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Visions of the future cloud a broken past.

Instead I just said "I do".

She laid back, though our hips and legs remained touching. It was a comforting feeling. She fussed with my collar for a few moments in an almost motherly way.

Then she looked at me coyly and asked "Are you sure you loved what happen on Saturday?"

My cock twitched in my pants.


"Was it just that we had great sex or other things?"

The pressure built as my cock pushed against the front of my pants.

"I loved you talking".

"Are you saying you loved hearing me talk about sucking and fucking other men? I need to hear you say the words".

I had a full erection now, hard enough that I had to pull my knees up a little to make room.

"Yes I loved hearing you talk about other men fucking you, and you sucking them, and all the other nasty things you said".

"And you want me to do more of it? Go on I need to hear you say it!"

"Yes, I want you to do it again, tell me every nasty thing about it. Do you believe me?"

"Yes I do believe you. Now I have a plan will you listen to it?"

I nodded.

"I need you to know me, and you like to hear about me. Lets make a pact that I will talk and tell you everything, and I'll do it so it turns us both on, and we will agree to take care of each others' needs as we go along".

"That sounds wonderful".

"Wait', she said. "I think I understand your needs. You want to watch me and touch me and fuck me, and have me touch you and suck you and make you cum".

"Yes I want us to do all those things".

For a second she looked uncertain, like she was crossing a line. Then she said "What if I need you not to be considerate, or gentle, or kind? What if I need you to sometimes treat me like a little whore, tie me up and use me as a little fuck-toy to give you pleasure without considering me at all? What if I want you to manhandle me? I don't mean hurt me, but enough to leave no doubt who's on control?"

I moved my legs uncomfortably. My cock was throbbing.

"You need that?"

"It would have to be part of the deal. Probably other things too but we could make those up as we go along".

"How can I promise that? What if you want to go down a path that's a real turnoff for me?"

She'd obviously thought it through because her response was almost eager.

"What if we have a safe word? Sayyyyy.... 'Uncle'. You can use it and I promise to immediately drop that path of exploration. We might come back to it another time if it's important, but if it breaks the mood you can say 'Uncle" at any time and it's dropped for then, ok?

She leaned out and clasped my arm again. Her eyes weren't pleading exactly, but she had the look of someone whose plan B was a very sorry second. "Do you agree?"

I was, as the old cliche goes, putty in her hands. There was no doubt about which of my tangled feelings were ascendant. I loved her more in that moment than ever. She was offering me a privileged journey into her mind, with unlimited sexual pleasure as a bonus. Anything my heart desired. Possessiveness and jealousy seemed remote, petty things. How could I say no?

"When do we start?"

"How about now? Would you like me to take care of that before we talk?"

She looked at me with a mock angelic smile. Her hands had trailed down my arm to my waist and began cupping and fondling over the tent in my pants.

I groaned. "No I'm enjoying the feeling of being turned on, the anticipation. Keep doing that and I might change my mind though".

"Oh ok", she said petulantly.

Then she brightened. "We could start at the beginning if you like. You'll have to let me let my own fingers wander if I get too horny though".


"Want to test the safe word?"


"I had this boyfriend who had an Alsatian dog..."


"I had a pap smear today..."


We rocked with laughter; the perfect tension breaker at the perfect time. When it passed I poured the last of the Margaritas into our glasses and went to make some more. When I returned with fresh glasses she took a long sip and spoke in the low husky voice she liked to summon up sometimes.

"Well I was always a horny child, I started playing

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