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The story continues.

Everyone looked up as Dean entered but went back to what they were doing when they saw Sarah.

Dean pulled Sarah over to a door and opened it to the bathroom. Three large bathtubs/showers were gathered on one side of the room. Next to them was a counter with two sinks under a large mirror. Cosmetics were littered around aimlessly. On the other side of the room were toilets.

Dean unhooked her collar and said, "You are free to come and go between here and your room unless you're with a client or have been told otherwise. Clean yourself up. There is a fridge and a stove in the common area. You are free to eat but you have biweekly physicals and if you go out of your weight requirement you will be starved."

Sarah waited until Dean left the room before she stepped under a spray of joyously hot water. She scrubbed her skin until she thought she would see blood but she still didn't feel clean. She decided to fill tub with water and try to relax. She couldn't help it when all the pain and misery from the past few days flooded back to her and she burst into tears. She didn't even hear the door open the three sets of footsteps come inside.

"Oh sweetie, don't cry. It's really not all that bad," purred a sultry voice.

Sarah opened her eyes and saw three women gathered around the tub she was in. The one who had spoken was built like an Amazon, tall, busty, with well sculpted muscles. The second was Asian. She had long black hair, slender hips and small pert breasts. The third was blond and the DD's she was packing looked like implants.

"We girls gotta stick together. Those men can be so cruel. Did they hurt you?" asked the Amazon.

Sarah nodded.

The Amazon slipped a hand in the tub and before Sarah could think to stop her she had her hand on Sarah's mound. When Sarah tried to sit up the other two girls pushed her against the back of the tub. The Amazon gently stroked Sarah's still sensitive clit.

"Stop. Please."

"Shhh baby. It's alright now. I'm gonna make you feel good."

The other two girls laughed and kept Sarah pinned in place.

"Look at the little slut, I think she likes girls," hissed the Asian.

"Is it true? Have you ever tasted pussy before?" asked the Amazon.

Sarah shook her head, too defeated to answer.

The Amazon took her hand away from Sarah and crawled into the tub. She sat on the edge with one long leg propped up. Her thighs were spread wide and she motioned for the other two girls to pull Sarah to her. Sarah tried to fight but was already weakened by her own hopelessness. The Amazon took a fist full of Sarah's hair and rubbed her cunt against her face.

"Lick it," the Amazon demanded.

After a few moments of struggling Sarah finally gave in. She had never eaten a girl out before. She wasn't sure what to do. Gingerly, she stuck her tongue out and licked along the Amazon's slit. When she found her clit she flicked her tongue against it. The Amazon moaned and ground her cunt against Sarah's face. Sarah sucked her clit for a moment and then pushed her tongue inside her pussy. Sarah could taste the Amazon's wetness. She hoped that meant she would cum soon and Sarah could be done with this. Soon the Amazon was rocking and moaning so loud she echoed in the room. When she finally came she released Sarah.

Sarah could feel wetness coating over her face. She pushed her face into the water and blindly grabbed for a towel and scrubbed her face. When she finally looked back up she was alone in the room. She hauled herself out of the tub and grabbed fresh towel. She wrapped it around herself and huddled in a corner, sniffling. She heard the door open again but her eyes were closed and she couldn't bring herself to open them to see what new horror awaited her. She could hear whoever it was moving around could feel their presence when they sat down beside her.

Sarah opened her eyes to see a pretty young blond girl sitting beside her. She didn't look like she could have been older than eighteen. Her cheeks were rosy and she still had a little bit of baby fat that made her look innocent and sweet.

"Hi, I'm Dawn.

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