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First face-to-face encounter between May/December lovers.

If you wish your status to change, all you have to do is say the word. You are no longer a princess but my pleasure slave. My toy! I love to play rough with my toys. As being my slave you will ride into my castle naked on the horse so everyone can see my prize," he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder then tied her down on the horse. "Beautiful," he said as he slapped her hard on her ass then got up on his own horse and they set out on the trail again. She was so tired and wiped out she fell asleep shortly after he tied her down to the horse.

"Wake up my little slave your new home is only an hour away." He lifted her head with her hair to make her looked in to her eyes. "Soon our games begin sweetie the only thing I wonder is not if you will break but how many days it will take you." He dropped her head and slapped her ass hard on the way past to his own horse. He got on his horse, grabbed her horse's reins then gave her ass another hard slap. "You will stay awake now or I will beat your ass all the rest of the way. Jenkens get on the other side and keep making sure she stays awake." He gave her ass another hard slap, "let me know if she falls a sleep again, she has slept enough."

"Yes sir." Jenkens moved from behind the prince to the side of her. With his hand under her chin he looked at her. With sad eyes he shook his head.

The prince whipped her ass with is horse's whip, "I said stay awake." Then he gave her another tap with the whip, making her eyes pop open and look up into Jenkens eyes. A tear ran down her face.

"Yes sir she's awake now," he said as he released her head.

Chapter 3: Home to Castle Keyan

As they entered the front gates a young boy came running towards him.

"Welcome home Prince Adam I see your trip was successful," he said as he looked at the princess's naked body draped over the horse.

"Hello Pren, yes she's nice isn't she?" He stopped, "go ahead go take a look let me know if you like the colour of her eyes."

He walked over and lifted her chin; she popped her eyes open to see a young dark haired, brown-eyed boy, smile at her. "Hi princess welcome to your new home." He dropped her head and looked up at the prince, "wow sir she's really pretty and those eyes are as blue as the sky." He ran back to walk beside the prince telling him all the news. "Your father will be happy your back sir my father said he's fit to be tied. He'll want to see you right away sir. My father said he is requesting a meeting with you right on your return."

"What has happened?"

"It's the Tenderans sir they've been robbing our villages. Word is that they plan to attack us and try and take over our land their crops haven't done well this year sir."

"Are they mad, their forces would never be able to take ours, why we would crush them with out even exerting a sweat." Jenkens shook his head crazy Tenderans.

"Yes I agree which is why my father will wait till tomorrow morning for a meeting with me. I have other things to deal with, don't I sweetie?" He gave her ass a tap with his whip and laugh as he heard her moan. "Besides I plan to bath, have a good hot meal and bed down early."

As they rode closer to the stables he saw Dirdran the stable hand and Tipper the prince's personal servant standing talking.

"Welcome home sir," they both said.

Dirdran gave Pren a harsh look, "you better not be bothering the prince or I'll be tanning your behind."

"No sir I was at the gate when he came in sir."

"Dirdran don't be to hard on the boy he's a good kid. I want you to take all the horses and rub them down with oil really good." He flipped him a gold coin and gave him a wink.

"Yes sir, do my best job sir." Then he grabbed the reins and pulled his horse into the barn.

"You spoil him sir."

"I enjoy his spirit." Then walked over to untie the princess.

Tipper came trailing after him. "Sir would you like your bath drawn before or after your meeting with your father?"

"Nether I will not be meeting with my father till tomorrow morning.

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