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Not all about erotica, Susan writes her passion for cars.

"Daddy liked his little Jenny doing this in the car park, didn't Daddy?" She kept up her little girl's voice.

"Jenny!" cried Greg, and glanced urgently at his wife. Tommy and Mary were just sitting there, watching. He tried to sit up, but Jenny leant on his chest with her arm and pushed him down. She was surprisingly strong.

"Daddy spurted all his lovely white stuff into Jenny's panties didn't he? Jenny liked that."

Greg glared at his daughter and hissed, "Is this some kind of punishment?"

In reply, Jenny took her father's hand and guided to her breast. His fingers closed around its perfect form. She leant forward and breathed on his lips, then her tongue snaked out and licked them, making little slurping noises. Then she kissed him gently and deeply, her tongue chasing his around his mouth. She felt his huge cock spring to life and begin the throb, her fingers actually spread as blood engorged his huge member.

"Oh yes, Daddy, I am going to torture you."

Her hand was no longer subtle and gentle on his cock, it moved forcefully and roughly, indecently and obviously masturbating her father. His shaft was now stretched out along his belly. She unhooked the elastic over his cock, exposing it. The sudden rush of warm air made him panic. His head snapped to Mary.

His eyes bulged.

Their positions had not changed. Tommy was still sitting comfortably in the armchair, and Mary was sitting serenely at his feet. But Tommy had stripped naked. The fire's shadows played across his chest and lit up his handsome cock which was standing high and erect in his lap. He looked like some pagan god. Both hands had slipped into Mary's dress and were fondling her beautiful breasts. He made no effort to disguise what he was doing. His son was brazenly violating his wife right before his eyes.

Mary smiled sweetly and reassuringly at Greg.

It was surreal. Greg looked at his daughter. She was lovely. Her bright red lips caught the light.

"You're going to fuck me, daddikins. You're going to fuck your little girl."

She took his hand and guided it to her milky thigh. He groped clumsily. Then Jenny stood up, and lifted her skirt by the hem. She wasn't wearing panties, instead her stocking and suspenders framed her crotch. She had shaved. Completely. Her cunt was completely bald, its puffy lips perfectly emphasising the deep slit. Greg gasped, he had never seen anything so beautiful, so enticing.

He looked at his wife again. She was idly masturbating her son, both were watching him. Greg began to think he was drugged. He didn't care any more. His massive cock was quivering with excitement.

He arms looped behind Jenny's buttocks and brought her closer to him and he gently kissed her cunt, and tongued her.

"Oooh, that feels nice, daddikins," said Jenny, returning to her little girl's voice.

Greg was breathing raggedly. His donkey-like schlong waved obscenely. Greg eased Jenny down onto the floor, never taking his sloppy lips and probing tongue from her cunt. He spread her legs to better bury his face in his daughter's nest. Jenny's hips started to writhe, and her breathing became heavier, her magnificent breasts pointed proud and firm, her nipples hard in the warm air. Greg looked at his wife again. She was kneeling in front of her son, sucking his cock, one hand wrapped tightly around the shaft, her head plunging up and down. She was mirroring him. Greg knelt between his daughter's legs, he took his club in his hand. He heard a shuffling of positions, and knew his son was about to fuck his mother.

Jenny opened her legs wider and bent her knees. He could see her cunt shine in the firelight, whether it was his saliva or her juices, he didn't really care. A droplet of pre-cum dribbled from his dick like a strand of honey and fell on her belly.

"Do me Daddy. Do whatever you want. Whatever you need to do."

Greg heard a soft moan coming from his wife.

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