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Truth or Dare in a hot tub with friends.

I think back to the first day with Brian and the hesitancy I had felt at the prospect of having cold, calculated, unromantic sex with a stranger, just to fulfil a fantasy. I think about how I must look on that bed; a lascivious, wanton woman with widespread thighs, inviting not one, but two virtual strangers to fuck her in all orifices. Thank God my family can't see me now!

I lie on my back on the bed, open my thighs wider and bend my knees to raise my pudenda.

"Come on boys, I need someone to fuck me right now. I don't mind who's up first as long as it's now!" I settle back and wait for the next cock to be inserted into my waiting fanny.

There is movement on the bed and without ceremony or foreplay, a penis enters my vagina, sliding in hard and fast. As it thuds into me, I feel balls slap against my anus and know it has to be Tony. Brian has a thick cock but a tight scrotum that I couldn't feel against me, even when he was fully embedded.

This time I have my hands free and I use them to explore the body of the man who has already fucked and buggered me doggie-style and is now fondling, sucking and fucking me in the missionary position.

He's working me up very well when Brian speaks.

"I think there's something about Tony you should know."

"Like what?" I ask breathlessly.

"You can take off the blindfold and find out for yourself."

I hesitate slightly. I've actually been happy not being able to see this stranger, but have always known that curiosity would eventually get the better of me.

As Tony continues to thrust lustily in and out of me, I take off the blindfold and get the shock of my life.

Tony is black!

I have never had sex with a black guy before and had never been sure how I would feel about the idea. But it's way too late now!

Tony sits back on his haunches with his cock still half-inside me and looks me in the eye to gauge my reaction. I say nothing, but prop myself up on my elbows and look down between my legs. As I do so, he starts moving his cock again, sliding in as far as he can, then slowly pulling out so that only the tip is nestled between my outer lips. He repeats the sensual movement, and I watch in almost horrified fascination at the arousing contrast of his long black penis sliding smoothly between my white thighs and into the pink interior of my moist pussy. The hairs around his shaft are tightly curled and as the cock disappears inside me once again, I am ludicrously reminded of Velcro as our pubic hairs intertwine, before he rocks back again and they separate. I almost want to laugh at the thought, but being fucked for the first time by a black man is mind-blowing for me and I still need to get my head around it.
Brian moves the mirror to the end of the bed and positions it at an angle so that I have a good view of Tony's cock sliding in and out. My husband and I don't use mirrors, so I'm not used to seeing myself being penetrated from this angle, and I love it! It's like watching another woman being fucked in a porno film while experiencing the feelings, and in its own way, this is definitely a pornographic situation.

I continue to view the action in the mirror and when Tony leans forward to fondle my breasts and suck my nipples, the added visual stimulation is fabulous! He has said very little up to this point, but having made my nipples stand up like stalks, he sits back on his knees, and rocks back and forth, gently filling my vagina with each forward motion, and starts to talk.

"Christ, you're lovely. Great tits. Wonderful arse, nice and tight. Brian told me I shouldn't try the anal stuff, but once I'd got three fingers in there, I reckoned you'd be able to take it - and you did." He smiles as he recalls raping my bottom less than an hour earlier and puts his right hand under his cock and slips a couple of fingers back into my arse, while massaging my clitoris with his left thumb.

"You're lucky...mmmmm... I don't report you...ohhh God that's good... for rape and buggery." I say haltingly between his slow, deep incursions and manipulations.


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