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An unexpected late night adventure at work.

And the answer I saw practically dripping from her lustful look of condescension made it all seem worthwhile.

"Very well. Since you asked so nicely. You can start by giving it a soft kiss on the head and thanking me for letting you suck my beautiful cock..." I stare at it for a second, my mouth watering at the sight of it. I didn't know what to think, did this make me gay? It couldn't, not when it was attached to such a vision of femininity. But I couldn't deny the allure of it...and I had to know...

I closed my eyes and placed a gentle kiss on her cock head. I was surprised at how smooth it was, almost spongy, not nearly as hard as the root appeared to be. It felt so warm and virile against my lips, and before I could even think about it, my tongue darted out of my mouth to slurp of the pearl of precum I'd been coveting for what felt like an eternity. She tasted of an almost pungent saltiness, like some rare cheese or other exotic delicacy. I wondered what was in it that made my heart race and my head swim. I felt almost drunk, but also keyed up beyond belief...it was like I discovered the perfect drug..."Thamph youph!" I mumbled around her cock as I took her head in my mouth and began nursing like a greedy babe, eager for more drops of her nutty nectar.

I whimpered as she pulled me off her cock by the hair, my tongue thrust out for just one more lick. I looked up at her pleadingly, wondering why she wouldn't let me have my treat..."I didn't tell you to suck it yet, sissy. You have to romance it first. I should punish you for this, but I like your enthusiasm, so I'll let you off with a warning. You are not to so much as breathe on my cock without permission, is that clear?"

I felt so humiliated...but what could I do? Even if she was my sissy, I couldn't exactly order her to let me suck her cock...it just didn't feel right on my tongue. But her cock sure did...and at that moment, I would have said anything to feel it again...."Yes, Mistress! Anything you say!"

"Mmm...Mistress...I like that. Very well, First off, show my adorable little balls some love and suckle one and then the other. Then take your tongue and run it from base to head. Then you may give it another kiss..."

I didn't wait a heartbeat before nuzzling my face between her soft thighs, feeling them hug my face tighter as I took her left ball in my mouth first, sucking it as I ran my tongue slavishly around it trying to taste every inch, to suck up every bit of sweet salty musk..."nnh That's not bad, but try rolling your tongue a little slower...that's better, now work it around my testsissycles in a sloooow circle...ah Good...now the other one..." I listened intently to every word, wanting to be the perfect cocksucker for her. I wasn't sure why I needed her approval so badly, but I knew that it was the first time I had to struggle for anything, and I didn't want to fail. I could feel her cum surging in her sissy sack, I sucked harder, as if I hoped I could drain it right from the source..."ooh Okay, enough of that. Now give my cock a tongue bath..."

I ran my tongue across her scrotum, then up against that comely crevice where her cock met her balls. I slooooowly ran my tongue across the bottom of her prick, savoring every sizzling inch, forcing myself to go slow, to follow instructions when all I wanted was to devour the delicacy that kept tantalizing me with it's robust flavor. When I finally reached her cock, I was rewarded with another drop of her pre-perfection, lapping it up in a passionate french kiss, barely managing to pull myself off so that I could receive my next instructions. "What do I do next, Mistress?"


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