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When there was nothing left to do but wait, she finally turned to face him.

"I'm sorry if I startled you," he said, reaching out a hand. Hesitantly, she took it. Ella stood in front of him. He sat up, catching her other hand in his. He fixed his eyes intently on hers. "You've cast a spell on me, Ella." She bit her lip, glancing away. He squeezed her hands, "I mean it. I'm being completely serious." He shifted forward. She stood between his knees, looking confused and a bit uncomfortable. "I can't get you out of my head. I can't stop thinking about you. Maybe I shouldn't think about you that way, but there's nothing I can do about it. Believe me, sweetheart, I've tried. I love you. Hell, I'm in love with you. Ella. Ella, darling. I'm obsessed. I need you. I want you more than I've wanted anyone. I can't... You're the only one for me. Ella..."

He put his hands on her waist, but then lightly started running his hands up and down her thighs a couple times.

She let out a sharp breath. "You can't be saying this to me! This... This isn't real. I'm dreaming! I don't even know what to - what to say!"

"It's alright. It's okay to be confused. This is a lot to take in, I understand."

He kissed her stomach through her shirt. His fingers hovered over the bones of her hips. "Daddy!" she protested, her hands landing on his shoulders. His hands moved over her, gripping her ass and squeezing it, making her gasp.

He stood up, wrapping her up his arms. Her face was red. Her pupils were so dilated he could barely make out her irises. "I'm sorry. I'll stop."

Her mouth opened, then closed.

"Can I... One last kiss. Then I'll stop."

"Daddy..." Her hands were on his arms. She glanced at his mouth, then back to his eyes. "I don't know if that's a good idea."

"Why not? It's a kiss, Ella. Let me have this. I'll leave you alone after, if that's what you want. Consider it a goodbye kiss."

"Goodbye? You're not - Where are you going?" She looked so taken aback that he almost laughed. "Daddy, you're not leaving, are you? I don't want you to go. Is it Mom? Or a business trip?"

"No, nothing like that. You don't want me to go?"

Now she was really blushing. She stared at his chest, looking hopelessly confused and terribly embarrassed. "I meant, um, I only meant I don't want you to leave. Like, for good. I miss you when you're gone. I didn't, I don't..." She shifted her weight from foot to foot.

He leaned down and kissed her. He tilted her head back, pulling her body closer to his. He expected her to break away, to hit him or push him, but... she didn't. She didn't kiss him back, either. He ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of her lips. She stiffened but didn't shove him away. It was only when she felt him hard against her that she stumbled back.

"Daddy! You're... you're... Oh my god." She ran her hands over her face, hiding her expression.

"Ella," he said firmly. She dropped her hands. He might have left, but she'd let him kiss her. And the look on her face... His instincts told him that maybe, just maybe, she wanted him too. He walked over to her, and she walked back until she hit the wall. "Don't walk away from me," he half-growled, half-whispered. His heart was pounding with the thrill, with his lust for her.

She whimpered when he kissed her. He had her caged in; she wasn't going anywhere. Her hands trembled against his chest. Her mouth parted for him. She'd let him in.

He pressed her against the wall, his hands roaming her body. She was kissing him back.

She was kissing him back.

Ella leaned into him as he broke free of their kiss. "Was that goodbye?" she whispered hoarsely, looking up at him with those big, beautiful eyes. She sounded so sad, so lonely.

He pressed his lips just under her jawline. He cherished her gasp as he trailed his gentle, hovering kisses down her neck. His hands roamed her body, one playing at her hip while the other daringly slipped under her shirt.

"Daddy, what are we doing?" she asked breathlessly.

"Shut up," he said, not unkindly, and pressed his mouth to h

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