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As the smoochy records started playing we danced close up and started snogging - I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. After the DJ played the last song he invited me back to his room.

We soon reached his room, and after he put some music on we lay on his bed, kissing deeply again. I was unsurprised when I felt him undoing my jeans, and I did nothing to stop him as his hands slipped inside my knickers. Not wanting to be left out, I loosened his belt and put my hand inside his pants.

We were both getting quite breathless and our clothes were then removed quite rapidly. I laid back on the bed, but was delighted when he started to suck my nipples, then kissed and licked his way down my tummy. At that time I had a proud bush of pubic hair (the fashion for trimmed or shaved pubes hit the UK much later), and I felt him stroke it gently before I felt the tip of his tongue explore between my pussy lips. Then I felt tiny electric shocks as it grazed against my clit. I was conscious of a finger entering me as his tongue traced patterns on my clit. No guy had ever done this to me before and I could feel a huge orgasm building deep inside my pussy.

As it hit me I was writhing on the bed, but I still had his tongue rasping against my clit and my pussy being finger-fucked deeply. As I finally started to recover, I felt him on top of me, aiming his cock at my soaking pussy. He entered me effortlessly, so much juice flowing from my hole, and he fucked me hard and deep, putting my legs over his shoulders and filling me with his cock. I was moaning loudly, feeling a second orgasm building as he kept up a wonderful deep fuck. I think I screamed as the stars flashed in my eyes and my pussy muscles contracted tightly around him. This set him off and he growled deeply as he slammed into me and started to pump his seed into me. He lay still on top of me, but I could feel him twitch and throb inside me.

We lay in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep. I awoke early the next morning, with the slimey feeling of his cum dribbling out of me. As he felt me move, he moved to kiss me and I felt his hard cock pressing against my tummy. Seconds later, his cock was sliding into me again and he started rubbing my clit with his fingers as he fucked me again. Once again, he gave me an orgasm before cumming deep inside me again.

I had one of my first lectures that morning, so explained that I had to get back to my room to freshen up. I asked when I could see him again, but he replied,

"Sorry, I've got a girlfriend."

He quickly added, "You're a fantastic fuck though."

His praise quickly dampened my disappointment, and I asked, "Better than your girlfriend?"

To which he replied, "Almost, but she gives incredible head."

So I quickly walked back to my hall, and was greeted on my return by four of the girls. Apparently only three of the girls on our corridor had copped off with a guy, and I was the only one who had stayed away for the whole night. I answered a few of their questions and went back to my room to change. As I removed my knickers, I found the gusset soaked in cum and further rivulets escaped from my pussy and dribbled down my legs. I certainly needed a good shower before leaving to attend the day's lectures.

My first term at university continued in much the same way. Days filled with lectures, tutorials and time in the library, and evenings spent in pubs, bars and clubs - which more often than not ended up with me in some guy's bed. If I went for more than 3 or 4 days without being fucked I would get quite irritable, desperate to have a cock inside me. A few relationships lasted for a few weeks and one lasted for around 3 months, but most seemed to end due to an argument about oral sex.

It was in the final term of my second year that a group of us travelled to the other side of the city to see an up-and-coming band who were playing in a club.

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