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Daddy and daughter share a bath and things get heated.

He had to be 350 pounds and was somewhat repulsive,

"Are you Tara?" He asked

"Yes, come on in" I replied

"Ron did say you be ready, willing and able to get fucked tonight but you don't waste time." He commented

I just shook my head no and just wanted to get this night over. "Can I get you something to drink or eat?" I said

He said "No" I hear him begin to undo his pants and begin to take off his clothes. I grabbed a bottle of vodka that was in my place, took a few drinks from the bottle, and walked over to him.

I positioned myself in front of him and he began to rub my pussy and then caressed my breasts with his big hands. I sunk down to my knees in front of him and began to stroke his cock to make it hard; I moved in and began to tease his cock with my tongue. I can feel his stomach resting on my head and he smelled rather bad. I did my usual cock sucking routine on the guy and took his load in my mouth. He tasted somewhat funny but I choked it down, looked up, and smiled. I rose back up to my feet and stood there waiting for him to tell me what to do next. He was hard again and he continued say, what he wanted. I grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. I leaned over the bed, gave him a condom, and parted my legs waiting for him to fuck me.
"I'm all yours, my ass and pussy belong to you," I commented He grabbed me by my waist and stuck his cock in my wet pussy. He began to move in and out slowly and I moaned in ecstasy as I always do. I can feel some of his fat resting on my ass as he began to pick up the pace.

"Mnnn, fuck me with that big black cock " I moan out. He began to pick up the pace and was pounding my pussy. A few minutes later, I hear him grunt and pull out of my pussy and a few streams of cum hit my back.

"Mmm...that was great, " I said. "Use me all you want tonight baby." I added. A conditioned response from fucking Ron was just uttered by me.

"Dance for me, Make this dick hard again" He said.

I walked over to the stereo, put on some music, and began to sway my hips back and forth while playing with my breasts and rubbing my pussy for him. He became hard as a rock when I began to rub my tits in his face and shaking my ass. All the while thinking that if he wants to do it missionary style Id be crushed to death. He motioned me to get on the bed. I got on all fours and wiggled my ass for him, as he positioned himself behind me. I felt his hands grab my waist and begin to insert his cock into my ass. He got it all in and held it there for a few minutes. He began to move back and forth at a decent pace.

"Fuck me harder and faster, " I moan out. He picks up the pace and a few minutes later. I feel a warm rush fill my ass and he leans on me exhausted and sweaty. I collapsed under his weight and lay there as he moved off me.

"That's a great ass you got there and that pussy isn't too bad also, now go get me something to drink and eat." He said

I walked into the kitchen and fixed him a couple of sandwiches, got him a drink and walked back into the bedroom.

"Now you're going to ride me while I eat" He said. I put down the plate and straddled the guy, I guided his semi erect cock into my pussy and grinded my hips to get him hard. I began to ride him, moving up and down faster and faster. My breasts began to flop around and I cupped them while I rode the huge black man. He tried to move his hips up and down to match my motion but he became tired and let me do all the work. I moved my hand down to my clit and began to rub it feverishly to get myself to climax during sex. I finally orgasmed and moaned wildly.

"I love your black cock in my pussy" I scream out.

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