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She certainly enjoyed her sex life, and with her figure, she had no problem finding willing partners. However strong the alliance between the Trolls and Orcs was, both sides frowned on fraternization between the races, but it was known to happen. There was even rumored to be a brothel down in Tanaris, run by the Goblins, that specialized in providing ladies of both races to anyone with the coin.

She found herself wondering what it would feel like to one of these big Orc cocks inside her, and the thought made her even wetter as she alternated sucking the two hard cocks. Trolls were typically smaller and slimmer than these brutish, green-skinned monsters, but her pussy was now throbbing in anticipation. Her fears were slowly being replaced by curiosity and the heat from between her legs was spreading quickly to the rest of her body.

Ormak moved behind her as she sucked on Brakgul's cock and lifted her from her kneeling position so that she was standing on her feet, bent at the waist. She felt the smooth head of his member nuzzle between her now-wet cunt lips, and the size of it shocked her. She had just a moment to wonder if it would hurt, then he thrust the first few inches inside of her with a grunt.

She had never felt anything like it. At once there was pain, her pussy was stretched by the girth of his prick, and at the same time, she felt immense pleasure, as the same stretching also stimulated areas that had never been explored before. She moaned around the cock in her mouth and closed her eyes.

Ormak thrust a second time, shoving more of himself into her, and forcing her mouth even farther down Brakgul's shaft. The stretching sensation reached to her clit, and her knees weakened. Her eyes watered as the brutes continued to shove their cocks into her from both ends. As Ormak forced the rest of himself into her, she gagged on Brakgul's member as it slid into her throat.

Brakgul laughed at her discomfort. "Too much cock for you? Too fucking bad, you little thief!" and he held her head, forcing his entire prick down her throat. She managed not to gag this time. Just for a moment, she had both of their throbbing dicks completely inside of her, and she could not move or breathe.

Then the monster behind her began pumping his massive cock in and out of her cunt, which allowed her to catch her breath around the cock in her mouth. Then without warning, a wave of pleasure washed over her, causing her to cry out and fall to her knees.

Brakgul picked her shaking body up from the arid ground, and carried her to a flat rock nearby. He roughly laid her on the rock on her back, and stood over her. Ormak knelt between her legs and rubbed her swollen clit. She felt something cool against her pussy lips, and glanced down to see that Ormak was rubbing the metal hilt of her sheathed dagger against her clit. She shuddered as he slid the cool steel handle inside of her pussy. She gasped as he pressed the tapered hilt of her second dagger against her ass and forced it inside her as well. Ormak began working both of her holes with her dagger-dildos, and the sensations burned into her brain.

Ormak removed the daggers, took up position between her legs and thrust himself inside her again. As he began pounding her from this angle, Brakgul lowered himself toward her mouth and said, "Suck my balls, you slutty little Troll." She began lapping greedily at his balls.

She abandoned all pretense of being afraid of these two. Whatever happened afterward, all she wanted right now was more and more of those two huge cocks in her. She moaned and gasped as Ormak fucked her pussy. Brakgul began roughly pinching and kneading her large breasts, sending chills down her spine as she licked his balls.

She lost count of how many times she came.

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