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Is Dottie's husband everything he seems to be?

After she was done she turned to me with a crazed look on her face and motioned for me to come close. She wanted to suck me off too!

My emotions were all over the map and at the time I wasnt sure if she wanted to do it out of guilt or lust, but what the hell, my cock was hard as iron! Some of Jerome's cum had bubbled out of her mouth and was hanging from her chin and she'd never looked sexier to me.

Taking over where Jerome left off I shoved my aching cock between Lana's bubbling lips. She was still turned on from blowing him and went to work on me with her foaming mouth like a woman possessed. I couldnt hold on long and soon felt an intense pressure growing deep in my balls.

"Oh god, baby!" I gasped. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhggggh!!!!"

I blew my load into her mouth as she moaned and whimper. Taking us both by surprise Jerome had a quick recovery and had come up behind her, pulling her fiercely back onto his dick.

"Oh gawddd!!! Oh fuck!!! Oh Jesusss...oh Jesusss!!!"she moaned.

I'd never seen her act like that before and at first I thought he was hurting her but then with strings of cum swaying from her lips and bucking away like a wild bronco she pleaded with him to fuck her harder.

"You want harder? How's this for harder, you horny cunt!" Jerome said smacking Lana's shapely ass. The wet slupping sounds of her sexing echoed in the hotel room.

"Oh god!" she sobbed. "Oh god Mike....It's amazing! I had no idea anything could feel so fucking goood!!!!"

Jerome chuckled in her ear. "You really like that dont you baby? You like having my big black dick filling that married white pussy!"

"Yes oh god yessss!! Fuck me you dirty bastard!!!" she panted.

Jerome pulled out of my wife and lay back on the bed with his upright cock pointing up at the ceiling. Lana's lipstick was smeared all over its head, making it appear even more menacing.

"Here you go baby... If you want it squat over me and put it in!"

Lana climbed on top of Jerome, reached under herself and took his cock. Biting her lower lip in concentration, she eased herself down on him until it was buried halfway up inside her. She looked over at me, looking small and helpless impaled on his dick. Jerome laughed, teasing her.

"A little bigger than you're used to aint it baby?"

"Yes...Oh my fucking gawddd!!!" she moaned, her voice trembling.

When I saw how tightly her cunt lips were clinging to his thick black pole I realized it was way too late for any regrets. Although his cock was only halfway in it was already reaching deeper and filling her up far more than mine ever could. Lana's eyes were glazed with lust. She started off very slow and began to speed up, pumping her ass up and down like a woman possessed. My cuckolding had begun in earnest.

"Oh god...Oh godd...Oh goddd!!!"

Lana's tits swayed as the bedsprings squeaked. She was crying so loud I was afraid all the people on our floor would hear her. Her nipples were puffy and her eyes looked wild and crazy. She fed him her tits while his big black hands squeezed her milky white ass. She'd managed to get his whole length up inside her and it was obvious she was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

I realised I'd opened a virtual Pandora's Box and there was no going back. I knew without a shadow of doubt my wife was going to be hooked on big black cock. Lana was crying his name out again and again.

"Ohh...ohhh..Jerome I've never been fucked like that!!! Oh god, oh god, oh fuck Mike!" she gasped. "I'm coming so much!!!!

I watched with aching balls as her cunt squirted all over him and soaked the mattress beneath them. The practical side of me hoped we would'nt be charged extra by the hotel.

"And he's coming too Mike!!! Oh god in heaven he's cumming way up inside me!!!"

Lana shuddered as he pumped his massive load of cum deep inside her, then after a long pause she ever so reluctantly eased herself off his monster cock and lay there contentedly with her legs open. My god, I'd never seen so much cum! It was everywhere. My wife had been well and truly fucked.
"Man, you're a great pi

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