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Samantha learns to please - and submit.

"Let the fun begin!" Steiner growled. He grabbed Tanya by the neck and led her to the man on the far right of the couch. He was handsome in his own way, maybe 24 or 25 years of age. He had a face similar to Denzel Washington, who Tanya had to admit she'd always had a crush on. The young redhead blushed deep crimson as Steiner grabbed his riding crop and swatted it against her exposed pussy. The sharp pain made her yelp and shiver.

"What are you waiting for, bitch? You see a nice, black cock all hard for you, what do you do?"

He squeezed her neck hard, nearly choking off the air flow as she gasped. "Answer me!"

"F-fu-fuck it, M-master," Tanya sputtered.

"Good!" Steiner hissed. With that he slapped her ass cheeks roughly with his free hand and smacked the riding crop against her left breast. Tanya moaned and slowly straddled the Denzel-lookalike on the couch who she now thought of simply as 'Denzel' since she obviously didn't have a name to call him by. Tanya tingled with anticipation as she positioned her sore pussy over the man's 9-inch penis.

"Please be gentle," she whispered to him, and Denzel nodded. He was a captive just like her. He would at least try not to hurt her. Tanya could see that he was a good man by the tormented look in his eyes.

Denzel couldn't hold back the natural biological response his cock was having to her feminine beauty, and Tanya knew he was only doing this because he had no choice. The young girl sank her pale, slender form onto Denzel's waiting cock. She had to stop and start a few times without sinking herself all the way down...he was too thick, and her pussy was too sore. She bit her lip, moaning as she tried to get the first few inches down on him, but it was too painful. She had to let up after only an inch and a half.

Steiner watched with interest. His hot breath steamed like venom against Tanya's ears. "You're going too SLOW, cunt. I said FUCK him." He gently cupped Tanya's breasts as the girl braced her hands on the black man's chest and tried to lower herself once more.

"Please Master! I'm trying," she squealed, even as she felt him suddenly squeeze her breasts with painful roughness.

"Try harder!" he growled, but he let her be. He seemed to want to bring Kassandra or Amy in on the action. He stalked over to Kassandra, undoing the chain which shackled her to the floor. Then he dragged her to the couch and threw her down kneeling behind Tanya's cute bottom. He leaned down, spitting copiously into Tanya's cute ass hole before turning to Kassandra. "OK brunette bitch, you get to lick out the redhead's ass hole while she fucks this big, black cock. Understood?"

Kassandra, already too aware of what Steiner was capable of after seeing Justin's unconscious form, merely nodded her head frantically and proceeded to push her mouth against Tanya's ass. Tanya groaned, taking in the first three and a half inches of Denzel's hard cock as Kassandra's tongue began to flick in and out of Tanya's anus.

"Good girls! Mmm," Steiner groaned with approval. But he suddenly gripped Tanya by the shoulders, pushing her all the way down on Denzel's cock in one hideously brutal movement. Tanya wailed as her pussy bottomed out on that enormously thick cock. Her vision swam, tears sliding down her face as Steiner's riding crop smacked a cruel rhythm against her bouncing ass cheeks.

"That's more like it, redhead. Get that cock all the way inside you. I want to see you humping on that man-meat as if your life depends on it!" Groaning, Tanya obeyed her rapist-killer Master. She found a rhythm, bottoming out on the black cock, feeling it press upward towards her womb with every downward plunge. Her moans were like a constant cadence, but soon they were joined by another's. Denzel's staccato grunts also filled the room. Soon Tanya could feel him becoming aroused inside her, his own pre-cum adding to the lubrication of their enjoined sexes as she fucked him.

Steiner watched with satisfaction for a moment before dragging the protesting Amy into the action.

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