive for a moment and then she spontaneously kneels in front of me, huddles the side of her head against my lap while I'm still standing and wraps her arms around my legs. In a sweet voice she says: "I love you, Mistress. I'd didn't mean to abuse your trust. I guess my discipline failed me. Please, forgive me."

I caress her blond tresses and lovingly scratch her through them at the nape of her neck. I know she loves that and I can almost hear her purr like a cat as she closes her eyes, pressing her temple against my belly.

After a minute or two, she slowly moves her head a little downward, turning her face towards me.

Naughty little slut! I know what she's up to, but I decide to play along for a while and let her position her face right in front of my most intimate spot. She hesitates for a second, expecting to be inhibited. But as I just keep my hand resting softly on the back of her head, she continues her movement and nuzzles that hot little triangle between my legs. She buries her face against my abdomen and I hear her inhale deep, before her hot breath burns its way through the fabric of my gown. I can't deny that it arouses me and she must be well aware of it, smelling my excitement through the little silk patch of cloth my panties consist of.

"Tsk tsk tsk, what are we doing, down there?" I softly reprimand her, as I grasp her hair and pull her head back, away from my pussy. I watch the disappointment slide over her face as she opens her mouth to answer. It seems she can't think of any argument or plea strong enough to be allowed to go on at this point, as she closes her mouth again with a reluctant sigh.

"I'm not done with you yet," I continue. "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?"

Actually, that's exactly what she thought, considering the look on her face, her eyes begging me to let her proceed. Hah! She should know I detest that 'puppy look' and it has an adverse effect on my leniency. So I decide she's had enough respite. I reach down for the hem of her short dress and start pulling it upward, revealing her slender, naked body. In response, she lifts her arms so I can take it off all the way over her head. I drop the bundle of fabric on the floor and stroke her head once more. But now it's time for some action.

"On the bed, face down!" I snarl, and she jumps up, startled by my sudden change of mood.

In a wink, she's lying on her belly, sprawled on the bed. Such an obliging little pet if she wants to, that sweet blond slave girl of mine. She even has the bed rigged with steel rings on all four corners, for 'fastening purposes'. I smile at the ironic thought that she'd mounted those devices herself, knowing full well she would be the one to get chained up on them.

I walk over to the nightstand and grab one of the bundles of rope that are lying on top of it, neatly aligned. One by one, I fasten her wrists and ankles to the provided anchor points on the bed. All that time, she remains still, lying obedient and waiting for the continuance of her punishment. When I'm done, I step back and let my gaze linger on her evenly tanned back and legs. Apart from ten bright red stripes, her back side is like an unspoiled canvas, just begging for an artist's touch. So, let's get to work, then.


Reminding myself this is all about punishment, instead of pleasure, I'm going to add some unpleasant details to her treatment.

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