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A cuckold's first night.

She flipped on the camera and walked around the room, making sure that the curtains were closed enough that no neighbors would see. She purposefully walked past the computer. She noticed that he was watching the camera. She also noticed that he had typed something, but she wasn't really up for reading it.

After a couple of more passes, Marissa noticed a request to watch James' camera. Why not, she thought to herself. She clicked the button, and saw James smiling at her. He started typing again, but Marissa didn't stay around to read it.

She went to her nightstand drawer and pulled out two toys; a small clit vibrator and a decent sized simulated cock. She laid them both on the bed, just off to the side of the middle of the bed.

She looked at the computer one more time, and noticed that it wasn't James' face on the screen any more. He was stroking his dick for the camera. She smiled. As far as dicks go, it wasn't bad. But it wasn't there either, so it wasn't all that important to her.

Before she sat, she moved her big pillow to the center of the bed. She returned and centered herself to the camera. She reached out for the small clit vibrator, and leaned slightly on the pillow. As she spread her legs slowly, revealing her perfectly groomed pussy, she turned on the vibrator and felt it come to life in her hand. She lay back a little more as she lowered the tip of it down to her slit. Her body felt electric to her own touch as she relaxed and let her body take over her conscious thought.

She worked the toy up and down her slit; taking her time and feeling herself get wet. Absentmindedly, she allowed a finger from her other hand travel up and down her slit as she brought the vibrator just to the hood of her clit. Her hips jumped slightly in anticipation of what more was to come.

She put the vibrator directly on her clit. All at once, her legs opened more, her slit became very slick, her finger pushed its way just inside the folds of her pussy, and the loudest groan she had in weeks escaped her lips. Moments later, she was working her finger up to the second knuckle while keeping the vibrator around her clit. Her hips moved rhythmically back and forth as she fucked her finger. She allowed herself several small orgasms before she pulled her finger out.

She rolled so that her ass faced the computer, standing with her legs pressed against the bed as she spread her legs. She bent over, resting her weight on her shoulder against the bed. She ran the same finger up and down her slit from this angle. She worked her finger all the way and held it in place for a moment before moving the finger back out. She continued at this slow pace for a while, causing her wetness to escape with each stroke. The palm of her hand would smear the juices across her bare lips as she continued to work her finger.

She pulled her finger out and began to rub her pussy lips with her fingers as she used her palm to create friction against her clit. She angled herself slightly so that she could look over her shoulder and see the computer screen. She saw that James had written a lot, but she didn't care to read it yet. She only cared that he was still watching. He saw that his cock was still showing and that was good enough for her.

Smiling inwardly, she spread her legs even wider. She teased herself with two fingers, not quite pushing them in, but rubbing them along her slit as she continued to teasingly pleasure herself.

Moments later, she pulled her hand from between her legs and looked at the camera. She took her fingers and playfully licked them, enjoying her smell and taste on them. She only sucked up to the first knuckle, but it was enough to excite anyone looking she imagined.

She reached for her dildo.

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