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He's tempted by wife's sexy sister.

.. small house. It was bound to happen again.

And this time, if anything, she was the instigator.

I had to pee, really badly, and tore home from school so that I wouldn't pee my pants. It was touch and go because the school was roughly ten blocks from our house, but I'm a pretty good runner and about halfway the running itself started to help me keep my mind off the inevitable. I made it home (just) and with a crash, I near slammed the door out of the way, partly flung my book bag to the ground and bolted up the stairs two at a time. Jamming the bathroom door open in a rush, I drilled my sister in the shoulder knocking her sideways by about a foot. She had her hair in a curling iron, getting ready for work, and she screamed as the hot iron graced her scalp. She was hitting me with her free hand, still trying to get a decent curl, as I forced my way past her, plopped down on the seat and let it loose.

It was the best thing that I'd ever felt. I didn't even care that she was in the room, to be honest, it was THAT good.

When the first rush of relief had cleared, but I was still going, I looked up, and caught my sister's eyes in the mirror above the sink. It stretched the length of the vanity, so I could see her from the waist up, in her bra and skirt, her face clearly set in a mixture of disgust and anger and more than a little bit of adrenaline from my sudden entrance.

"Fucking tool ... did you have to burst in like that? I'm probably going to get a 2nd degree burn on my head, you moron." OK, so this part wasn't so sexually charged, but she worked up to it.

"Sorry, Mitch, I just had to go so bad and the bathroom downstairs is screwed up again."

In tandem, we said, "Dad's plumbing." and started to laugh.

She leaned her elbows down on the counter breathing out heavily to try and push a bit of hair out of her face with her breath, then caught my eye again.

"I thought you guys peed standing up?" The tone of her voice was different, quieter and less angry.

"Well, if you hadn't been in here, I might have stood up, I guess, but I've got some class. Not much but some." Right then, I shuddered that great shudder I get when I have to go really badly, like a shiver.

"Why did you jamb it down in between your legs like that?"

It was a really odd question, to be honest, and she caught me by surprise. "Uh, because I'd pee all over the wall and floor if I didn't." Self conscious all of a sudden, I leaned forward, trying to hide the tiny bit of pubic hair I just knew that she could somehow see.

"You know, you don't have to sit down with me." That old tension, gone largely for a couple of years, was back in an instant, at least for me.

And without a word of a lie, I did probably the bravest thing I've ever done. I was done, so I just ... stood up. I pulled up my underwear and pants, staring at her the whole time, and she kept looking from my face to my groin and back again. It was only a second or two, but by the time I was up and out of the bathroom and on about my day, I was plainly throbbing.


After that, the "incidents" as I call them, started to get more numerous and came more often. Always of a sort that an outside observer would most likely interpret them as platonic in nature, but with enough sexual energy to power the town if someone could recognize it and tap it.

I walked in on her in the shower, again to pee, and watched her jagged silhouette in the frosted glass, just varying shades of pink, but with darker patches I hadn't really thought of before, as she moved around washing. Through the glass, I could see the general shape of her breasts, oddly pointed and not rounded I had always envisioned. As she bent over to do something with her legs, I could see the curve of her ass shifting oddly back and forth as she moved, vastly more imagination than reality with that distortion, but I was in heaven.

Then there was the day she needed a hand stretching because she was still coming off of a gymnastics injury and had stiffened up.

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