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Physical exams thrill both the doctor and the patient.

He must've eaten my bra and panties as he was doing so because I was now stark naked. I guess he liked the way I tasted because he placed me on his shoulder and took me to his mountain-top lair.

When we got there, he gently placed me on the ground in front of him, he sat on the ground, his legs on either side of me and there it was... OH... MY... GOD!! It was HUGE!! Even for a giant ape his size! It must've been at least been ten foot - and it was still only soft! I couldn't even imagine when it how enormous it would be when it gets hard! Fortunately for me, I didn't have to wait for long...

After getting over the initial shock, my curiosity, excitement and, yes, my rampant sluttiness made me take a few steps towards it. He encouraged this by placing his hand behind me and gently herding me towards it. I knew what he wanted. He may be a giant ape but he's still a typical man, always wanting me to take care of his nasty old cock for them. Heehee!

His balls were covered in his soft monkey fur, but his cock was smooth, hairless and quite beautiful - like a really nice human one. I reached over and touched it, then started stroking it, with one hand and then both and guess what happened next... Yup! Up it went. OH! MY! GOD! It was getting even bigger! I tried to hug it but couldn't even reach my arms around it - but I certainly did my best! By this time the knob had risen completely from the foreskin so I stated kissing it. As well as my arms, I wrapped my legs around the shaft and started humping it with all my whorish might - rubbing and grinding my pussy juice all over it. He seemed to be enjoying this very much as he started roaring, growling and beating his big muscular chest with his fists. I'm no zoologist, but I know when my boys are about to blow - even when they're a different species.

WHOOSH!! Out it all started to gush! It was like Moby Dick squirting water. It must've shot at least another twenty feet, straight up. And there was so much of it! It was like he'd never had a good, hard cum before in his life! His geyser of semen must've erupted for at least three solid minutes - non-stop! It was all coming down on top of me like a hot, sticky monsoon. I was getting soaking wet in a tropical storm of giant monkey cum. I even managed to catch a lot of it in my mouth. It had a much stronger, nuttier taste than the human variety but still every bit as sweet, salty and yummy.

There was a four foot deep crevice on the ground where I was standing which, by coincidence, was just about the same size as my Jacuzzi at home which I got for when my male friends and colleagues come over to fuck and gangbang me. And it was full to the brim with his jizz. I finally got to experience what most filthy sluts like me only dream about - bathing in a tub full of fresh, hot and creamy cum. I must've soaked in it for at least two wonderful hours, letting it all soak into my skin and ooze its way all the way into my pussy and ass. I ate quite a lot of it too. It was a long day and I hadn't eaten since I was shipwrecked, so some great goosey gob-fulls of fresh, free-range monkey cum was just the ticket! And it got even more delicious with each mouthful! Back in my university days I often supplemented my diet by eating the male students' fresh cum. Pure, delicious protein as Mother Nature intended it. Yummy!

I then curled up to sleep on his giant, furry and freshly drained balls with my arms and legs wrapped around his limp dick, like a body pillow. I was now his human whore...

I woke up!

I was breathless, panting and sweating and my heart was racing! I'm always having filthy sex dreams but I'd never had one like this before.

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