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She finds raw sexual passion with ex-brother in law.

They walked out of the house towards his truck. He kissed her before she could get in. After about 20 minutes of driving they arrived at the restaurant, went in and were seated. As they ate dinner, Mark said "I hope you don't mind but I have to go check on Debra's cat tonight at her apartment. She's out of town."

"Oh of course not." She replied, As they finished up their dinner.

He drove the few blocks to the empty apartment. They walked up the steps, he opened the door, and walked in. Lillie plopped down on the cushy couch, as Mark went on his animal feeding frenzy. At last he was finished and came and sat next to her on the couch.

Lillie joked, "Well hello to you too."

He just smiled and kissed her. Their kiss went on and on until, he made his way kneeling in front of her on the couch, and him on the floor leaning over her. He reached around to unsnap her bra, pushing her shirt up over her bared breasts. He got up for a moment to turn off the lamp, on his way back, he stripped off his clothes. Little did he know that she had too.

Mark began kissing her as she laid back on the couch. Slowly his kiss trailed down to her hard nipple, while his hand traveled up her leg to her wet pussy. He started working his fingers in and out of her, his mouth on her nipple still, gradually he worked down to lick her exposed clit, as his fingers went deep inside her.

Her chest heaved, her stomach quaked, her pussy quivered. It was like she was so sensitive that she could hardly stand it, but his tongue still worked on her tender clit, and his fingers still burying into her slick wet pussy. Finally she tensed up enough to explode into her first orgasm of the night.

Lillie lay there breathless, panting, and sweat soaked. She caught her breath, and was ready for more. Mark stared her in the face as he pushed himself into her, slowly at first and the faster and more forceful.

Her knees were pushed up to her chest, her moans grew louder, she dug her nails in and drug them down his back incoherently. She could feel his muscles growing tighter and more tense, she never wanted it to end. Biting her lower lip in attempt to muffle her moans, he leaned back and reached down to play with her clit. Lillie closed her eyes tightly, her stomach ached from the tension, her mouth opened as she came again. This time it was like it was to fast for her to know it was happening before it was too late, she didn't have enough time to let out a moan before she had the orgasm.

Her eyes opened and Mark was on the verge of cumming himself. He moved a little faster, the sweat dripped from him. It made Lillie moan one last time as he came.

She wrapped her arms around him and they stayed like that for a while. He said "I love you!"

"I love you too!" Lillie told him.

Finally they got up and got dressed. He locked the door behind them and they got in his truck. They just went around town for a while not really doing anything at all. A couple of hours later they decided it was time to go home.

"You know, next time, I want you to be the one who initiates sex." Mark said.

They joked about that on the way back to her place. There's a dirt road on the way that can be a short cut or it can be a nice privacy fence. Well he decided to take that dirt road. Soon after, Lillie grabbed the wheel, making him pull over to the side.

She kissed him and stated taking off her clothes. "Is this aggressive enough?" she asked.

He just laughed and started shucking his pants. She threw a foot up on the dash, and another up in the truck seat. Mark kneeled in the floorboard in front of her. He pushed his already hard cock into her again. This time he went hard and fast from the beginning. This caused Lillie to moan and scream in ecstasy. The more she moaned the faster and harder he went.

The windows fogged over from their breathing, and sweat poured from the both of them. Her breath came out faster then ever before, her thighs vibrated with quivers, her stomach tied in knots. Their foreheads touched as he fucked her.

She could feel her puss

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