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Knight observes princess taking a bath alone.

Just trust me."

Shelly continued to pull my panties out of my vagina, and as she pulled, I felt every fraction of every inch of that material as it came out. It was a very unusual, but incredible feeling, and when they popped loose, Shelly smiled and held my panties up between us. I could immediately smell my womanly aroma, and looking down at them, I could tell parts of them were soaking wet from absorbing the sexual lubrication which was secreting from inside my vagina.

I watched in fascination as she raised my panties to her nose and inhaled my scent. "Oh, Beth!" She whispered. "This is exactly why our husbands did it." Then, she moved the panties under my nose and I smelled them for myself. It was such a heady aroma, and it was permeating the air around us and as soon I smelled it, I could fully understand why Jim pushed my panties up inside me and told me to leave them there until he took them out.

Shelly pulled my panties back and held them under her nose again. After she took two or three strong sniffs, she exhaled and smiled. "You smell good, Beth. I can see why Jim would be proud to share your panties with Steve."

Her comment made me turn beet red. It was a compliment, I know, and if it would have come from a man, that would have been one thing. But, it was a completely different thing to be told by another woman that your pussy smells good. Don't misunderstand me - I didn't mind her saying that, but I was getting awfully close to having an urgent need to finger myself and if she didn't stop this, I might just say "fuck it", and shove my finger between my legs and rub myself off right in front of her.

Just then, Shelly bent down and picked up their nasty video tape she suggested we watch. "Go put this in," She said, then, waving my panties at me and taking another sniff, she added, "I'll take care of these for a while."

With my head in a fog, I took the tape from her hand and walked over to the entertainment center and bent down to put the tape in. I heard Shelly gasp softly, and I turned around to look at her.

"Oh, Beth!" She said softly. "Spread your legs a little and bend over again, would you?" Shelly asked. When I did, I saw her look between my legs from the behind and she grinned. "Damn, you look so beautiful like that. I wish you could see yourself. You're absolutely gorgeous, and you have the most spankable ass I've ever seen."

My head was spinning and as I put the video tape in the VHS player, I realized how wet I was getting. Without the panties to soak up all my juices, I could actually feel my lips sliding against each other every time I moved. I should have been mortified at the notion Shelly would see my wetness, but, I was too excited to turn back now. I'd never seen this side of Shelly, or even this side of myself, but, it felt really good, and as long as she was okay with it, I was okay with it, too.

Turning to go sit on the couch next to her, I saw her staring at me - at my nakedness, and a feeling of satisfaction swarmed all across my body. I felt alive and tingly all over. My pussy was heated and wet, and with each step I took toward that couch I realized this was probably going to change things between Shelly and me forever.

She patted the couch right next to her, and when I sat down, she scooted up right next to me. "Turn sideways and sit so you're facing me." She said, softly. "Spread your legs and open up so I can see you down there."

I pulled my right leg up onto the cushion as I sat, leaving my left foot on the floor. I spread my knees to a comfortable position and leaned back against the throw pillows stacked against the arm of the couch. I watched as Shelly's hands moved to my knees, gently pushing my legs further apart, opening them wider and wider. "If you're really an exhibitionist," she said, chuckling, "you better get used to being on display. Now is a good time to practice, you know."

I felt her hands guiding me.

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