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A week with Jennifer Love Hewitt on Client List set.

"Maybe there are some interesting things I can look at in there." He reached out and drew his hand down the ample cleavage that Becky was showing. He wanted no misunderstandings as to what he would be looking at.

Becky blushed and half-heartedly pushed his hand away. Then she walked with him towards the stable.

"Tell me, Becky," said Charles, "are you a virgin?"

"Sir!" Becky was shocked. "People don't ask things like that!"

"I do," said Charles, smiling at her. "I would say you're not," he added, his hand again tracing her cleavage.

"What do you think I am?" asked Becky, indignant now. Maybe she'd misjudged this nice man.

"I think that you are a very pretty and healthy young woman who won't regret spending some time alone with me," said Charles. "I wouldn't want to shock you, so that's why I'm making it clear that I want to play with you."

Becky blushed. "No one has ever asked me like that before," she said.

But, Charles noticed, she did not draw away and seemed quite happy to go with him.

Entering the barn, Becky pointed to the end.

"There's a nice big loose box up there that has lots of straw on the floor. You'd probably like to see that."

Charles allowed that he would, and they both strolled down and into the loose box.

The loose box was quite large, which was fortunate as there were now a number of people in it. Apart from Becky and himself, there was a pretty young woman, who seemed to have lost her clothes, and Rodney, who was in the process of losing his.

Becky was the first to find her voice.

"Clarice," she shrieked, "how could you? You said you had things to do but I find you here, cavorting naked, with a naked man. Have you no shame? Think of what our poor mother would say if she knew what you were getting up to. I suggest that you get dressed and get yourself home at once."

Charles laughed at the expression on Rodney's face, giving him a wink. Before either of the men could speak Clarice had rallied and was launching her counter attack.

"And I suppose you're walking in here with a man because you're interested in showing him the horses?" Clarice shouted. "Oh, but there ain't no horses here, are there. I wonder why you've come here then, with a man."

Seeing his nights entertainment fading away quickly if he didn't do something, Charles chipped in.

"Quiet, girls," he said, a ring of command in his voice. With the girls shutting up and turning to look at him, he continued.

"Rodney, this is Becky, Clarice's sister, I believe. Clarice, I'm Charles, Rodney's cousin. Now we all know each other and we all know why we've come here."

Turning to Becky he continued. "Now that that is all sorted out, you can take off your dress. We're all friends here."

Becky stared at him. "Do you think I'm going to take off my dress with her here?" she demanded.

Charles looked at Clarice who was now trying to cover herself with her hands. Looking back at Beck he simply said, "Yes."

Becky started to protest some more, but Charles ignored what she was saying. Reaching out he started to rapidly undo the buttons on the front of her dress, spilling out her breasts. With the buttons undone, Charles simply pushed the dress off Becky's shoulders and pulled it down over her hips, leaving her as naked as her sister.

"Now girls," Charles said, "we will continue with our arrangements. The only difference is that you'll each be able to demonstrate to your sister what you can do."

Nothing like a little competition to stir their juices, he thought.

While the girls watched in shock, Charles quickly stripped off, noting that Rodney had also finished undressing.

"Well, girls," asked Charles, "what's it going to be? Are you going to just spread your legs for a quick bonk or are you going to have some fun with this?"

Clarice and Becky glanced at each other.

"What do you mean by fun?" asked Becky.

"Tell me what you want first. A quick screw or some fun? The fun will take longer."

Becky blinked and seemed to be considering. "I'll go with some fun," she said, and Clarice nodded.

"OK," said Charles, tu

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