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Night after a one night stand, couple finds agreement.

I tried to behave myself, but it was nearly impossible to keep my erection at bay as I talked to her and her parents. She was a communications major in college, and had hoped to spend the summer as an intern at a local radio station. Unfortunately for her, the station she had interviewed with was one of those "Morning Zoo" stations, and the hosts of the program thought she wouldn't be suited for their style of fun. We listened to a bit of her on-air interview, and they decided that although she was quite beautiful, they liked to "abuse" their interns with sex talk, and given her on-air admission to being a virgin, it "just wouldn't be right" for them to have their fun with her.

She seemed to be taking it pretty well that night, but the next day when I ran into her, she seemed really down. As we stood just outside her garage talking, I thought I'd try to cheer her up, so I joked, "I just hope when my daughter gets to your age she loves me enough to do like you did - either be a virgin, or lie to me about it."

She smiled at my joke, then said, "You know, just because someone's a virgin doesn't mean she doesn't DO anything." I'd like to say I had a witty retort, but I was just in shock, and stood there not saying a thing. Silently, with a sly grin on her face, she placed her right hand in the middle of my chest and pushed me into the garage, as her left hand hit the button to lower the door. The next thing I knew, her shapely body was less than an inch from mine, both her hands were lightly touching my shoulders, and she looked up into my eyes and said, "Let me show you what I mean."

A light kiss to the end of my chin, and then she was slowly sinking to her knees in front of me, her eyes locked with mine. I might not have figured out what was going on yet, but my cock had, and was hard as a rock. My knees nearly buckled at the sight of her kneeling there, her delicate hands opening the front of my pants and pulling my cock out in front of her face. Her pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and licked her lips, and as her gaze never left mine, her lips parted and she slipped them over the end of my cock. My brain had finally caught up with the rest of me, but it was still having trouble believing the sight before me - this beautiful teenage girl, with MY cock stuck in her mouth. As she slid her face forward, taking me deeper into her mouth, I felt her tongue licking the underside of my cock. The feeling of her tongue, and that hot, wet mouth, was something I can't describe, and something I will never forget. Even more incredible, she didn't stop her descent until my cock had disappeared completely into her mouth. At this point, still looking into my eyes, she WINKED! Then I knew, she was doing something she loved, and man, did she ever know what she was doing.

Back and forth her mouth went, as she expertly sucked me off. While I couldn't pull my eyes away from the sight of my cock sawing in and out of her bright red lips, I also couldn't resist the urge to get my hands on that beautiful little body. I gently stroked her hair, and then slid my hands down to cup her firm breasts. Her nipples were poked into my palms, and I hear her moan as I pinched them. As this wonderful teenage cocksucker repeatedly swallowed my cock, she reached down and opened her shirt, freeing those gorgeous tits for me to squeeze, while she slipped her fingers between her own legs to rub herself. The sensations were incredible, as my cock went in and out of her hot little mouth, fucking her face repeatedly. It was the most erotic sight I had ever beheld, this sweet faced teenager, down on her knees giving the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. Those innocent eyes, looking up at me, while my cock slid deep in her throat. It was more than I could stand, and she could tell I wouldn't last long.

I might have held out a bit longer, but as I was trying to remember the batting order of the

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