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He takes sister-in-law on train.

I was utterly embarrassed obviously and just wanted this to be over with as soon as possible. But I could feel my cock wanting to get hard as it strained against the device, being on display in front of everyone.

"Well," Trista said, "let's get this show on the road." With that she brought the paddle down hard against my ass. I wasn't expecting it at all and let out a yelp into the gag. I immediately felt my ass cheek redden exactly where the paddle had hit.

Trista let me have 4 more on the same check, each one hurting more than the last. She switched sides and gave me 5 on the other side. By this time I had had enough as my ass felt very warm. She rubbed her hand over my backside telling me she liked the way my ass felt all hot and looked when it was all red. She said, "I was only going to try this out, but I think now we're going to do a lot more."

Turning to Alana, she offered her the paddle asking her if she wanted to try. Alana, smiled, shrugged and said, "Why not."

She stood behind me and laughed at her line of "This is going to hurt you much more than it will hurt me." With that, she proceeded to give me 10 smacks on each cheek. I gritted my teeth into the gag, as each blow rang down. I could feel my backside growing warmer.

Then I heard exactly what I didn't want to hear. Trista said, "Do you want to try Jake?" I was not at all excited by this prospect. Well let me rephrase that, while my cock was straining against its cage, I knew what was coming was going to hurt like hell. Jake of course accepted Trista's offer and Trista thought that another 10 total would be just right. After the first one I screamed into the gag, my ass hurting immediately as he must have put all he had into it. I opened my eyes, and saw Trista smiling deviously back at me. Five more and I had some tears welling up in my eyes. After what seemed like forever he finished up the 10 swings and sort of laughed as he said, "Wow, that's pretty red," in reference to my ass.

Trista walked around me and inspected the damage done behind me, "Oh my," she said, "that looks like it hurts. Well luckily for you, we only have to try the crop out yet and then we'll be done. I heard Alana laugh and Jake say to himself something like, "oh man."

Trista grabbed the crop and walked around me, she asked if I was enjoying myself and when I shook my head no, she tapped the crop against the steel cage holding my cock and said, "It seems this little guy wants to straighten out though. That tells me you're enjoying this quite a bit." And it was true, for some reason my cock was trying to get hard. Not sure if it was the actual beating my ass had taken, being tied up, or the humiliation of this happening in front of other people but it was true, my cock ached to be free, and my balls definitely were full.

Trista stopped tapping the cage, and tapped my exposed balls. She didn't do this very hard, really nothing more than a light tap, but I had been turned on for so long now and with no relief, the slightest touch was excruciating. My knees nearly buckled as she tapped my swollen testicles. "Oh my, looks like I will have to revisit that location soon," Trista said as she smiled at me. She went behind me and then said, "Ok my little slut spread those legs, and you have only 10 from me using the crop."

I spread my legs, still delirious from the perfectly placed tap she had given me moments ago. I soon snapped out of it as the crop cut through the air and landed perfectly on my backside. I yelped into the crop. While Jake definitely swung the paddle harder, Trista was at least able to match that with this device. With the paddle, everyone had taken their time and made sure that I was cowering in anticipation of the next blow. Not this time, Trista quickly administered all 10. It was quick but very painful. She put her hands on my ass and said, "Oh I love this warm feeling, we're going to have to try to keep it like this."

Trista and Bolt un-cuffed me and I was told to get dressed.

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