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I took the rose and gently rubbed the fragrant petals across her hard nipples. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled, holding her hand out to me.

I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out a long, black blindfold. Sheila's eyes searched mine, silently questioning what I had in mind. Without saying a word, I leaned over the bed and tied the blindfold firmly around her eyes. I whispered into her ear to trust me and just enjoy. Her body trembled with anticipation. I told her to relax and that I would be right back. I went into the kitchen and motioned Rick to follow me into the bedroom. I pointed to a large armchair in the corner of the bedroom and Rick went and quietly sat down, his eyes never leaving my wife.

I undressed and lay down on the bed next to my wife. I stroked her body softly, starting at her sensitive neck and working my way down to her long legs, admiring the way they looked in the black stockings, perfect. I soon replaced my hands with my lips, taking a hard nipple between my teeth and flicking my tongue over it. Sheila responded with a throaty moan. She was so turned on already that her hips were moving in little circles on the bed. I continued my assault on her nipples, going back and forth between each one, sucking hard and then blowing softly, making her squirm. I left her tits and thrust my tongue into her hot, sweet mouth. She immediately started to suck on my tongue and I slipped my fingers into the warm folds of her pussy. God, she was so wet! She thrust her hips up to meet my touch and I shoved three fingers into her tight little hole. She came instantly. I released my hold on her mouth and glanced over to see Rick slowly stroking his stiff prick.

It was show time. I told Sheila to get on all fours and move to the edge of the bed. She quickly followed my command. I dropped to my knees behind her and started licking the sweet pussy juice from her thighs. I ran my tongue from her hole to her clit while my hands massaged her firm ass. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her. She told me she wanted my big hard cock to fuck her wet pussy. She kept reaching under herself to play with her clit while I fucked her cunt with my tongue. I gave her one last lick and replaced my tongue with my cock. I eased the large tip into her pulsing cunt as slowly as I could. With one hand on her hip and the other wrapped in her long hair, I pulled her head back and shoved my cock all the way home. As I pounded her tight pussy with my meat, I nodded my head at a now naked Rick, to take his place by Sheila's head.

I told Sheila that her fantasy was about to come true, and when she started to question me, Rick touched the tip of his cock to her lips. Because she was blindfolded, she didn't know who it was and I wanted to keep it that way. At first, she pretended to protest, but I knew she was too excited to pass up this chance of acting out her fantasy. She eagerly took Rick's cock into her mouth and sucked like I have never seen her suck before. I slowed down my rhythm so I could watch Sheila work her magic. She ran her tongue around the tip of Rick's cock, then up and down the shaft. She flicked the tip of her tongue against his piss hole and gently squeezed his balls with one hand. Rick had his hands on her tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers, his eyes fixed on my wife's mouth engulfing his cock.

At the same time, Rick and I picked up the pace and my wife's fantasy was finally fulfilled.

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